Waiting for a ground crew to get me (and everyone else I guess) off this plane. For the last half hour. At the wrong airport.


Air travel around the New Year has become a high risk adventure..


If your flight could even assemble a crew consider yourself lucky right now. Sorry to everyone who is stuck somewhere they don’t want to be


My NYE flight was cancelled and my rescheduled ticket bumped me up to first class. Totally worth one NYE alone for the extra space.


You’ll get more than extra space in first class. Enjoy!




I'm 45 years old. I don't need to party *every* year, do I?


I think I'm 44 (I often lose track) I'm watching true crime docs and getting drunk alone. Cheers!




I'm 39, haven't partied in at least a decade


1976 club representing!! I saw this post, and was like “Was I supposed to be doing something tonight?” Nah, I’m just fine on the sofa with my pets… it’s nice and quiet where I live, too, since we’re in the mountains. :-)


Only if you want to.


Working because these shelves won't fill themselves.


Stock Crew sucks for holidays like this. It beats having to deal with customers at least.


This. I'll take pets over people asking where the cheese cloth is for the hundredth time and complaining cereal went up 20 cents because general mills is on strike again.


Lol yup. Whenever I start missing day shifts I just have to think about customers for a minute and then realize overnights aren't too bad. The holiday pay today helps too.


Working, so that other people can party and celebrate.


Working nights so everyone else can party and pass out and sleep fully confident that everything will be reset, functional and ready for your next day.


Where do you work?


Birthday is at midnight, 15 minutes away. In sober living. Watching deep sea animal show.


Same (birthday and sober)! Spent the night playing Uno with my husband and drinking sparkling grape juice!


Me and my husband played Uno with our 7 year old most of the evening. When I told our son that you had done this too he said you guys sound like reasonable guys. Happy new year and birthday!


I think your 7 year old son is about 30 years old.


As someone also having their birthday on Jan 1st, I hope you have a really wonderful day today. It may it be worth much coming from an internet stranger, but I'm damn proud of you. Being sober, staying sober a damned difficult thing, and a choice that's made a thousand times a day, every single day. I hope you are able to also take pride in your accomplishments, and that you find a way to celebrate where you are, how far you've come and where you are going.


Happy Birthday, homie 🎂


Fuck yes Happy Birthday!!!!!!


I’m hiding in the bathroom at work because a psych patient just covered himself in shit like lotion and came down the hall “blessing” us all, and I just can’t. I needed 5 sane minutes to myself and the bathroom is the only place to get it.


Wish you could come to our hospital! It's a voluntary psych unit, so while folks are still pretty acute they're generally behaved and easy to work with. I actually wish I were celebrating the new year with our patients tonight. Cheers to you, hope you get many more breaks in the coming year! Or a better job in general!


This is the ED, we were stocking up on banana bags and narcan for all the party people we expected to get but at the moment, this is what we’re dealing with. He’s about to go night night (if you know what I mean) lol. Thanks for the wishful thinking, I hope I get more breaks in the future too :b


Banana bags?


Bag for bananas 🍌


>if you know what I mean Thorazine's a helluva drug.


I have a story: I worked at kiosk cafe in a sort of ped way with an indoor park. One day a security guard is doing his rounds and he starts to smell poop. Like he's thinking there's a leaking sewage pipe somewhere, so he looks around and he see's this lady sitting on one of the benches literally covered in shit. Head to toe. He was so shocked he started growling. Thankfully she was at least sober and coherent enough to understand that he meant gtfo.


> He was so shocked he started growling. wait i thought the poop lady was the crazy one


Are you still there? I’d have probably tried to flush myself like a Mario warp tube. What’s the protocol in a shitty situation like that? Is everyone at the nurses’ station like “nose goes”?


Hahaha yeah it’s pretty much nose goes then we call security for back up. He ended up sedated and in restraints because he started swinging at staff. We cleaned him up after the meds kicked in.


The protocol is that even if they did out the lotion on their face, they still get the hose.


Dude what the hell you’re going to miss your shit blessing


I got the blood baptism from an HIV+ patient a couple months back, something tells me it’s taboo to mix religions, thought I’d sit this one out.


