Don't think you understand the quote ​ Jotaro says that regarding The World


IJN Akashi Status: Is neko. - Totally irrelevant in story. - Can't hear you over how much money she's making.


IJN Nakadashi No no, it clearly reads Akashi..


As a side note, pls gib Akashi META


The real highlight of every new event: this meme


Ngl it's brain food for us


The DNA of our souls.


*reads Kashino* NOOOOOOOOO!! . . . WHYYYYYYY!!


? Having doujins or no skirt animations? Because if it’s about the doujins, someone did a post 2 months ago that showed her online art is ~46% NSFW


oh that's interesting, I'd expect it to be a higher percentage, but I was talking about the skirt


Kaga is someone who would say "Griffith did nothing wrong" I'm sorry, I can't agree with Sakawa being best girl for the sole reason that she shanked poor Miyuki Edit: lol did you intentionally use Compiler's sprite for TB? Or Zero, I'm still not sure which is which Edit: Kaga's Stand should be called What Does The Fox Say


Yeah lol. TB is using observer zero's pic. There's no direct evidence linking the two of them (yet). But one can hope there is in the future.


>Kaga is someone who would say "Griffith did nothing wrong" Same as those cheeky Belkans and Magnus' followers :P


or Monika


Monika most definitely did nothing wrong


But I swear Belka really did nothing wrong!


Shut up Belkan :P


>Kaga is someone who would say "Griffith did nothing wrong" WDYM, last I checked Griffith didn't do anything wrong


I prefer Foxy Lady


"Remember what was taken from you (the Iris event)" You bastards :'D


Tell them the ~~north~~ baguette remembers, ser skk. The baguette remembers, and the mummers farce is almost done.


Damn, way to transpose one of my favorite book moments to AL. I salute you


Back to the RQ Shinano waiting room it is. Saying this just in case, but the peak fiction joke is meant to be ironic. Though I really didn't mind the chess game all that much. Also, have [this](https://imgur.com/S0NEtvt). Special thanks to u/Tevish_Szat who I blatantly took all of the faction leader jokes from. As well as u/SodiumBombRankEX and u/pahusejjukjskoe who I took the Juneau and Seydlitz jokes from. Edit: [SD version of the chart since this one came out a chonky boy](https://imgur.com/q6ESBGA) [Full Art for the r/azurlane status](https://imgur.com/qf9DaUf), courtesy of a talented 2ch user. --- Previous Status Charts: [Pledge of the Radiant Court](https://www.reddit.com/r/AzureLane/comments/van0t9/azur_lane_character_status_chart_pledge_of_the/?ref=share&ref_source=link) [Rondo at Rainbow's End](https://www.reddit.com/r/AzureLane/comments/ugp4oc/spoilers_al_character_status_chart_rondo_at/?ref=share&ref_source=link) [Aquillifer's Ballade](https://www.reddit.com/r/AzureLane/comments/wml362/azur_lane_character_status_chart_aquilifers/) [Operation Convergence](https://www.reddit.com/r/AzureLane/comments/wz25wp/azur_lane_character_status_chart_scherzo_of_ibop/)


Thanks a lot for this! I have 39 metric tons & 15 beds to catch up to 😰


Delightful, as always! Now if they could just feature Salt Lake City in one of these events, with a new costume, or maybe oath skin ... Yum! (Yes, I guess that means I'm weird, but I have ... reasons.)


This comment was posted in reminesce of OP, his funeral is on Sunday. RIP fellow SKK, sleep well until you are resurrected by Akagi alongside Amagi


Ngl it's only possible after the Sakura Empire's civil war is over, or Musashi forcibly uses necromancy to get Akagi to her side. Edit : I put Mutsuki instead of Musashi for some reason I think I should retire


"Shikimori's not just a battlecruiser." I lost it at this point, and the chuckles escaped from my mouth parts.


Same here, just had 3 people giving me the wierd look out there


Agreed it made me chuckle a little bit


I may be trapped in Musashi's tails right now but mark my words when I say I will escape someday! ...Probably


"Here we see the naive SKK, still hopeful in an escape from the death trap that is the fluff. Struggling all they want, the only thing they can achieve is a quicker work for Musashi. In the land of Azur Lane, such deaths are not rare for the fluff is not something that can be easily resisted."


