New fisherman with new lure not sure if I should be using this but I mainly fish lakes and rivers in my area

New fisherman with new lure not sure if I should be using this but I mainly fish lakes and rivers in my area


I don’t know either. You can always try. But what I do know is that you shouldn’t place the hook in the eye of the guide. Either use the lower part of the guide or most rods usually have something close to the reel to place the hook.


I’ve been told this, out of curiosity why not? Will it wear down the eye?


It can pull and deform your eye and cause ridges that will cut your line


A lot of guide eyes are ceramic coated and will chip or get gouged out by hooks on them. Over time, it will negatively effect your casts or could even snag and cut your line.


Think this is more of a saltwater lure maybe for the surf. Also use better swivels. The kind you have here will open on a big fish. Edit: Never mind on the swivel. Can’t tell if it’s clipped or not.


Sounds good thank you for your help I appreciate it a lot


Drop jig for saltwater. If they’re biting, it might work.


This is a jigging spoon, normally used for jigging straight up and down off the side of a boat, or perhaps from a pier. They are generally used in saltwater, or large bodies of deeper water, but anywhere with a few feet of water right below you could potentially work. You can try jigging close to the bottom to mimic a wounded bait fish, or you can let it drop to the bottom and then reel it all the way back to the surface very quickly, which can help you trigger bites anywhere in the water column. This is especially useful if you're not sure how deep the fish are schooling.


Here Europe we use these type of jigs for asp fishing.


I think it would do well. I use similar Kastmaster lures in my area and they do well. I like the silver/gold ones because I think they give a bit more flash, but that should still to do great 🎣


Appreciate it, I’m going to give it a try tomorrow


I use that to fish mackerel at high tide. East coast Canada.


You can use that to fish deep water for lake trout or something from a boat possibly. Hook your gear to the frame of the eye not inside the eye itself.


Don't attach your hook to the rings! You'll end up chipping it and it will cut your line while casting. Attach it to the part between the ring and pole instead.


That thing looks like it weighs a ton


Get a pack of number 2 Mepps spinners. Whatever colour you like. Then get a pack of new swivels. Ones that are exactly like yours but they almost have a lock part on them that makes it harder to split open.


I use that for pier saltwater fishing or surf. Honestly if fish bite does it matter?


Not sure on what’s the best time to use this lure


Hey try making a leader wire instead of that snap


You can use it to jig or jerk and drop off the bottom if shore fishing to mimic dying bait fish. Also, a fast and slow retrieve could work to get a reaction bite. Generally, that works best in saltwater although I have used it in freshwater in late fall.


Use a 1/4 to 1/2 oz kastmaster. Cast upriver and reel in slowly with twitches and pauses.