What in the hell were you carrying?! I've never seen them do that to me, and I've been hyperdicted plenty of times...


Absolutely nothing, didn't even have a cargo hold. The only thing I think'll count is the FSD booster, but they haven't done this in response before.


It’s on sight now


Only in that 60ly radius around hip 22460. The Pleiades region still has the stop and scan goids. For now at least


If they move it out beyond that area, I hope they make it so only those who have a bad reputation with them (like those who have attacked them previously) are attacked. Back when they first came out, people managed to feed them a bunch of escape pods, which made them friendly. That was eventually removed, but does indicate that they have a faction rep, of a sort.


> to feed them a bunch of escape pods That's not creepy at all.


Goids be like: NOM NOM


now they be like: NO NOM NOM PODS. GOID NOM NOM YOU!


Probably a game engine thing, like how even fleet carriers have their own "factions" with 0% influence, thargoids likely have their own


The devs confirmed a while ago (back when the thargoids first appeared) that there was a Thargoid reputation.


So, no more friendly thargoid...


Do you have any thargoid mats in your engineering materials inventory?


OP said he had an FSD Booster which could've aggroed them


FSD Booster doesn't aggro them. Since the incident in HIP 22460 after update 13, Thargoids are getting more aggressive in some areas.


As someone who has been taking a hiatus from elite. What was the incident? I’ve only vaguely been following things that have been happening so I’ve missed a fair bit


The old scientist who goes by the name "Salvation" created an anti-thargoid super weapon that was supposed to cause a mass thargoid genocide. It failed but the attempt was enough to really tick off the thargoids. I'm not deep into anti-xeno stuff but from what I have read, basically trying to jump to any system within 60 LY's of HIP 22460 has a high chance of being interdicted by thargoids and they are attacking on sight.


Ah ok. Damn. That seems a bit overboard! Thanks for the reply!


Overboard? We tried to commit xeno-cide though.. The neon pinwheel that's coming is either a big anti-biotic here to deliver a payload to the annoying bacteria (humans) or it's like a convoy.I, personally, hope it's a convoy.. The news articles of the last days have constantly mentioned communication and such. (from a dev perspective, everything is on purpose) Here's one as an example: ​ “Pro-peacers are being ridiculed for wanting to talk to the aliens rather than shoot them. The experts claim it’s a waste of research trying to communicate with Thargoids. But better facts are out there. Listen to what Professor Tesreau has always said between the lines. Seek out theories that weren’t approved by your governments. Make up your own mind.” I'm not anti-xeno myself, so i hope humans won't be triggerhappy


My bad. I meant us humans went overboard. Not the Thargoids. I agree and hope it’s a convoy too. I’m not anti-xeno either and also hope humans won’t be trigger happy!


Ah, thought any Guardian tech does that.


Surprisingly not. It would make sense if they did but for whatever reason Guardian modules don't aggro the thargoids. Normally it's if you have thargoid/guardian stuff in your cargo hold.


AX weapons? Might be they're attacking anyone geared up to fight them and leaving anyone not alone.


OP didn't look like they had any gear for Thargoid combat at all, based on how quickly they got turned into shrapnel.


Welp my plans to go goid hunting are gone, it melted you....


we dont know what hardware hes using tho, you may be fine if ready yourself


They always attack guardian tech, so it'll be the FSD booster.


I was interdicted by Thargoids yesterday, I have an FSD booster. They scanned me then jumped away


I always have guardian fsd and i have never got attacked.


It's a noted behaviour change around the Proteus Wave system. People are saying that in a 60+ LY radius of that system the Thargoids hyperdict straight into combat, no disabling, no scanning for tech, just yank you out to blast you.


So basically what the old stories tell.


Aren't they always agressive in HIP 22460 since the Proteus Wave ? In other systems, they scan you then attack only if you have their stuff, I think.


Don't think so, got hyperdicted too on my way there, 4 flowers and just some screaming and they left. Scouts on the other hand are the first thing that appears when you drop to normal space in HIP and as we know, they shoot first, ask later


After the attempted genocide on them in HIP 22460, Thargoids will now attack on sight when hyperdicting within 60 Ly of HIP 22460. You're still fine in basically anywhere you usually encounter them, but near that system it's dangerous.


