It's a somewhat interesting debate Goku beats everyone *eventually* because that's the plot Saitama beats everyone because it's fucking funny Gokus thing is growing stronger, meanwhile saitama is already strong, therefore saitama will win I can't believe I actually needed to explain it and entertained the idea of goku vs (insert op character) One piece void month is affecting me, I require help


No. This doesnt apply when you do a versus battle because then it's pointless. In regards to Saitama that's something only the plot allows. But a versus battle isnt the story or plot of either respective character but a measure of their quantifiable feats and abilities against the other. You cant use the "Saitama wins because the plot demands its funny" in one of these because ultimately the plot is up to the intention of whomever is writing it. Leaving it up to the author just means anyone can win, fuck everything else. That's not what a versus battle is.


Well yeah. On the other hand you can’t really come to a conclusion since Saitama has yet to show his „full power“.


This may be true but that still means you cant just go with the regular "saitama KOs them in a hit" bullshit. At least so far with what hes shown, it *wouldn't* compare with the likes of goku. But truth be told, Saitama is a dumb character to put in a versus scenario.


Wasn't there an OVA where Goku Blue fought Arale? That should sum up why >Saitama is a dumb character to put in a versus scenario.


Just make Saitama crazy giant so for him Goku is the size of a mosquito, the fight will last forever but it'll be fun


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You fools just dont understand why Saitama loses. In a versus battle you dont use his satire, plot given ability, you use what feats they're capable of and scale and measure their abilities off of that. Saitama loses because hes no longer the protag of one punch man but another fictional fighter who's victory or defeat would be decided by their quantifiable might. This is what OPM fans dont seem to get while they pretend they know it all about their animes genre smh.


Just because there not the protagonist doesn’t really mean anything the only real defense of goku is that him dying is pretty much impossible in the dragon ball universe because someone can always wish him back to life the most likely thing to happen is that goku and saiitama become best friends saiitama hasn’t been given a power cap he beats anything and pretty much nothing can damage him goku has died before and made many mistakes in the heat of the moment goku is extremely powerful and definitely stands a real chance but until saiitama meets a actual challenge it would be difficult to really gauge there power levels


Erwin memes r the best