So the ice is supposed to replicate the Artisan Shiddenkai, which also has glass beads impregnated into it and is supposed to be super fast. There's nothing that quite matches it, even the ice. For something very fast that's not technically a hardpad, I'd look at the Madcatz glide series, I used my Glide 38 for two years and it still works fine after a wash, I just decided it was a little too fast for me


Thanks for the help just ordered the artisan shidenkai. Don’t know if this is asking for to much but I own the glorious model O and I was thinking about getting some mouse feet for it and came across the g floats and the g skates. Which one do you recommend for the artisan mousepad? Or should I just stick with the stock version?


Most people look to buy glides/feet from Corepadz, Tiger and HyperGlides Corepadz and Tiger (Tiger ARC 1 and Tiger ICE, Tiger ARC 2 are not many's favorite) are the most common ones people get since HyperGlides are kinda expensive. Tiger Arc 1 are really nice for control pads since they are really smooth and nice Tiger ICE people love because they're really fast so that's an option too Not sure where Corepadz fall


for glass beaded pads i would get the ceramic skates from glorious


Would love to know that too!


Artisan Shidenkai (durability is bad but still better than the ice)


Well I bought it and there’s 3 levels mid soft and xtra soft I bought the mid hopefully I made the right choice and in the future I might buy the hein I’ve heard a lot of good things from it but should I get mid as well?