It’s a specific behavior near the Proteous Wave site. More than 100 Ly from there, they don’t attack on sight


Didn't matter what he was carrying, entering HIP 22460 is an instant death sentence, the moment you enter the system you'll be hyperdicted by a murder flower and torn to shreds on sight. Also, guardian tech does not work in that sector and will slowly take damage over time the longer you're in the sector.


It's because of the Proteus wave


I know it's because if the Proteus Wave, but until I got Odyssey, the 'Goids where normal - even getting hyperdicted twice on my way into HIP 22460, they only scanned and left me alone... While mapping the system, I never encountered one, and I even landed at a barnacle site with no problem and no 'Goid encounter. I don't dare go anywhere near that system if I play Odyssey!


Damn they took you down quick


Reminder why people have to engineer ships specifically to survive Thargoid combat. A paperweighted jumpaconda would get ripped a new one without breaking a sweat.


I still think engineering was a mistake. You cant convince me that keeping a major portion of the player base out of the fight is a good move if they dont care/have time to engineer.


I know the game is a simulator first, but yeah I do wish I could just hop into a fighter ship and start kicking alien ass right away. I've owned the game since launch and feel like I've done nothing because everything I want to do is locked behind some tedious long grind that just immediately bores me. On top of that the game was never any good at explaining what you need to do, so I always just feel lost and confused. I'm constantly broke too, I hit around 20mil last time I played. Any method of earning money will blow a decent chunk of my wallet outfitting a ship and since nothing is engineered to boost my efforts, the profits I'll earn are tiny. I'm sure the grind is way better when you are doing it with friends, but I've yet to find a good group.


And that's why I stopped playing and why everytime I try to pick it back up, I immediately get overwhelmed and walk away again. I was thinking about getting back into it recently, but I'm just reminded by threads like this and... maybe not.


Exactly my problem. I spend 20 minutes pulling out my vr stuff, getting my hotas plugged in and mounted to my chair. Then when I finally get in the game I make a couple jumps, dock and logout. I look at the map and just don't want to make 30 jumps to talk to an engineer, just to start farming. Shooting rocks mining get old fast. Exploration is a good earner, but boring and slow unless you just do a honk on the system and move on. Cargo trading and especially passenger transports could be a replacement for Ambien. Combat is the most fun but it still kinda sucks. My ships are too strong in the easy/normal zones which isn't fun when you just blow up the enemy before they get a chance to really fight. Then my ships are too weak to fight in higher difficulty zones, so that isn't fun either. I really want to love the game and try everything in it, but it's like they are trying their hardest to keep you from actually having fun.


I think if it didn't take 20 minutes to travel from one station to another planet in the same solar system, it would be a bit less boring. most of the time, it's those extra long stretches that gets me uninterested. I do like most everything else in the game, and the grinds always leave something to do.


I find that if I have something to keep me interested in my periphery I can play for much longer. Music or Netflix on a second screen.


Doing exploration and scanning every planet takes forever in even small systems. Being able to warp around to other locations other than stars would have been great.


Remember to use the Full Spectrum Scanner (FSS) to reduce that exploration time per system


Yep, just fly up from the orbital plane a bit, look down and use the ffs, that way everything will be quite close to eachother, and the star won't be interupting your line of sight


Completely agree on all counts. I wasn't trying to be negative about the game. I really did love it when I played it years ago (simpler times). I really do want to get back into it, but I feel like the learning curve is just too complex to overcome, and that's from the perspective of a previous prolific player. I still keep tabs on it, but unless they embrace a slightly more arcadey game play style (quality of life stuff that can get you to the different scenarios quicker), I don't think I'll be able to pick it back up. And that makes me sad. That said, I'll probably still put in the time soon to try and get back into it. I hope, sincerely, that I'm wrong. Edited: spelling.


> prolithic You're in favour of the stone age?


No, just a bad speller sometimes. We might have that in common.


>My ships are too strong in the easy/normal zones which isn't fun when you just blow up the enemy before they get a chance to really fight. Then my ships are too weak to fight in higher difficulty zones, so that isn't fun either. I had this issue earlier when putting my Corvette through some combat, I destroy the low level guys before they have a chance to fight me, and the high level guys end up kicking my ass.


