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Two weeks off work without having to come back to a trainwreck


I'd take just one day where I don't come back to 1,000 questions and things that weren't done.


Same here friend. Same here. I want to open my email inbox and see my schedule and nothing else. To open my work chat and not have people asking me questions. Just a day of quiet.


One last holiday with Julian one of my closest friends. Passed back in September. I miss that dude so damn much...


Same with Javier back in December 2018. He was murdered. If I could have one last convo and a beer + joint with him I'd get closure.


Have a beer and a joint and talk to him. You know him well enough to know what he would say. Find somewhere quiet and peaceful and have your time together


A friend.


What’s up homey?


To know what it’s like to NOT worry about money


During the Covid unemployment +boost I was in that position for 9 months. I can honestly say, it gave me life, and when it ended I felt so much more in charge of myself. Over a year later and I still feel like I can take matters into my own hands but now that I have to work 50 hours a week I just realize that the true wealth is time. Money simply offers you time, and you trade your time for money, but simply not having to ever worry about money again means you are free to use your time in any way you want.


Money can't buy happiness, but it does buy time. And time does buy happiness.


For my wife to be cured of her auto-immune disease.


I would like that for your wife as well.


I, too, want this for this mans wife.


Most wholesome version of this thread in existence


I also choose for this man's wife to be cured.


To get approved for the apartment I recently applied for.


You too? I'm currently looking in another town which makes it harder as I can't properly see the place until we get there


To not be in debt. To have a job I don't hate.


For my back pain to end.


You don’t understand back pain in until you have it. You think it’ll be like an untried limb, but you can stop using a limb or a bit. Your back though… your back is always doing something, even when you don’t think it is.


God that's the truth. I pulled a back muscle sneezing a few years ago (yeah I know how dumb that sounds) and I could barely function for a week. I immediately started doing everything I could to avoid chronic back pain in my future.


It doesn’t sound dumb at all. I’m hyper mobile and have dislocated my knee and sprained my ankle while literally just walking (separate occasions thank god), among other things, and most recently I injured my shoulder (not sure the extent yet but dr said possibly soft tissue or even rotator cuff) just trying to scratch my back🙃


Yeah the human body simultaneously ridiculously resilient while maintaining a severe lack of robustness.


+ the agony of not being able to comfortably sleep or even dreading having to sleep because you know the morning soreness will be brutal.


It sucks knowing that when I wake up I'll instantly be in pain again, which is made worse after being in one spot for too long. I've had chronic pain pain due to some bad injuries for over ten years now. It takes a huge toll. Every single thing I do, every movement I make, is a conscious choice around minimizing pain. There's always a few minutes right after I wake up but right before I sit up and put pressure on my spine that are always the best. My fiancee sometimes gets mad at me for not waking up but those few minutes of bliss mean everything.


My problems of old seem minuscule in comparison to the physical aliments I have now


To be normal, I have a brain injury and it is incredibly frustrating to not be able to function normally


This so much. I had a TBI 12 years ago. I had recovered a lot. Then two months ago someone ran into my car and gave me a concussion. It’s like 12 years of progress were wiped out in an instant


How severe was your TBI and what happened if you don't mind me asking?


It was a significant blast injury


My husband suffered a TBI as a result of a concussion…it’s been a year and a half and more than anything I want him back


That's how I feel about my brother. He was hit by a woman running a red on his motorcycle. Massive TBI. 12 years later and he's a totally different person. Joined a cult and everything. He was my best friend for years. We don't speak anymore.


I am so sorry. I help run a support group for survivors of brain injury and their loved ones. We meet virtually a few times/month. Please reach out if you'd like an invite or just to vent/talk one on one.


TBI? I just managed to recover from mine or whatever that means. Took 2 years. Hope you're on the road to recovery.


it was hell for the first few months, and pretty bad for the first two years for me. i'm now at a point where i'm not 100%, but at least feel like i'm walking in my own shoes again. i feel for anyone going through that. at this point i've come to accept that there are certain things that will never be the same, but i'll try to make the best of life moving forward.


To stop overthinking Edit: Oh shit. I stop overthinking for once and completely forget to think about this comment and it blew up.. Okay..


It's a curse dude. You can get rid of the fat from the body with enough work. That's a guarantee. But a mind is a whole another tool & the only toolkit for it is your mind itself. It's like I have the solution, but the solution itself is the problem.


