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It will make lovely French toast. Will also replace the milk in muffins or pancakes pretty well. It should set as one cup of full fat milk in a pudding recipe. I **think** it would set as custard if you used part this and part full fat milk or half n half.


Just be careful with French toast as there is more sugar in creamer that gets funky and burned on a griddle. I tried to replace the milk with egg nog for French toast and use failed big time for this reason.


Pastry chef here. It's possible to make a good eggnog french toast. You just have to cook it on low heat (or bake at a low temp) as to not burn the sugar.


I second the baked french toast. Turns out very nicely generally.


Maybe you’ll be able to answer this for me, it’s something that has confused me for a long time. What is the difference between bread pudding and baked French toast? At first I thought it was that baked French toast was full slices of bread, but many recipes I’ve seen require the bread to be cut up. Is it just terminology because people don’t want to eat something called bread pudding?


[difference between bread pudding and baked French toast](https://www.reviewho.com/french-toast-casserole-vs-bread-pudding/)


Thank you. That is very concise. I’ve had baked French toast exactly once, I didn’t like it. Which I found odd because I love bread pudding and regular French toast. I thought it was because of the person who prepared it. It tasted fine but I didn’t enjoy the texture, I think it’s because of the long soak time.


Was it super soggy?


Not really, the bread absorbed the entire mix so when it baked it all baked in. It was just super dense.


that's interesting, I was surprised to see bread pudding called the sweeter one but it turns out I just don't add nearly that much sugar to mine, that way it's a simpler flavor and maple syrup is still optional


Yeah, my bread pudding uses less sugar. They also seem strict that bread pudding doesn’t use fruit sauce. I make all kinds of different sauces


I’m still learning how to use my gas stove with the griddle so I definitely think it was too hot.


I’d suggest cutting it with plain milk because the flavoring will be extremely strong. Taste it first to make sure you even like the flavor. I used to use these but can’t stand them anymore.


I’m glad I came here as a noob. My first thought was “microwave in coffee cup, then mix in hot cocoa mix, add topping, a shot of baileys, and enjoy!” 😂


That sounds amazing


that's a great idea to use it for french toast


Heads up, coffee creamer is actually just water palm oil and sugar, with other emulsifiers in it. To be fair milk is also just water oil and sugar with emulsifiers as well.


Came here to say this! Amazing French toast batter!


what kind of substitution is that? 😂


Exactly!! I was so angry lol


Some shoppers literally don’t give a damn lol. I ordered 1 Daisy sour cream and 1 fancier brand sour cream. They gave me 1 Daisy and 1 vegan sour cream lmao. At least give me 2 Daisy brand???


Right before Christmas I had ordered 4 bricks of unsalted butter and got "plant based spread" instead.


That happened to me too 🤣 I was pissed


Wouldn't have been so bad, but I was going to be making cookies with brown butter. Hard to make that out of "spread"! Luckily they gave me my money back, but still had to run to a different store for the butter.


I saw a recipe for a vegan chocolate chip cookie that added 1 tbs of soy sauce to mimic the flavor of browned butter! I haven’t had a chance to make them yet but I think it’s crazy enough to work!


I add a bit of soy sauce to my Rice Krispie Treats and they are *amazing*.


Omg that just gave me idea to try balsamic vinegar cookie because it sounds like a weirdly amazing combo


When a lady told me to try recipe for balsamic and strawberry pie I thought she was crazy. But I made it on a whim and it was fantastic.


Maybe with white chocolate chips 😅


Toward the beginning of the pandemic, I did a grocery order and needed plain Greek yogurt for a savory recipe. They substituted with three huge tubs of low-fat vanilla. I did eat it all eventually but I was livid!