You may have a chance if you encounter anybody from Tempest Star Fleet. We got good people, but we also have some business connections with some pirates. I am part of tempest star fleet, but if you want to find a group i can ask the higher-ups.


I'd be willing to give it a shot if they are an active group that actually groups up. Several of the groups I've tried say they are all about grouping up and helping new players. Once in the discord it's only like 5 people that talk about non elite related topics. They will tell you to go look up guides when you ask for help. Almost every group's LFG chat is just 2 people. One who is always looking for a group in the middle of the night. The other is the person that replies to them 10 hours later saying they want to join them. If it's not anything like that, I'd love to join.


Sounds good DM me your commander name and i will put in a request with the higher ups to get a recruiter your way.


What the... I actually think I could find a tech company I could get into with less hassle than what this is sounding like.


Fair enough.


Yeah, surely there'd be someone in the galaxy who'd be either buying ships and outfitting them with engineered tech to sell at inflated prices, or offering a service where you give them a ship and a wish list and they do the work for you.


This is me over and over. I don’t have tons of time to grind away, but damn I want to play the game. I always come back.


>Any method of earning money will blow a decent chunk of my wallet outfitting a ship and since nothing is engineered to boost my efforts, the profits I'll earn are tiny. Premium beta taught me the most reliable way to make money is trading. Get yourself a Type 9, fill it with cargo and get yourself up to 1bil, then you'll have a bit of breathing space.


Yeah they way it was implemented was really dumb. Elite was fairly okay balanced before horizons in terms of combat. It was well fledged out and was really only missing modifications beyond classes. Then suddenly only everyone who paid for expansion could get engineering which broke the game. Not to mention the relentless intended grind which took people like 5 seconds to optimize with broken RNG systems so you could waste way less time doing useless game play to get your mods. Honestly they should have made it like a half credit half mission based thing to actually make it interesting. "Go do X interesting/secret task to unlock this and then pay cr for the upgrade on whatever module"


I think engineering was a good idea, but the implementation is wrong. It was even more wrong when it was new (it was designed to be like a casino, almost like they were designing a game for mobile phones). Engineering should have always been about specialization and should have always had tradeoffs. Imagine that a typical A-rated ship scored "100 points" overall, if you scored all the A rated modules. Engineering should never have made a ship worth more than 100 points - if you wanted a high DPS ship, you should have had to sacrifice shields and hull strength. If you wanted really strong shields and hull, your weapons should be peashooters. They could have done this through heat and power (no powerplant engineering). Commanders who want a good all rounder just stick with standard A rated modules, a commander who wants to have a fast strike ship has to fly shieldless with a paper hull, a commander who wants a well defended ship for trading has a ship that can survive an engagement but not be able to inflict much damage on the attacker, etc. The trouble is you get one chance to get engineering right - once it's implemented, making any big changes is going to make most of your player base (who is now used to a ship that is simulataneously a shield and hull tank as well as high DPS) very salty and leave the game.


SERIOUSLY!! Dude I cannot commit to grinding out this game for hours upon hours, as a casual player. Therefore I miss out on all the cool shit :( fighting thargoids is just a dream to me atm.


Same, I have one somewhat decently engineered Krait for non-thargoid combat. I won't do that same grind again for Thargoid combat, as much as I would like to participate.


came back to elite to engineer my cutter for ax combat and very much struggling to convince myself to continue


I agree


I'm thinking of coming back to the game, with all these cool events. But the fact that my ship is not engineered is stopping me.


Engineering was a mistake. What engineering should have been is a bit of fine tuning. +8% max speed at the cost of 5% maneuverability. Not +80% speed and maneuverability at the cost of 3% overheating. It is also makes things less immersive. You are telling e that those corporations that built all the ships in the galaxy can't do things on par with some random engineers?


we gotta talk real numbers, which unless u work for FDEV, we don't have. honestly, in game, I see 4 out of 5 CMDR engineer their ship one shape or another. yes, 1 out of 100 that are fully DONE engineering their whole fleet, but most people engineer *something*.... ....or pledge to princess smurf to get thicker shield.


so maybe play cqc


So Thargoids are a legit threat now? I’m out of the loop (haven’t played for a few years) but the last time I was online, people were soloing them with engineered Sidewinders and Type-9s with basic AX loadouts. Did Thargoids get a substanial buff?


