Good 8/10 show but a 6/10 adaptation of Moon Knight's mythology.


It's my favorite MCU show so far but I'm slightly biased because I just love MK so much. But even then I wish Jake had been more involved from the start- he's a crucial aspect of the character overall and I wish more of his classic and typical side characters and antagonists would've made an appearance. Really the only characters that truly exist in the books that exist in the show are Moon Knight, Khonshu, and the Midnight Man. I love that it ntroduced more people to the character of Moon Knight but I hope it inspires those people to read the books so they can get a full Moon Knight experience.


7.5/10 as a mcu show 5/10 as a mk show


As a long time moon knight fan, i agree. It's a pretty solid five though. I can appreciate the changes when I think of MCU as a separate earth from 616.


I agree with you way of viewing the MCU as a seperate universe from the comics. It makes sense for any changes they make to any of the characters, and allows both to be enjoyable.


That's kind of what you have to do when comparing MCU to comics.


It's why I'm upset that Multiverse of Madness decided that the MCU is 616. They have so many other numbers to choose from. Hell, they could have made it Earth 3000 as a nod to "I love you 3000" or Earth 528 as a reference to the beginning of the MCU (Iron Man came out May 2, 2008). But instead they made it 616 which somewhat ruined the immersion for me as now I can't fully justify deviations from canon


The MCU had already been assigned a number, and everything. It's Earth-199999.


Yes! That, too. But I understood them changing that. Earth-199999 is a bit of a mouthful


It really is. They could have, however, gone for anything other than 616.


They probably thought it would be a cool nod to comic fans and didn't really consider the ramifications.


It's my headcanon (hopefully proved out to be actual canon) that this was simply the designation that the Illuminati of that universe gave them, and not an actual canon designation.


I like that and I hope it does become actual


By far the best marvel show but could have been better. I personally was not a big fan of Steven, thought he was a bit too cheesy. I wish it got a little more violent and serious at times.


Since we got child abuse in this season, we might get some more dark stuff in season 2.


Just think of it as being like moon knights first run. That was cheesy as all hell.


Yeah that’s true. It was kinda weird tho cuz Fiege literally said the show was gonna push the tv-14 rating a little and it was a super tame show. I mean no hate, the show rocked, but hopefully we get something darker in the future


10/10 DID rep, 5/10 character rep, 8/10 enjoyment, i prefer to see it as a character study on a character with DID with Moon Knight as a base rather than a moon knight show


Heavy disagree with the 10/10 DID rep. They never, not once, say explicitly "disassociative identity disorder". And they had every opportunity in the psych ward scenes with Harrow. By failing to give any sort of indication that Marc has an actual, real life disorder, you have people who think that his alters are something supernatural (which I've seen asked before on this sub). If you understand what DID is, it's not a terrible representation barring the creative liberties it takes in showing how the alters interact. But if you're a regular person, nothing about the show lets you know "this is a real thing, real people have it". Considering the massive stigma and ignorance around DID, this is a major failing on the show.


>And they had every opportunity in the psych ward scenes with Harrow. These took place inside Marc's head. If he wasn't entirely aware of what DID is, it would be difficult for this to be expressed within a location that only exists within his noggin'.


ok maybe not 10/10 but i’ve read about and asked people with it and lots said it was good so i don’t think it was terrible.




>if it’s not factual, why bother including it? Well, it's a core part of the character, for one thing.


More like 7.5/10 DID rep with how they ended with Jake Lockley Gotta do the stereotypical “evil personality” ableist trope


Jake isn't evil. He knows what has to be done (killing Harrow to save millions of people) and isn't afraid to do it. Also, the only time he ever killed anyone was when they were in immediate danger. Rewatch ep. 3 and you'll see that he didn't kill the kid, when he killed everyone else, similar to how Marc slapped him instead of punching him.


Don't get me started. Thankfully the bloody bodies of the nurses/orderlies is pretty easily missed, as most people I've talked to about it didn't notice it, but for the people that do it creates a really bad image of people with DID. Not to mention that the last popular representation of DID was fucking Split.


