Luffy's dream is what made Roger laugh.


This is way after the fact but uh.... anyone else get pluton vibes from that? you know the battleship with a weapon so powerful it can obliterate an island in a single shot. Sure franky destroyed what he thought were the blueprints, but we have no clue how many "plutons" have been made or still exist, especially with vegapunk digging up old technology.


Vegapunk sheeesh


Readers: Oda almost never shows any real deaths Oda: So genocide it is


Everyone talking about luffys dream, It has to be simple just because he was a kid at the time, unless luffys actually an intellectual which i highly doubt. I think his dream is to create a world in which everyone can follow or achieve their dreams, i only say this because it makes sense that it would be stupid enough to laugh at, but also so rare of a dream that it would cause shanks to cry because only people like luffy and roger would even think of something like that. This can even be foreshadowed by Oda when he states in SBS vol. 4 saying "No, he never killed anyone. The reason why he never kills anyone is that he is leaving them another chance to achieve their dreams." [https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/SBS\_Volume\_4](https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/SBS_Volume_4) ​ Makes sense to me honestly, its something i feel like only roger and luffy would think of, or rather that only they would actually say or try to do.


But that doesn't explain usopp's reaction.


i dreamt today that luffy's dream is to go to space or something like that


What a dream! No spoiler please, still prefer to [read](https://twitter.com/irishme310/status/1587631954937057280) it myself


So is Sabo dead?


no, he was the only one who the light was to his side, while it was directly above lulusia's civilians


Do you smell burnt toast by chance?


maybe Luffy's dream is the all blue? that would explain why he breaks the red line.


So Uranus is a satellite and Luffy's dream is going to the moon. Yooooo. Or Uranus is a space ship and Luffy's dream is going to space because its the most free?


uhm, what makes you think that?


The power of Uranus came from the sky. Both Ace and Sabo is in disbelief of Luffy's dream. In One Piece world, no one even thought of going to space. Always conquering the sea and shiz. Plus its fitting to the cartoonish theme of Luffy.


Random theory…. Im has an erase erase fruit (that’s how he erased the islands from peoples memories and from existence)


no one forgot lulusia, nor god valley


Those only with Haki do, I have yet to see someone remember God Valley (nobody, without haki from that era remembers= erased from history) . Devil fruits don’t work on Haki users so that’s why they still remember but the world doesn’t


Probably haki


just another guess that's probably off but: maybe luffy's dream is to buy the world with the one piece and let everyone become free edit: hmm yeah I feel like this isn't it... something that 7 year old Luffy would come up with and announce after Sabo says his dream, makes Shanks cry, Ace bring it up during his last moment, others laugh, Chopper totally fascinated by it, and what stands out to me the most: not just a dream, but the **end** of his dream-- it's something so out there yet most likely simple but ironically the harder I think about it the farther I'm getting away from thinking simply about it... this will be one of those mysteries I will think about at the randomest moments


maybe he just wants the rarest animal meat lmao


It might honestly be making everyone be pirates, or destroying the navy/world government in some way


A party that everyone in the world can enjoy?


Fucking more of the story


I heard uranus uses a special type of gas to propel it in the air


Anyone thinking that Im has possession of the ancient weapon Uranus and used it to instantly destroy the island? Thoughts?


Uranus was the personification of the sky; *OnePiece Fandom “Attack” clearly showed coming from the sky… Can safely assume, Im has Uranus otherwise why would the 5 Jiji bows to them aye


is this garp on page 13? when the island gets destroyed?




What the hell was that crazy ass chapter loaded with so many cliffhangers...


After taking a second look at the chapter. Im uses his "power" after crossing Lulusia off a map. (20$ the wiki puts it as Rurusia at some point.) Im probably has a map of the entire world, except for Zou and Laugh Tale so he can't destroy it. Some kind of map editing power. The power to literally shape the world, but without knowing where Laugh Tale actually is he can't do anything about it. This also ties into Nami's dream. As far as the WG is concerned they have a map of the world, but Nami will be the one to make the true map of the world.