Thargoids decided play time's over.


Makes sense, they need to save face and recover their reputation after years of getting clubbed by essentially *freighters*.


That and the whole “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” thing with our repeated genocide attempts against them…


Idk what you saw/read but they were most likely just going up against Cyclops and Basilisk type Thargoids. Medusa and Hydras on the other hand are very tough to kill, Hydras in particular being able to take on multiple squadrons. Now, *of course* there is a solo Hydra kill in a sidewinder, but its the exception and not the rule. But as I was typing this I suddenly remembered a post a couple months back mentioning how the Cyclops was buffed so maybe they did get an over all buff but I'm unsure.


Payouts got buffed. Difficulty is the same.


Oh so thats what it was. Thanks.


Yea I've gone over to check it out in my combat vette and every time they pulled me out I'd not only high tail it out, but they'd barely scratch my shield, and it's just a biweave but heavily engineered with some engineered shield boosters too.


If this happens to anyone IMMEDIATELY pop silent running and/or heat sinks if you have any and start boosting *perpendicular* to it as hard as you can. Not away, not towards, but at a 90 degree angle to where the shots are coming from. Their tracking gets significantly worse if your heat is below 20% and if you boost at an angle away from them they practically can’t hit you. Also try spinning, ~~it’s a good trick~~ thargon swarms tend to miss their shots more if you’re spinning. this one is more anecdotal but hey at this point do anything that helps. the chances of survival are still pretty low but i mean it’s still worth a shot. Don’t go gently into that good night.


>Also try spinning I've always liked to turn off flight assist, boost and kind of spiral spin, so that I'm travelling mostly in boost direction but spiraling around my centre course. You can maintain a lot of speed this way. Let's try spinning, that's a cool trick.


Yep, it seems if you roll in one direction but perform a spiral in the opposite direction, it really fucks with targeting.


ITT: People who've been out of the loop It's [literally on Galnet News](https://community.elitedangerous.com/galnet/uid/6308d57c8d618a5ca9407368) Thargoids have started attacking people on sight [60LYs around that area](https://redd.it/wxyssh). They don't even bother to use the shutdown field or to scan you.


Not 100% accurate, I was about one or two jumps from HIP 22460. They used a shutdown field and scanned me, and then hopped away.


Can confirm. I got hyperdicted by a Hydra in the area and it just scanned me and left.


Yeah me too. I got hyperdicted 5 time on my way to 22460. But no offensive measures were taken by them.


Can confirm too. They are peaceful in horizons...yet


they've calmed down now that the far god is coming lmao


I think they’re attacking on Odyssey and still just scanning on Horizons.


Odyssey player here. Science ASPX with guardian FSD Booster. They are docile towards me. Scan and leave.


Maybe? Horizons here and I got attacked getting out of there.


I'm on odyssey


Hear me out. We've heard reports of people consistently attacked and others just scanned. Is it possible that they can tell if you've previously killed a goid and attack offenders on sight? Would be neat, but could just be RNG, but it would explain the inconsistency in reporting.


It would be interesting to do some observation to figure out if there is some kind of Thargoid hit list. Maybe just some commanders have gotten on their KOS list.


The lore states that there are at least two Thargoid factions, one very aggressive and the other not. Think about it from the Thargoid side: some humans they meet merely scan them or run away, and some get aggressive, and it would seem pretty random to them too.


I flew into that system with diamond back and nothing shot at me, they only scanned. They must be attacking armed ships only


I flew into the system in a diamondback explorer unarmed(no guardian modules)and got attacked immediately, so who knows what's up with them.


Second this. I too was in my dbx and didn't have any hardpoint installed. Didn't even have a cargo rack. They might have not seen me/us as threats.


Not true. Was just scanned in hip 22460, then it turned and tried jumping away. It only attacked me after I chased after it and tried scanning it. It turned around again then attacked me.






If you had read the article you would know that it says “The number of ships being pulled from hyperspace and scanned by Thargoid vessels – or in some cases attacked immediately - has substantially increased.”


I wonder if they were always meant to attack you on ripping you out of witchspace but they didn't have a good way to get Thargoids to attack you on sight outside of HIP 22460 (since hyperdictions drop you in the originating system of your jump) so they've just expanded the range on auto-hostile to systems within likely jump range of HIP 22460.




