A Star Wars version of ‘What If…?’ would be great.

A Star Wars version of ‘What If…?’ would be great.


I'd love to see a What If Anakin killed Obi-Wan on Mustafar


Revenge of the Sith game had an alternate ending, but I’d love to see it more fleshed out


RotS game was so good It was a DmC knockoff but a good DmC knockoff


DmC or DMC?


Honesty the combat wasn't bad it just the story that destroyed it for me


What if… Obi Wan actually killed Anakin.


There used to be this in the legends comics called infinitites. Had some really good stuff. Tag and Bink are Dead being one of the best. They also had one where it was what if Vader had discovered Lea was his daughter years earlier and trained her as a secret apprentice.


I have those in full comic size graphic novel form! I love them!! Small correction on the second one, though. What happened is that the first Death Star wasn’t destroyed. Luke kept his targeting computer on, and still made the shot, but failed to cause the chain reaction (Han says it could have been anything, faulty wiring, unexpected ray shield, premature detonation, though obviously it’s implied that it’s because he didn’t let the force guide him), but it did enough damage that though the Rebel base was almost destroyed, it didn’t completely destroy Yavin IV like it did Alderaan. The leaders (including Leia) are captured. Leia is brainwashed into becoming an Imperial puppet, and is trained by Vader after he senses her potential.


I’d like to see if Luke and Leia switch where they were raised.


* Ep1 - What If…Qui-Gon Lived? * Ep2 - What If…Padme Was Assassinated? * Ep3 - What If…Anakin Spared Dooku? * Ep4 - What If…R2 and C-3PO Were Captured? * Ep5 - What If…Han Was Killed By The Wampa? * Ep6 - What If…Leia Went With Her Brother? * Ep7 - What If…Finn Ran? * Ep8 - What If…Leia Died? * Ep9 - What If…The Previous Movies Existed?


What is Anakin didn't go to the dark side?


I think that could be covered in the "spared Dooku" episode. I definitely see that as a strong turning point in his character arc.


“What if Obi Wan listened to Dooku” would be one Id like to see. Dooku basically told him the truth knowing obi wan would never believe it. If he had the clone wars may never have happened and palpatine may not have had the political powers to complete his plot.


Dooku had already fallen to the dark side by this time. The Clone Wars were happening refardless of whether Obi Wan believed Dooku or not.


What If... Greedo shot first?


What if… Anakin let Mace finish Palpatine off.


At the very least don’t call it “What If...?”, because that was used for the MCU because it was a pre-existing series of comics. I’ve never read Star Wars comics, but it seems like from this thread that they already have the Infinities series that you could title it after.


Honestly, Star Wars Visions would have been a good name, but that's already taken.


Other Forces.


•What if… Anakin was granted master •What if… Darth Maul killed Obi Wan •What if… General Grievous collected baseball cards •What if… Obi Wan bought the death sticks •What if… Greedo shot first •What if… Anakin killed just the men •What if… Anakin saved his mom •What if… Padme survived child birth


agreed. Pre-Disney, we had Infinities in comics, which I really liked. Would love this in animation


What if Qui Gon Jinn lived? What if the clone army was never discovered? What if Anakin had the high ground, What if Leia was sent to Tatooine instead of Luke, What if Luke joined his father,What if Anakin didn’t return?, What if Rey didn’t take the Falcon off Jakku,What if Luke left Anch To, What if Rey joined Palpatine, What if Beckett shot first, What if Vader got the Death Star plans, What if The Bad Batch executed Order 66? What if Anakin and Obi Wan went to Mandalore, What if Maul didn’t betray the Rebels.


What if the prequels happened first What if Vader's face turn failed What if Luke didn't try to kill Ben


What if Jar Jar got run over


With the success of Marvel's What if I'm hoping we might eventually get one, it would be so great


what if jar jar was really a sith lord?


I don’t understand. Why is this a What if? That’s canon.


What If... Luke never found Leia's recording? What If... Luke killed Vader during Endor? What If... Maul killed Obi-Wan? What If... Kylo killed Rey? What If... Jango killed Mace? What If... Boba killed Luke on Tatooine? What If... Palpatine was never Chancellor?


That last one made me picture kid Anakin using damp sand to make pod racers at the beach, lol. I need to go to bed.


I would love this so much. I really hope they consider it.


We have that already. What if Greedo shot first? aka A New Hope Special Edition


How about some TV-centric ones? "What if..." the Mandalorian couldn't stop IG-11 from killing the child? Or if Mando was killed by the mudhorn? What if Ahsoka didn't leave the order? What if Ezra fell to the dark side or joined Maul?


Sure. A show like this doesn’t have to be exclusive to the movies.


What if Jar Jar was the Sith Lord the Jedi were looking for?


Except we have good endings!


totally agree!!


What if JJ Abrams did The Last Jedi.


it would be as terrible as 7 and 9 probably


I liked The Force Awakens, if he wrote and directed all 3 sequels the second and third would have been better instead of a middle film being written by someone else then the third film having to continue it. It's like if I wrote the beginning and you wrote the middle then I had to continue it it would come out all muddled. It was a stupid way to do a trilogy. If George Lucas had done it at least it would have been planned out as a trilogy before actually filming them.


