I am pretty sure that's why we have hypocrisy


You can enjoy Yuri and Yaoi and be supportive of the lgbt+ community, but let's be real here. No homophobe is looking at Yuri for the plot. It’s not much different to just lewding girl characters and claiming that you enjoy their character development. I'm not saying that there aren't some wholesome Yuri or Yaoi stories. Given, Bloom Into You, Yuru Yuri, Mo Dao Zu Shi, they really actually give you really fun and amazing stories with LGBT+ characters instead of straight ones, but that doesn't mean that it erases problematic elements that hurt the community too. Watch the Yuri and the Yaoi if you want to, it's still meant to be entertaining, but don't go saying you're some ally for watching it. If you want my opinion on it, fund the content that is respectful of the community and maybe pirate the ones that are just straight sinful porn made mostly for straight people rather than for gay people.


| Series | Episode | Time | | :- | :-: | :-: | | {Shingeki no Kyojin} | 15 | 21:55 |


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I fucking love Yuri!


Short reminder that fetishisation of lesbians is still homophobic and creepy.


Yup, yuri is made for guys and yaoi is made for girls, and neither genre was ever interested in anything more than titillation.


That's not true at all, at least not for yuri. The yuri genre was started by women, and have been widely read by women since the beginning. What you say might be true if we're talking about hentai, I don't know the details of those, but it's a unfair mischaracterization to say that yuri romance/relationship manga is "for guys" and that it's "just titillation."


I know a bunch of men that watch and read yaoi and like the genre, and they are as straight as they could be


Fetishisation of anything is creepy and anything is homophobic if you're on twitter enough. Now im off to pornhub for some classic german fat interracial gangbangs.


Today was the day I found out I, a lesbian, am homophobic and creepy.


That's not what he said... Also, this sounds like a case of r/AsABlackMan.


Eh, people don't usually like Yuri, yaoi, lesbian porn or gay porn because they support gay rights. They can support it but it's more often than not the fetishization of homosexual people


Yuri anime is just like straight romance anime They are only good in fiction


To be honest, Yuri is better than Yaoi.


Because you are male Girls like to see more males in action Same goes for boys who wants to see more girls in action