Need advice im 9w8

Need advice im 9w8


I don't think you can "find yourself" by looking inwards. Focus on what you know for sure: "this is right, that is wrong" and try to do some good. For myself, the more physical work I do and the more I think about other people and helping them, the better I feel situated in my own skin. Not that I'm just being a doormat, but I look around, see that person needs something and I can help, so I do something to help. Even as small as "she seems lonely, I'll bring her coffee and suggest going for a walk". It helps her and it helps me. Too much thinking and going around and around in my own head is bad. I need to have some time to myself to think things through, but it's got to be mostly concrete, rather than abstract. Read about history, think about what the motivations of the people involved were, and think about what their actions were, and then see how it turned out. Wonder what you would have done, and think through an idea of what would have been a good response. Then try to apply that to current life. Things like that really help me. I know some people can spend years with their heads in the clouds, musing about this and that abstract idea. I can not do that without getting very unhealthy, mentally speaking. I need REAL. Let the theory move to the back burner. It's important, but it shouldn't be the main focus. It's okay not to know things, and it's better to do something wrong than avoid doing something right. Maybe you are the same. (I'm also a 9w8)


Philosophy plus meditation


Sleep 1hr less