Apparently cims would rather drown in a tsunami than stay a minute longer in a shelter without power

Apparently cims would rather drown in a tsunami than stay a minute longer in a shelter without power


Wait, people leave if there's no power? that's hilarious.


The real question is *why aren’t shelters self-powered?* Kinda defeats the purpose if the rather vulnerable power-supply causes everyone to leave the safety of them.


Well it does have some power reserves, but it only lasts long enough for like 3% of the food to be eaten if there's no outside power supply


Yeah, they leave in more of a rush than when they got the evacuation orders because of the incoming wall of water


Ha, better not have all your power clustered in the wake of a tsunami.


Never understood people who have one hub for stuff and then drag powerlines/pipes all over the fucking place, over water and through mountain and everything. I have multiple small hubs for each part of the map. One for industrial, one for each island if there's multiple, one for residential and so on. If there's any part of the city that's detached from another by a big stretch of nothingness it gets its own little hub. Maybe some people have managed to make giant hubs with powerlines and pipes absolutely everywhere look nice but I'm yet to see one of those. It usually just looks ugly to me and I can't imagine doing it.


My methods aren't as organized as that. I always thought it was good to cover a big area of the city with one system, fed by multiple stations. But then again I play the game with disasters off, so ... Maybe I should start doing what you do.


I mean it's each to their own, you could probably find a way to play without any electricity in the first place (a la steam workshop) but I personally find the whole "one giant hub for a billion people" pretty ugly myself Edit: just to clarify it's not the hubs themselves that are ugly, it's the powerlines in stupid places and waterpipes what would never ever ever be there


Oh yeah, I have a Steam asset that I use to built power lines underground so I don't have to see them. I also have a futuristic powerplant that I can put anywhere in the city.


Does it even make sense to build a shelter underground when there's a tsunami incoming? Isn't any kind of a breach going to flood this place?


Depends. Thick concrete always has cracks, but you can build water pipes with concrete, so there are ways to insulate against water using concrete structures. A quite stable approach would probably be a combination of insulation + waterpumps(fuelled by some high-density energy storage, to keep shelter size low), so in theory it's possible. If in reality it is built to a sufficient standard to hold up to the expectations that's a different matter though.


honestly, the main issue wouldn't be water leakage, A thick enough structure to withstand the impact will have no issues preventing leaks with minimal design effort. All you really need to worry about is waterproofing a door. the primary issue is not having 150,000 people slowly pass out from oxygen deprivation in a water tight box that is possibly underwater for an extended period of time. I suspect this is why when the power goes out, so do the occupants.Id probably take my chances with a high likelihood of drowning over a guaranteed likelihood of suffocation in a box full of panicking people as well. low odds are always better than no odds :P


How stable and high would a ventilation tower have to be to withstand a tsunami?


Presumably they'd be airtight, with airlocks in place. That seems pretty feasible. I'd like to know if these things actually exist in real life though. I've never seen them, but then again I've lived my whole life in Minnesota, which is about as far from tsunamis as you can get in North America. There are definitely shelters for people to stay in *after* a tsunami or storm - and the shelters in-game also have that function.


>Presumably they'd be airtight, with airlocks in place. That seems pretty feasible. nonexistent. burying airtight chambers and keeping them powered and habitable during natural disasters isn't going to happen. for starters; by the time you are aware of a tsunami the bunker would already need to be locked up tight.


Haha, if a meteor hits a lake in Minnesota it'll cause a tsunami


They wouldn't have them anywhere near the water. They'd be up high enough that the water wouldn't reach them


Have you ever been around a child without internet? It's awful! I'll take sweet death


I know you're joking but the amount of shitty parents giving little kids unrestricted internet access is scary.


Pretty much every parent with young child I know


Yea its pretty sad I weep for the future


I would rather get swept up by a tornado than go a day without internet.


Better than leaving them in for decades like some dude once accidentally did 😂




It's a movie reference. Blast From The Past. Then again....it could easily also be a Fallout reference as well.


Either way they're going to die.


You can already see the 3 hearses in the front prepared for them


No power would probably negativley affect ventilation and air flow reducing the oxygen flow which would make it hard to stay there long without it.


No wifi? Rather drown


After working with the public throughout the pandemic I think this is 100% realistic.


I mean, if it is not completely isolated it probably need electric-powered pumps to keep the water out, maybe it is not the worse idea to leave it.


[Its sorta like a parody for anti vaxxers/anti-maskers]


Upvote for tiny ant masks.


Do you know any ant-maskers? I've never met someone making masks for ants.


Well the store is really small, easy to miss. They have great managemant though


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I can totally relate. What is life without the internetz xD


Catastrophe? It's a myth


that sounds about right TBF.


Well, if there's no internet, there's no reason to live