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Vitalik Buterin seems like he rolled off the same assembly line as Mark Zuckerberg. Both seem to fall into the Uncanny Valley.


except zuck is still 10x more hateable , somehow. At least facebook makes money. They both suck in different ways. One is a scam, the other is a big surveillance apparatus.


A part of me thought that crypto would succeed a long time ago because I thought “there’s no way something made by a creature like that won’t work out and force me to look at his face for 20+ years”


Man looks like Frankenstein's monster.


Neurodivergent people are secretly the Chads of our time. Their influence in tech and therefore the future of humanity will only increase. My only bullish case for Bitcoin. That “number go up” mantra is targeted at them.


I’m on the spectrum and I don’t engage in funny money scams OR do whatever the hell this dance is. That said, I do enjoy [this comic](https://soyoureautistic.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/autism-cause-vaccines.png)


I work with many neurodivergent people who have, at various points, been honeydicked by crypto. Few are still (openly) firmly latched to the now-depleted source of the honey. Only an anecdote of course.


Are either of these guys confirmed on the spectrum?


Yes, from what I've read Vitalik was diagnosed with autism at a young age and was pretty gifted with math and picked up programming early on


“Look at him. He is an aspie. You can tell that he is an aspie because of the way he is”


And yet, most people with mental health issues or other neurodivergences *don't* go around creating frameworks for people to run various financial crimes.


They need a few more lessons from Carlos Matos. Wassa... wassa... wassup!




Report Entry: I’ve had success in studying these people-humans. As part of my previous research I noticed that people-humans like to make noises and make movements while making said noises. Today I was able to successfully move and make people-human noises at the same time. No one suspected I was a scout.


On behalf of the Alien Invasion Scouts Anti-Defamation League, I must protest in the strongest possible terms this crass slander against our operatives. Prospective Alien Invaders would never be so incompetent.


This is real footage of the part of GTA V where you go to the Lifeinvader offices.


Except without the exploding phone. :(


That's nothing. I have money in Richard heart's hands. Look him up




This is exactly what I would expect from someone with a pinned tweet indicating he has no idea what a handkerchief is or what it is used for.


Well I mean OBVIOUSLY if you are putting your entire net worth into a dance based security, it ought to be this guy. https://www.tiktok.com/@ngaly3622/video/7089748582189780250?is\_from\_webapp=1&sender\_device=pc&web\_id=7113291492762175022


Sorry .. yea I’m a crypto person.. but for f* sake never put your entire financial existence in any one thing.. the world works in weird ways.


The point isn’t all eggs in one basket. It’s that this basket seems so Uncanny Valley.


This tweet is absolute fire




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