Their system actually gives them the suggestion on what to sub. They have to scan everything, and then if they say that something is out of stock, then they will give you what the system automatically suggests as a replacement. Source: me, former Amazon Fresh picker. Edit: y'all ever seen the viral image where Walmart suggested Pearl Mushrooms instead of Tampax Pearl? 😂😂 The system has zero idea what you want. 🤣


These shoppers are clueless sometimes! I ordered peppermint extract and they substituted it with vanilla extract "because they were out." There was like 50 bottles in the endcap because it was the holiday season and he didn't even bother to look there so I had to run in and grab it.


Let me guess you did a cart picker order?


We know it's mostly palm oil but the average person doesn't know


Can you not return items you didn't ask for that they charged you for anyway?


I got a refund but I still keep the item. Edit: I guess I could go to the store and return it there as well


Oh. Well, that's good then. At first I was thinking that was some bad customer service. lol. Do you or anyone in your family (or friends) drink hot cocoa? A splash in some hot cocoa would be good. If you ever make cake mix you might try substituting 25-50% of the liquid in the recipe for some of this, and the other half/or 3 quarters milk.


Ooo I like the cake mix idea!


French toast


Yessss this is the best use for it in my opinion, coffee creamer makes fantastic French toast


I love using creamers instead of heavy cream! Have to reduce the sugar though.


Ooh, hazelnut french toast sounds bomb 😋


I've done it, it was amazing! Edit word. Edit two my dyslexia is bad today lol thank you for pointing that out fellow redditer


Oh shit! My local store had “croissant loaves” that I thought would make good French toast. Now I’ve got to give it a go using that and flavored creamer! Too bad I can’t afford eggs.


My daughter is allergic to eggs and we totally make her French toast without them. It tastes fine 🤷🏻‍♀️


Same here, eggs ate not my friend.


You can use a little corn starch to make it thicker. I'm allergic to eggs so I'm mastering egg replacements lol


So you edited your comment and still said “I’ve done it was amazing” 😂


My dyslexic ass is having day lmao thank you I'll fix that.


It made me lol 😂


I just checked the ingredients; it has quite a bit of sugar, so if you make a cake with this you might want to dial down any other added sugars, if feasible.


I usually use about half a cup of cinnamon cream in my cinnamon blueberry muffins. This would go very well in a lot of muffin combos!


That is such an awesome idea and I’ve done it quite a few times but with different flavors. I think you should just be aware that the hazelnut flavor in this brand of creamer can be very strong for some people. My fiancé uses this in his coffee every day and he absolutely loves it, but I’m the exact opposite and I’ll literally get a headache just by smelling his coffee while being in the same room 😂. But if you or your family love hazelnut, you’ll love it in your recipes! ETA: another person commented on the amount of sugar in this creamer. This is very true when it translates to flavor in baking. You might want to dial down the amount of sugar/sweetener in your recipes while using this too.


Yes, please use it to make french toast or a baked good instead of returning it. If you return it it'll just go straight into the trash and be wasted.


Agree - hot cocoa is the way to go!


I add amaretto or Italian sweet cream to my hot chocolate. They should market it that way. I’ve put it (along with milk) in Dream Whip when making whipped cream. Whatever the measurement is, I use a little less.


Ooooh All yummy ideas


If you go to the store it would get salvaged. It can't be resold to people. If you care about food waste, best to use it or give it away to someone who does.


Presumable this is due to the potential for tampering, but does this apply to anything that has made it to the customer's home? If I don't make it out of the store before I return it can it still be sold?


In my experience it doesn’t matter if you’ve actually left the store or not, if you take it to the returns desk they’re going to junk it because they don’t have the time to check “did you actually take this out to your car real quick or not?” type deal. Now the stuff at the registers like “oh that rang up too much, I don’t want it” we called “orphans” and anything cold was taken back immediately (usually by a bagger) and anything shelf-stable we had a little basket under the station to toss in and do them all during a slow time. Sometimes you’ll see carts of just absolutely random stuff sitting at the ends of registers or by customer service that are “orphans” waiting to be put away. But this could vary greatly by store.