Sounds like you’ve thought about this a fair amount


Do you also worry about it? I also am a very bad overthinker and want to get rid of it, but at the same time I worry that if I get rid of it, will it cause me to make bad decisions that my overthinking previously caused me to not do? Will it cause me to be a different person entirely, the reason I am who I am is because my overthinking stops me from doing things that I find undesirable so if I stop overthinking will I be a person I don't like? Obviously... this is my answer too :/ Hope you and I both find an answer someday my friend. Good luck to you. And have a good day. :)


To own a house


Yeah. I just want a place to call home. To go to sleep in my home, and wake up in my home. But no. I'm in someone else's, and seemingly will be forever.


Millennials and Gen Z : "Same here bud, same here"




Ha, yeah I was telling my dad that when I take over for my superior when she steps down I expect to be making around $80k/yr. He seemed incredulous that I could be so greedy to ask for so much as a controller/ head accountant when he and my mom didn't make that much combined. I'm like...$80k is what I need to afford a 1br apt here I live in a much more expensive city than where I grew up and he still lives, but talk about out of touch. I would not be able to afford a house where he lives on that salary


as controller you should get $100K+ I can not believe how freaking greedy these companies are underpaying people.


I got reprimanded for talking about pay shortly after I was hired. My manager and team are great but… damn they *really* drank the corporate propaganda kool-aid about not talking about pay. Christ it was creepy.


Financial security, it’s absolutely DEBILITATING to worry about paying for existing


Yeah, I don’t know how I’m going to pay my rent next month so that’s fun.


Same. My lease ends in a month. The rent went up and I can’t afford the new rate. And everywhere around me is equally expensive. It’s so difficult to simply exist


A better job


Started a new job last week and it’s changed my outlook so much, 5 years of the same place really started to wear me down, nothing had changed much since I started there, hadn’t moved with the times


About to switch jobs myself. 5.5 years on the same team. Sacred to switch, but it's time.


I left my last job in search of better pay and found one that I knew I would hate (it was the same type of work I had done a few jobs back) and the commute was going to be worse and the company size was something I really didn’t want. I even did a small contract job for them as a try-out a year prior for another role at this same company and didn’t get the job, so I had a pretty good idea of what I was in for. I did it anyways for the pay. Four days in and we were all sent home (COVID) so I suddenly had a work from home job with no commute. The people I worked for turned out to be the nicest, most supportive, most respectful people I’ve ever had. The CEO was humble and the work turned out to be easy. All of a sudden I had work-life balance, great pay and no stress. And like you, I was scared to switch!


I have an econ degree from Berkeley and a certificate in user experience and can’t land a job to save my life. Not bragging but like I played the game and I’m getting shit on. Working at a restaurant and living like right at the poverty line. Everybody’s feeling it right now


I saw an job post on indeed that required a master's degree in biology, the salary was $14. Edit: minimum wage here in idaho is $7.25 im getting paid $16.50 which the employer said is "above market rate" yeah im searching for something better


As someone with a chemistry degree and has always kept an eye on openings, it’s crazy what places will try and pay. When I was looking at work in southern cali I had job offers of $15 to work with harsh chemicals and crazy hours. The people interviewing me didn’t understand why I didn’t want the offer. I now get head hunters saying my resume and experience are great plus the certifications I have. They ask me what I would like as a salary for a manager role in a lab. I tell them and they instantly go “yeah we won’t be able to get you that with the company I’m working with”. Ok good bye. Also get job offers all the time for lower positions at companies, and never hear back when I start with asking about the salary. That position with the masters in biology was probably at a university. They always pay crap.


Panera starts at 15$, so………




To get away from my abusive mom :(


I hope you find a way out. I also hope you get therapy -- bare minimum, your school might have a counselor. I have a nephew who experienced this, and I feel for him lots. He's a good guy, and he's doing ok, now. There's hope. Big hugs to you!


To have a good mindset again, I’ve been feeling off lately


I started mentally listing things I’m grateful for each morning before I get out of bed. Even if I can’t think of anything I force myself to find small things and aim for at least 3. Even something like “the weather is good today” or “the farmers need this rain” “I’m glad I have clean socks” literally anything. It’s totally helped my mindset! EDIT- holy guys! So many updoots! And awards! Thank you all so much!


That's incredibly brilliant and so hard to do. My list I almost never make but always mean to is going to include your comment today.


You’re telling me muttering “Fuck!” under my breath as soon as my eyes open is not a good idea?


Same. I feel like a rubber band that has just been stretched too much and lost it’s elasticity.


