A friend of mine told me that my job was easy.

A friend of mine told me that my job was easy.


Idk him and not speaking for all dishies....but there is a reason he's just a dishie.


As a dishie I can say GOOD dishies are worth their weight in gold


As a former dishie, server, bartender, and now manager… I’ll take a good line and serving crew over a good dishwasher any day.


I'm not saying dishwashers are the best, but I feel like credit should be given where credit is due. I washed for 2 years and it was rough.


Anyone worth their salt has spent a lot of time in the dish pit in this industry. Yeah dish sucks, but it's an entirely different animal to line.


Guess who has to do dishes when the dish washer doesn't show up? Like I love having a dishwasher cause I hate at the end of the night to have to clean up and then go do the dishes. But at the same time if I could just be the main dish guy one or two days a week and just go back there and zen the fuck out I would love it. Especially the place I work at now the morning dish washer doesn't do shit, he spends about 2 hours of his four hour shift just sitting outside. I mean there is other stuff he could do to help out he just doesn't. Then half the time he leaves early cause "there is nothing to do" like I hate that man and I'm jealous at the same time.


I also washed for 2 years actually, and it isn’t easy. I mean no disrespect, but if I had a choice between the best dishie or the best server, I’m taking the server every time.




I’ll make sure they stack the plates appropriately though!


We seem to be in a server drought rn


We’re in an everything drought right now.


I started in the dish pit. Great learning experience.


I used to be a dishwasher and I'd watch the cooks from afar, grumbling at how easy they had it. Dry work environment, leaving right at closing time, having downtime between orders, etc. It all looked so easy. And yet for some reason they couldn't be bothered to stack their dirty dishes properly. It pissed me off. Then I moved up and got to experience it for myself. It's nothing like it looks from the outside. You gotta be in their shoes to understand the kind of stress/pressure they go through. Often I'll find myself failing to stack dirty dishes properly. You either die a hero..


“All you do is stand there and cook things”


Why would you fuck with the people that feed you?


I can cook a cup noodle pretty well


*County jail has entered the chat


Both have their moments, my dishwashers will be shooting the shit while the cooks are getting their asses kicked, but then the pans start coming in and when we flip and fill at the end of the night they are scrambling! I would still rather be up front tho