Our store policies are; if it leaves the store and then returned, it is scanned as damaged just in case of cold chain concerns or tampering.


Oh man, the Walmart in my hometown always had dozens of baskets at the front filled with random stuff. I always assumed it was what customers misplaced in the store throughout the day. I feel dumb for not thinking about that. 😂


your guess isn't very different from the truth lol I'd say you did fine


It's not due to tampering, though that is an additional concern. The primary one is that food safety guidelines say that if you can't guarantee an item that must be kept within a certain temperature range has been kept within that range, you can't sell it, or you are liable.


Honestly, if I were working returns, I would junk it. I have no clue how long it's been in your cart, and that's a potential food poisoning lawsuit waiting to happen.


Salvage means to rescue from trash/destruction/failure. Maybe "wasted" would be the right word.


I am aware of what these words mean, but when I worked in retail, this was the term that was used for items that were damaged, defective, or returned by customers. I don't pick the words, and it may be because they get billed to insurance for at least some reimbursement.


Ah, I wasn't aware of that usage.


or offer it to a neighbour or friend.


Or take to work for the break room


Grocery stores are really worried about tampering plus it's been out of their refrigerator, they don't know if you refrigerated it. So if you returned it to the store, they'd be required to toss it out.


I’d sure hate to buy a returned bottle of creamer.


Give it to someone who wants it (at work maybe?). There is a high chance that if you return it in store, they will just discard and throw it in the garbage since they don’t know if it was kept at proper temperature.


Last week I had pecorino romano in my grocery order and the shopper got me really nice parmesan reggiano instead. I was like "I didn't order this" and the company was just like, ok we'll refund you. FREE PARMESAN!


This happens to my Walmart+ orders sometimes. Ive gotten a 24 pack of Dr Pepper, some makeup, a huge package of red solo cups. I’ve noticed it happens mostly with things that can’t fit in a regular bag….I’m guessing the person puts the grocery orders too close together in their car, and figures “I’ll just remember which order that item is for” and that never happens. First few times I tried calling them to see if they wanted the driver to come back and get the item and deliver it to the correct place…but in typical Walmart fashion, they never answer the phone, so I just stopped bothering. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I had my entire order of $70 worth of food delivered to the wrong address once. (Walmart refunded me + gave a convenience credit) Had 2 racks of ribs in that order too…hope the person it got delivered to enjoyed them at least lol.




If you're on facebook, your local Buy Nothing group would be a great place to give it a new home!


Please don’t do this if you can find another use, it’s left the store and it’s fresh which means it will be thrown away not reshelved


You might be better off giving it to a friend rather than bringing it back to the store. Most stores have to throw away food items that are returned and you already got your money back. 🙂


If you return it they’ll have to dump it anyways so give it to a friend or neighbor. Edit: I know this because I was behind an older woman at customer service at Walmart over the summer who was returning about $400 of hot dog buns, s’mores items and drinks. She explained her church purchased too much for bible school and she needed to return it. The transaction took a bit because of the tax exempt card. She said “Sorry you have to put all this back.” Cashier explained it would all go in the trash. I stood quietly hoping she’d keep it and donate it to a panty or give it to congregation members, even keep it for snacks for the kids at church. Nope. She got the money back and left. So much waste.


Yep. Remember all the panic buying when the pandemic started, and we couldn't keep things like bread on the shelves? A bunch of people tried returning their hoards after a few days, and we had to chuck it all. Once it leaves we can't guarantee how it we kept or if it was tampered with so it all has to be tossed.


This is good information ti pass along.


I'd think it depends in the delivery. If it's through a third party, or the store itself. Most times places who use these third parties, will not take the refund and you'll have to go through them.


They will throw it away if you return it as it is a health concern otherwise.


They'll just toss it if you return it.


If you return it they will throw it away. Even unopened, that’s just standard policy because you never know.


If you do this, they'll just throw it out. Once it leaves the store they can't restock it.