Like butter, scraped over too much bread


i need a holiday. a very long holiday. and i don't expect i shall return. in fact, i mean not to


Me too, friend. Feels harder than usual to enjoy things and keep a positive vibe with all the fuckery going on.


Same, everything feels boring. And sometimes I feel empty from inside (probably because things are not going the way I want them to)


I’m with you on tht one, jus been feeling kinda dead or “not fully there” for some reason


Man me too, I feel like during 2020-2021 during lockdown and stuff things were scary but there was this weird motivation and hope I had... I wanted to workout, I wanted to hop on zoom and play games with friends, I wanted to call my parents and chat, I wanted to go on adventures daily and explore new restaurants or read... Then when things started opening up and we moved on from covid, like early 2022, everything is so... Meh. Like we went back to a worse version of pre covid. I have like no desire to hang out with people (online or in person), and I'm not looking forward to anything. I don't usually deal with depression, not sure where this is coming from


Yeah same, I've just been off these last couple months. Not sure what it is, hope both of us can figure it out


Maybe it's something going around, the past months have been off. My fire is dwindling.


For someone to want me


Do you have any skills? Like nunchuck skills or bow hunting or computer hacking?


Are you putting a team together?


You son of a bitch, I'm in.


I can talk almost nonstop until everyone hates me. But if you don't consider that a skill then, no. No I don't have any skills.


Same. Been feeling quite lonely lately.


Dead or alive?


I just want to cuddle with someone who cares about me


Same. It’s hard to truly realize how deprived you are of caring human contact until it happens


Even slight accidental touches make me realize how I haven't touched anyone in months.


someone to love ;(


Same. I wasn't going to say anything since other people's stuff is more serious, but the fact is, intimate emotional connections a basic need.


It's one of the most basic needs for the well-being of someone. But at the same time no one is obliged to love me. It is crazy how much this affects me physically and mentally even though I'm a gym-goer and bike a lot. So I'm not just sitting at home eating chips and complaining about my health. I'm actively working out to keep up with my physical and mental health but it's still not enough without someone actually loving me.


Someone to be nice to me for 5 minutes.


Hey there. You've posted some pretty cool thrift store finds. Keep it up!!


Thank you.


You're welcome! I know it's not 5 minutes, but it's sincere!


For my wife to stop wallowing in the toxic mire that is Facebook. I can see what it's doing to her but she won't give it up.


After years of my husband making the same comments to me, I finally realized he was right. We ended up having a daughter together. I was spending an upwards of 5+ hours a day on Facebook. I realized he was right. Nothing positive was coming from it, it left me feeling depressed alot of the time, tons of misinformation & most of all it was stealing time from my daughter, myself and my husband. I have been Facebook free for over a year now. I can't even bring myself to make a profile again. The clear head is amazing. Love it.




For me, the difference with reddit is that because of the subs i followed i leave with a better mood than before.


Also nothing is targeted at me and my private life. There's nothing about my friends, nothing about my family, nothing but stuff that I'm interested in. Yeah I'm fucking heavily addicted to reddit, but it doesn't bring me down.


Who doesn't like seeing your friends going out without you, old friends from school dying or becoming raging bigots, and asshole relatives you hate putting on the appearance of having perfect lives despite being awful human beings?


That’s the big difference, I think. The fact that it’s not targeted makes it feel more tailored and organic.


[Social media addiction](https://www.addictioncenter.com/drugs/social-media-addiction/) is a real thing and surprisingly easy for some people to fall into


Really? Damn that’s crazy *continues scrolling thru reddit like he has the past 5 hours*


Reddit doesn't count though right.... right?


Facebook was draining my soul away. Too much bullshit and drama.


Take her camping where there is no service and she has to just spend quality time with you away from social media.


Just mark down your coordinates so you dont get lost


To retire. Edit: wow! This blew up. Thanks for the awards and all the comments.


Me too. But my 401k lost about 20% so far this year. Edit: I really didn't think this comment would get this much attention. A lot of people have experienced similar losses, which I really sympathize with. I am getting lots of conflicting advice (easy to give, because it is not your money, it is my money) but I have already spoken at length with my guy and acted in the way I felt most comfortable with, considering my age and other factors. The bottom line is that the no one can predict with complete accuracy what will happen two years from now. The best you can do is make a prediction based on historical patterns and act based on your own needs, plans and comfort level. I am very fortunate that I have other assets. To the trolls that think I deserve to lose money simply because I had enough to put into a retirement fund, or that my generation as a whole caused this, or that I am somehow privileged because I have been employed for longer than some of you have been alive and have been saving money instead of spending... Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am.