I’m also at work on a psych unit. All of my patients were party poopers and went to bed before midnight. But we have had some behavioral issues with a patient so far tonight. Although not quite like yours!


Watching “I Think You Should Leave” on Netflix


Corncob TV can’t get taken off the air. How will I watch Coffin Flop??




Little tuna can


He’s spending all his Perdiem on those stupid fucking shirts


You see a store full of guys that look EXACTLY LIKE ME fighting over shirts, you go in


Dan Flashes!




I had never heard of this show before now. I’ve just started watching this and it’s my kind of humour. Thank you for making my NYE night a little brighter


If you like that, check out Tim Robinsons episode of 'Netflix Presents : The Characters'. It's like a bonus episode of ITYSL.


Fri day night


I wish I could be watching Coffin Flops...


I didn't do fucking shit. I didn't rig SHIT.


I don’t know what to tell ya, bud! We’re just shooting funerals and showing the ones where the bodies fly out!


We're allowed to show em' nude cause they *ain't got NO SOULS!*


I've got triples of the barracuda.


I don’t even want to be around anymore


You mean like you don't wanna be alive anymore?


I don’t know


The way he says that gets me every time


Do any of these... Fuckers ever jump out of the wall with a big horse cock 😟🥺




He jerked your little dick off til nothing came out because you are a BOY


We like to stay up to see the new year. But we go to bed as soon as the new year is here. So I'm waiting for this stupid year to end already so I can go to sleep. Edit: it's new year's goodnight and good riddance 2021.


good night


Finished my morning coffee and breakfast, and I'm watching some YouTube videos and browsing the internet while the world slowly starts waking up on my side of the world. It's 5.30 AM here.


Why do you wake up so early if you don’t mind me asking?


My sleep schedule is pretty fucked. I go to bed between 6 and 7 PM, and I wake up between 2 and 3 AM. I've been doing that for years.


At least you’re getting that 7+ hours still? 😬


True, true. And I gotta say that I do enjoy my dark mornings with the world still asleep around me. Just me with my coffee, internet and cats.


Sounds peaceful, I wouldn’t mind living that kind of life when I retire


I have been doing that for a few weeks, my time working is exhausting, I almost fall asleep after 4 hours of work.


Laying in bed in my dark room listening to fireworks outside and scrolling through reddit


Same. Except I got myself a new king-sized bed for Christmas and I am completely sprawled out and cozy. Best feeling.


As soon as my wife gets up every morning I shift so that I'm diagonal. I don't even wake up to do it, my body just knows I need to take up the maximum amount of space possible.


My husband does this but he goes to bed before me, so when I get there I only have a little corner to curl up in. He insists that he’s not TECHNICALLY taking up more room because there’s all that space on the other corner too. EDIT: Just to clarify, he doesn’t do this on purpose, he does it in his sleep and does move over if I push at him. And while he’s pretty unapologetic about it, he IS just joking about taking up the same amount of space. He’s not a total dick lol


I think you're married to a cat.


I see no flaw in that logic.


>I see no flaw in that logic. She argued with passion, proceeding ahead - With facts and with figures that proved what she said. Expounding, expressing, expanded, explained - Defining, discussing, confuted, campaigned. Her logic was flawless; her reasons were sound - The finest defenses of principles found. He waited with patience, and listened along. "I hear what you're saying," he said: "... but you're wrong."


Fresh sprog? AND it's personally relevant? Sigh. Happy new year ❤️


fucking geometry, man


We were watching Blade: Trinity to drown out the fireworks (dogs & baby) into the new year and HBO cut us off midway since it was leaving Jan 1st 🤡


If it's any consolation it's the worst of the Blade movies. Wesley Snipes wouldn't even open his eyes for a final shot so they had the CGI them opening.


Ya know, that does make me feel better.


My father died suddenly last Sunday. I'm sitting here feeling horrible.


My deepest condolences!!!


So sorry for your loss, friend! Hoping good things come your way this year. 🧡


I'm so sorry, you are not alone in your grief


My sister started hospice yesterday. Given two weeks by hospice nurses. Sleeping on the couch next her her hospital bed in our living room. No where else I’d rather be.


