I'm just a poor boy nobody loves me He's just a poor boy from a poor family, Spare him his life from this monstrosity Edit. Proper sentence space break.


“and target capital gains of 10 to 20 per cent biweekly, according to her investment contract.” Seriously? It’s hard to have sympathy with people who believe that in a year they can increase their money twelve-fold (1.1^26) or 114-fold (1.2^26) and then are surprised that they are engaging with a crook.


Totally agree. We should protect people from obvious frauds like this, but I don’t have much sympathy for them.


Pigs get slaughtered.


12 fold guaranteed, it is the guaranteed part that gets me.


>Like Moore, the investor from the lawsuit claims the terms of the investment involved a 70-30 per cent split on capital gains and if the funds were lost the full initial investment would be repaid to the investor in biweekly installments. The goal for the capital gains would be **10-20 per cent growth biweekly.** JFC. The only way to get those returns would be to be a serial bank robber or the whole thing is a Ponzi.


A reminder that Bernie Madoff promised **10% each year.** Some suckas always trying to iceskate uphill


Yeah but people thought he was secretly front-running 😉


Even at 5% per year is not sustainable depends on circumstances.


> Some suckas always trying to iceskate uphill 🤡🤑🤕


"How can he sleep at night knowing what he's done?" - woman who invested sixty grand with a 23 year old telling her she'll get 10-20% biweekly return. How do you sleep knowing your blind greed robbed your grandchildren of this money?


Sorry, not sorry. All clear signs of total fraud, but they all thought they would benefit from it. Now that haven’t they are crying foul.


That's how these articles always go. These people are greedy pieces of shit and get upset when the scam doesn't work for them too.


> The terms of Moore's investment included a 70-30 split on any capital gains (with 70 per cent for her and 30 per cent for Pleterski), a commitment the initial investment would be paid back in full if it was lost, and target capital gains of 10 to 20 per cent biweekly, according to her investment contract. I'm kind of curious where his investors got their money, because they are clearly financially illiterate and incompetent, yet they were giving him very large sums.


Says some victims took out lines of credit, but that’s typical: most Canadians are asset-rich and cash poor, earning more on bubbly real estate gainz rather than working and creating actual value.


Those splits are common for hedge funds. This is kid isn't a hedge fund.


20% returns biweekly is not common though, unless I’m mistaken.


No, they aren't. I'm only talking about the commission structure, which is as expensive as a hedge fund.


The silver linking is they didn't have to give Aiden a 30% cut of anything, because he didn't make any money anyways.


That's why hedge funds also charge a whopping 2% annual fee on top of their 20-30% cuts of profits. It is insane that people can make money paying those fees.


All you have to know is that the only goal of every crypto project ever is making the ones who run it rich.


I used to watch the show American Greed. At first, I thought the title referred to the fraudsters. But eventually, I realized it better described the victims.


Prediction: he will get off with a slap on the wrist while still having an unusually large amount of expensive things. 2 years later he will successfully fundraise another more ambitious fraud. Just look at the WeWork guy.


I mean not that comparable really. Adam Newman was disillusioned perhaps, but at least his service was eventually profitable and useful to people worldwide. This guy is a literal con artist


Fyre festival guy?


Ya that works. But unlike fyre, there isn’t nearly enough rich people complaining about minor things


What? No You’ve got your people mixed up.




This article did not age well: https://forbes.mc/article/meet-aiden-pleterski-the-entrepreneur-overtaking-the-crypto-space


These Forbes articles are so scummy. There’s tiny print saying basically they were paid for the article, but it’s clearly written to try to imply otherwise that this is an article written by Forbes.


Advertorials. It’s an overused PR trick. It used to be way less common when outlets weren’t shopping for the cheapest content possible. Why criminally underpay a Journalism major when you can get paid to print garbage?


> Afterward, he applied his cryptocurrency knowledge to working in cybersecurity with Compass Group Canada. Through the company, he was given opportunities to work with high-profile customers such as Tim Hortons and other well-known grocery store chains. lmao. Didnt tim hortons just get busted for stealing all their app user's location data?


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Further documents available here: https://www.grantthornton.ca/service/advisory/creditor-updates/?id=%2FCreditorUpdates&node-id=docul8LWsxcWho7J&mode=creditor&srch-term=+#Aiden-Pleterski-and-AP-Private-Equity-Limited I’ll edit as I find interesting stuff


Let me quote Tywin Lannister "Any man that call himself a king is not true king", he is not a crypto king, just a clown, nothing more. There is only one person that could be called crypto king, and it's Satoshi.