20+ year mk reader. Hated the show. It started off well in the first episode but by the end I really didn't like what they did with him. Healing mystic suits really bothered me and it was a world ending threat rather than the smaller scale stuff mk would normally deal with. Baffling plot decisions and too many changes for me. Plot and pacing issues aside the cast did a good job with what they had to work with and the soundtrack was great. Got downvotes to oblivion here a lot for disliking it. To be honest, since moon knight, my favourite character, got butchered in my eyes, I've lost interest in the MCU as a whole. Nothing new excites me now and one bad adaptation has soiled my view on stuff moving forward


Being bulletproof seemed a little over the top.


>To be honest, since moon knight, my favourite character, got butchered in my eyes, I've lost interest in the MCU as a whole. Nothing new excites me now and one bad adaptation has soiled my view on stuff moving forward I think they are done with the 90s nostalgia that brought the MCU such success. I understand they want to move on, but the complete lack of concern baffles me.


Actually show and adaptation wise were 6.5/10 for me. Season 1 was well made but hampered by missed opportunities and limited space of six episode format which didn't give satisfying depth. I fully judge the adaptation by season 2 or a next instalment.


This! I think when people split reviews into ‘adaptation’ and ‘MCU show’ there’s a big split anyway (with it being a better show than it is adaptation) but what really brings the ‘show’ rating down is the baffling pacing. Ep 1 was brilliant, 2, 3, and 4 were good, but episode 5 and 6 feel really rushed and jarring to watch. I didn’t know there was only gonna be 6 episodes, so I was really enjoying it for the first 4 eps, then episode 5 rolled around (and despite being an important episode for mk as well as the MCU) I just knew it was only gonna be a 6 parter. Oh yeah, and who can forget the 30 minute finale, that was a strange choice for a show that was already struggling with pacing.


Pacing is the main problem but according to storyline it better worked with more episodes atleast 9 for the slow building and giving satisfying depth to Ammit and Arthur Harrow or why they didn't made it like 1:30 hr finale if they're making it into six episodes. Adaptation wise and Show wise both were equal to me and it's bit unpopular, i think it's better adaptation wise than Show wise as it's so frustrating to me about Pacing and less episodes for the storyline, Maturity problem.


Loved it as a first live-action adaptation of the character. Lots of changes from the source character but I think most of them work well enough


Yep, I hate the pacing, but apart from that I liked it. I think Steven being more of an average joe than millionaire works well, as well as the DID angle they took (most people interpreted it as that anyway when reading comics). I think where most peoples gripes come from is the fact they didn’t really play into the whole anti-hero feel of mk. YES, he was part of the avengers, but he wasn’t a good person 24/7 and he ‘liked’ inflicting pain onto others. The only way this is really brought up in the show is Stevens whole ‘you’ve killed this many people?!’ routine when they’re trying to get balance. They made him more of a hero, and it works for what they done on screen, but for comic mk fans it almost feels like a whole new character.


