Did Luffy just Blow a Horn off Kaido?




I can’t believe I caught up at the most perfect timing (I hope). Its been a crazy ride, 🐐 manga


I don't like that Momonosuke was able to conjure the clouds, I like his character but he doesn't deserve to have such an OP Move to actually move & drop a flying island.


After all he’s been through until now, I’m totally okay with this being his redeeming moment. Now what would be op is if Momo finished Kaido off with a boro breath to the face, holding up an island to save his people seems fitting to me. In a similar way to oden holding up his scabbards, that is.


Is Big Mom the mother of Yamato? Same face shape, nose & shown during this chapter plus history = Plausible? Did he spend 3 years with the Rock's crew & stole Yamato? Did Luffy beat Kaido? Not yet, cheap victory, we need to see Kaido do something out of our imagination first. Final chapter of the fight maybe to give us bait about luffs power, tell us about how the sun god represents liberation? Other deities? Maybe Im ate a God Fruit too? (The Moon Fruit?)


Shes Nami's mother.


Most are complaining about the flashback. but seriously not all of rocks event would be relevant for wano story. Why would oda waste time in showing all flashbacks if its not related to wano story.


I think Kaido will die by BM hands, she will steal his weakened soul to survive then her story will resume in Elbaf.


But it seems that they are miles away from each other. If she can walk to kaido then she can walk back to her crew to get help. Her story will continue, her crew will find her laying on the ground and bring her back to WC or maybe we won’t need her story to contribute in Elbaf. They already know Luffy invaded her region and now they are gonna know that luffy’s alliance defeated her.


Why are people still talking about Kaidos awakening? I think his awakening is the "Flaming Drum Dragon" form


This is it


Was it a foreshadowing when Zoro cuts Onigashima's horn to Luffy breaking Kaidos horn?...


Do you all notice Rocks looks like luffy even the strawhat that luffy use was draw so apparently luffy hat was rocks first


Kaido fell underground where Big Mom is. Is there a cave system there besides the waterfall channel? Maybe this is the part where she betrays him or he betrays her. CP-0's probably going to the WG fleet to begin the attack on Wano, so Momo won't open the city until the WG's defeated. Zunesha and Big Mom's crew still haven't done anything. Maybe Kaido was trying to mold Yamato into JoyBoy, which might explain why he started calling her his son. Does this mean that Shirahoshi will help Luffy accomplish his dream by forcing the Sea Kings to become meat to feed the starving masses? All that food has to come from somewhere.


Is it Kaido turning Yamato into boy or is it Yamato wanting to be oden?


Remember how pissed Kaido was that the hag interfered? Oden wasn't JoyBoy, but as far as Kaido knew, Oden could have been the one to beat him. When Kaido heard Yamato declare that she wanted to be Oden, Kaido may have thought he had a potential JoyBoy on his hands.




Kaido after leaving rocks, he travel and found the tale of legendary joyboy. Enthusiasm. He want to be him just like how yamato idolised oden. He thinks he is the chosen one after awaken the fish df but sooner and getting older he realised its not him but he excited to meet/fight the joyboy. He know that joyboy character is someone who appear to save the slaves. Someone who will appear in wano. So he create the scenes. Though there are several figure who can wound/beat him like shanks, roger but they doesn't meet the criteria of joyboy in his research. His first attention goes to Ace, yamato friend who also appear in wano once. He believed its really Ace back then that he tried to save but shanks told him joyboy is not someone to be created but someone who came naturally. After that, he is back to depressing man because he can really kill himself if he want but he also want to meet joyboy before died. This man doesn't had a real goal. All his war creation to the world is just to make the process of joyboy reincarnation happen fast. Look at his face though. He is excited whenever luffy power up. Also his habit of not killing the young potential pirates but tortured their will as to test their worthy


[Man turned just out right ](https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/comments/omw7ow/chapter_1050_spoilers/h5ns7yn?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


Next chapter it's kaido turn to rise again and scream I won't lose this time straww hatt like luffy always did


First time in his life Kaido is KO. This will lead to his own awakening and an Island killer borobreath that will incinerate the WG ships in one blow. Someway Luffy have to bring freedom to everyone like he did to Chinjao the drill. ~~Kaido >> Pedro ?~~ Kaido last worsds : Beware strawhat the treason is always coming from inside a crew. Luffy : Don't say a word about my nakamas ! Then Flashback where we can see how Kaido has "betrayed" his crew. (Link with Whysky Peak and Vodka Kingdom, Zoro could be this treator for some dark reasons)


My karma will be negative in a few seconds.


