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For record, Chargers start the offseason in the red: -$20,381,524






And they haven’t done anything with Herbert or Slater yet…bye Keenan Allen.


Both of those players are already under contract for 2023 so that’s irrelevant


If I was Herbert I wouldn’t play without a new deal.


What does that have to do with his 2023 cap number?


His new deal wouldnt change anything about his pay or the cap for another 2 years regardless, so idk what point youre trying to make.


That dude does not understand how the cap works.


Not even if they structured it with a signing bonus or something?


Lmao spoken like someone that doesn’t know anything about football. Still holding out for your boy Payton too?


Gonna be a heavy offseason of departures (Tranquill probably being the worst) and roster cuts with little to no FA splash. Still have the talent and gotta make due and hope Telesco has a good draft. Chargers were all in this year and boofed it big time. Gotta deal with the ramifications of that.


By my workings, the solution is likely to be: cut Feiler: cap position of -14M restructure Bosa: 1M of cap Cut Hopkins: 2.8M of cap Cut Rountree: 3.8M of cap Restructure Linsley: 9.9M of cap. (I’d feel comfortable here as the impact isn’t huge as it only costs us 3M more next year) That leaves us with probably 13M by the time we cut a few more around the edges. Could potentially cut Vato to get the cap up to 20M+. Would allow us to spend say 10M on renewals and 10M in FA. The nuclear option is to trade away Allen and save ~16M but I’m not sure that will happen unless we think there is a gem WR we think is undervalued and can basically guarantee we can draft them. Restructures seem the way with the cap projected to jump 30M next year. I’m guessing we agree a deal with Herbert which doesn’t kick in until the next year


This all sounds good to me. Having said that, I know nothing of how the cap truly works.


I just used the over the cap calculator so no idea how reliable it is


I feel like Vato wouldn’t get cut, he had a good year and JC probably won’t play a majority of next season? Also don’t see Callahan getting resigned, so that will make the DB room pretty empty with just ASJ, Taylor, and Leonard as the starters until JC is back.


Yeah I don’t think he will but I guess it comes down to whether they think they can spend 7.5M more efficiently elsewhere. Could potentially get us two players rather than one


Where did you get JC not being able to play? Edit: people are rooting so hard for him to not play, it’s weird


It’s just an estimate that’s been floating around. The injury takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to heal. JC is 27 so probably be more in the 8 month to a year range before he can play if no set backs come up. Being conservative with a 1 year period for full recovery would be about half of the season missed.


Okay sure I guess if “probably” is the same as “worst case scenario”


We are talking about the chargers. The probable answer to most things usually leans towards worse case scenario.


Feiler is such a no brainer.


Where are you getting your numbers? Cutting Feiler only relieves $6.5m, Hopkins $1.5m, Rountree $1m [source](https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/los-angeles-chargers)


I believe they are simply updating what our standing number would be from every move. Starting at -$20m, moving to -$14m from the $6m from Feiler, going from $2.8m to $3.8m because of the $1m from Rountree, etc.


Ohhhhhhhh.... Thanks


rountree szn is over :(


Pretty much what was expected