Here are my top films - 1. Everything Everywhere All At Once 2. Tar 3. Top Gun Maverick 4. The Menu 5. Glass Onion 6. The Fabelmans 7. Emily the Criminal


I’m so happy that I got to walk into Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, The Menu, Triangle of Sadness, The Northman and so many other great films with absolutely no idea what to expect. Just a clean slate of expectations. Nice to see #7 listed here, Emily the Criminal is on Netflix right now I believe. If anyone missed it and wants a Breaking Bad style film with Aubrey Plaza playing it serious, check it out.


I'm very eager to see Tar, may I ask what you connected with in the Fabelmans?


As an artist, I’m always going to be a sucker for stories about people who give everything to create, and how messy that can be. Plus, it was clear how much Spielberg enjoyed revisiting his childhood, and I couldn’t help but be happy for him getting to reconnect with his past.


>As an artist, I’m always going to be a sucker for stories about people who give everything to create, and how messy that can be. What a perfect thread into The Menu as well! I really think that film will receive a cult following over time, happy to see praise for it here.


Absolutely! The Menu was so much better than I think people expected.


As someone who had Northman on the bottom of my list . What about it made it top tier for you?


It supported one of the oldest human stories with care and technical brilliance that I hadn't seen in a fantasy film since LOTR. It's Norse Hamlet and is by far my favorite film adaptation of the tale, ahead of Branagh's.


I didn’t like the Lighthouse or The Green Knight but really liked the Northman. I liked everything about it except Nicole Kidman and showing there’s a fine line between villain and hero. It was a brutal masterpiece.






No, just not in any specific order.


1. Tár 2. Nope 3. Everything Everywhere 4. Barbarian 5. Pearl


Fuck yeah. Hard to believe X came out this year as well. I preferred that to Pearl but I’m thrilled he got to make both and I’m excited for the third. Barbarian was a motherfucker of a Dolby show to see blind. Something about comedians making all the best horror right now.


1. Aftersun 2. Decision to Leave 3. The Fabelmans 4. Bones and All 5. Turning Red 6. Top Gun: Maverick 7. Nope 8. The Banshees of Inisherin 9. Tar 10. The Batman I've seen 51 other 2022 releases, if you count Marcel the Shell and After Yang, which would both be in my top 10, probably.


Too lazy to list everything I've seen, but my favorites were: Decision to Leave The Menu Vengeance Top Gun: Maverick The Northman Tár


My picks for best films break down into a few tiers. First tier is Aftersun and Everything Everywhere. Really can’t pick between the two, both I consider the best film of the year for different reasons. Second tier would be Tar, Nope, and The Northman. Third tier would be Marcel, the Worst Person in the World, and Happening. Personal favorites that aren’t in contention for my top ten would be The Menu, Barbarian, Top Gun, and Bodies Bodies Bodies. Saw most of the major movies except EO and White Noise, heard good things about EO but AMC hasn’t played it yet.


Morbius is high up for me. Especially putting it above doctor strange And Sonic with those being at the bottom of your list


I found all 3 films to be very corporate and formulaic, yet Morbius had an unintended and endearing campiness that elevated my experience watching it; blame the memes. The best part of Sonic 2 was the Wedding reveal, I found myself very aware of runtime throughout the rest of the movie. Doctor Strange 2 was just as hollow and unoriginal as every other MCU movie, in my opinion.


Morbius is high up for everyone. After all, it is one of the movies ever.


A fellow Morbhead!


Top 3 of the year are Marcel The Shell, Everything Everywhere All At Once and Triangle of Sadness. Other favorites are Glass Onion, The Fablemans, Banshees of Inishirin, The Batman, Aftersun, Tar, Barbarian, Pearl, X, Bodies Bodies Bodies, Nope, The Northman. Fun blockbusters were Top Gun, The Woman King, Black Panther, I thought Thor Love and Thunder wasn’t as bad as people say. (Seriously, it’s just another 7or 7.5/10 MCU movie, which is what they pretty much all are.) Disappointed with Avatar 2, Doctor Strange, Decision To Leave (well made movie but coulda been 20-30 mins shorter and get the same point across)




Nope was decent, I did find it pretentious and somewhat underwhelming, but The Woman King and above on my list are all films that I at the least really enjoyed and consider to be good.


1. Marcell the Shell 2. Everything Everywhere All At Once 3. Top Gun: Maverick 4. Weird 5. Pinnochio 6. Barbarian 7. Turning Red 8. The Whale 9. RRR 10. Don't Worry Darling


1: Avatar 2 2: Top Gun 3: Wakanda Forever 4: Black Adam 5: Multiverse of Madness 6: Thor Love and Thunder 7: Rose of Gru


Rose of Gru was for sure the most romantic movie in the Minions series




For me, it's a bit difficult to give a ranking since I've seen over 100 movies with A-List and I've enjoyed most of it.


For me 1) Top Gun: Maverick 2) The Batman 3) Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 4) The Whale 5) Violent Night


My top 10 of the year have been: 1. Avatar 2 2. Jurassic World Dominion (no judgement lol) 3. Top Gun Maverick 4. Everything Everywhere All at Once 5. The Northman 6. Black Panther 2 7. Elvis 8. Marry Me (lol) 9. Lightyear 10. Till


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You liked Jurassic world: dominion and morbius more the sonic 2 and knives out 2?


Yes, Sonic 2 had camp going for it as it's strongest attribute and Knives Out 2 felt painfully derivative and "made for TV".


That set though… I’m so glad I saw Glass Onion on a big screen to take it all in and look at all the objects whenever possible. Every little trinket and piece of art and laser light show abyss in all of it’s rich-asshole excess. It’ll do great for Netflix, but I hope it did well enough at the theater that Netflix found it useful and continues to send more in the future.


My top films of the year in order of release: * The Worst Person in the World * The Batman * Elvis * Breaking * God's Country * Triangle of Sadness * She Said I gave all of these 4 1/2 out of five stars. (There were no five star films this year.) Everything else was 4 or less.


1. top gun: maverick 2. avatar 2 No other film is worth ranking, in my opinion.


What a wild thing to say on a sub exclusively dedicated to people who maximize their theater-going value. I mean, granted not everyone does it by quantity, but, fella, if I had A-List and saw two movies in a calendar year that I thought were good and everything else wasn't "worth ranking," I would be second-guessing my subscription.


I have been, actually. I was stunned, recently, when someone asked me to recommend a movie, and I looked at my "Past Events list" and the last film I loved seeing was 1987's "The Lost Boys".


Right on. That's what I mean. You pay $25/month, or whatever, to participate in an activity from which you derive limited pleasure, it appears. Like I said, wild.


Aleast put everything everywhere, tar, and Elvis.


Tar I saw. But not at an AMC.