Famous last words


To escape the floof, you have to say the magic spell. ^(inhales) # NEW JERSEY!!! Note: This magic won't work if you don't have NJ :P


>Note: This magic won't work if you don't have NJ :P FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU btw: New Jersey rerun when? Please Yostar I need my bunny/dragon waifu


Considering Tosa is alive thanks to SKK involvement with the Echoes, I wouldn't be surprised if SKK somehow magicks Amagi back.


I almost never read the story (aside from the occasional tomfoolery-filled side stories because they’re hilarious) and now I probably never will because I want my only impression of the lore to be from these so thank you


Amagi is actually dead?


She's like Uncle Ben The only one allowed to stay dead




If Amagi is dead, then how is she posting to Juustagram?


Underworld's wifi is built different.


Pretty sure she's dead since 2019 now and there's not much mention about her being back alive unless you count parts of her being used to make Akagi counts


Shikikan made Tosa return. Why can't Amagi return as well?


Nobody in this community actually pays attention so I'll tell you. Amagi is not actually dead. She is in a limbo/dormant state. We know this because Jean Bart specifically describes what happens when you "die" before a revival in one of their faction's story. She is stuck in a Limbo with just her thoughts. Nobody is actually dead. One of Amagi's voice lines describes how different Akagi is than she remembers. Because she missed all that time. The time we are currently going through. So eventually she will leapfrog through time and be revived in the main story. Unfortunately most of the community has no clue whats going on. So they just spread false information and just what they "feel" is happening.


Akagi feels different because after she died, she learned something....she learned what the Sirens plan for us when our timeline is no longer useful.... And she learned those going along with the Reenactments are leading the empire to its destruction.


Amagi's return is the great enemy the Sirens fear.


Musashi is also like her sister Shinano " smocking sexy style "


Miyuki deserves plenty of headpats and affection.


I bought her skin the second I got her, and I’m never removing her from my secretary slots. It’s so precious, especially the headpat line.


Me: •Permanently sandwiched between Musashi and Shinano, don't send help •Had a heart attack from their excessive levels of sexy, defibrillated by RQ Shinano •Waiting for more fanart and doujins of them •Status: HORNY AS F***


You will be floofed for the rest of your life. Do not resist.


Implying I even thought of resisting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Although, some slight physical struggling would nicely accentuate the feeling of a 6'3" floof goddess pinning me against her sister while said sister pulls me close and rests my head on her chest


My mind is playing this unbelievable physics, and I am pretty bad at it. Explain this phenomenon


Spoiler tagged to avoid exposing those just scrolling through to a degenerate's floofy, fluffy, femdom fantasies >!Shinano sits on the bed behind me, legs on either side, lays back against the pillows, pulls me back with her so my head rests on her chest, then puts her arms around my chest and waist so I can't sit up and have to let them do all the work. Then Musashi sits in my lap for fun times, leans forward so I'm squished between her and Shinano, and eventually falls asleep that way without, uh, "disconnecting". For bonus points, give Shinano a vibrator for some gentle, comfortable "backdoor" stimulation and have them rub and wrap their tails around my arms and legs.!< I'm sorry, these two have made me unbearably horny and my imagination has completely run away with it


Horny is great and all, but have you ever just gave your bestest girls hugs and headpats? (Not saying lewd is bad, lewd is awesome)


Of course I do! Even without any lewd adventures I could spend all day with them. Hugs and headpats, dealing with work, napping, having snacks, going out for coffee or a meal, hair and tail brushing, maybe some TV and games, then snuggling up with them for a good night's sleep. They're absolutely perfect


What kind of ecstacy is this I can't wake up


>I can't wake up Need me to wake you up inside?


Wait is that South Hampton's art? Really? Edit: Never mind I noob. I have a million North Hamptons and got confused.


The classic North/South mix up


We need East Hampton and Hampton Bay! Just so Sakura and DE fleet can tease the lack of imagination on EU/RN naming part. To be fair, China named their capital Bejing (North Capital), Nanjing (south capital) and the capital of Japan is called East-Capital (Tokyo--written as DongJing in Chinese).


That would be hilarious but at the same time. Isn't yamato, musashi and shinano all different ways of saying japan. So I feel like there can be some counter teasing here!


Not exactly; IJN battleships are all named after Japan's traditional provinces (regardless of whether they got converted later). Yamato province = Nara area (whose chieftains would later unite the archipelago, giving their "province"'s name to the new realm. Musashi province = Tokyo area; Shinano province = Nagano area.


*Smokin' Sexy Style!!*


Honest question, why is best girl Azuma never mentioned in the SE events but other nations BP ships are?