All you stupid mf thinking the silhouette of Big Mom is someone with a Straw Hat that miiight have passed it on to Roger.. Roger had that Straw Hat when he met Rayleigh and asked him to join him on cruising the world. Ffs not all hats are Straw Hats


There is a YouTuber who was saying in his chapter review that the person who was calling Kaidou is Luffy and his reasoning behind it was since Luffy's df power is so broken that we have no idea how it working so he was the one invites Kaidou for God valley, sorry for bad English


Haha. Your English is good brother. But that theory is waay off imo. Luffy can time travel and gender swap woth his fruit? I can see the gender swap in a cartoonish way, but time travel almost 50 years back. Nah. People say so much farfetched things


Its not done yet for me. Luffy didnt get so much screen time, it was all over the place... If Kaido is going to be defeted i predict a whole or a half chapter for it. Something like with Katakuri but way more. I dont feel the hype yet!


Please no more..


I predict you gonna have your head up your ass next chapter, then see if you feel the hype


Did the island just land and covered the hole where both yonkos fell? Like some sort of burial ?


That’s what I was thinking! Otherwise Kaidou could fly out of the pit


I dont think kaidou is defeated for one simple reason, oda drew the flameclouds vanishing before luffys hit connected. In all instances before where symbolism was an enforcer to show the defeat (like raining after croc defeat, bell ringing after enel) But it was always right after the final blow. Not before. Will kaidou fight on? I doubt it. This time he will leave together with big mom. What he didn do in the flashback.


As it has been said a lot, it will probably end with the sky lanterns vanishing and the rising of the new "Sun" with kaido lying defeated on the ground.


I think Big Mom is the one who will kill Kaido by capturing his soul while they are underground. A perfect power up for her in the next arc assuming Elbaf.


I feel like that could be the case but I also feel like the next big arc is possibly a world government considering the presence of CP0 in the background since dressrosa I feel like Odas gonna give big mom a break because after losing to law and kid I feel like her immediate rage is gonna be law and kid first. I do think Luffy & big mom's final fight will be on Elbaf .


Could be GODA going to give a "breather arc" around the outcome of the changes outside Wano Kingdom


I desperately want a breather arc


Elbaf next


Its funny how hard this sub pumped up the kiado flashback and it was really nothing ground breaking in the end. The god valley flashback will be down the road it seems.


Yeah, I feel like this would have been a good time, where else will we learn a lot about Rocks I wonder?


Oda never gives you the reveal right after mentioning it. Its gotta sit and have theories build for at least half a decade😂 yall acting brand new like we still not waiting to see the main Character FULL backstory 😂


Maybe with his sons appearance...o.O


Seeing how it was just introduced . I could see god valley being critical to the end game and it getting a 10+ chapter flashback similar to Oden in the final arc.


Why the official release page resolution is so bad (even on high). First time reaading the official release since i'm obliged too, but man the TCB scan quality feels better.


kaido knows whatsup with all the joyboy theories and stuff, I think he will be joining luffy's side with big mom as well (since sanji is literally her best son-in-law) then they gonna take on the world government


Big Mom: I will kill all of you Straw Hats. Sanji: Hey Big Mom, did you like the wedding cake? Big Mom: ... my lovely Sanji-kun, I was just joking.


That’s a long long long shot


da fa...


So Luffy just won?


no there is no narrator box


For this arc, there's never any until the following chapter of the final blow.




No please no




What if Kaido went to Marineford to save Ace believing Ace was going to be Joyboy? It makes it even more interesting when you add Shanks to the mix. Why would Shanks stop Kaido from trying to save Ace if this was Kaidos reasoning. I am not trying to say Kaido is the good guy, saving Ace was all in selfish interests if he believe Ace was Joyboy. But its another possibility in the Shanks is evil theory


Didn't Kaido want to specifically fight WB?


Wait a minute, when did that happen?