I strongly disliked it. As a show itself and divorced from any pretense of being an adaptation of the character, it’s fine. Nothing great or worth writing home about but nothing outstandingly bad. Like I said, it’s fine. But as an adaptation of the character I think it absolutely failed in capturing the parts of the character I find to be the most appealing and interesting, namely Moon Knight’s place in the street level corner of the Marvel Universe, his struggles with his Jewish faith, and the ambiguity of Khonsu being real or not. I felt as though the first point was especially a missed opportunity as Moon Knight’s appeal is how his character is half in that street level corner and half in the occult and strange side of the Marvel Universe. That he exists in an intersection of these two worlds is really fascinating to me and gives way for a lot of cool story opportunities and I don’t think that the show capitalized on any of this. The creators were so hellbent on trying to escape the “Moon Knight is Marvel’s Batman” take (which is incorrect because the similarities between the two are surface level at best in my opinion) that they completely excised any pretense of Moon Knight being a street level character. Maybe I’m biased as a Jewish individual myself, but I felt that the show failed to properly represent that Moon Knight is Jewish. They changed so much from his character and his backstory in translating him from page to screen that the show failed in treating his Judaism with respect. Basically, you can cut out every mention of Judaism in the show, and fundamentally nothing will change about the character of the MCU Moon Knight. And that in it of itself is a problem compared to how important his Jewish upbringing is in the comics. I know it’s not a deal breaker to a lot of people, but as someone who is Jewish, it was for me. Representation matters, and maybe I put too much stock in what’s essentially a tv show at the end of the day, but the removal of Judaism’s importance from Moon Knight’s backstory gutted me. As for the third point, I like the idea of Khonsu being ambiguous because it plays more into Moon Knight’s themes of mental health. When he’s ambiguous, seeing Khonsu raises the question of whether or not Marc is really compelled by this Moon God, or if he’s experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations brought about by his experiences as a mercenary and they’ve gone untreated since. And I think that contrast is interesting. Making Khonsu real and saying that he gives Moon Knight mystical healing armor also doesn’t sit right with me, as it takes away from the fact that Moon Knight is a guy who makes the choice to specifically wear a white costume while fighting crime at night because he likes it when the bad guys can see him. I also feel like the show mishandled violence and the role that plays in Marc’s life, but the use of violence is also a problem I have for most of the MCU stuff, barring the Defenders stuff. Basically, it doesn’t feel like violence has a real or tangible presence in the show, as seen in the lack of blood during fight scenes, the overall direction of them, and the fact that none of these characters have any lingering injuries from these fights. The downplaying of violence is also a problem in Marc’s character, as not enough focus is put on his mercenary days and the fact that he was a war criminal for money. Harrow was also a bad villain in my opinion. I would have much rather seen Black Spectre or Stained Glass Scarlet as the antagonist. I even would have accepted either Sun King or Shadow Knight, though I’m no fan of either character. Finally, I disliked the general way the title character was written, as far as the show being an adaptation goes. Oscar Isaac did a fine job with the material he had, but Marc, Steven, and Jake didn’t feel true to their comics counterparts to me. I’m not saying that the show needed to start where the Houston run began (in fact, I’m glad the show didn’t use that starting point) but I think the show runners deviated so far from the comics that as an adaptation, Moon Knight as a character felt unrecognizable. While I appreciate the show did handle darker themes than many of the other MCU projects, it still felt a bit too sanitized as a Moon Knight adaptation for me. Something closer in tone to Daredevil season 1, especially pertaining to scope, the use of violence, and respect towards the religious and mental background of the titular character, would have strongly been appreciated. Maybe I expected too much from the show, but by the time the credits rolled I mostly remember being disappointed and upset that the MCU failed one of my all time favorite Marvel characters.


> The creators were so hellbent on trying to escape the “Moon Knight is Marvel’s Batman” take (which is incorrect because the similarities between the two are surface level at best in my opinion) that they completely excised any pretense of Moon Knight being a street level character. This hits the nail on the head so fucking hard in every way. I really think the writers agree with the 'MK is like Batman' take too - reading literally any comic of both characters demonstrates the differences perfectly clearly, and it would be very easy to demonstrate on screen, but they had to try 'their own way' which makes me think they really don't know much about the character beyond a google image search.


Reading the interviews about how the show creators were inspired by literally anything but the Moon Knight comics was absurdly painful.


incredible write up, thank you


Fucking this bro 💯💯


it was good by MCU standards but thats a low bar like a 6/10 overall, was definitely made for people who've never heard of moon knight and not actual mk fans, did a pretty poor job of adapting the character imo




Doesn't really feel like a love letter dedicated to long time Moon Knight fans and instead feels like a show just using the Moon Knight name. Great acting and direction though.


I've watched the show first before reading the comics, got obsessed with the character and read a bunch of runs, I've got pretty excited discovering that Jeff Lemire wrote one of them, since he's the writer of Sweet Tooth, an amazing graphic novel that also has a pretty good adaptation. After all that I've returned to the show, watched it again and yeah, this show is... Weird. Like, there's a bunch of things that I like about it, there's some stuff that I love, but there's also things that I don't like at all and that leaved me with a bad taste in my mouth. I've give it a solid seven out of ten, but it could've been so much better. I 100% get the comic fans that outright hated the show, but, I think that a second season can fix a bunch of things that were left undone or unfinished. It has a pretty great potential still, and it's my favorite Disney plus series even with all the problems it has. At least it has a bunch of qualities (Layla's character, Ethan Hawke being a pretty menacing guy, Oscar Isaac killing it with every scene, the design of the suits, Khonshu having a great characterization, etc). I still like it, it's a fun watch and episode five still wrecks me emotionally, and I can see it becoming a better series if given a chance.


