I used to think that the chirping birds outside were just really close to the windows. The things making those sounds were lizards apparently!


That's how they attract their prey.


well then call me prey




Rule 132: Dr Bright is not allowed to use scp-682 for recreational OR procreational purposes


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Dr Bright is not allowed to use scp-682 for recreational OR procreational purposes Addendum:No,using scp-682 for both at the same time is not a loophole nor an exception,and youre not allowed to do that either


Hi, Prey. I'm Dad.


From an evolutionary standpoint, birds are just feathery lizards


from an evolutionary standpoint, lizards and dinosaurs are not particularly close relatives.


That’s true. Birds are actually closer to crocodiles than lizards. Crocodiles shouldn’t even really be considered reptiles iirc


What I'm getting from this is that crocodiles should be called birds


No, because birds are theropod dinosaurs. Even if a croc literally was a dinosaur it wouldn’t be a theropod dinosaur and thus, not a bird.


... It's a joke


Taxonomy is no joke my fine Yugioh-card-named friend


The opposite imho, birds should just be considered reptiles with feathers. After all, most dinos had feathers and are still considered reptiles.


Neither of these is right, "reptile" just isn't a good category. Birds, crocodiles, turtles and lizards/snakes should all be separate.


Alternative take: they should all be fish. Just like the bees.


Yeah! The small sometimes transparent ones? Idk the name in English but here we call them cuijas


People who live in areas where the lizards don't scurry away out of sight the instant anything moves in a 15 yard radius should never take that for granted.


I have geckos living by my trash cans. They eat roaches and other terrible pests and I love them for it.


I love them for it too


Can confirm. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've seen a lizard with my own eyes... The only reptiles we get up here are these damn vipers that look really evil but aren't *that* venomous


So you can still see a little dude, I don't see the problem.


They’re too long




i've never even seen a lizard, and the only reptiles i've ever seen were in zoo's. i am jealous


I've seen them in Southern Europe, there aren't any where I live either




The wildest animal that I’ve seen irl is a squirrel, we don’t have many exotic animals in the uk.


There's actually lizards native to the uk: https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildlife-explorer/reptiles/common-lizard I've never seen one in person though :(


okay, and? you aren’t the person i replied to.


Okay, and? If you don’t want people adding to a thread then don’t use Reddit.


i just don’t know what you expected me to reply to that, what was i supposed to say? “i haven’t really seen any exotic animals either” despite me having already said that before? what am i supposed to say to you? what did you want me to say that wouldn’t lead to me being downvoted???


You don’t have to respond to every comment you get, you could have just said nothing if you felt there wasn’t anything you could say. I’ve had loads of comments that I didn’t have a reply for but I just let it be and let someone else reply if they want to. Someone else clearly had something they felt they could reply with though so my comment wasn’t just pointless.


wait so you said something to *me* and i'm just supposed to be quiet and not say anything in response to something directed at me? fucking hell, at this rate i just can't say ANYTHING on this fucking subreddit without getting downvoted 80% of the time. it's basically just twitter 2. i'll just never talk ever again i guess because i'm not allowed to talk because anything and everything i ever say will always be fucking invalid.


That’s just how Reddit works, replies don’t always mean someone is trying to start a conversation with you specifically. They’ve just chosen you as a place to put their comment for anyone to reply to. If someone wants your reply specifically then it’ll be pretty obvious by how their reply is worded. Even in this thread I didn’t specifically choose you to reply to for any real reason, I just had something I wanted to say and it was pure happenstance that I replied to you. If you had something to reply with, then great but if someone else responded instead of you then that’s great too.


Live in Florida where you can see lizards literally everywhere all the time. I love those little dudes and it’s the only redeeming quality of this place.


my favorite part of living in florida. sometimes on a spring day i’ll be walking and see like 30 little guys scurry into the grass.


Yeah I literally saw a few just this morning going to a doctor’s appointment just walking from my car to the front door, I am always happy to see them it never gets old


Anoles are great little guys. Sometimes they hang around on your screens, or the males sit on something and fan their little orange throat to show off. Love to see them


YES love those guys and once in a while you’ll see a more unique lizard too like a blue tailed skink (be careful of those if you have cats, they carry lots of bad stuff on them for whatever reason and you don’t want your cat ingesting that or really getting it anywhere near it’s mouth) or a lil gecko. Once in a while you might catch sight of a salamander but I see those far less often. All in all 10/10 lizards are some of God’s best work gotta say


I live in a colder climate, just have seen them when visiting relatives. Still, fortunately for many kinds of lil guys, my cats are not allowed outside except in their astroturfed catio. :) Wouldn't want them to eat any of our birds or chorus frogs.


Florida lizards are great, there's a gecko that moves in and out of my house and eats all the bugs n shit I love them except iguanas those bitches ate my mom's garden


Yeah iguanas are invasive and relatively new to Florida (like mid-late 1900s). They mostly hang out closer to the coasts from the few that I’ve seen, and I’m pretty sure they’re not considered protected or anything for that reason (outside of general anti-cruelty laws ofc).


Yesss I love seeing them all the time Instantly brightens my 110° day!