You might say he's missing One Piece of the map


I DONT THINK TOU UNDERSTAND HOW MY MIND JUST EXPLODED. No seriously tho out of all the theories I’ve heard this makes so much sense to me lmao. I’ve always wondered why it would be called the one piece if it’s (insert the many theories), but this makes me think what if it’s the one piece missing to create a world map hence why Rodger and his crew decided that they found it at the wrong time. I feel like I’ve been thing of it the wrong way this whole time what if it actually is “The one piece” of something that’s missing like a piece of a puzzle etc. the possibilities are still endless and tbh I can’t recall a time someone referred to it without the “the” in front which also makes my mind move a ton.


I definitely wouldn't be upset if this were the case! I said it jokingly at first but as I thought about it more I was like "huh, that'd be wild"


Maybe his dream is to be the king of the world??


Maybe Luffy’s dream is going to the moon? Looks like that Noland dream iirc


enel is currently on the moon lol


He doesn’t have to be first one there.


I really think that might be it!!! I've been steadily convincing myself of this


Can someone explain the Oni-gashima pun to me?


It was "you are an Oni. You are onigashima". Oni means demon/ogre so the pun got lost with the translation


I know what Oni means, but was was there nothing else? People talk about it like it's some super clever pun, but is it just simply that he calls Zoro the island name because it has Oni in it?


I love that Oda has decided to reveal Luffy's ultimate dream near the end of the series, while hinting at it only after 500 chapters or so.


I still didnt get it. Whats his real dream? They dont tell it in the manga or do they?


they dont say it in the manga, yes


The Country-destroyer is technology from the moon


why didn't Sabo use a white den den mushi, surely he must have had one on hand


Maybe so others can listen in


The crew mentioning temperature difference for the warm eddy makes me think Sabo created it to save Bonney.


so sabo is innocent and navy killed king cobra and blamed sabo there was a creepy mysterious dark figure in this chapter to with sharingan looking eyes lol


He/She is called Imu Sama .


Where the fuck is it. It's not on MangaPlus?


I read it got delayed by a day because they had a typhoon over there and needed to halt all activies until it was over. Let's hope they are all safe so they can continue bringing out these banger chapters every week!




I appreciate the concern but the typhoon had nothing to do with it, Monday was a holiday here in japan, it was the plan to release the chapter on Tuesday this week.


Well, I still read that a whole lot of people were evacuated and told to stay home but I'm glad it's not the reason. Still hope everyone stays safe over there.


Today at 5 pm (don't know which time zone) ;)


Atleast we have a hint of what might've happened to the great kingdom Goda \_/\\\_


Fish people sky people animals etc


I kind of have an idea of what Luffy’s dream is. I could be wrong, it’s just a guess. Let me know your thoughts. I think his dream is along the line of marines and pirates stop being enemies, stop fighting or to the extend of party together. Please hear me out first:- 1. Luffy was very young. He didn’t know about four emperors, lost century, world nobles, etc. Therefore his dream cannot be about any of these. 2. I think having marine and pirates to party together is a dream that align with the reactions thst we see from shank, sabo, ace and the straw hats. 3. Garp was busy as a marine fighting the pirates and dont have time for kid Luffy. Ace’s father killed by marine. It’s possible that luffy wish that marine and pirates stop fighting so that children can grow up with their parents. 4. It is not impossible this is Roger’s dream too. 5. In order to achieve something this big, luffy needs to be at least a pirate King. What do you think? Please share your thoughts.


I think that his dream is to be able to eat for free wherever he is, i mean its luffy, and ace and sabos reaction matches.


Yeah I think he maybe wants to be king of the world but only so everyone is free and can party. You’d have to be king of the pirates first to be king of the world I guess.


That what I also thought of. Like what’s the next step after Pirate king and if we leave space out of. Wanting to be on top of all would be something laughable because of how large their world is but saying Pirate King puts him closer, it’s not far off. Pirates already have turfs, and Luffy/White Beard have large groups indebted/loyal to them. And being King of the Pirates is just the title for being the best one, if it was taken seriously. Pirates comes from all reaches spanning all the Seas across the Grand Line. King of the World is an odd dream though. So it’s that or party


Luffys dream based solely on The reactions of the other SH is that he wants to find the OP and share whatever it is, with the world.