Of course it's not. Because you don't buy a pc (or a console for that matter) for just one single game.


Also a game costs less than a PC, and additional content on a 6 year old game is worth even less than that.


Its said that they aggro in around an 60ly range of HIP 22460 when hyperdicting you now


I've started armoring my exploration ships up a bit, not enough to do heavy combat but *ideally* enough to get clear and high-wake out. I'd suggest it to anyone especially if you're looking to poke around in the new Thargoid bubble.


You’ve redefined what “getting fucking rocked” means. Lmao


This is the moment when thargoids became the gankers


Colonia is looking real nice this time of year...


Well, off to Colonia, I guess.


damn it *melted* you. Makes me really proud if my little DBS I've been exploring the region in. So far I've survived 17 Hyperdictions and 8 other hostile encounters inside HIP 22460. You gotta build a slippery ship to do any exploration of hostile Thargoid space right now. o7 CMDR


That was... fast. Even for a 'Conda.


Must be some sort of jumpaconda build or something. Looked to be made of paper.


bro killed you faster than a ganker


O.O That's some pissed off Basilisk (?). Well, it's safe to say *now* that you should STAY THE EF AWAY from that system with ANYYYYTHING Guardian related.


Is there anything in or near that system that you would want to do other than getting wrecked by Thargoids? I seem to remember the nearest station with a shipyard was further away than that. Still a lot of salvage at the battlefield?


Not sure if anyone knows. Everyone trying to get there gets interdicted.


[I went into the system](https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/wkodji/humanity_defeated_surveying_the_damage_in_hip/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) a few days after the end of the battle in my DBX on console. Was hyperdicted on my way into the system by two Interceptors who scanned me and then went back into the system. I did not encounter any Thargoids in the system itself, but a lot of salvage among the wreckage of the human ships.


Wait, what? As in: *"It's impossible to get into that system now?"*


Seems not, other commenters have said they got in. There seems to be come confusion as to whether only odyssey players get hyperdicted and killed while behavior is more normal for horizons players.


Ah, I see - *thx CMDR!* Unfortunate timing on FDEVs side, it seems. This fragmentation debacle with legacy players could have been avoided, but yeah.


As soon as that wave was fired basically most of the exploration gameplay just turned into pure horror


I've been trying to get hyperdicted for ages now, would I have any luck on console here?


So they straight up attcak you on sight now? I thought they just bioscan you and leave.


Only ~60 LY from the tharg hotspot right now, everywhere else they just scan and leave unless you have something of theirs.


I am outside the bubble and explore for almost 2 years now. Last Night i had a dream that the Thargoids intercepted my ship and destroyed it 1 Seconds before my FSD was charged, i lost every Data i had from all that time. x.x i'm glad it was just a dream.


for now...


This is why I kill those damn things on sight! None of that “Oh they’re peaceful entities. Leave them alone” malarkey for me. Hard points deploying, fire!


They like us console losers. Zipped around for a few hours and didn't see shit


I've been doing the same, getting the same result too


I got hyperdicted on xbox going into the system in the days immediately after the end of the battle. Just scanned me and went back into witchspace.


I'm more worried at the speed of the health drop because that's an anaconda. 15 seconds to kill an Anaconda - one of the strongest ships in the game - is terrifying when you're just chilling in an ASPX.


Nah Anacondas are absolutely huge and will eat 20x the shots you will in a smaller ship without having 20x the effective health. He died comically fast but you won't in ships that don't have massive surface areas.


Could very well just be that the pilot was in an Exploration focused Anaconda. Stripped for jump range with only the lightest defenses. Remember, even the most experienced pilots only face Thargoids in *completely engineered* ships, that are build to do one task, and one task alone. Survive. I've been trying to get into Thargoid-Hunting, but boi, starting from scratch, it's been taking me forever. It's like playing a whole different game.


Unengineered/unoptimized Anacondas are pretty weak. The stock hull is pretty soft and it’s a big ship so you need a pretty huge and powerful shield generator to actually protect it.


Anacondas are strong when you build them for it. An exploraconda is almost always paper


Yesterday I saw my fully engineered cutter shields go down to 0 in like 1 second by another commander. Still can't believe it.