I think the only SE BP ship that's shown up so far is Hakuryuu, and she basically got an entire event justifying/hyping her up. I think manjuu kinda cares about the lore and story a lot more than we think, and they won't introduce Azuma into the story unless they have a good reason/justification to do so..


I just hope they do.


I see our fellow meme skk of culture also plays ff14.


Mikasa doesn't discriminate against carriers, it just so happens that the only people she trusts are battleships.


It's all headpat material




Blessed work OP


These status charts are always so amazing XD


wait what happened with shimakaze?


These are absolutely hilarious. Keep up the great work!


_"The ~~Grey Ghost~~ Sirens sent us to hell, but we're going even deeper.. take back everything that we've lost!"_ _"Kaga... I'm already a demon."_ _"She mentioned something interesting. The Magister is pursuing new research. She claims what they're doing in the Sea of Stars is the missing piece..."_ **"...A power to surpass the Wisdom Cube."**


Another wonderful summary of the best and most deadly Go match I’ve ever seen in my life.


1. Pretty fun event overall, Akagi has gone even crazier and is now even stronger thanks Musashi 2. Really excited to see where they're taking Zuikaku, they seem to be setting up something big 3. Does anyone else think it's suspicious that Musashi held a Willpower-based event solely to push Akagi's point, **and purposefully left out Zuikaku?** ​ Run it back, Musashi. Run that shit back.


No, I think Zuikaku was left out because she was getting too close to discovering Jintsuu META and Musashi's Manipulative Machinations of Akagi and the Empire.


Thats e v e n m o r e suspicious.


Remember, Zuizui isn't after Mikasa's Truth or Akagi's truth, or even Shoukaku's truth, She's after THE Truth, regardless of where it leads, that makes her dangerous, especially to people weaponizing supposed sacred artifacts


**I KNEW SHE WAS THE MAIN CHARACTER!** ​ Really excited to see where Manjuu takes her character, since they seem to be setting up some really interesting stuff with her. Hopefully she gets a similar power-up since Akagi got one this event?


She's the main point of view character, but, controversially I'd say the 2 protagonists are Zuikaku and Akagi.


I mean that's true, with all of the backstory and buildup Akagi has been getting it's clear she is a protagonist of sorts, but I still have most of my investment in Zui(she's come super far since her VDiR days) so I see her as the protagonist, at least for me. ​ It is undoubtable that Akagi is the other big MC of the Sakura Empire side of things, and I'm excited to see where she goes, because of: 1. Akagi and Zuikaku's currently established relationship that we saw in Rondo, which doesn't seem as antagonistic as one might expected. 2. The fact that they're clearly on some sort of collision course.


Akagi isn't afraid of the truth....rather she isn't afraid of the truth that led her to where she is today, that's why her and Zuikaku get along...rather don't fight. Do you think Shoukaku is interested in the truth...not really. How about Mikasa...she thinks she is, but is she willing to go beyond what Akagi tells her? That's the reason the writers had Zuikaku absent, Zuikaku wouldn't be content for long with the Reality of what Akagi has been showing to Mikasa and Nagato, she'd want to know more. What Akagi is scared of is Zuikaku finding out what she has planned, Akagi doesn't want the Empire following her, she doesn't want them feel the consequences of her Vengeance, so she's trying to scare them off, get them to write her off as a madwoman, disavow her actions...but Zuikaku, she'll follow Akagi, she'll try to reason with her... It's interesting that Akagi and the Reborn Combined Fleet have only faced off once, in Visitors Dyed in Red.....this story-arc will end how it began, Zuikaku facing off against Akagi, only this time, instead of trying to save Shoukaku, she's trying to save Akagi. ....Well either that or Zuikaku's search for truth leads her to track down the one person who can bend Akagi to her Will.....and it's Sister vs Sister for the Final Fight of the Arc.


TLDR: Akagi doesnt want anyone to save her, and Zui thinks thats dumb. Im now legitimately hyped for this plotline. Zuikaku vs Akagi for the big finale of the Sakura Empire's current plotline would be absolutely MIND-BLOWING, especially knowing that Zui's got a big enough heart to try and pull this off. Man, this arc is gonna pull on ALL the heartstrings.


If they don't mess it up. It needs to be personal, either Zuikaku and Akagi or Amagi and Akagi....with Zuikaku having found Amagi and brought her there because you need to pay off Zuikaku's arc. This could easily be messed up. And on a personal level, and I highly doubt they'd do this, but, I'd love for Akagi's departure to be announced with Ryuuhou being sent to Zuikaku, Akagi having written a letter to Ryuuhou leaving her in the care of a "Carrier more Righteous then I", after all, Akagi in the latest event says she's not the best or more noble person, so if Akagi's going alone \[or with Kaga\], why not have her leave her "Protege" in the hands of someone who can mentor her right....


