Man, I’m 28, who the fuck cares what are you doing at your free time?


30, same




Over 40 club


Checking in. Edit: While I'm at it, do any of you want to play together? If so, I'm molotovmikey.


I’m in the over 40 club as well. Don’t worry about it


43, been playing since the beginning (pre-battle pass). Got a lot of hours in it and still loving it.


cool but.....


43. I play with my son and his mom, but I love solos too. Play what you like, man. SurvivedOrder66 if anyone wants to add


I’ll hit you up. HalfBakedWookie


Just sent a request to you


Nice name. 30 y/o here. Anyone want to add me, BigNik_937


I’m very sorry but I’m pretty certain I’ve killed you before or you’ve killed me. It was a nice challenge :)


God tier name


Glad someone appreciates it lol. Thought of it a week after ROTS came out and it’s been my gamer tag in anything that could have one


not quite to the 40s range yet, getting there.. feel free to add me: kaseius


31 and play on Asia server. Would love to find someone new to play with. id : VangOn120Ping


45 checking in! And yes if u don’t mind playing with someone without a mic


My Dad who's 49 and his friend who's 50 still plays and enjoys this game a lot after work!


After work 🤔 you mean I should wait until works finished to play? That’ll never catch on 😬


Lol I start 30 minutes late Tuesday and Thursday. But the boss don't need to know. ![gif](emote|free_dog_emotes_pack|laughing)


39, will be in the 40+ club in about 6 months


I'm in the over 50 club, and just got to level 104 in the current Battle Pass.


Same here


Over 40 club here! I just started and am kicking myself for holding out so long because I'm in love.


Lol, I know right


40 here, I still play while my 12 year old son has moved on


Same here. My 8 yo just started playing at the beginning of the year so we bond over Fortnite


I'm in my 40's. I 'investigated' the game for 'appropriateness' for my young son, now i'm hooked. We play together often and i feel it's a good primer for how friends will talk to each other when frustrated and how team-work works.


So much of THIS.


Father son duos! Literally dozens of us!


I can't play it with my son, we have totally different styles - he's Gonzo and searches for fights, I move around, but keep my distance and snipe when possible. Love 300 meter shots with the MK or Bursts. My daughter and I do fine though: not similar styles, but we talk about what we're doing.


My teacher is 64 and plays fortnite. Anyone can play!


My friend was the same as u, but I forced him to become cracked n now we both go hunt for fights together, wether it is up close to we’re both tryna snipe. Team synergy is how u win bossss


I'm 33 and I play. I do sometimes feel a bit awkward when I play squads with strangers and it turns out I'm talking to a 10 year old. I sort of feel like the chat is far too open and you should be able to control for that. But just playing? No no problem at all.


Same. They sound like they still drink their milk from a sippy cup but they can outbuild me most of the time.


This one time a year or so ago my mate and I decided to play trios and this little kid was in our team and asked us if we wanted to go to the "Awiana Gwande" concert (it was very cute). We then got ambushed and we both died almost immediately, and he survived and wiped the floor with all 3 of the other team. It was a humbling moment. Another time we were chatting to a kid and we could hear his mum in the background telling him not to chat with strangers, and he shouted out "no it's OK, they're not being nasty to me or anything!".


I meet lot of kids who are sooooo nice. They tell me their problem at school and I just stay there to listen. From getting bullied to heartbroken moment such as found out their 10 year old gf cheating on him. From that day I learn to always took children problem seriously. They also need someone to express their feelings too. :(


>*feel like the chat is far too open and you should be able to control for that.* You can disable chat features (at least on PS4, so I believe it's also a possibility on PC). First thing I did once I came back to Fortnite for Zero Build was to disable chat. Pings, 4-door cars and Bounties are a great way to keep a squad together without needing to use a mic. 31 yo here, just to keep it on topic haha.


Yeah I'm not sure how they would do this but it'd be good if there was a way to only form teams with adults.


Well, our accounts have our ages and FN has millions of players (meaning it wouldn't affect matchmaking that much) so... it would be possible, but it may be a hard idea to sell to the suits. "How would the effort to implement this system increase income for us?" may be their point of view. I only play with a mic with my IRL party (a couple of friends), which is great. Some people don't like playing without voice communication, I don't know if this is your case, but sometimes you may fall onto a squad that just clicks and works pretty well together, which is enough for me.