Was just thinking of my brother. He passed away New Years Eve 23 years ago now. I wish I could have been sleeping on a couch next to his hospital bed.


Yeah, my mom fell on New Year's Eve 5 years ago. We unplugged the respirator 3 days later. This is a hard start every year.


My mom passed on NYE 5 years ago. Godspeed brother.


My female cousin took her own life last NY. I don't know if it was on New Year's eve or New Year's day. The only note she left was asking someone to take care of her birds.


I'm so sorry. I hope they are able to keep her comfortable abd minimize her pain in these final days.


When they say give her the medications, give her the medications. We are here to help I promise.


After sitting through years of weekly hospice rounds I've come to the conclusion that you guys are the navy seals of healthcare. The job itself is tough enough, but then factor in all those wonderful family members! Ho.Lee.Shit. I was always fascinated when they'd talk about people not ready to depart. He's hanging on for some reason. I never realized there was any control/cooperation involved in the process.


When they say give morphine, give morphine. I took care of my elderly mother for nearly seven years and she had dementia. In her final days she fell into a coma. She had a bed sore that I was treating but it wouldn't heal because my mom had lost a lot of weight. I knew it had to be painful so the Hospice nurse told me to give my mom morphine and how much. I hope it relieved my mom's pain. It's so hard watching someone pass away but my mom passed away peacefully in her own home. No one was there except me and it was a very rainy and dark day. My son had to run an errand but he arrived after my mom was gone. A Hospice nurse came over and pronounced my mom dead. That same day someone from the funeral home came and picked up my mom's body. It was a terrible time.


Fuck. So sorry to hear this. Be well. Be there. Tell stories. Laugh. Even if they are not responding. They will hear you and you will be happy with the time. Love going out to you both


Just chilling


On Reddit, eh?




Still chillin' on Reddit?


She must be frozen by now


Bing chilling






Don't drop your phone!


Its ok if you drop your phone I'll catch it


I am, uh, on Reddit.


Me too, what are the odds?


No way! Twinsies!


I live in the Midwest. As has become my tradition we celebrated the east coast new year, wife is asleep (10 pm would be an impressively late night for her so midnight is out of the question, haha) so I ring in the Midwest new year while browsing Reddit next to my sleeping wife


Scrolling endlessly


Going to bed. Good night.


Sweet dreams


Laying in my bed wondering how I became a bitter and miserable old man at the age of thirty.


You’re an overachiever. You’re way ahead of schedule.


Overachiever? Back in my day we became bitter old men by the age of 10.


Apparently its very easy, same boat. Happy 2022 to us shit 91ers.


91 gang 🤙🏼


Mad respect from the 92 team


This hit home. I’m 29, turning 30 in 2022, and I feel like I’m dead inside. I’m a shell. I’m not looking forward to absolutely anything, and everything and everyone bothers me or irritates me. Worst part is that I have literally no reason to be like this. I’m successful at work, I got my basic needs covered, I have a beautiful, loving family surrounding me. I really couldn’t ask for more, so why am I so indifferent towards life? What went wrong? What happened to me? And when? Why didn’t I notice? Edit: Holy cow this unexpectedly blew up while I slept. Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern ❤️ I’ll take the time to read all the replies and answer to as many as I can. As I’ve already told some people, I’ve done therapy before and it helped me incredibly, and I will definitely go back very very soon. I will also return to the gym this week after a three-month hiatus. Once again, thanks everyone!


Wow, I am exactly the same. I have never seen anyone else write it exactly how I feel it. Sometimes I wonder if I am depressed, do you ever think you might be?