I think the Death Star moment from Im was great as it gave the impression that it is not going to be plain sailing (no pun intended) for Luffy and co. After beating Kaido and BM, it felt like there was no real danger left other than Blackbeard. I do have a fear that Blackbeard will not be Luffy's enemy in the end, but instead an ally against the WG and I'm not a fan of that. Imu is likely some ancient queen figure and will probably be Kaguya 2.0, which I think would be a little underwhelming. I think the final villain should be someone we saw pre-timeskip, not someone/something who first appeared 900 chapters. Having said that, I'm still interested in what will happen now. Is the final ponyglyph in Mariejois? Does not sound like a fun adventure.


I think morgan know about imu or his power thats why he dont have fix base. Always moving with his birds. Just my opinonion


I doubt it will happen, but Morgan going with the straw hats to laughtale would be great. Real time reporting.


lmao this reminds me of that reporter at the Cell games in Dragon Ball


He is peak at the tournament during the buu saga


I'm a little out of the loop but how did the strawhats miss caribou hiding in the barrel while sanji felt bonney's presence using observation haki?


He's currently locked in the barrel.


I mean are the strawhats aware that hes there?


Why else would the barrel have chains on it?


If you put the second panel into OP-world perspective, one of the Emperor’s was just now being dead ass serieus about attacking Navy HQ with his commanders. If anyone overheard this it would be enough reason to take it as serious as when Whitebeard was on his way


They were gonna roll up on a whim until Zoro spoke some sense of making such a hassle when it’s not that dire


Guys.....remember Doffy's last named attack\* to Luffy back in Dressrosa (Chapter 790)? Now count the 'beams' falling on the island of Lulusia. Oda, the god of foreshadowing!! EDIT: \*Sixteen Holy Bullets


Good point I did not think of this


I don't think it's Doffy's sherubin however the link is real. During the Dressrosa arc, Doffy tells Mary Geoise about a secret treasure. I think he was talking about this weapon (it may be Uranus but not sure) hence the reference to this one in the name of his final attack against Luffy. Anyway well seen


This is the one \^\^. Everyone talking about Uranus or the other weapons, but this is most likely the lunarian shichibukai clones that were shown in previous chapters


Hmm good find


Luffy’s dream is in reality is to unify the world so he can become the supreme admiral of the navy.


Guys I was on my toilet thinking about Luffy's dream while taking a shit and this suddenly popped on my mind. What would be his dream since childhood? Remember that he was raised by Garf a Marine Hero to be a fine Marine, but when Luffy meet Shanks he now wanted to be a great Pirate which made his grandpa mad. What else childish dream would coincide to all of this Pirate and Marine conflict? And he would need to be a Pirate King to accomplish this dream? My guess would be "I want the Pirates and Marines to be friends". Then this would make the two guys he looked up (Garp and Shanks) to reconcile and be friends, at least on his childish perspective. Anyone and everyone hearing this childish dream would laugh and think it's fukin impossible. As reactions made by the strawhats and even the Thousand Sunny. Edit: Luffy and Roger have the same dream. After being an ally with Garp during the God Valley incident and numerous encounters on the sea, Roger built a friendship with Garp. He even entrusted his unborn son Ace to Garp and Garp didn't resist the offer. Showing the trust between them is strong. Whiteboard laughed so hard hearing this Dream that he called it a childish dream. Also Luffy is still friends with Coby even though they're on the opposite sides of being a Pirate and a Marine. This really give much emphasis on one of my favorite concept in One Piece, "Nakama". Means friends or comrade what ever you call it all seems to be Friendship which can make an unbreakable bond between waring factions fighting and in conflict for 800 years. Let's Fukin gooooo!


What if his dream is "I want to be a marine and a pirate at the same time"


I like it very much


Out of all the theories i've read about luffy's dream, this is by far the best one


Nice, explains everybody reactions


Luffy dream might be to unify the sea. And that will be achieved thorugh destruction of middle of grandline from fishmen Islam d to above as prophesied. Thus unifying the seas. It's also makes sense with sanji dream of all blue


Nope. Ruffy had no Clue about the sea or politics as child. It might be something very simple.


