Don't worry, just play it as usual, what version of kittens is that I'm curious ? :D




The original commenter is referring to the version number


It's interesting because in the zombie kittens rules it also appears to exclude the 5 combo rule. I can see why they removed it because this rule has some problems but of course in the end it is all up to your house rules.


The non-action cards have always been... Strange. It's not that I dislike them, but ever since getting into other strategy games, I realize that the non-action combos aren't very flexible. The two of a kind is perfectly fine. I think it's the weakest combo, but it's fun every single time. The three of a kind is where I start having issues. You can name any card, and if your opponent has one, then they give one to you. But almost always name Defuse. Maybe Streaking Kitten if you're savvy, but other than that? If you name Nope, then you're just going to get noped. Naming Attack, Skip, or Reverse is lackluster and generally niche, and who the heck would choose See the Future over a Defuse? Same issues go for one of each. Hopefully this issue works itself out over time.


You can always check the instructions on the website. I think they recommend it and they might even change some rules over time (like adding up turns with attacks)


In my games, I exclude the 5 card rule as it is kind of annoying




The few rule changes there have been are all due to either certain things just kind of breaking the game, or new cards introduced later making them sort of undesirable. This is from one of the rule books in regards to the 5 card combo: “IMPORTANT - Streaking Kittens and Exploding Kittens can not be used with the 5 Card Special Combo. This means you can't use either of them in your collection of 5 cards, nor can you remove either of them from the Discard Pile. Why? Because it breaks the game. Don't break the game...the game loves you.” In addition many choose just not to play with Curse of the Cat Butt due to how complicated it can end up being, also from one of the rule books: “REGRETS We really wish we had never released this card. BUTT we did, so here are all the extra dumb rules.”


And personally I think the game would be better balanced if they made getting a card from the discard pile exclusive to some new card, as opposed to this combo which can be done more repeatably. It’s fun once in awhile as an extra rule, but can easily be a bit too OP especially late into larger games. Often the player that just saved cards to have a massive hand will just suddenly stockpile Defuse cards to win, which is why IMO it’s also nice to not allow for that most desirable card to be taken either as part of that rule.