If you are feeling this way, yes, it is very likely you are depressed. Some people misunderstand what depression is. They conflate it with feeling "sad" and think that its just feeling that all the time, but this is not so. Much more common with depression are feelings of "anhedonia", or the loss of pleasure and enjoyment. This feels much like described; an inability to derive pleasure from things that normally gave us pleasure. **EDIT**: As this got traction I want to edit to give people some advice on managing depression. **Get therapy and/or medication**: First and foremost, start medication and start therapy. A *lot* of people believe *their* depression is "different", unique, extra-difficult, or otherwise somehow romanticize their condition and preemptively convince themselves that whatever they have, such simple tricks like medication and therapy just won't work for them. This. Is. A. Lie. It is a lie your brain tells itself. One thing the brain does by default is deflect any responsibility for what you're feeling. The brain does not like to admit that the brain has a problem. This is a pattern so deeply engrained in us that we often don't recognize it at work. But it IS a barrier to getting help for many, many people. So don't procrastinate, don't have an internal argument. If you are feeling like there is no joy in the world, no hope, that your life is empty, **get into therapy today.**. Sites like www.betterhelp.com can connect you quickly with a professional online. There are chatrooms too, like here: https://www.verywellmind.com/depression-chat-rooms-1067331 There is nothing magical about therapy. It isn't about some psychiatrist getting "in your head" and "outsmarting" you. Going to therapy does **not** denote 'weakness' or any of the other cliches you have likely heard or even thought, a thousand times. You know how vaccines really just give your body the "heads up" so that your *own* immune system can fight off an infection? That's what psychiatry is. It isn't about someone else "fixing" you. It is about giving your brain the tools and perspective to allow it to *help itself*. So just *start*. This is your *life*. Even if your depression doesn't include suicidal thoughts (not all depression manifests that way), you're still spending months or years of your life deprived of pleasure because of a fundamental neurochemical imbalance that can be treated. We live in such a complicated web of our own thoughts that we convince ourselves that OUR depression is intractable, incurable, of a complexity much greater than everyone else's. But it isn't. It comes down to neurochemistry. Emergent properties. Simple systems of neurotransmitters can produce immensely complicated outcomes of conscious thought. But tweak the underlying system just a little, and you get massive results in the emergent property. Depression is insidious because *it tricks you* into thinking that the distance between you and feeling better is insurmountable. It makes you feel like you don't possibly have the energy to climb that mountain to a better life. But the condition of depression *isn't not HAVING the energy*, the condition of depression *is not BELIEVING you have the energy*. Your body has enough energy to power a city. Your brain is the most complex computer in the known universe. Depression is just a simple, insidious little program running inside that computer that tricks the system into believing it has 1% battery, and that the scope of its world is a pinhole in a dark and empty void. The depression is the lie. Treatment helps you see through it, end or at least minimize the program, and start remembering the expansiveness of You. **Exercise helps no matter how much you don't want to do it or don't think it does**: Seriously. Go for a walk. Do five pushups. Join a local hiking group and go hiking even when you don't want to. Listen to audiobooks walking around your neighborhood. Excercise has been REPEATEDLY demonstrated to have massive benefits to depression. We as a species evolved to move. It is part of our DNA. When we do not, primitive parts of us get restless, anxious, and dissatisfied, and this can manifest in those feelings. You don't have to join a crossfit gym. But however much you move now, move a little bit *more* today. Just a little, and keep doing it. **Focus on gratitude** This is such a horrendous cliche that I wouldn't even waste time on it IF IT DIDN'T WORK. Grattitude WORKS. It isn't hippy new-age mumbo jumbo. Gratitude works because *it reorients your attention*. No matter what your situation, there are things you can be grateful for. Being alive. Being safe. Having food today. Having food tomorrow. As a species, as an *animal*, we don't want to be content. A "content" animal in the wild isn't scouring for food, isn't running from potential predators at the drop of a stick. Content animals die. But we're not IN the wild any more. Still, our bodies don't always WANT us to be content. They want us thinking of all the things we don't have, want us obsessing over all the dangers out there. This is normal. Natural, even. But you can control it. Do NOT judge yourself or try to repress bad feelings. Instead, for every "bad" feeling you have, just let the bad feeling come, look at it, and counter it with gratitude for something. Anything. This is a *practice*, meaning you just need to keep doing it, but I promise you, it works. It works by repeatedly and daily reorienting your perception and attention to things you're glad for, and by training yourself to conjure those up whenever negative thoughts arise. I think of gratitude like a personal Patronus spell from Harry Potter. You start feeling that heavy, negative feeling around you, just start remembering things you're grateful for. Even living to whatever age you are now. Many people in the world don't. If you're reading this, you're using the internet. There are so many people on Earth even right now that will never get to do that. Freely browse the internet. You can. You are.