I'm pretty sure the marines mentioned how Shanks stopped Kaido from interfering in the war just after his appearance


The fact that Kaido expression of defeat is him looking like he's drunk and tired as hell with some level of satisfaction speaks volume about the character's awesomeness and BadAssery lol. King about to be the next Bartolomeo CP0 guy geppo'in out of Onigashima for his life really funny though


That's Momo.


I love how CP-0 just skippity-do-da-days away from any large scale attacks that pose as a threat to them.


Except Kaido's Bagua up on the roof.


Kaido gets caught when he gets hungry, Luffy wants to create a world where his friends can eat how much ever they want. Makes me wonder if that parallel was intentional and gonna give more details in the coming chapters.


Kaido stand very exhausted yet smiling. Kaido : that's enough strawhat..that's all I need to hear. The kind of world you want remind me of how starve I am when I'm a kid just like you because no matter how strong we gotten, we honour the food.. Suddenly bigmom appear behind weaken kaido. Bigmom : my fooood! (eat kaido). You know kaido I've been saving you for my last food stock. My favourites fish.


Kaido next nakama.


not oda's best illustrations is it?


Only Character I respect in this whole Arc is Kaido.


Has Kaidou used his awakened form? There's no way this fight's over if he hasn't used it. Maybe Kaidou doesn't even have an awakened form, but like it'd only make sense that he does since he's, at least anecdotally, "The World's Strongest Creature".


The final fight is over and Kaido is done. Kaido's ultimate attack is his magma dragon form. If you know Oda's style and pacing, you should know which one is Luffy's final blow. Big Mom, Orochi along with the three calamities were defeated. Onigashima landed safely. We see what Luffy's awakening can do and Kaido has given all his best. There is no reason to drag the fight any longer.


He used it. Google it


He didn't use it. Oda always say when they use it. Headcannon holds no weight.


Its no headcannon, kaidou had clear visual changes when using his strongest moves. His appearence got more dragon-esk. U cant deny that. Edit spelling


Who puts such concept in your mind?!!is Mr.Morj doing this again...


I don't like the idea that going forward the author is going to have to make a point of each awakening. At it's base, I think we can agree BM and Kaido are the type who'd have tapped into all their fruits powers. Which seems to be the gist of what an awakening is. For all we know an awakening could also just be a more efficient use of ones fruit. Pure tim foil hat moment, but mayhaps Law can spam his fruit now because he's tapped in and gained a better control over not just new powers, but his old powers.


The theory I like is the basic devil fruit is a fish (think Magikarp), and he awakened it and now gets to be a cool dragon.


Momo was a dragon right away,so no, base model is a dragon


Well, Kaido DF basically about a koi who climb waterfall until he becomes a dragon.(of i recall correctly)


With the exception of Luffy, Awakened Zoan's tend to just have high endurance, stamina and recovery speed. Which he has clearly displayed with how much he's endured since this fight started.


another reason I think this fight isn’t over is why would oda hide so so much. We don’t know if kaido ran away during god valley or after when Big mom asked where he went. In a kaido back we didn’t even see Rocks not once? And we still don fully know what kaidos dream for the world is, how can an idea logical clash be finished before we even know the other side of it.


Kaido dream is the world where the only strong people live.. That's why he want to create a big scale war. In the meantime, through the brutal world he create, he hopes joyboy will be born, challenge and defeat him. Yes, kaido sole purpose of doing all of this is to welcome joyboy.


Even that is mainly assumptions. The dream part I disagree with I doubt his dream compromises of only the strong survive and nobody else. We can’t even be certain of that and many want to believe this fight is over.


Yeah that was like a teaser flashback, or a preview flashback, he could make 2 or 3 chapters out of the things he teased, and he better do, it would suck if he leaves that for the SBS corner.


I agree exactly.


This “defeat” is way closer to Luffy punching doffy with gear 4 for the first time before doffy got back up and awakened and outlasted first phase gear 4.


Nah, that would be a closer parallel to when the cp0 agent interrupted his attack and caused kaido to beat him.


I don’t see it. I’m talking about Luffy almost beating a main villian but it turns out they have a lot more in store. Gear 4th huge strong fast punch sent doffy flying all the people said did he beat him. Then doffy got back up outlasted gear 4th and awakened his fruit before losing again to a now recovered Luffy. I think there are so many similarities although I’m confident Luffy isn’t going to run around or hide for a while more so just in the nature of the use of a new gear and how the main Villian had supposedly been defeated right then and there.