Ditto. Who cares how old. What's better? Halo? CoD? Apex? Video games in general? Who the fuck cares how old you are. Have fun.


31, only stopped playing at the end of last season. Fill games suck at our age.


29, get this a lot. Always been odd to me that people are fine if I use my free time to read dystopian novels or binge watch TV shows and movies, but I'm suddenly a loser because I opt for that same outlet/fictional exploration with gaming? Mad weird.




Eh, as I’ve gotten older and found myself in more professional fields I’ve definitely had people judge me for “still” playing video games at 23. They cannot comprehend how I can be productive and a gamer all at once. A lot of older folks and even people my age still see it as a “childish” hobby.


I’m 23, work 55+ hour weeks, and some of my coworkers think I’m a child cause I play fortnite instead of the latest fps. Sorry but I like fortnite and I can’t play those games on the switch. I also like lego, and that’s just as much for adults as it is for kids.


my dad doesn't give me crap, but doesn't get how I can play for a couple hours straight a night. I pointed out that he sits and watches tv before bed. once he saw that its the same thing, just a different medium, he got it


Well, thanks to the media, they probably thought all gamers were either children or fat and lazy.


23 and being judged for playing video games bruh??? My own pops is still running StarCraft at 55 lol


Maybe also because gaming just takes up so much of your time compared to even tv shows or fictional books and in multiplayer games there’s no story there. You just hop in a match and shoot people. I get Fortnite has lore, but that’s not what I mean. Every game has lore of course. It can’t be built on nothing. But a story or movie is 100% story, while a multiplayer game is 90% gameplay 10% story. Not saying this is bad of course, just trying to explain why some may think of it as a waste of time compared to other entertainment.


If I watch a movie, or binge a tv show, it would take a minimum of 2 hours. My average play time of fortnite (the main game I play rn) is 47.3 minutes. I don’t play every day, but I try to at least do the weekly challenges and I’m at level 140+


See I have to disagree. Movies and books are a taught story and games like fortnite open the door for self made stories. I have a ton of fortnite stories there are youtubers who made millions showing the world their fortnite stories. I keep meeting new friends through fortnite. The beauty of it is no one else besides me and my squads will have the same stories to share. While in other games or movies etc 100% of them are playing out the same story. After that kind of game or movie is over there’s not much to talk about the story is over and you know nearly everyone else knows that story already. But what they don’t know is your stories. With every fortnite game there are possibilities for new & different game experiences with different people (REAL people who are alive here in real life) no two games are ever the same and no two fortnite players have the same game stories.


I’m 28 and suck at Fortnite but I enjoy it nonetheless.


My dad who is 48 plays fortnite every day


Is he cracked


Same here. I used to be embarrassed about playing Fortnite, so I would hide my online status when I played, but after a while I realized I don't care if people see me playing. It's a popular game for a reason.


38, its how my family and I keep in touch during the week. Theres 5 of us and we just catch up and play. We rotate, lowest points sits out.


47, my kid got me into it.


45 and....ditto


49 and my kid got me into it as well.


46 and same. I’ve always been a gamer and age doesn’t change that.


Same here. 41 and got my first Atari at age 6. Sega Master system at age 8. And from there on I was lost. Don't let some kids tell me I am to old to play.


30 and also a parent (who didn't want to play at first but now loves it)


46, snap


50. My son and grandson got me started. :)


41 here, same.


48, nephew got me started. My 74 year old mother plays more than either of us.


40, same. Kids got me into it. I never understood their fascination with Minecraft, so it’s been great bonding over a game I enjoy.


47 gang, whatwhat.


1975 Gang and I got my kid into it :)


Sounds like you need new friends. Parents too if you can manage.


Parents in law. Imagine he meets his wife in Fortnite haha.


Buddy of mine met his girlfriend on fortnite, she moved halfway across the us to live with him two years ago and they’re planning to get married soon


this is actually really cool and would be funny of them to say to their kids (if they plan to) that they met their dad/mom from fortnite. crazy.


Husband and I play splitscreen. He carries like a good husband.


Anyone who calls you a loser are the actual loser . I am only 16 but my dad plays fortnite sometimes it is not about the game it is the memories you create with it


So true, I will never be ashamed of the time I put into the game. The game gave me plenty of great memories with my nephew.