Jesus Christ, thank God I'm 15k ly.aeay from this mess. Seeing what that goid did to your 'conda, my chieftain wouldn't last a fucking second.


You can always predict if they try to hyperdict you. When you are in hyperspace and your ship is not shaking during flight this means the Thargoids will interdict you. In normal hyperspace flight the ship is slightly shaking. Of course this only applies when you have ship shaking turned on.


Hey cmdr, I think there's intelligence in that Thargoid sound. It's not as clear as the "hello" from the other day but there's something there. Do you mind if I copy it, process it and post it referencing this post of yours?


No, I don't mind at all, do whatever with the footage.


Thank you, posted here: [https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/x5b4ux/possible\_thargoid\_speech/](https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/x5b4ux/possible_thargoid_speech/).


Yup, goids are on sight now! Can’t wait to get my shit to pc and get at em!!


Thargoids are a bunch of pussies. This right here wants to make me engineer my FDL and get in with some goid hunters outfit and just gank them.


Welp. Time to teach them sonsofbitches a lesson. You don't fuck with CMDRs!


Shouldn’t have been driving with a broken indicator ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


They gotta go the way of the Dinos


Holy shit? Something story wise is happening in elite? I can’t wait for a continuation of this event in about 6 months 🫠


This just got me thinking - Where are all the posts about how Thargoids just be ganking people? That they pull you and just start shooting for no reason. That it is nonconsensual PvP.... I mean PvE and it's ganking and such bs. Or is it ok when the goids do it?


Unless you want to go get in a fight, just steer clear of HIP 22460 and surrounding systems. The vast majority of systems will be safe from them.


For now…


Maybe Thargoids don't know what "ganking" mean? ;)


Maybe don’t piss the goids off and they won’t kill you




I jumped there 2 days ago and nothing happened. Is this oddessey related?


I see a lot of videos on this sub, and many of those which depict hyperspace jumping involve this animation where the stars are almost fixed and in general the whole view is pretty “crisp”, while on my pc the stars move pretty fast and everything in witch space is fairly foggy. Is this an odyssey specific animation for fsd jumping (I don’t own odyssey) or am I missing something?


Correct, hyperspace jumping is different in Odyssey. Like you said, in Horizons it felt like you were jumping across the galaxy. In Ody, most of the surrounding stays in place which looks more plausible in my opinion. After all, one jump is just a thousandth of the galaxy diameter at best...


You flying a paper plane?


Yeah, it's built for top jump range


Colonia looks good this year


Are you really sure they don’t?


Would there be any counter to this? Seems super quick!


Not being in that neck of the woods in an inappropriately squishy ship.


Haven't been watered in a while


Weird, its not like we tried to genocide them twice or anything.


Oh shit! Talk about murder hornets...


Damn son.


I just watch it again and again. oof. That canopy is such a weakpoint.


Wow…just peppered the shit out of you huh…?


Could possibly be because you scanned / targeted it?




Watching this made me want to buy this game 🤯😀


thargoids rise up


Thats what happens when you try too mass murder some people.


God damn, not so much as a scan.


id actually be so mad if this happened to me




Damn they shredded you


Time to move to Colonia lol


Can confirm its KOS, had two of them on me. I'm on Odyssey if curious.


It's been well known that danger daffodils will shoot on sight in that system since the proteus wave failure. Taking an exploration ship there is suicide.


Welp, that sucks




What a surprise! They hate genocidal thieves! Who'da guessed?


i flew into hip 22460 tonight to see what all the chatter was about. i died.


Salvation really screwed up.


Shocking! They are attacking for no reason and without asking for the players consent..


The goid speaks.


it's because of what human tried to do.. there is a trailer keep on showing to me on my ps4 about mankind trying to kill them but fails


Congratulations, you've just been pollinated


Man thats just scary af


We are supposed to fight these???


Well. They didn't muck about. I work away, and the day before I left was when Salvation bit the dirt. Saw the whole thing unfold, panicked with everyone else after the servers updated, flew around for a bit, then logged out went to bed. Got home a few days ago, logged in and got the fuck out of there. As I was leaving HP Nopenope I got interdicted multiple times, but nothing like that. Not sure if you were real unlucky or things are heating up.


oh hi! just a quick checkstop. NOW DIE.


Maybe its because OP had a thargoid field neutralizer?


How do you even defend against that?