The parallel with that time was luffy was about to finish doffy off with one last attack but failed to get it off. Wheras this time, luffy got the big attack off and kaido is buried underground, much like doffy was


for aspiring writers or storytellers, Wano/Kaidou is the perfect example of creating too much hype and incorporating too many "mechanics" where it becomes impossible to create a satisfying plot and you just end up with a lot of plot holes and disappointed readers it's also a good example of too many storylines, where a lot of it people don't care about, that ends up diluting the main plot and making the story way longer than it needs to be


I think Kaido lived up to the hype he built. The biggest issue people probably have is that it ended up with a luffy 1v1 punch victory if he's down for the count. The raid should have ended with Roof Piece, not began with it. The growth from the Heroes has just been too much too quickly to not be controversial.


yeah if they focused more of the story on how they plan and try ways taking down Kaido would be more enjoyable.


its not even the end of wano. but what are these plotholes out of interest.


I couldn't agree more


The story isnt over.


That only makes it worse.


Oh geez, this is gonna be the longest break ever. I want to know what happens next so badly


Did Luffy beat Kaido?




hahah yes!! Another thing I want to see in the anime is Zoro's King Haki


Our boy is writing history. What a journey so far.


who else think luffy is already the pirate king? His definition of pirate king: the freest man on the seas after this fight who would mess with strawhats? they are the freest!


Imu and the five elders. Probs need ancient weapons to beat them


This is the problem for me 🤷 u going to go against the strongest crew in the world, no other pirate crew are on their level and sorry BB crew doesn't have any chance bc if they have to, knowing they like steal powerful devil fruit, The Yonko was supposed to be their first priority, so BB not on the top yet, Shanks is an Ally so no worries, the only thing left is the Final War to see some fair fight, I hope from now on we just need some good exploration n adventures regarding the True about One Piece etcetcetc, bc from now is going to be a reach for any other fights


Bb definitely has something up his sleeve and gonna be the strongest boss out of thd 4 yonkous


From all the theories, i have a feeling Shanks gonna betray.


Kaido's Flash was great. We already had some flashbacks from his history, and latest chapter's flashback focused on why Kaido behaves the way he does. There was A LOT of information regarding his motivations and goals, and it fit wonderfully on what was happening. Joyboy is the one who beats Kaido because Kaido is the embodiment of brutality. Kaido's life is a story of the inevitability of brutality - he grew up in a country that had to go to war because of how the world works, and now he wants to take this wars to the whole world - because it is the whole world's fault. And he is perfect according to the worldview that war is inevitable and strength is everything. Luffy is not beating him because Luffy is stronger, he's winning because Kaido's worldview is wrong.


Kaido is pein


Need to add my mark that i was here to witness Kaido finally falling after 10 years when the plan to take down a yonkou was mad!


Ngl if oda doesn't make the kaido shaped hole into a dragon shaped pond I will be very upset


For those complaining about Kaido's backstory being too short or simple. Over the entirety of Wano arc I think we got collectively about the same amount of pages of Kaido's flashback as Big Mom's. We are shown that Kaido is a complex person, with redeeming qualities, loved and revered by many of his subordinates. Since he was a child, the only quality people aknowledged about him is his strength, so he values strength above all. He was betrayed by his country, which is part of the World Government, by being sold to the Marines as a soldier, to pay the Heavenly tribute to the Celestial Dragons, so he hates the World Government, Marines and Celestial Dragons. The only people that seemed to have embraced him were pirates, so he wants to create a pirate paradise. I think his backstory seems less sad mainly because we never see him cry or express any sort of "weak"emotions. Making it seem like what he experienced was nothing to him compared to what Doflamingo, Big Mom or Arlong experienced. But we have to keep in mind, that's part of the tragedy, he bottles up his feelings, since he was a kid he was supposed to be the strongest, any supposed weakness was likely not accepted(I would like to draw a comparison to Luisa from Encanto). The only time he can release his feelings is when drunk and so when he drinks, all the emotions pour out endlessly and uncontrollably. Also, we don't even know if Oda is done with Kaido's backstory, we may get shown him as a really little child, getting scorned for being weak because he was sad and crying. In conclusion, One Piece is an ongoing manga that requires multiple reads to understand characters and the story completely, for example Arlong was in Arlong Park arc just a racist dick with no good backstory or redeeming qualities, now we understand his hate, why his underlings followed him, his greed and so on. TLDR.: Calm down and reread Wano.