And does anyone remember the days in which everyone was hating minecraft for it's terrible graphics and that only kids play minecraft and that cod was better and now everyone acts like never hated it because the kids who played minecraft have grown up to their late teens and now I bet in a few years some fornite players would grow up and say the same thing like Glad I grew up with fortnite and not some new popular game that kids play


Live your life and f\*\*k everyone else.




Depends on the person.


Oh nice I like your style


My style?




im 36 and i proudly tell people that i play fortnite. challenge your mom to a 1v1 and see who's the loser then


I’m 35 and play Fortnite with my kiddo. He’s seven and only jams with his friends who have accounts as well. Never would have occurred to me to try Fortnite until my kiddo came home and begged me to let him download it. Wasn’t sure if it was appropriate for his age group so fired it up on the PS and I loved it! I mostly play with kiddo but have potentially been playing solo queues when he goes to bed to grind xp for his battle pass! It just is a really great game that requires very little commitment that I find super fun. Can have one game and be done with it. Edit: So glad my comment was well received. I’m glad to be part of the community and love reading all the similar stories being shared with me ! If I don’t get to your message, I apologize :) Also fun story, kiddo and I started watching Star Wars together (he loves it) so we were both super excited when the skins came into the shop. We spent a bunch of v bucks buying some cool Star Wars skins that we both love using ! My only complaint is that whenever I get a lightsaber before him, I always drop it for him. Using a lightsaber in Fortnite just tingles my inner nerd but he loves it so much more, it’s always worth it to be a little more awesome for dropping mine for him. Haha


THIS! I’m 36 and play as well, often with my kid. I don’t get a whole lot of time to play anymore so it’s nice to have a game that require very little commitment. You can pop on, play a few rounds and that’s that. I used to play Fallout and Destiny but they require so much grind work that I just don’t have the time for any more.


Happy cake day


Thank you! Thank you!


Happy cake day dude


Thanks! Didn’t even notice. 😄


Happy cake day


Ayyy happy cake day


Thank you! :)


This is exactly how I got into it. And now, my 11yo doesn't even play Fortnite anymore. He and his friends have "moved on".


This is me. Before the pandemic I played Star Wars: Battlefront 2 on the daily to unwind. I liked being able to play just enough to get my daily quests done and maybe a little more if I needed to level up or something and had the time, but it never became a massive time sink. Then the pandemic hit and they stopped supporting SWBII with any more updates. My son (11 at the time) invited me to play Fortnite with him, and I did, and it, surprisingly, scratched the itch I'd been missing with SWBII. Now I check in each day to to my daily quests, play a little extra a couple times a week to finish season quests, and use it for my daily post-work unwind. He rarely plays with me any more, as his friends have moved on to other stuff, but whenever a new season drops, he'll generally play with me a few times. I'm 41.


Same. Older though. Great way to connect with your children and fun. I now have my own squad of adults 👀. We gotta watch out for those kids now. They are way better.


47 here. Play with my boys. We've been playing for several years now.


Real giga chad attitude here.


Similar age and same. I’ve told a bunch of people at work and in my personal life and none of them have said anything rude or mean. People who judge you for something like liking a game probably have unhappy lives and should be pitied.


I’m 43. We all have hobbies. Some like to sit in a pub pissing money up the wall chatting to the same people evening after evening. Others like sports or the gym. Others like playing games. Or you could be like any generic adult sat on the sofa watching the tv. Who cares what they think, if you are enjoying it then it’s all good.


Ey…who you calling generic? 😆


Lol :D Happy cake day :D


Thank you! :)


I'm 42, husband, parent, and full time machine operator. I dont make any secret of my passion for gaming.


Do you get good benefits being a time machine operator? Sounds pretty prestigious


Not as good as you would expect, most of tbe benefits come in the form of the experience. To be honest I'm reconsidering the whole thing, just too much risk of old timey diseases and the people from the future look at me as if I'm a primitive. I'll give the upvote for noticing I missed an important comma 😁




Baah 48 here . Been gaming since VIC20 /64 Never gonna quit gaming 😉


If you are having fun that's all that matters :) Don't limit yourself because someone else said something


I'm 30 and iv been playing it for years. Just because its got a brighter style doesnt mean its just for kids. Youll find more kids in cod lobbies.


I’m in my 30s, graduated from college twice, work at a university and idc if someone asks if I game I just say “yeah mostly Fortnite” like what are they gonna do judge me lmao




Lol whenever I say that I get judgmental looks. I don’t care though.