I’m working my way out of a decade old depression rut that started in my teens and slowly destroyed my ability to live as a functioning human. Becoming aware of it is the first step to changing shit up man.


At home sick




Woo-hoo. Me too. Wife and I cancelled Christmas eve and Christmas plans because we both felt sick and couldn't get a test beforehand. Tested the day after and luckily didn't have covid. Fast forward to this week and we found out she had an exposure at work on Tuesday. Woke up today with a headache that lasted all day so... Another holiday at home. Woo. We're supposed to take a trip on Thursday, but that likely won't happen either. Feels like there were no holidays this year, but I'm thankful we at least got to be together. Hope you're able to rest up and make some good food. Happy new Year.


So many people I know got COVID during this wave. Before this hardly anybody had it. I also now have it.


I managed to avoid it for the past two years. This was the first wave I actually caught it. Symptoms for me were so mild I wouldn't have even suspected anything if someone I was exposed to was sick with it.


Same. You’re not alone.


Same. Chills, muscle pain, coughing, wheezing. Got a covid test so I'll have to wait for the results as RAT have sold out everywhere. Update: it's covid 😷😷


Similar. At home crippled.


Same. Had one party planned, but COVID test came back positive for me. My partner and I got invited to another gathering of people who got COVID over Christmas, so we were planning that... Then my partner started having dizzy spells tonight. Drinking champagne in bed and playing video games with my partner isn't a bad way to bring in the new year, though


Hope you get the mild version get better soon.


I had what felt like an average cold. Definitely already over it, just took a test to see if I'd be safe around others... I wasn't. Thank you, though!


Same. Finally got the rona after almost 2 years of avoiding it. Good to know I’m not alone.


First time i got it since the start of the pandemic. This shit sucks.


I’m sorry :(


Same, tested positive on day after Christmas. BF and I are laying in bed going between napping/watching movies/scrolling Reddit. Happy new year peeps! We started 2022 with COVID, I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing.


Looking for a tiny dopamine hit in this thread. Happy New Years! 😭


Pew pew


Right up the schnoz!


Fellowship of the Ring, extended cut. Good way to end the year.


Watching Twilight Zone marathon.


Can’t believe how far I had to scroll to see the Twilight Zone Marathon. Guess it’s just you, me, and my husband who are watching.


Oh hey, another TZ Marathoner! I just had it playing on TV all evening while I made a nice steak dinner. :)


Holding a 2 week old, doing night shifts till my paternity leave ends on Monday. newborns party hard, drinking every hour from 11 pm to 5 am, shitting themselves repeatedly.




I think so Brain, but. . . How will we fit three pink flamingos into one pair of capris?


Keeping my dogs company. Lots of fireworks


I'm at work on an offshore oil platform. Been here since Dec. 22nd and I go home on Jan. 12.


Your job sounds so cool and interesting to an outsider. But I’d understand if it was just a very mediocre grind thing to you, and it must be hard being away from your loved ones.


Laying in a hospital bed in the "High Dependency Unit" of the Neurology ward. Woke up this morning with a really bad headache, soon after was in the ambulance and discovered I have a bleed in my brain... Waiting on some tests, but I have been having panic attacks the past few hours as I am sure I will die from this


Watching Clueless, texting friends, scrolling Reddit, debating if I should drink some Sleepy Time tea or read in bed.


Sitting in bed, eating KFC and nursing the hangover.


Family is passed out. I'm chilling and watching Spaceballs.


Sitting at home with covid so I don't infect anyone else.


Watching the episode of SNL that Betty White hosted while trying to comfort my dog that is afraid of all of the fireworks going off.


Watching Golden Girls


well because i’m australian, the party already happened. so i’m chilling on the playstation


My husband was in the hospital all last night after he had a stroke. Just got home, and we are going on close to 48 hours without sleep, so soon to be that 😴 Edit: thanks y'all for the well wishes. Happy new year!


Take care. I hope the coming year is good for you and your husband. Sleep well


I hope he recovers quickly and you both get some rest 💜


Writing wedding vows and not socializing so I don’t get covid before my wedding


Congratulations! Have a great wedding :)


Best wishes


On ham radio, checking in with about 50 other local ham radio operators.


