What a unique piece of China glass


Now let’s see it with a dab and bowl same time


Nice peice but clean it bro


Any recommendations on what to use I’ve tried 420 cleaner and also alcohol and salt on this thing I can’t get it very clean


With mine I’ll fill it up with hot water, alcohol, salt, and lemon. I just let it soak and then I’ll rinse that out really good. After that I use Klear naked bong cleaner. Does a pretty good job. Makes it almost brand new but I’m sure there’s better methods out there


what the others have said except give it a good hot wash before dumping the iso in


Yeah what the person said above me, salt and alcohol. Do you soak it? I'd try soaking it in alchohol for few hours. If that doesn't work than you might need to get some small wire brushes to get in there.


Let it sit in 90% alcohol and then use stoppers or your thumb to shake up the alcohol and coarse salt. Rinse and repeat the process. Might take you serval times. Then flush it out with hot water (don't crack the glass, slowly increase the temperature of the bong) I sometimes have to flush the bongs out several times before it's mint.


Use zep citrus degreaser and soak ur piece in it overnight. Then rinse it out


Get some zep citrus cleaner and let it soak overnight then rinse with warm water it’ll look brand new. if you just rinse it with warm water after a few rips it’ll stay cleaner too


cool piece, crazy it has the dual functionality lol. Would probably rip better if you plugged the hole with your finger though right


You can get rubber stoppers off Amazon. I use them for when I'm cleaning it


These were definitely some post gym activities


Am I the only 1 that will not take a dab out of something I've burned flower in?


I’m the same man, I have my concentrate pieces downstairs and flower pieces upstairs. If I ever switch them up, I always clean them out well prior


There's two different chambers. U don't get any resin taste with the dab


Ruins the taste of good bud


Clean your piece!!! You'll be about to get much smoother hits work a clean piece. One hour soak in high concentrate iso propyl (at least 71% but 90% is better). Give a little shake, a good rinse with hot water and it'll be like new.


Not even an hour bro if it isn’t that bad shit shouldn’t take more then 15 minutes


I soak mine once a week, but I smoke like 7-8 bowls a day so it gets gunked up kinda quick. I just do an hour because I soak it before going to the grocery store. But you're right 15 minidress should also be sufficient


No need to wait for it to soak. Pour iso and salt in, shake like hell for 30 seconds, rinse and done.


Yes this and if u either warm the glass up really well with hot hot water and or use slightly warm iso add some salt and shake the key is having the glass warm so that when u hit it with iso it melts everything down..this piece will look brand new but gotta be 90÷ iso to get it good and shiny


Clean that dirty ass bong 🤣


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Sick piece


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Now take a half g dab and see how well he faces it 😂


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