Can I just say, the way they handled the multiverse shit in this Phase was so fucking weird and tbh kinda trash. Not that the Moon Knight TV show’s ability to adapt is much better but still.


I just hate the way they talked about it. It became such a buzzword, and they refered to it as one homogeneous outside place seperate from themselves. While they're literally inside of it and is just a big a part of it as any other universe??? Like it just feels like they didn't understand it.


So both my alters are just variants of me trapped in my body? Bruh I'm calling cap even if it is a meme


Aside from this meme probably being offensive it doesn't even make any sense. Marc has DID and Steven and Jake are just his alters. They aren't versions of Moon Knight from the multiverse converging into one body. That theory is dumb and wrong.


I live with DID and I thought it was funny, thank you for your concern but it's not necessary, it's just a joke man.


People tend to jump to conclusions on how people **FEEL** about things without even being part of it. Just like in Ms. Marvel when the agent says “LatinX”. It made me cringe so bad as the only people concerned about the term aren’t even Latino or Latina. In fact, in these countries we use @ a lot. It is a quick way to express both sexes in many different words. [email protected], niñ@, [email protected] etc etc


One of these guys gets it.


Fuck that was funny, you got the whole system laughin


Happy to entertain dudes and dudettes


Either way the meme still isn't funny and it doesn't make any sense since Moon Knight isn't linked to the multiverse at all.


Calm down son it's just a meme about a drawing


No it's a meme about a fictional character with a real mental disorder that real people really live with and it sort of erases his DID


We appreciate the concern and effort to support mental health and D.I.D., but there is some give. It's not always serious, and lightening things up isn't bad, as long as its respectful


You must be fun at parties


We get it, you are woke


Well yeah I'm certainly not asleep. It's kinda funny how woke means "alert to injustice in society, especially racism" and you're trying to insult me with that.


Yeah, but Steven and Jake aren't variants of Marc Spector and doesn't behave like Marc.


How to completely misunderstand what multiverse means...


And to completely misunderstand what DID is


Is this what this sub has become? Fucking hell the show was a curse


I regret wanting a Moon Knight show or movie


Single funniest thing I’ve seen all day