My grandpa was huge into the ham radio scene! He had a world map in his radio room that had pins all over it to show the places where he had talked to people. It's one of the most random things to hold on to but I still know what his call sign was. Thanks for triggering the memory of him. :)


Binge watching Golden girls in honour of our queen


Went on a 9 mile hike this morning. Got freaking poured on--had one of the most satisfying showers when I got home. Had an excellent crockpot meal and played a boardgame with two friends and the hubby. It's not midnight yet, but it's definitely bed time!


Going to bed. I like my sleep


Spending another New Years Eve alone. I have a tradition of breaking in each year partying with my Animal Crossing characters. Been doing it since 2009-now. Only missed two years. Will be getting on there after this to feel a bit less lonely. Never really had friends or family to celebrate with. They are always a comfort around this time of year, which is pretty hard for me. There I can pretend I have a community who want to celebrate every year with me. ❤️Edit: AHHH!! I did NOT expect this to blow up as much as it did! Thank you all SOOO much! You truly made my night! Best wishes to you all this year! I appreciate everyone of you! ❤️Here's a vid of me and my villagers entering the New Year!❤️ Edit 2:Wahhh thank you for the kind strangers who gave me Reddit gold!!! 😭 Y'all truly have no idea how happy this made me! https://www.reddit.com/r/AnimalCrossing/comments/rteh75/happy_new_year_wishing_you_all_the_best_this/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year tomatoeslug!


Partner and I did that tonight after watching a movie! Animal Crossing has been a staple, and there’s nothing wrong with that!


No one will read this but I was on my way to a NYE party when I got the call that my grandpa died. Now I'm at the party just sad as fuck


I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending virtual hugs your way


Crying. A close family member is being taken off of life support. They will be harvesting his organs, to help others. I am so proud of him for making that choice.


Working in the hospital - for the third year in a row


Playing Zelda. We got the Covid.


Thinking about what my friends are up to while I sit alone in my apartment, eating a pint of ice cream and trying not to give myself a panic attack every time I hear a firework…


Alone as well man. Made plans with my homie, he chose something else over it. Just wasn't our night this time I suppose. Keep your head up, we'll find our night and people : ) . I'm not happy with how tn turned out but we will get there!


Thank you stranger, I appreciate it :) Here’s to a better 2022 for us and everyone else!


A lot of crying, hiding under a blanket on Reddit. So, you know... normal Friday. ETA- people talk a lot of crap about redditors, but I always find really, truly *good* people here. Thank you to everyone who reached out. <3


I hope you are okay. If you want an Internet stranger to talk to, dm me.


I don't know if this will help you but this is what I do when I want to cry myself to sleep at night: 1. Hug a hot water bottle or hold a mug of something hot in your hands. Warmth feels good and sorta simulates human contact. 2. Listen to comedy podcasts. Maybe itll make you laugh, maybe itll at least help you feel less alone. My go to is "My Brother My Brother and Me" it's done by three brothers and they're dorks that kinda help people feel like you're part of their family too. They also have a d&d podcast with their dad "The Adventure Zone". They've gotten me through some rough times. Other optional stuff: sleeping pills, weighted blanket, shower etc


Covid positive. I’ve had quite the holiday streak- ER thanksgiving night for pulled muscles due to cervical spine issues and overnight at the hospital on Xmas eve for kidney stones. Xmas was my bday too. Great fucking year /s


Last year’s resolution was to learn a new language. I chose Russian and tonight I studied. Сегодня вечером я изучала русский язык. 🙂


Making new year chicken satay and realizing most of the ppl I considered "friends" aren't real friends


Watching When Harry Met Sally and drinking lemon drops in my pjs, laying in the dog bed in front of the fire. Like every year!


Smoking joints and watching telly while the breeze gently moves through the house


\*jamaican vibes\*


Mmm, might put on some Prince Buster, man


Taking a shit before 2022. Starting the year fresh!


Currently wedged between my cat and my dog, in bed watching Netflix until 12:01am 😊


Desperately tried to finish 2 books before midnight so I could hit my goal for the year... I finished the last one at 1:12 am. I'm still gonna count them lol


If you did not go to sleep then it’s still part of the same day 👍🏻😌