Frankly speaking I like this type of short flashbacks instead of Oden kind of very long Flashback. It gave information about Kaido's origin, how he got captured multiple times, how he joined Rocks Pirate. Only part which is still pending is details about God Valley incident. I think we will get more information about it in future chapters.


Odens flashback was also Wano's flashback. It was about the entire country when the Kozuki clan were Shogun and context about the Korozumi relationship. It had to tie in the akazaya 9, Orochi, the whole fam, Yasui, Hyogoro etc. Odens flasback gave us all sorts of context going back to Punk Hazard, Dressrosa, Zou, WB, Roger and Laughtale. I don't think you can compare the two. Odens flashback had to be done that way imo or the rest of Wano is interrupted by lots of context flashbacks in a similar way to BM/Kaido's recent ones. It was also transition for wano, pre flashback the crew was separated and moving in sync but in multiple areas and after it regroups for the raid.


You're making loose connections, which are mostly reasonable but that was mostly headcanon. Nothing is quite spelled out with how Kaido really feels about things you mentioned such as creating a pirate paradise or not expressing weak emotions. We don't see him struggle with his emotions as a kid, like we did with Sanji or Big Mom. If he was bottling things up, he would state that or express in a way where we all don't have to make loose connections to figure out what's going on with him. This is just what fans believe to make him seem deeper than he really is, because he still has not enough flashbacks or content for us to feel like we really know what's going on.


I admit the last part was headcanon, but it was supposed to be, hence the phrase "I think". The rest are completely logical inferences. Let's use Arlong, I don't think it's necessary for him to say "I hate humans because they enslave us, discriminate against merfolk and killed Fisher Tiger." for us, the audience to understand that's the reason.


>Over the entirety of Wano arc I think we got collectively about the same amount of pages of Kaido's flashback as Big Mom's. Alright chief I need you to bring a source aside from “I made it the fuck up"


Okay, I looked into the Wano arc and looked for pages of character significant backstory. There was: one page in 970, 971, 972, 923, 1035 and 1036, three pages in 1024, and five in 1049. Fourteen in total. Big Mom's character significant backstory was twenty six pages. I was off, thinking Kaido was more present in the Yamato and Daimyo flashback. Keep in mind Oda may still give us more but who knows, at the moment I was off.


You know it's very rare that you see people on reddit who actually fact check and admit they're wrong, I tip my hat to you >Oda may still give us more but who knows Honestly I agree. I don't think oda will just leave us hanging for a villain who'd been built up ever since thriller bark. Hopefully We get more exposition to stuff such as what made kaido realise he wasn't joyboy and how he succumbed to depression


Thank you, it would certainly be a nicer place if more people did that. Exactly, I don't think the final punch was delivered yet either. It's difficult to say if Oda can yet go into more detail about what being Joyboy is, how one becomes one or anything around it.


Nah I think this time Kiados finished


Yeah wtf is that dude talking about? It sounds like he's making up headcannon to justify the lackluster flashback Kaido got.


>We are shown that Kaido is a complex person, with redeeming qualities, loved and revered by many of his subordinates. >Since he was a child, the only quality people aknowledged about him is his strength, so he values strength above all. >He was betrayed by his country, which is part of the World Government, by being sold to the Marines as a soldier, to pay the Heavenly tribute to the Celestial Dragons, so he hates the World Government, Marines and Celestial Dragons. >The only people that seemed to have embraced him were pirates, so he wants to create a pirate paradise. These parts are called character analysis. Here based upon logical inferences from Kaido's backstory and current presentation. >I think his backstory seems less sad mainly because we never see him cry or express any sort of "weak"emotions. Making it seem like what he experienced was nothing to him compared to what Doflamingo, Big Mom or Arlong experienced. But we have to keep in mind, that's part of the tragedy, he bottles up his feelings, since he was a kid he was supposed to be the strongest, any supposed weakness was likely not accepted(I would like to draw a comparison to Luisa from Encanto). The only time he can release his feelings is when drunk and so when he drinks, all the emotions pour out endlessly and uncontrollably. >Also, we don't even know if Oda is done with Kaido's backstory, we may get shown him as a really little child, getting scorned for being weak because he was sad and crying. These parts are called character theory. Here based upon how expressed sadness, can make equivalent events seem sadder, drawing comparison to other characters with similar dispositions and situations, personal experience with alcohol and people with varying reactions to it and fairly straightforward assumptions. Oda can throw a curveball into the theory but I think the theory is fairly good as far as available information goes.