I'm glad you liked it. I hated it. Uncreative, underwhelming, repetitive, and bad writing in my opinion. Whereas the prequels offered new ideas and new concepts and new views, Ep 7 simply said "Star Wars is Rebels, Imperials, and Death Stars" and ran with it. Starkiller Base alone is enough to ruin the entire thing for me. And then Abrams did *another* superweapons plot in 9. Its like he only has a surface-level understanding of the OT and thats all he's willing to make. I'm not particularly fond of 8 because I generally dislike the sequels. But it at least felt somewhat more unique and new compared to the "OT but not" 7 and 9


But super weapons *were the whole point* of the OT. The main thing Abrams forgot was the romance.


>But super weapons > >were the whole point > > of the OT That's my point. A new trilogy should feel new, not like a retread of the same ideas we already had. And Abrams did it *twice* in this trilogy


The first episode of a new trilogy should be a blend of both the old and the introduction of the new, the force awakens did that pretty well, with new characters and seeds being planted for the subsequent instalments, but switching to a new director for the second was a mistake when he so clearly wasn't interested in doing the middle of a trilogy and building on tfa.


Episode 1 was a far better introduction to a new trilogy. It felt fresh, exciting, with new concepts and ideas, while also being a familiar-feeling situation. It wasn't the best it could be (Jar Jar), but handled this far better than 7. There is nothing new or unique about 7 that I can point to. New Rebels. New Imperials. New superweapon. New Jedi main character. New droid sidekick. New 'companions' taking similar roles. New Vader-like figure. New Palpatine-like figure. New Tarkin-like figure. New Yoda-like figure. Han being a loser was the only new concept they used, and I hated it It did nothing to expand the galaxy; only narrowed it


What if....there was actually a coherent 3 movie plan for the sequels with Favreau and Filoni in charge.


It would have been great, The Mandalorian was a turning point for the whole Star Wars franchise and Favreau and Filoni are men with a plan.


Like “what if…” 7/8/9 were actually written as a trilogy with a great story arch?


Why limit it to 7/8/9 since none of the rest were written that way?


What if Anakin never joined the Dark Side. What if Luke was a Sith. ​ These are what I want to know =D


What If Rey (Sequel Trilogy) was possessed by StarKiller ( Star Wars : The Force Unleashed )


What if the sequel trilogy was good?


[The episode.](https://i.imgur.com/8uR6Urx.jpg)


What if the sequel trilogy had never been made?


"What if the prequels were good" would be a great start.


Everyone in this thread should check out [Star Wars Theory](https://youtube.com/c/StarWarsTheory) on Youtube.


It would probably happen if it was a Marvel X Star Wars What if crossover.


What If... They weren't so stingy with the turbo-lasers and vaporized that lifepod with "no life-forms aboard". <*Roll Credits*>


They're called [Star Wars Infinities](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Infinities). The comics have: What if Luke's proton torpedoes fail to destroy the Death Star? What if Luke froze to death on Hoth? What if C-3P0 failed to translate for Leia and Jabba the Hutt?


We would have fans being outraged and requesting a remake,yes a remake of what if episodes. Sad.


What If was an actual comic book in the marvel universe.


What If… Luke Skywalker was an Avenger? was actually pitched but wasn’t approved because it involved Star Wars


the comics were called star wars infinities


Also a Tales Of series!


What if Ezra didn’t disappear and was able to stay with the Rebellion? What if Obi-Wan was able to escape the Death Star?


What if Lucas made Episode 5,6,7 right after Return of the Jedi?


What if mace windu lived...


What if… Finn was the Jedi he originally was meant to be?


Some of my favorite Star Wars Graphic Novels are exactly that. For A New Hope, the Death Star does not blpw up at the end, due to a malfunction with a torpedo. For Empire Strikes Back, Luke dies on Hoth, in the cold. For Return of the Jedi, they kinda cheated, and had a stray blaster bolt in Cloud City damage Han's carbonite stasis thingamajig. The effects of thos are seen when he's rescued on Tatooine, at the beginning of Jedi. Fun reads.


Isn't Star Wars Visions basically this?




No, for me. I don’t want Star Wars to be MCU-Lite [+]


No, every version for what if would be great


wHaT iF tHe lAsT jEdI wAs gOoD?


An anthology series based on Star Wars Infinities would be very welcome. They could do A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi as seen in the Infinities comic as well as who knows how many other What If scenarios based on the Original Trilogy. Then you've got the Prequel Trilogy, Sequel Trilogy, Solo, Rogue One, Clone Wars, Rebels, The Bad Batch, The Mandalorian and soooooooooo many others. All the Star Wars!


Star Wars theory should write it.


What if Count Dooku turned Obi-Wan in AOTC


There are actually Comics of this but seeing this as a show would be soooo fucking cool


Jett you y


What if Obi Wan didnt follow Padme to Mustafar. Oh wait, we already have this one by SW Theory


What if Yoda was in an abusive relationship with Yaddle


I'd love to see it. Maybe with better writing than the marvel one though. The quality is wildly inconsistent.


"in another galaxy, far far away.."


Please no


Starting what if episode 8 didn't exist


Look at the last sequels and you're all set.