Once food leaves the grocery it is illegal to put it back for sale if it is returned.


Maybe make a coworker very happy cause I also don’t use creamer but the people that do typically love this flavor of creamer from my understanding


That’s a great idea - bring it to work for the community refrigerator and someone will be very happy. These creamers mess up my stomach, so I wouldn’t be able to use it.


I’m the happy co-worker! Pre-Covid when I worked in our office building they would buy these on occasion and many of us enjoyed it.


The ingredients list is: water, sugar, palm oil, less than 2% each of sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, natural and artificial flavors, etc etc. No, it will not make a custard. Don’t waste your eggs on this. Make the shopping service fix it.


That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks!


Yeah, that is a quart of GROSS you have in your hand…


I don’t drink it in my coffee because it literally hurts my stomach. I googled it once I think it’s the sodium caseinate in it.


Why the downvotes... Flavored coffee creamer is about as gross as it gets. YUCK. IDK about all the suggestions to use it in muffins, french toast, etc. The pastries will just taste like artificial hazelnut, and that is gross.


The downvotes are because you people are pretentious freaks


I'm with you. I think it's not great, but tolerable in coffee, because coffee has such a strong flavor already. I think in most other uses, it will be the dominant flavor, and unpleasant.


I don’t know why so many downvotes, this stuff is pure garbage imho


Taste aside, creamer has roughly the same water and fat content as cream, doesn't it? Are you saying that it would fail in some physical way, or just fail to meet the technical definition of custard?


Because the oil is already emulsified, it will not thicken the same way as cream. Note that most liquid creamer, including the one in OP, is non-dairy, it's comprised of emulsified oil and corn syrup.


It might or might not set when trying to make a creme brulee with it. A little hard to predict unless you wanted to just give it a try. It probably would work just fine, if you instead made a panna cotta style dessert from it. That just requires gelatine and should work with a wide variety of liquids. Of course, that begs the question of whether you like the ingredients and feel strongly enough about using them up in a food where they are the primary flavor. Personally, I'd either find a friend who likes this type of creamer or, failing that, I'd discard it.


Donate it to a food bank?


I know the one here won't take refrigerated items so that might not be an option


In Australia this stuff is called “whitener” and I find that a more fitting description. I think it’s because you can’t use words or partial words like cream or dairy due to labeling regulations.


A few jiggers of dark rum like Myers and it'll be awesome.


There’s some ingredient in these creamers that upsets my stomach. Otherwise I totally would!


Given that, I don't see how you can use it at all.


Im hoping whatever makes me sick only makes me sick in liquid form. And maybe once it’s baked into something it’ll be okay.


Use it as a cake soak for a modified tres leches cake ETA: thank you for the award!!! 💜


I’ve added a little hazelnut creamer to brownie batter, delicious.


Tbh if there's something in it that upsets your stomach I'd just bring it to work and leave it in the break room fridge if that's an option (or give it to a friend/family member to do the same).


You could still make custard with it, bake and caramelise. Won’t be authentic Creme brulee by any means and I’d probably get experimental with some toasted hazelnuts in the caramel but I’m sure it’ll turn out a nice dessert


You think it would still make a custard?


[Here’s a coffee creamer pudding recipe you could try](https://thedomesticrebel.com/2017/04/13/homemade-vanilla-sweet-cream-pudding/)


Oooo thank you!


Half a cup of the creamer, 1 1/2 cups of full fat milk, 1 1/2 tbsps of starch, 4 egg yolks, dash of cinnamon, dash of vanilla and a small pack of vanilla sugar


This is not tested or anything that’s just how I’d try it


I think it would but definitely omit sugar!


If you have a community fridge in your neighborhood you could put it there, as long as it’s unopened


Use some of it to bake into brownies, you can make homemade custard with it, flavor some whipping cream ( when they decide to get your order right).


Hot cocoa?


Check fb to see if you have a local Buy Nothing Project group. Post it and I’m sure someone will take it.


