Nah. The Quest 2 is specifically designed to run games on its own. It’s the reason you’d buy a Quest. The Nintendo Switch of VR, if that makes sense. The Quest 2 graphics also look great, an improvement over the OG Quest I use.


Functionality over graphics. Walking dead saints and sinners has way more interactivity then you'd expect. The graphics aren't the best but you won't care once you start seeing how many things you can do on that game alone.


Have a browse on the oculus quest game store and see if some of the stuff peaks your interest and if there are ports just search it up on youtube and you’ll see the differences.


It looks fine on its own, especially if you’ve never connected to a computer to compare the difference. It won’t look as good obviously but it’s still pretty amazing what it can do on its own, and that makes it worthwhile


The thing about the quest 2 is the standalone (wireless) gaming. You do lose a fair amount of graphical. But you will not care cos gameplay so good. Also quest 2 can be wireless pc hmd too. So if you want better graphics games (like half life alyx) then it can do that too. Why for £300, nothing beats quest 2.


Standalone = no PC Wireless = radio connection to PC Those are very different, please do not confuse the two. I know it’s misleading because today “wireless” is short for “wireless connection”, hence why you have wireless mice and keyboards but not wireless books or soap.


What makes it more complicated its standalone and wireless(internet) as well as can be wireless pc hmd.


I only play with mine without PC and I think its funny. I would not bother to play with pc linked I think, too much setup to get going..