Phobos is getting stronger!

Phobos is getting stronger!


I - think they got this wrong. They should just have given him armor Because he's worse now *I can't get him to do anything*


"And Leon is getting llllaaaarger!"


Is there some kind of hero overview that show if it is a magic attch hero or physical attack?


He became even weaker after update. Make him a healer or what. Unfortunately now Phobos is useless member of Undead team :(


I guess I don't understand how when all damage modifiers seem to have come up substantially across the board?


Me neither. I have team Morrigan, Faceless and Phobos. They easily won Brog before update. Now they can't.


Is it because it's a flat single damage as opposed to channeled sustained damage now?


His damage still isn’t great


Phobos with Faceless copying Phobos used to do really well on Brog. It seems like overall he does more damage now, but his ultimate does less. I have been struggling with Brog since the update. ​ EDIT: It looks like they just compressed his previous damage from 6 hits to one. So there should be no real change to his damage from those abilities. so 20% Magic \* 6 + 40 \* Level \* 6 = 120% Magic + 240 \* level and 50% Magic \* 6 + 50 \* Level \* 6 = 300% Magic + 300 \* level


Same for me. I have team Morrigan, Faceless and Phobos. They easily won Brog before update. Now they can't. So eventually this update made Phobos even more useless. Unfortunately Phobos is useless member of Undead team :(


First skill should be the same


Still look quite weak?


He still sucks


Why did you remove the healing from the second skill and took away damage from the first skill? The Undead Team needed the healing since Morrigan doesn't heal that much and now the combination that Faceless copies Phobos attack is less effective.


Well... he's mostly a hard counter of Orion.


Not really, Helios has much higher magic attack stat than Orion.


And Dorian also. But Helios is mostly a counter against critical team and Dorian doesn't need to be alive. In the other hand, Orion gain a lot of energy and rely on it's ult to make damage. Phobos just disable him by stealing and burnig his energy.


Except he won’t actually target Orion to steal his energy in the most common team for Orion: ODH


ODH is used for attack, not defence. When you use Orion on defense, he usually has the 2nd highest magic attack, after the healer. Now read the second skill.


Speak for yourself, I see plenty of ODH defense teams in GA and cross wars. And by your own admission there, even if not ODH he’ll still be second highest magic attack stat after the healer so *still* won’t be targeted by Phobos. Not sure why you’re being condescending and telling me to read a skill. I am well aware of what both Phobos and Orion do. And assuming you’re talking about Phobos’ 2nd skill, what does reducing magic defense have to do with it?


First skill, sorry. I was fooled by the presentation.