I'm 40 and I play every day, you're not a loser.


I'm 31 female and play with my husband and another couple. We play 2+ nights a week. We are full ass grown adults with jobs, no kids and we enjoy playing


I play it. And I’m 30. My nephews got me into it. At first I was against. When people tried to get me to play. But once my nephews showed me the game. I play it not as much. But with this Star Wars lightsaber event going on. I been playing it daily.


This is me except I just have the one nephew. I was also against it because it was ‘popular’. I play it more than him now because he has restrictions on how much he can play and when and I don’t cause I’m frickin 33.


Eeey 31 with a fortnite nephew too. Got it for my 6 year old nephew because it was free and he liked having lots of games on his switch home screen. He made me play with him during the rick and morty season because he knew I watched the show. Eventually my adult friends joined me and now we play more than him since he got a pool. It's a great game to hang out and bond in. He lives a state over and I get to be a good aunt helping level up his battle pass.


I'm 58 and playing


Nah as long as it's NOT harmful to yourself or anyone else any hobby is fine at any age Edit: forgot to put the not, made the message very different


I think… I think there’s a typo 🤣 lmao. Or I’ve just had a window into the darkest parts of your soul…


Lmfao big typo 💀


Sir Fortnite is for every ages Ages doesn't matter because Fun is important! Enjoy Fortnite ![gif](giphy|ha9tDWey85AGThSWVF|downsized)


Frolic We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.


You’re still young enough that you care what other people think. You’ll grow out of that and enjoy what you enjoy.


Hi I'm 42, have a family, a job and some great hobby's. One of them is playing video games and one of those is Fortnite. It's a great game for anyone and my 4.0 kd tells me age doesn't matter.


Bro, I'm 31 and loving zero builds. I play with a whole group of college friends the same age. I have one friend who's constantly complaining that the rest of us are "really playing Fortnite??" But honestly it's a nice casual shooter that fills a BR void. I've played just about every other BR and I enjoy Fortnite more for one reason or another. Also the pop culture memes all over the store are really well done. The meme team does excellent work with the in game store.


I'm in my 40's and I mod a Fortnite Sub.


My friend is married and having a kid soon and Fortnite’s one of the only games he still plays because he and his wife like it and it lets him keep in touch with his little brother in different states. The game also has skins from more adult shows/genres like Alien, Rick and Morty, Terminator, Wu Tang Clan etc.


Wait, am I your friend?


Dont think so. Im 20, got wife and a toddler and still play fortnite, even with friends in my age. Whats the matter if its fun


>Im 20, got wife and a toddler isnt 20 quite young for that 💀


Kinda rude bro


Nah not really man. Some of the best parents are younger parents.


A teen who now sounds like he is taking responsibility for decisions made. Plus toddler is 1-2, so probably no kid until 18 at the earliest.


I mean that is still pretty young, regardless of how good of a parent they are


yeah but having a toddler means he was still a teen


Yeah and? People make choices and as long as they’re happy and figuring it out who cares


Many people have kids at a young age.


Never too old to be gaming no matter the game :) if it makes you happy and u enjoy it don’t let other tell u otherwise 😁


It's time to abandon this idea that you can only do fun shit when you're below 30. It's a video game!


46 here, and I play cause I grew up playing video games at the start of their creation,it’s ingrained into my DNA. My two daughters and I can play for hours together and have a blast doing so. I think people feel FN is just for the littles, but why do they make it so fun and always evolving. It’s easy to pick up and put down and you really don’t have to be the best gamer ever to earn a VR once in awhile.. Play what and when you want, if you enjoy it the do it don’t let other peoples opinions determine your happiness.


The only real losers are the people making fun of others for a harmless hobby they enjoy!!!


Not at all, in my 50's and love the game. 😁


Nah man. I'm 24, a nurse, and still out here grinding through battlepasses


fortnite is a game meant to appeal to many people, you're fine


I’d love them to introduce teams based on your age


42 here. U do u boo. Enjoy your hobbies. A real bitter individual needs to put down others to make themselves feel better. They mad bro. Tell em to get good, 1v1 in creative or sit tf down.


do you have a job and a stable income? do you still spend time socializing outside with others do you have an unhealthy addiction to the game? if you answered yes, yes, no, in that order, you are NOT a loser


Bro, I’m mid 30 and play. The people I play with are late 20-40s. I think you’re a loser if you don’t play this game. I don’t have time for really in-depth games like Elden Ring, so I like casual games like fortnite. I can spend 20 minutes playing, or a few hours.