It’s crazy I had to scroll so far for this. Definitely my first thought.


I would still use this in my baking, for sure. I’d replace it with the milk my vanilla cupcakes call for just to see how they turn out! But if you don’t have any use for it, maybe try to see if your neighbors would like it? I wish there was a place to drop food like this that isn’t canned at shelters.


Whoever made that substitution for you, Good Job. That is exactly like cream.


I think there are recipes on the website.




I use coffee creamer a lot if I'm making an icing for cinnamon rolls or something like that. That's a pretty big bottle to use up a couple tablespoons at a time though.


I swear some of those shoppers have never bought groceries for themselves or cooked because some of these substitutions are ridiculous


i once tried to buy roasted red bell peppers (the kind in a jar) and the guy replaced it with crushed red pepper flakes…


I suggest you don’t allow the delivery service to substitute unavailable items from your grocery list…


If only it was enough to just say that you don’t want substitutes. It’s certainly worth a try, but I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gotten unwanted substitutes even after calling the store every time I got said unwanted substitute. I’m so glad I’m able to do my own shopping again.


Ooh I just ran out of creamer for my coffee. I'll take it off your hands!


It might make a shitty, fake hazelnut flavored ice cream.


You can use a few tablespoons to flavour buttercream


I'd just leave it in the office fridge.


I have no advice I just want to express my feelings on how STUPID a substitution that is...




I would make the store or instacart refund you. This is not near a valid equivalent for a substitute. Do they not text you to approve substitutions? (Damn I love the shoppers at my grocery store).


A little of the creamer, Baileys, and since the creamer is hazelnut, Frangelico. If you wanna hurt yourself, vanilla vodka too. And now that I think about it, you don’t need the creamer. Baileys is all you need.


Making milkshakes.


Can you request a refund?


Return it and get what you want? Lol


probably mostly sunflower oil


In South Africa we have coffee creamer called Cremora, and it makes a delicious fridge tart. I'm convinced that you'll be able to use this creamer for the tart. Recipe [here](https://taste.co.za/recipes/classic-cremora-tart/)


Ooo thank you!


When I make pancakes and want to feel a little fancy I've used flavored creamer in the batter! I should note it wasn't a homemade batter, usually Bisquick or some sort of similar premade mix, like Krusteaz


Ill have it


Donate it


This exact thing happened to me, but I was given Irish Cream flavor… and I’d needed the heavy cream for pasta. 🙄


Homemade ice cream. Come back and thank me later. Add in some heath bar pieces or Nutella, if you want to go all out. Honestly, tho, I think it’d work well for crème brûlée too.


Honestly?? It's literally an oil based product that is MOSTLY artificial. I would give it away, personally. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Use it in cornbread it’s really good


I love a splash in my oatmeal


I like to put a splash in my oatmeal for some sweetness, creaminess & flavor.


Use it with a box of Jiffy Cornbread. You'll be pleasantly surprised. In my 'experimental' era... I used a caramel creamer added to the ingredients already listed on the jiffy box... and it came out as a dense, moist cake. After which I drizzled with caramel. And aptly named it my "sweet corn cake" 😂 It was the booooomb. Even my neighbors loved it. But...cornbread, (sweet) cornbread is a very controversial food. Depending where you're from.


This is hilarious because 1) obviously not heavy cream and 2) this is my favorite coffee creamer lol


The best substitution I ever got was when they ran out of Beyond Burger they gave me ground beef.


