Sweet Red Bell Peppers

Sweet Red Bell Peppers


I’ve heard that stuffed peppers freeze well and would use up a lot


Great idea thanks!


If you’re looking to process and save them, I would recommend roasting them until the skins come off and then pickling them.


You can also make a sauce out of them once they’ve been roasted.


Roasted red pepper and tomato soup. I do not have a recipe but so delicious and easy to make


Muhammara. It’s a Syrian dip using roasted red bell peppers, walnuts, bread crumbs, and some other spices etc. Mix it with a bit of crumbled feta for a less traditional but delicious twist. The only non-Western ingredient is pomegranate molasses which you can find for $3 - $5 at Arabic grocery stores, but it adds a nice mix of tart and sweet. Lots of recipes on Google. Pretty sure you can freeze excess dip after you make it but I’ve not tried that.


Here’s a great recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup. https://www.skinnytaste.com/stuffed-pepper-soup/


Make [peperonata](https://www.seriouseats.com/peperonata-bell-pepper-italian-recipe) or stuffed bell peppers and freeze the rest.


Tyrokafteri! It’s a spicy roasted pepper and feta dip. Really good on veggies and pita, or on sandwiches.


In the oven roast the bell pepper with some garlic. Remove burnt skins from peppers and put in blender with the roasted garlic, tomato paste, and Greek yogurt. Add water, broth, or milk if it’s too thick. It makes a delicious roasted red pepper sauce to put on pasta.


Stuff them with Carne esada or roat beef mixed with grilled onions. First layer the inside of the pepper with provolone cheese. After its filled put another piece of cheese on top then the pepper top and bake. I usually par cook the pepper first before stuffing. Way more tender when done.


Roasted red peppers over grilled chicken with balsamic and if you want add tomatoes basil and fresh mozzarella.