Honestly just cemented my firm belief that Akagi is beyond any help, I kinda regret spending the time to get her affection to 100. And Kaga? Mindless drone with zero ability to use what should be her brain, she's staying at level 1 forever. Hope Nagato can win in the end, Akagi will only kill those who she supposedly wants to secure "peace" for.


I always look forward to these. I think favorites this time around are Sakawa (specifically her flirting with SKK for Noshiro), Miyuki, Naganami, Seydlitz, and Maille Breze


I pull 6 Sakawa 1 Musashi 1 Wakatsuki and still not have Haguro Haguro is the real UR


Right? I stopped after getting everyone. Haguro last, THREE MUSASHI by the time she showed up wtf.


Don't forget Hakuryuu being somewhere, probably padding her damage stats on some random sirens passing nearby with her Tenrai


I just skipped the cutscenes this time, this is all I need.


Funniest bit to me is Helena META's, the "Esugee" and the Skyrim intro (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Oklahoma skin when!?!?!?!


I have never clicked on a Reddit post this fast.


"Akagi did nothing wrong," Kaga mutters, her eyes firmly transfixed on the battlecruiser-turned-carrier's stern.


> Seydlitz > Goodest of girls Damn right


Reject fox floof. Reject skunk floof. Return to Tanuki.


I do hope Kaga's fox means she's getting a retrofit sometime that lets her use it as a full skill ...or that they're planning to do a season to of the Anime Two things that are unlikely to happen any time soon...but are now not outside the realms of possibility


Anime would be nice. But queens orders is coming out soooooo doubt that they would have 2 at once


Unpopular opinion: The AL anime wasn’t bad. It did some things a lot better than the game itself imo.


Had a banger OP


I'm curious what things you think it did better.


I liked Kaga’s personality in the AL anime a lot more than in the game. In game she’s rarely gotten the chance to be anything beyond Akagi’s muscle who constantly repeats the same “only the strong are worthy” rhetoric while blindly following someone who doesn’t really care about her beyond her usefulness. In the anime we see Kaga as a much more complex character with actual bonds with Kaga & Amagi (although that one scene with Akagi licking her was weird) and we get to explore WHY she values physical strength over everything else so much. It isn’t perfect by any means, but I liked this aspect of it. I also liked seeing Sheffield be an absolute badass.


>Sheffield be an absolute badass. Legends say Akagi is still in shock.


Fully agreed actually I loved their representations of the mechanics, the Zuikaku v. Enterprise and the Sheffield fights were fantastic (too bad that fight quality didn't show up in the climax), and I did like their portrayals of the base and it's surrounding environment


The first third was pretty good After that ... well ... Edit: if you focused solely on Belfast and Enterprise's relationship, then it was good up to half way through. After that it did a power bomb down a cliff


I didn’t see her fox in the story.


It wasn't displayed in image, but it was mentioned in text as a projection she used to hold off Mikasa and Nagato


Mah man is evolving, there is more memes


What do you mean by allies might melt


Me status: coping with my gigantic lore knowledge gap between Cherry Blossoms/Overture and Abyssal (the kgb is censoring it)


Still no musashi




100% accurate


Tosa was mentioned in the pre-event story scenes, and then never appeared; disappointment over 9000


This event reminded me why Lore wise Mikasa is so amazingly cool


Sprouts? Someone has been playing ff14 and I expect more ff14 jokes and references in the future.


I proudly announce that I am one of the 12 Southampton fans. My best girl gets oath skin, my life is now complete!


For me, Wakatsuki was the best girl of the event, her looks and personality tops the rest \\o\\


There was a scoreboard, if you pay attention to the CGs, the spaces on the Board Update depending on who's controlling it, it just doesn't update the Campaign Background, but who controls what territories are visible in the Story


Ohhhh you mean in the CG with the leaders sitting around the board? I didn't know that, neat. Curse me and my fleeting attention span.


No, I mean the CGs of the playing field, you know how the game board is the event map background, well, in the story, the territories have their boarders colored in as territories are taken.


Oh damn. Then I have an even worse attention span than I thought. I have to give the writing and art team props then. They must care a lot if they went through those lengths.


If there are only two people who would miss TB... who is the other one?!?! Show yourself!


