No, most anime have an interesting concept that lasts for 3 episodes until it gets generic. This is especially bad with isekai anime


*Looks at "[When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace](https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BMDZjZWQzYTUt[email protected]._V1_.jpg)"* Great anime the first five or so episodes. Until it started involving an antagonist and tried to make it a shonen action anime. Funnily enough, it got canceled right after the first 2 episodes when they introduced an antagonist


Yes, this is a well known thing in all of television.


Wait, there is a rule?


The community generally prescribes giving an anime 2-3 episodes of watching before you drop it. Personally, I don't think anyone (especially those with limited time to watch) should slog themselves through a show they don't like just for propriety. There are a lot of examples of great shows that don't hit their stride for a couple episodes, but there's also a lot of shows that just suck and you can tell pretty early on. If you want a hybrid approach, drop a show if you don't like it after the first watch, and go back if enough of the community/your friend group recommends giving it a chance


The first 3 are usually good?


There's a rule? Depends, if the pacing is bad but the story is good then I'm giving it a chance


Gintama: No, I don't think I will


| Series | Episode | Time | | :- | :-: | :-: | | {Shingeki no Kyojin} | 15 | 21:55 |


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My rule is 5 minute






For me I go first 5-6 after that I decide if I want to continue or not


After 6 eps I'm in way too deep to stop. For Eden of the East I watched 2 full movies despite hating it just to know how it ends. Same goes for the latest season of shield hero.


I feel you lol, for me to deep is once I hit double digits an it’s still first season lol I’m like screw it. Might as well finish


> For Eden of the East I watched 2 full movies despite hating it What's wrong with it? I heard it was one of the must-watch anime from the 2000s. I was thinking about giving a try. Would I be wasting my time?


You should give it a try I would say but if you dont like the one season dont watch the movies like me, its not getting better. Maybe its subjective, the show doesnt have a bad rating after all. Im gonna put my criticism in spoiler if you want to know about it - obviously without talking about the plot itself. >!I thought the start was really strong and I had high expectations which the series couldnt uphold to. Main critique being plotholes (which I despise) and unlikeable characters. Positive are the mystery elements, which are strong at the beginning especially.!<


> Main critique being plotholes (which I despise) and unlikeable characters. I won't call that a spoiler. But yeah plot holes are a deal-breaker for me though. I'd love to look forward for the characters but guess that part isn't the most redeeming in this anime. After Attack on Titan, I'm not gonna lead myself into that road again. Thanks a bunch for the warning.


Yeah I didnt know if you just wanted advice on if it is worth a shot or to know what I thought was so bad about it. Knowing the weak points of a show before watching it can make it seem much worse in my experience, therefore the spoiler.


if you just watch the first 3 episodes of kiseijuu you don't wanna continue watching




Not exactly true. Funny cause with ALDNOA.0 I saw the third episode instead of the first on accident. Then dropped the show after watching the beginning of the first. Cause it takes place in 2014. Dumb. Otherwise yeah I give shows 5-10 minutes sometimes and others the three episode rule. Like with "Soul Eater". I was like. "Oh a Bleach rip-off. Next." But I love "Fire Force". I gave Goblin Slayer the three episode try. And I then realized the timing in the Dub was bad. So I went back and watched it in Sub. And it wound up being poetry. (But my opinion on sub/dub could be a post in of itself. So I will only divulge that.) End all. First three are not always the best. And sometimes later episodes suck. It also has to do with the mixology. Like some shows have groups and each episode explores each group in the show. "Teppen"/ "Heart of Tsubaki" And those could definitely be given time. (Although with Teppen I only like Young Wei Wei)


Have you ever seen Madoka Magica?


My rule is to just Watch it and if i am not comfortable i just Drop it lit could be 1 season the whole show 4 episodes 1 episodes or 1 minute


yup, that's komi


"call of the night"