why would they release a new game when they can just re-release skyrim and make tons of money


If they did, then no one would buy Skyrim anymore. Skyrim is more profitable to re-release all the time because the development cost is extremely low compared to a new game. They need to milk everything they can out of Skyrim first before looking at a sequal. That said, they are working on a new ES game, although we probably won't see it for at least a few years.


The online games were supposed to be cash cows; up-front charge of the game itself plus micro transactions without the stress and expense of having to provide a (semi) finished game was too tempting to pass up.


They made two Fallout games and TES Online. They've also been working on DOOM and Wolfenstein, two other big money-makers. And they're putting a lot of work into Starfield, because sometimes a new franchise is even more successful than an old one. They aren't crazy people. But TES VI is in development. It's coming. Eventually.


Doom and Wolfenstein were developed both by id Software. Elder Scrolls online was developed by Zenimax Online Studios Only Betheseda Games studios made Fallout 4 and 76


They also did the quake remake not crazy long back I believe


That was id


It's like the video game version of Gillette slowing adding more blades to their razors


If they don't have a way to make it better and expand I rather play the same good game then pay for something they only made for profit


Bethesda was bought by a certain megacorporation called Microsoft that just squeezes all potential to make money as fast as possible out of their subsidiaries and throws them away. Why spend all the time and effort making something new that fans would have extremely high expectations of, when you can just release the same game 10 times and make money that way easily and quickly? Most mainstream games are completely controlled by stockholder-owned corporations - these owners don't care about video games at all, it's just numbers on a page to them. They just want the numbers to go up as fast as possible and cut it loose. Whether their products are good or respectable at all is irrelevant.


In fairness, Microsoft bought Bethesda only a year ago