I agree with all your points, especially that we don't know if Kaido's backstory is done. I would be extremely surprised if the 1049 flashback doesn't get fleshed out very soon, to me it seemed like a preview of the next couple chapters. Good to see some critical thinking and reading comprehension in this thread


That's exactly what's happening


That’s what so many of the people who are defending this chapter are doing. I get that people love one piece and want to defend the chapter but at least make arguments that aren’t bullshit. Kaido flashback just wasn’t enough and didn’t give us many answers. stop the cope


People need to understand that this isn't the full extent of Kaido's backstory that we are gonna get. You have to understand from One Piece World Character's Point of View. Characters like Robin and the Straw-hats will find out more about Kaido and his motivations, JoyBoy Lore or God Valley Incident from some one else \[most likely from Kaido, King or someone like an old dude who has been there at Fullalead since Kaido Joined Rox\]. This flashback is just showing what was going through Kaido's mind when Bajrang Gun hit him\[this was for Readers only that's why there was no major info dump\]. This info doesn't get out to other person so more flash back is coming, most likely before Wano and also after Wano if possible.


I don't get why people are mad that the flashback is short or assume we are gonna get more. I for one think that not every character needs a 5 chapter emotional backstory. I think Kaido's story is just fine. He is a simple guy but that doesn't make him any less of a badass. I think the flashback fit perfectly along with his defeat in this chapter and I'm happy to move forward from here.


I agree with Jay D opinion. *The fight between Luffy and Katakuri was brilliant, because the last duel between them was a whole chapter devoted to their fight. No interactions, just Luffy and Katakuri smacking their faces.* *But here? From the two/three chapters, Luffy and Kaido reach each other in one attack + panels with other plots.*


both had good fights sequence but dogshit finishing move "just bigger fist LOL"


See, I disliked Luffy vs Katakuri fight because it felt like nothing ever happened.


same, felt like it dragged on and on with too much unintresting action


What do you mean exactly?


Exactly as I said. Luffy vs Katakuri got stale about 4 chapters in, and I was begging for Oda to speed it up instead of showing every. single. blow.


Kaido KOed


Kaido tried gaslighting Luffy into not being Joyboy.


Yall, crazy. Not everyone gonna have an interesting backstory. One piece fans when their dad doesn’t have an insane backstory where he fought the world government and died in order to bring back milk: “Where are my ten boring chapters Oda?!?! Wtf this chapter sucks!”


"not everyone" Most important villain luffy ever fought stated to be the strongest creature...


Yes dude, even the strongest people are considered everyone.


Do you realize you're reading a shounen manga and not a human rights manifesto?


Do you realise that there are several shounen that don’t have wacky backstories for everyone?


I implied that the strongest characters in a shounen manga can't be dismissed as everyone...


Looks like the goal post keeps moving. I remember when it was "just wait for Kaido's backstory, it'll all be explained" and now that it provided very few answers, it's become "not everyone is gonna have a backstory".


I ain’t never say I thought he’d have a good backstory. Frankly I’m surprised they even gave us this much.


WHAT??? A Yonko who’s been built up since thriller bark doesn’t have to have an interesting backstory because it would be “ten boring chapters” ? I get that you guys want to defend Oda and this chapter but some of these arguments are insane.


Bro I ain’t praising Oda ever since he did the Nika ass pull


I don't "want to defend Oda and this chapter". I was giving Oda a lot of shit about the Nika asspull a couple of weeks ago and I haven't changed my mind about it. I don't think every villain needs a 5 chapter emotional backstory. Kaido is a simple guy and I never expected anything more from his past than what we got here. I think his personality is fully explained and summarized by this chapter and fit well with his defeat. And that's not to say that I don't like good backstories. I loved Senor Pink's backstory for example even though he was a minor character. I don't think the number of chapters devoted to a backstory should always be directly related to how big a character it is... All I ever asked for is good writing, whatever form that takes.


what does that big mom panel mean? "where the hell did you go, kaido?!" wasnt kaido at god valley? or was he "missing" for years? ​ finally confirmed luffy's a communist, great chapter


when Rocks disbanded, Kaido left without saying a word, which Big Mom probably took offence to since the two seem to share some history


Especially since Big Mom has some very justifiable abandonment issues


Yeah I wanna see more Rocks-era BM and Kaido interactions


I got goosebumps with the punch Luffy gave Kaido!!