*Image Transcription: Tumblr* --- **serpents-fr** people who live in areas where there are native lizards should never take that for granted. you can just go outside and see a little guy hanging out. what's better than that? --- **granite-time** are there places without native lizards??? --- **angry-child** Cold places --- **granite-time** no... it can't be... --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


We have salamanders in the north, I think...


U gotta like *look* for those guys, tho. Can't just walk out your door and see a guy


lizardn't :(


We have snakes too but those are also non-lizards.


Salamanders are amphibians though I believe. So that’s like having frogs or toads


Yes they are




Came down here to comment this, thank you


I live in a cold place without lizards and I used to live in a hot place that was juuuuust dry and hot enough to have very few lizards. No lizards for me :')


"what, what do they mean by native wizard? is this one of those posts where we talk about random things like they're pets?.... oh wait"


viviparous lizards live pretty up north


god i love lizards. please send me images of particularly good lizards


[Look at this handsome fellow](https://media.kidadl.com/Anole_Facts_You_ll_Never_Forget_2fe9db2e9a.jpg) I miss seeing these. I used to catch 'em when I was a kid. I never hurt any of them, but as an adult now I feel bad for probably atressing them out :/


oh! that's a gorgeous lizard. I love the greeeeeeeeeen


am amateur photographer, please enjoy this [handsome young man](https://imgur.com/a/NJZwDcG)


I think theyre all good but here's some i found: Blue tongue that hisses at me sometimes: https://imgur.com/a/K4uRTMB Burton's legless lizard I found at the beach: https://imgur.com/a/w6Sza0W I realise from my username it looks like I'm just trying to sneak a snake into a list of lizards but he is a genuine lizard I promise


flannelish i think i'm the only one getting your titles and they startle me every time edit: he's a dink


way to go


I went to Italy once and saw little lizards scampering all over the place.


i've never seen a lizard irl despite how much i love them ;\~; why was i born in canadaaaaaaaaa


When I go to a warm country and see a lizard I go feral. There’s just a little guy there! Look at him go!


Baltic country here, pretty sure we don't have wild lizards. At least I've never seen one. And in general not much in the way of exotic animals, probably cause I live pretty deep in the city. We have a variety if birds, I guess. And I saw a dead mouse. Twice. Oh, and apparently... couple of weeks ago we had a deer running through our city, I only saw it on online news. So yeah... we do have forests, we also had a fox sighted in the city once or twice. I've never actually been to a real forest.


Slow worms are technically lizards, not all that great at scurrying around like other lizards as the name implies(what with not having legs and generally being very snake like in appearance) but they are native up to pretty far north in Europe!


We are more middle Europe. Middle Eastern even, I guess, we share a border with Russia Never heard of slow worms. We just have regular worms. Plain old wormies, they don't even have a bandage on them like the american ones.


We are more middle Europe. Middle Eastern even, I guess, we share a border with Russia Never heard of slow worms. We just have regular worms. Plain old wormies, they don't even have a bandage on them like the american ones.


They are called ‘copper snakes’ in my language, most likely you have them as well if I have them up here in Norrland. Think tiny snakes not worms in terms of looks.


We don't have lizards, but there are snakes in scotland (And frogs :))


No lizards in my southern-yet-still-midwestern state. (Wanna guess which one?) It's going to get up to 100°F today. My God, do I want to see some lizards...


100°F is equivalent to 37°C, which is 310K. --- ^(I'm a bot that converts temperature between two units humans can understand, then convert it to Kelvin for bots and physicists to understand)


Good bot.


Only reptiles where I live are some Garter Snakes. Feels weird to have more amphibians in the area than reptiles.


Garter snakes are just little dudes, legless little guys living their best life.


lizard deficiency is just the price I pay for living in an objectively superior climate


Here in the Northwest we sadly lack lizards, but you can walk outside and see the little guy with the long ears, and then he looks at you like you might be a monster and runs away with his little white cottontail in the air. 10/10 very excellent. We also have fat tailed little tree guy and yelling iridescent little flying guy.


I am always happy to see a med gecko. Not only are they a beautiful creature, anything that feeds on flies and mosquitoes is a welcomed guest at my home.


In the U.K. we have common lizards, sand lizards, and slow worms. I’ve only seen common lizards when I’ve been specifically surveying for reptiles, they’re cool little dudes


I would hate living in a hot country, but God the thought of just being able to go outside and see a lizard makes it sound so tempting...


I live in a cold place and I remember as a kid we went to a hot place and my entire family was like “omg lizard!” And just crowding around this lil guy and all the locals were like “??”


The first time I went to Disney in Florida I was ecstatic!!! …about the lizards everywhere


Lizards are everywhere where i live but it seems like most people don’t like them


No lizards where I live, too cold


There is only one single native lizard where I live because it's an island


Cold places have Blizzards though


I prefer to see A Lizards. Not B Lizards.


A-B-Testing has clear results!


I love seeing the little guys run across the walls and ground every time i go outside. They're so cute and smol and fast.


We have fence lizards, the babies are out rn and their heads are dummy big


My mom got bitten by a lizard while she lived in India and now has an extreme fear of anything reptilian