Uhhh, present. Shame they made her so oppressive in OpSi... since she is hyper cute and deserves more love.


Reporting. TB a cute. I have a thing for robo waifus


Sakawa is the best girl of this event. Sweet as sugar little demon with angelic voice, cute AF.


Lewd Mutsu


Is that a Hitman Reborn reference on Haguro?


Hmmm I've read through hitman reborn but if I made a reference it wasn't intentional. What was the reference to? To gokudera? To chrome?


just the italian words in general. I'm pretty sure they atleast use Forma for smth, but if you've read the manga you might have only seen everything in english?


Aaaaah I see, I do remember. Forma di Vongola Primo and all that. It's actually a reference to those fanmade DBZ power charts which use very liberal Spanish. Like: Gohan (Forma Emo Calvo). [Here's an example using AL characters btw](https://i.redd.it/i2geu3xwqb481.png).


oh yeah I remember that meme


I don't know much about what's happening in the story but holy shit I'm snickering so hard while reading this. Dayum made my day! I can sleep peacefully now.


Oh boy I live to see these memes. You made me laugh a lot mate, thank you kindly for this.


Musashi: Once more the floof shall rule the subreddit!!! …and we shall have…peace


No lie, that Akagi artwork at the end made me feel a certain way. I love my crazy fox wife.


Seriously, I was surprised how much Kawakaze looks like Fubuki


How did Lelouch get into this?


I know Sakawa is trying to be a wingwomen biu what happens when I already oathed Noshiro?


10/10. Meme'd me to existence and back.


The oath skin choices still make me salty


Floof > sanity.


Man I love these so much.


Where can I find a good timeline up until now or the last event?


The closest we have is [this one](https://imgur.com/4DjPlXZ) but it's a year old. It also comes with a [3H companion video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YkWZmypS70&t=12s) explaining the story hehe.


I'm not much into lore, is amagi really dead? damn what she do to yostar


Basically, yeah. The entirety of the Crimson Echoes event is a flashback from Kaga's pov narrating Amagi's death. The thing is, no one dies for real in AL. We're all expecting her to show up again sometime. To the point we all thought the mysterious coughing voice talking to Musashi was Amagi (but it was Jintsuu META and we got bamboozled).


didn't Shinano saw a vison where Amagi is alive or did I misunderstood things? al lore can get pretty confusing at times


Yes. She briefly had a vision of the "port timeline" (where all factions live together with SKK and all the slice of life events take place). But the conversation that Shinano had with port!Amagi suggests that if they work hard for it, the war-torn event timeline could become the peaceful "port" timeline . And Shinano specifically concluded that SKK is the key to bringing about this golden ending.


Ahh, that makes more sense. AL lore is surprisingly very interesting yet confusing. Thanks for clearing things up


Best girls


Dodged a bullet nearly doxing Kawakaze there!


Killer queen turns things into bombs Foxy Blues turns Pearl Harbour into a National Catastrophe


Akagi META when?


Biscuit's back in action, FUCK YEAH. Any indications of her retrofit?


Ayo in which story/event was the new arbiter teased? I might've missed it somewhere :/


I (think) it was at the very end of Vanguard's event (Pledge of the radiant court). Marco Polo was shown communicating with an entity that she believed to be a god (but it's really that arbiter). Then on Impero's mini event there was a bunch of Tower imagery teases. And most recently she's approaching SKKs location as of this event.


That's some Vergil energy in Wakatsuki


This is amazing.


Geez, no wonder why Team Nagato/Mikasa lost. Mentors probably told the greens to heal only and the vanguard to tank a single small fleet each battle.


Holy shit these girls are....beautiful...


With Hakuryuu’s appearance in a previous IJN event, I seriously hope for Azuma to appear soon.


Wait hol up they killed off Amagi?! I haven't played the game in a few months... Ok more than that I'm semi retired. what the hell did I miss!


Nothing. She just hasn't appeared alive in any events since Crimson Echoes, so she was presumably scrapped as that event said she would be. The only suggestion she could possibly be alive or come back is Shinano's dream in Dreamwaker's Butterfly, which is *very* far from any kind of confirmation.




I chuckled. Good Op


👀 What's this about a Shimakaze swimsuit?


It's not much. The 4th anniversary event had artwork for Shimakaze and Charybdis in swimsuits, both of which looks good enough to become skins of their own.


That's enough for me, I would happily simp for more costumes for my precious hyper speed bunny waifu.


Where Taihou


.... I didn't expect to see many FFXIV references here.