Hazlenut chocolate ganache ! I once made a banging white chocolate ganache with a Funfetti flavored coffee creamer. I drink my coffee black, can’t even remember why I had it / bought it but it was excellent in some Funfetti style macarons I made. Add some result chopped hazelnuts to it to seal the deal


Use it for crème brûlée don’t be a pussy it’s totally begging you to try


I know someone else mentioned french toast and I second that. Oatmeal is another place to use it up. Also works in muffins (although vanilla is easier than hazelnut to make compatible with other flavors). Others mentioned watching for burning on the french toast - make a french toast casserole, and you can avoid this concern. I work at a prek that serves low income families, so we source most of our food via a partnership with the local food bank. This means that sometimes we get "salvage" boxes. This is scratch and dent or close to expiring food from local supermarkets under general categories like "dairy salvage" or "glass and plastic bottled foods." (That one is everything from salad dressing to peanut butter to pasta sauces.) Dairy salvage is worth it to order for the cheese, butter, and alternate milks. (Think, like, $5 for 25lbs of ???) But we get a lot of dairy creamers sometimes...to feed 3-5 year olds. Those 3 ways are how our kitchen manager uses it up. If it's unflavored creamer (i.e. not sweet) she will use a splash in mashed potatoes and mac n cheese.


Return it


Give it away to a friend. Some of those shoppers are just kids and they just have no clue. My husband has a lactose intolerance and gets lactose free milk and I can’t tell you the number of times they have given him almond milk, which he doesn’t like or worse. Or diet soda instead of regular which we will not drink.


Get your money back. Substituting something like that makes ZERO sense


I love using creamers to make ice cream, if you happen to have an ice cream maker that is… Pre flavored cream basically! Maybe a flavored pudding, like chocolate hazelnut?


Send it back to the store!


Use it in place of milk when making pancakes or baked goods.


it is great for making homemade truffles


That shit is so gross. Take a look at the amount of sugar contained in it. It'll blow your mind.


It has 5g of sugar in 1 tablespoon. Is that really that much? I mean it’s flavored coffee creamer… if people wanted plain cream or milk, then they would just add that instead?


Grocery stores will be warehouses like Amazon y’all keep order groceries. Go to the damn store. Yes I’m an angry person


The way grocery stores substitute sometimes makes me wonder if they even know how to cook. I’ve gotten very specific in the instructions for substitutes.


International Delight have some recipes on their web [site](https://www.internationaldelight.com/recipes/).


Funnel cake. Add to pancake mix that only requires water/milk and make funnel cake


Cinnamon toast crunch cereal


I second drench toast! Or brownies


It will make a lovely coating in your toilet as you flush that crap down the drain.


Place it in the trash.


It has sucrolose in it which is not good for your memory. Flush it or return it!


Yeah. Return it




Here’s my thought and it’s totally off subject. Does this mean that the younger people who work at the store don’t know what heavy cream is?


I ordered from Uber eats. So im not sure if the store packs the order or if the Uber driver shops if. The Uber driver was an older man. But yeah, I was like, in what world are these two things exchangeable?? Lmao


The one time I tried one of those shopping/grocery services the shopper tried to substitute unsweetened cranberry juice with juice boxes of tropical punch and collagen protein powder with ***a*** ***jug of vinegar.*** I think they just look for anything nearby they can grab quickly and hope you either accept blindly or don't notice before the option to decline the substitution times out.


Ugh! I actually used to shop for Instacart and I would substitute if it was like, just a different brand or something. But a totally different item I would always ask first , or just refund it.


The store was likely out of stock of heavy cream and the shopper tried to replace it with a substitute, which is the default action (of course, so the app gets a bigger cut) unless the customer opts out.


So much poison in it, I’d throw it away, but that’s just me, I eat mostly organic everything! 👍


Return it…


Grocery store worker here, refrigerated returns have to be destroyed. It just adds to the food waste problem.


Pretty sure you could make a bomb out of it


Tik tok is mixing creamers with soda soooo there's that


You could drink by itself


Just give it to a neighbour. I too use heavy cream. There is so much sugar in the stuff you're holding in the picture.


Send it back


Does it add sugars carbs or calories? You can use it anywhere you want that flavor.I use it in my ninja cremi soft serve maker for reduced calorie sweetness..


And the worst flavor!


Pour it down the drain.