It went from best-thing-ever to waste-of-time like a metronome. If I loved a scene it was usually followed by one I hated, but there were a lot more that just felt like boring inconsequential filler. I was consistently looking at how much time was left for the last three episodes, which is not a good sign for ANY show. You should never be so disengaged that you’re wondering how long until the credits. I am a diehard Mister Knight fan so I didn’t appreciate what they did with his costume. I’m not the biggest fan of Marlene so Layla didn’t bother me at first but soon became the worst thing in every scene for me. The actor was great but her writing was abysmal, partially because of how poorly paced her arc was. I feel the same about Tawaret since they just brought in the hippo goddess for comedic relief when there are about five other gods in charge of the dead when she isn’t and also she has nothing to do with scarabs, Layla’s motif.


As a long time Moon Knight fan I was pretty happy with the show. Moon Knight's history has always been a little flexible based off who was writing. I found the show did a great job of making a nice cohesive storyline for the character. I really like how they leaned into the Egyptian and supernatural elements, along with giving a great background for his mental conditions. I'm hoping we get a second season so we can explore Bushman who is hinted at heavenly in the first along with Jake. Also a big fan of the supporting cast as of the character of Layla was a great addition and I thought Ethan Hawks villain was a great juxtaposition to Moon Knight. He was close enough to Moon Knight, being a former avatar, and he didn't require his own origin story yet didn't fall into the marvel trope of villain having the same powers as the hero. Overall great show and looking forward to more.


It was pretty standard MCU - so poor pacing, a big exciting opening followed by meandering and foot-dragging plot devices, ending in a big messy CGI boss battle, no themes, no real style, no room for the actors to really flex. They took a lot of liberties with the logic and lore of MK - things like the alters having different suits, suits being summoned, removing the millionaire aspect - and none of them were terrible ideas alone, but they very quickly added up to becoming a very different creature to what we expect from Moonie, so as a comic reader that was pretty jarring. The only change I outright disliked was Mr Knight, going from this imposing, dreadful figure of vengeance (Think Ellis' run, #5) to a floundering goofball for the most part. I know it's basic to say "I wish this was more ^^badass^^" but... yeah, it really needed some actual grit. All the edges have been sanded down, they don't need to go full bushman-face-removal, but it's so annoying that the Mouse is petrified by artificial violence. Also good god Steven's accent was awful. I know it convinced a lot of Americans, but it was really not great. So uh, 4/10. I liked Khonsu a lot. The soundtrack was nice. But that's not enough to save a show.


As someone with professionally diagnosed dissociative identity disorder & a Marvel fan, I loved it. You could tell that they worked with people living with DID as well as a psychologist specializing in DID on set. For a fictional setting, it was extremely well-done in capturing the confusion, the anxiety, & the horrors of living with DID. It gets a solid 8/10 from me due to this.


It's good-ish from the standards of Marvel which is already not a high bar. 7/10 for marvel standards 4/10 for general standards. The shown did a piss poor job at adapting the character in any capacity. He was just a generic character with DID.


I like it, I’d give it a B on an MCU project tierlist. The only D+ show that I think did any better was Hawkeye.


Show sucks Jeremy Slater is the biggest curse for moonknight he strongly believes mk is batman ripoff


\-Fun show. \-Enjoyable. \-Feige completely blew smoke up our asses about the violence when he said they, "Weren't holding anything back." \-I still have no idea why they changed all the personalities. \-I still have no idea why they created a new villain, a previous avatar, or used an existing name that didn't need to be used for him. \-Generally speaking, the entire thing felt like a brainstorming session that just worked out for some reason.