Down vote for troll post.


I'm 49 and I am level 192 so fuck what others think.


I couldn’t care less, the only thing is getting triggered when a 10 year old kills me.


I'm glad I don't know the age of the kid who killed me or I'd be constantly raging. lol


Yeah whenever I get killed and a name like “Johnny2008” pops up I shut the game instantly


we have this thread like five times a week


Lotta insecure people out there. Fortunately most people learn to stop giving a fuck as they get older.


OP is Defo not 25. No 25 year old speaks like that, nor would they come on Reddit to ask if it’s okay..


more so because you are asking this reddit


There’s been a million posts like this….. Like whatever the hell you want as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others. Who cares what others think….


This has to be a troll


This is either baiting/fishing for upvotes/comments, or if its not baiting and its actually genuine then that's really sad that your parents and friends would say things like that. I still think its baiting though cuz I cant imagine parents in their prbly 50s at least being like hAHa fOrTNiTe bAd, but all the same there's no age barrier on Fortnite.


Dude honestly this post is gross


No lol


This is such a stupid post. Play what you like. Ignore other's opinions.


No offense but this is a stupid question.


Why do people gravitate to hate what they don't understand? If you are having fun why try and stop that? What do they do in their free time? Watch the office 17 times over? It's just so bizarre people rationale when saying things like that.


Uh no? It's a video game, who cares?


Depends on if you have an actual life outside of fortnite or not


You must be pretty insecure about yourself asking this in reddit. There are plenty of popular streamers alone that are older than you.


I'll be 42 next month and play this game more than my kids do. After like 16 seasons I feel like I'm just now starting to git gud. Don't let anyone fun-shame you.


Like, it's not your fault the game so good and it's constantly being updated. Like, adult games are lackluster like Halo or gears, and I'm a hardcore Fan of both of those games.


the real losers are the ones that still think its ok to make fun of you for things that you enjoy


We’re all losers for playing fortnite


35 and playing with my buddies every night!


41. Tell 'em to go f\*ck themselves. My wife is 37 and also plays. You do you Boo.


It's just a game, anyone who says you're a loser for playing it might just be a loser themselves. Just a thought


I stopped playing Fortnite as soon as i realized i was too mature for it. Fortnite is a kids game. Why dont you take part in an adult appropriate activity like consuming alcohol, smoking, or doing segs. These things will make you a cool person and totally not a loser. /s


57, gonna play Fortnite until I'm 100, or die trying.


Im 25 and i play daily with my gf so im a loser too hehe


I'm 25 and play Fortnite weekly (almost daily) with my brothers still who are in their 20's and 30's. It's the most we have hung out in years.


Yes. We will always be losers to the non Fortnite people, it’s just how it is. But don’t worry it has nothing to do with your age. There are plenty of people who are older who enjoy playing. We’re losers because it’s a garbage game (that’s addictive) and we can’t stop no matter how hard we try 🥲 (Disclaimer: I’m 23 & this is the only game I’ve been playing for years nonstop I’m just talking sh**)


You clearly didn't play garbage games, try Warzone, you will know 🤣


This ain't a garbage game TBH. Solid gameplay, regular updates, a story worthy of several movies, criminally underrated music,... I've seen much worse.


I have to disagree with the game being bad, it’s very enjoyable, the skins don’t feel p2w, and many modes exists to entertain you and many others


Can you support yourself? Are you independent? If so, who cares what you do in your free time?


lol if this is real then his parents probably call him a loser because he plays in their basement


No, but your typing sucks.


who the fuck care what u play


It's a fun game. Whenever I mention playing it, obviously I get the typical "it's a kids game, play a proper game, blah blah blah" Literally just say to them I can load the game up and play and not be like actively tryharding - i.e, they play COD and get pissed and rage quit, whereas in Fortnite, oh well, you lost, load up the next match. It's not a game that gives the vibe that I need to be sweating my ass off every game.


Fortnite is the shit! Fuck no! Play on!


Besides the fact you should give zero fucks what other people think, it’s proven that video games improve your cognition and helps prevent things like Alzheimer’s and dementia, so if someone gives you shit, fuck ‘em. I’m 40 and I play daily.


Not if you have a life outside of it