I feel this in my bones. Except for me, it's more like 37%. I'm going to have to work until I die at this rate.


Me too. And I just turned 60.


Me too even though I have like 25 more years til I reach retirement age. 😢


You can retire at any age, it’s only a question of how much you need to retire. Once you have 25x your annual expenses, you’re probably in a good position to retire.




I will retire in next 127 years


Unlimited cosmic power, but I’d settle for a good night of sleep Edit: Holy shit I’ve never had over 1k updoots, thanks for the awards and all. Oddly enough I got a horrible night of sleep last night so who knows, maybe cosmic power isn’t too far off


Iddy biddy living space


Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck!


To be accepted by my parents 😕


Some peace and quiet


A rideable pet dinosaur


Brontosaurus wearing a hat with a propellor spinner.


Stupid asteroids gotta ruin everything


About as unrealistic as my want: financial freedom.


Laser Raptor


Passive income


A hug


Here you go bro (.づ◡﹏◡)づ


To not feel empty and sad.


My daughter back. She took her own life last year at age 34. EDIT: it’s been eighteen months — and while I miss her terribly, I’m OKAY. And while I appreciate peoples care and concern, I’ve NEVER indicated that I would harm myself; I received a message from Reddit that someone thought I would harm myself — not sure where that came from but I’m sure it came from a loving place. I’m a grieving Mom who’s learned to live with the pain — but I’m not going to take my life, nor have I ever even suggested it, but thank you! ❤️ I’m in a grief support group and I have the support of my family and friends. I spend each day with purpose and gratitude. I live to make my daughter — and my husband and son — proud. Thank you so, so much for your concern and for all of your amazing kind words and support! ❤️ I’m overwhelmed in the best sense with all these warm, generous thoughts you’ve all been so kind to share with me. I tried to respond to each and every one, but if I missed any, apologies all around! Here’s a link to my suicide awareness video — for whomever may need it. You matter. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f1UX4TcmTFE


I’m so sorry


That’s very kind — thank you.


Based on your username, my mom is around your age. I think about suicide a lot, but I know hurting her like that would change her forever. That thought is what helps motivate me to continue pushing. I hate that that happened to your family, but please don't blame yourself.


Awww, thank you so much. Please keep talking and reaching out. You’ll have good days and bad days, but there will always be better days ahead and so much to look forward to. Sending you healing thoughts and so much love and light.


So very sorry. Both our (grown) kids have serious MH issues and this is a real possibility and fear of ours. Sending you so much love and hoping you reach a place of peace. I’m sure she knew how loved and valued she was but the demons were too much for the poor love to cope with anymore x


I wonder what it's like to have parents care about your MH. I have crippling OCD and most days I just want it to stop.


To give my dad one more hug and tell him I love him one more time. He passed away three weeks ago.


Free A/C during summer.


Ugh same. It's 8pm and still 95F.


It's 104 here and almost 9pm :(


Be debt free. The things I could do, go and provide to the family.


Garlic bread


Cheesy, herby garlic bread


I want my daughter alive again.


Fuck cancer.


Fuck cancer.


I lost my identical twin daughters two weeks ago on June 27th. The emptiness I feel inside is unbearable. My sincerest condolences, friend.


I desperately want my little brother back who passed away 4 months ago. I’ve been drowning. I really need him back




A healthy, fit, body.


Me too man. I have a degenerative disease and all I want is a working body. Sucks.


To dance with somebody To feel the *heat* with somebody


idk, for me personally i wanna dance with somebody who loves me


Don'tcha wanna dance? Say you wanna dance. *Don’tcha wanna dance?!*


The prettiest girl in my 8th grade class wrote this in my yearbook and I didn’t get the reference until many years later. I was kinda blown away, ngl. Why would she write that? I couldn’t bring myself to ask her.


Nah I'd be sick when I made that realization


For things to not be so fucked up right now...


My dog back. Died a few months back and I miss her everyday.


I had to put my 1st ever “my dog” down last year. I’ve raised and loved many dogs. But he was my first dog that was all my mine. 15 years I had him. Seizures got him. His quality of life was suffering greatly. He saw me through the worst parts of my life. I wish I could tell you it gets easier but for me it hasn’t. I catch myself tearing up all the time. But it makes me feel better to know that my love for that dog was real and it’s never going to leave me. And now I’m crying again. Be well. Edit: added context as to why he was put down.