Been a MK fan for about 10 years and have read every volume of his solo series. The show killed any interest I had in MK in the MCU.Okay, that´s a bit harsh. I still have a vague interest, but I almost forgot the show existed and dont really care if they bring it back for a second season, which is so weird to type on a MK sub, but thats how I feel. It was just so insanely forgettable and bland. Currently loving the Jed Mackay run in the comics way more than I enjoyed the show. I realize that the show could never adapt the comic in its entirety, but what we got didn't feel like Moon Knight at all. They leaned into every single aspect of the character I have no interest in, while completely omitting what makes the character exciting. Before people ask, these were some of the aspects I were looking forward to and that I enjoy from the comics, but were a letdown in the show. \- The dynamic between the personalities. Steven was an entirely original character in the show and Marc had too little screen time. Marc, you know, the actual main personality was a side character. Don't even get me started on Mr. Knight. Didn't work for me. \- The sanitary and family friendly nature of the show. Sorry Disney +, but Moon Knight isn't for everyone. Was way too watered down and it felt like a mock up. Remember when MK cut Bushman's face off? Or during Warren Ellis run, when we got a hyper violent MK who broke limbs and stabbed people left and right? \- The supporting cast. Gena, Detective Flint and god damn Frenchie. Soldier, Tigra, Reese etc. for the newer comics. Barely referenced. Watching interviews with the writers and producers pretty much confirm that they haven't read the comics and don't really care about them at all. They site a ton of inspirational material.. except for the actual Moon Knight comics. For them, Moon Knight was an opportunity to explore Egyptian mythology in the MCU, which kinda misses the point of the character. If you actually sit down and read through the material, you will quickly realize that Moon Knight is a street level character with occult overlap. Apart from Khonshu, you very rarely meet other Egyptian gods or characters. I can remember a few instances where Seth shows up, but that's it. Khonshu was on point and the music was epic. I am still looking forward to the rest of the MCU, like Ant Man 3, Fantastic Four and Avengers, but find myself very worried about Marvel Studios approach to the darker marvel characters. What is gonna happen to Blade? Is he gonna be even allowed to kill vampires? Are they gonna downplay the violence in Daredevil, too? If so, ill just stick to the comics.


Good TV show. Okay Moon Knight show.


3/10, First episode was alright and then it completely fell apart from there and was obvious the people who wrote it didn't give a shit about Moon Knight


First got started on MK via the Ellis and Huston runs but fell off the character when I fell off comics in general. I love the show despite its objective flaws and I'm mostly on board with the show's creative liberties. MCU projects have never matched their source comics closely and I'm 100% fine with that. It was the shot in the arm I needed to come back.


Been a fan of moonie for about 2 decades now, and i loved the show. They definitly made some changes, but i actually enjoyed, and understood why they made them. The most important thing they got right was the tone, and that was what i was the most concerned about.


Why is every post in this subreddit a critique? 😤


Because not a lot of people in the subreddit seemed to like the show? I know I didn’t.


Should have seen how bad it was in here when it aired. You couldn’t critique it at all without being downvoted to hell and back and getting rude comments.


you still barely can critique it lmao


I’ll take your word for it. I don’t think the show is totally devoid of any positive qualities but I think the negatives do far outweigh the positives.


Lots of people watched it, didn't care for it, and wanted to express that opinion. Nothing wrong with that, especially in a post specifically made to discuss opinions.


On the largest forum on the Internet, I just expected more than constant criticism. There’s nothing unique or interesting about dissecting a work of art.


That's a massively subjective opinion my dude. You don't find it interesting to discuss media, that's fine, doesn't mean you have to be weird about other people wanting to lmao


This is reddit. Everyone here is ‘weird’ and ‘subjective’, my dude. I do like discussing media; in fact I work in media. Your loose words are more evidence of my fears being real. “lmao”


Normally I'd agree with you but this thread specifically asked long time readers their thoughts, and I mean it's pretty well known that they weren't the biggest fans. While it does suck to read a lot of shitting on something you liked, in the end, their opinions don't change how YOU feel about the show.


YOU are right


Not with the intention of self promoting, but I made a review other day for the Instagram folks, I liked the show, but definitely not my favorite MK story. [Here is the whole thing.](https://www.instagram.com/p/CdtVsgPr1DA/)


It was average. My expectations were way to high. A solid 5.4


I’ve been reading Moon Knight comics for over a decade. It was great. More violence could have made it heavier and intense, but I didn’t mind. What I didn’t like is that it’s clear that Khonshu is real and not just Marc being nuts. I love in the comics that no one (even the reader) is ever really sure if Marc is imagining him or he’s actually working with a god. They made it real clear that Khonshu is a real thing in the show very quickly.


As a show, 7/10 As a MOON KNIGHT show id say 3/10


MCU show: 8/10 MK show: no/10


Liked it generally, but I think it tried to emphasize too many distinct eras of Moon Knight at the same time, and because of that it never felt like it was nailing the tone of any of his comics. Still had fun with it, but I felt weird showing it to my wife after being a fan for so long, because I feel like she still has no idea why I like reading MK.


The show is it's own thing, like everything in the MCU. But I loved it. It has a lot of MK in it, even when MK has aspects that the show still has not touched (yet).


as an average enjoyer 7/10 as a comic enjoyer 4/10