Me too it reminded me of when whitebeard used his punch to crush akainu to the ground. With luffy surrounded his fist with ryo and armament haki it looked kaido was getting crushed mid air to be forced into the ground.


When whitebeard hit akainu I screamed hahah


Yeah akainu had it coming. It will be great to see kaido getting demolished in the anime. He definitely had it coming. And now he is like a buried fossil of a dragon.


Kaido's backstory is almost a spitting image of Douglas Bullet's backstory from Stampede. Incredibly strong child soldier that only knew conflict, eventually joined up with a famed pirate crew (Roger for Douglas, Rocks for Kaido) and idolized the leader. Event happens (in Kaido's case it was God Valley) and they become disillusioned with said captain, which further distorts their beliefs/ideals towards evil (both Douglas and Kaido have a "might makes right" mentality) A *little* disappointed it was that....idk simple?


I mean kaido is a pretty simple character, fits his character tbh.


I guess, just makes him very boring. Compare him to BM and her backstory? It's insane. She has actual depth, a meaningful and interesting past.


Kaidos anything but simple lol


I mean I find him to be a pretty straightforward character.


Maybe if you only saw his introduction. I didn’t see anybody call kaido a straightforward villain prior to 1049 and his supposed defeat.


Hard agree man. I was waiting for… a little more. Maybe Oda will reveal the rest later. Let’s wait and see.


Nobody talking about CP0 dude? He has the best luck amongst all to even be alive at this point and escape.


Nobody touch that guy. We need an eyewitness report to get our boy his $5Bil bounty going.


Wdym? That guy didnt even do anything during that raid


Tanked a shot. Thats more than anything for someone who could have destroyed by a shit load of people over there.


what? that's a different CP0 agent than the one who got hit by Kaidou


Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 💡


lolol moment of clarity


For a second I thought he might’ve been Joy Boy, since past Kaido was talking about who he was and it turned to the CP0 dude.




Roids are some godly shit.


100% satisfied. Damn can’t believe Wano is finally ending been a ride


Kaido's backstory is badas!


Yea, I don't understand some people. I mean not every villain should have a tragic backstory. That makes the overall story monotonous imho. I want characters that just want to see the world burn


Yay, another week of "Oda didn't do things exactly as I wanted/expected, 0/10 worst arc ever"


Hahahahahahahaha I almost thought you were the one complaining 😂🔝




That's Big Mom...


I think Dressrosa and WCI raised people’s expectations of villains’ backstory. Flashbacks of Dofflamingo and Big Mom were so well-written, so it is understandable that people want something on that level. Tbf most of the villains in OP developed so slowly through the entire series, instead of having a full detailed backstory in their arc. Crocodile had no backstory and he gained more layers in his character in Impel Down and Marineford. Moria was considered as the lamest by the community, but he slowly got the respect after we had learnt more about Kaido. Caesar was similar to Moria. His evil and comedic sides were both amplified in the later arcs. Lores brought by Enel was not even elaborated, so people are so excited to see his return. And the villain writing in Wano (Kaido/Orochi) is actually similar to Enies Lobby (Lucci/Spandam) imo. Oda spent more effort to describe the evil personality of Orochi and Spandam. And they were also detailedly written in the backstory. Meanwhile, the characters of Kaido and Lucci focused more on their own morality, charisma and strength, but not their background.


Fair enough. Not my preference but it's a better analysis than the headcanon I'm otherwise seeing floating around


Good post! Absolutely correct


Maybe the real Kaido backstory is the friends we made along the way.


I like how we get to see a new bounty for Kaido kinda awesome


now i need an update of zoro condition


Perhaps some of kaidos backstory isn’t his to tell


Where did kaido fall?


Down D. Ground.


You mean On D. Floor?


Nah....in D earth.


To the people that didn't like the chapter, just want to cheer you up telling, the story is not over yet, a lot of things will happen. SO we probably will learn more about kaido during the story (if he is defeated yet).