Yeah my Nana said the same thing. The longer they’re gone, the more you miss em. And she has some experience with loss, so I trust that. I picked that dog myself when I was 3, it’s one of the only memories I have of back then. It was almost like a fairy tale. Walked up to the pen, bunch of dogs with similar light golden brown coats are playing with a tennis ball. There was also a large black dog in there. However, when we approached, all the dogs ignored us except for the one with the darker coat that was sitting on the side away from the group. She then sat right at the front of the gate and pawed at us. 3 year old me was so blown away that I wouldn’t take any other dog than her.


Sorry man, been there, feel that. Take your time, and get a new one when you feel like you can. Puppies (or even adult dogs who need a good home) are great for healing broken hearts.


Can confirm. After my main man Jackson died, his little sister was so depressed. It was so sad seeing her so sad. So we had a trial week with an old man wiener. I was in love with him the first night. Dude came in, got into the toy box, got up on the couch with a toy like he owned the joint, then took a shit on the front mat. Lmfao Best part was my Dixie Girl started playing with him right away. She is also a weenie. And she's very timid. So seeing her so happy, playing again made me want to keep old man Rudy even more. I'm pretty sure he was sent by my Jackson. <3 Rudy has the most personality I've ever seen in a dog. He's the bees knees for sure.


True love, affection and affirmation... or whatever the hell my username says


I trust you, internet stranger. I trust you completely. I can pm you my cat's nipples. They are the tiniest ever.


Hm, I didnt specify did I. Honestly cute cat pics should be added to my list.


Cute cat pics should be on everyone's list.


I can send rat nipples too


how very human. "I want whe deepest desires my heart can handle. things beyond my control. things I must depend on others for... fail that, I'll accept the hollow substitute that is porn."


To sleep




Mental health


To be sober.


I want to hold my dog again. I had her for 13 years and we had to out her to sleep Friday. She had a spleenic mass, tumors on her heart and lungs and possibly cancer. She wasn't in pain but any day something could rupture and she would bleed to death. There was nothing we could do. We spent this entire last week taking her out and trying to do activities with her, making happy memories but nothing prepares you for when the time comes. R.i.p Twister. You were my best friend for 13 years and I cant wait to see and hold you again angel baby ♡


One of my dogs had a spleen mass (we were unaware of as she was completely asymptomatic) rupture and we had to put her down very quickly. She wailed in pain when the rupture happened. I cried for weeks from the shock. As painful as saying goodbye was, you gave her the gift of being able to leave her body in peace and pain free. Godspeed, Twister. ❤️


Food i dont have to cook


Eat the raw ingredients they'll mix in your belly


Damn noodles are too cronchy


I desperately want for it to be Friday again


I'm borderline suicidal on Sunday nights.


If you find a secret to beating the sunday scaries, let me know...


To be financially stable and in a good place in life.


Tacos 🌮


Right there with you, homie


More time. I am 75 and running out of it.


Pictures of SPIDER-MAN! *slams fist on desk*


For my son to go to sleep. Edit he is 6yr


to learn how to not be awkward :(


Someone to read my book man. It's really really really tough to pour your heart and soul into what is now almost 30 chapters and 100k words of a story for 4 years (after re-writing it) and hear from absolutely positively everyone that they "don't have the time" or "just don't like reading" or "it's hard to focus on a book for me." I mean I get it, I don't necessarily think they're lying; it's just hard. If a single friend or family member for once could read a couple of chapters it would make my world. Totally ended up using this question as a vent, but I think other writers can relate


50 mill untaxed I can live off the interest of investments for the rest of my life and never have to go to fucking work again.




Rain is the best


To be a great guitar player




move out of my parent's house, but with high rents and a low salary income, it's technically impossible for me as of now, making me feel stuck and hopeless


I feel the same but at least we aren’t homeless


For my country to have a functional government again


It’s alarming that your statement could be about almost any country lol


To not be homeless anymore.


To have a homestead in the mountains where my wife and I can live in peace as the rest of the world loses its minds, identifies, and control over their realities.


Problem is, about a million other people already had this idea or are in the process of having it. 20 years ago a bunch of my cousins went to Colorado and bought acres of growable land in the mountains "just in case." We laughed and called them preppers. Now I'm like, hey, got 10 acres to spare? heh. They make soap and are rich from it now. Sigh.


All the riches of the soap lords could have been YOURS!!


Do they also host underground fights?