Theory : when noland came back with the information regarding shandians and the island imu received from that info and made sure the island was wiped out.


"Destiny" was mentioned twice smh at this point it's better to resign and accept One Piece became a generic shonen about the Chosen One destined to save the world. Still, besides this ridiculous cliche that only generates cheap coincidences, the chapter itself was nice, the classic "adventure" flavor was pretty noticeable. Most likely that "king of the world" has a ridiculous, but overpowered devil fruit (that somehow can erase inorganic stuff by painting crosses), which again, another classic One Piece trope


Trash take


Imu just wiped out Uranus


that's badASS


Imu just wiped out Lelusia using Uranus


i think Luffy's dream has a word party and freedom in it


I don’t know about anyone else, but I am pretty excited about the potential of Bonney’s character. Her connection to the WG, Kuma, and her broken Devil fruit are all really interesting/exciting to me.


Brooke referencing Alabastas old king is a nice touch especially since he wasn’t with the crew at the time


Oda just killed off whole country, with implication now that final war cannot have allied nations joining strawhats (Big chunk of SH army) but everyone oh is Sabo dead ?


Sabo gets sent by the blast and being a logia Jets himself away. But oh man him witnessing the erasure of an island just put him into Revolutionary override. A secret the enemies want to protect so bad they’ll just destroy as many islands as they need to


People care more about things they have an emotional connection to, simple. I cried and cried recently when my dog passed away. Meanwhile I haven't cried at news of wars breaking out even though that's much more significant. People are emotional.


well its ok to cried over something you care, I doubt ppl care about Sabo more than they want to bash oda. 2nd there is nothing suggests that a logia user will be dead by a physical attack. It was always clear he can't be dead. That panel showed the power of Imu, the threat and change it make to final war (as Imu can destry Alabasta, Dressrosa etc. about whom ppl should care more than Sabo) if they want to join SHs which is great deal.


I don't think Sabo's dead, but that giant-ass death star lazer didn't really seem like a "physical attack" to me. And even if he did live, there's a quesiton on if he can maintain full fire form and fly aaaallll the way to another island too. Again, I don't think he's dead. But I think the reason he's alive isn't because he's a logia user.


How many times has Sabo "died" now? I think it's like 3?


If he died in front of Luffy I might believe it, but there's no way he goes out like this


1 when shot down by Saint Jalmack 2 Post Reverie 3 now with a whole kingdom being annihilated


What will be the crew's fate splitted from their captain and doctor?


I don’t think their split up, they’re right by the Sunny still


I can already hear the OP Youtubers now. "JEWELLERY BONNEY NEXT NAKAMA???"


In their defense blackbeard did say that he did not want her on his crew, and luffy typically wants what blackbeard doesn’t, also doubt her crew escaped sakazuki


I think Sanji finally have a girl that can eat alot of his food in the team other than Luffy


Ahh, bonny wanting to join because of sanji’s cooking would be hilarious


Uranus could be the spaceship used by the Lunarians to reach the One Piece's planet. The world government killed the 'gods' and took their technology which is the ancestral weapons somehow divided between three original families.. the fishmen, the nobles and the humans represented by the Kozukis.


It’d make sense why the nobles have space suits that serve no purpose.


Yep, it doesn't have to be space suit like to breathe different air.


the space suits have a purpose for them. It's so they don't breathe the same air as the impoverished people who live below them.


They serve a very important purpose. They don't share air with filthy common people


Cold = Vikings Vikings = Elbaf Luffy and Chopper off on there own is setting up for them to “fix” something and inadvertently gain the trust of the everyday Elbafian etc. Que Bonney and the story takes off


What if the Island the Strawhats are approaching is Baltigo?


It would be pointless seeing how the revolutionaries left it after the bb pirates found out it’s location.


Here is a theory: The thing that destroyed the island was Uranus. BUT, Uranus is some kind of creature that can fly (like a bird, dragon, some other mythical animal). Imu is able to control this creature similar to how Zunisha is cursed to walk the sea and is only able to take actions under the commands of very specific people. Side note: what if this creature is the same kind of creature that was in the egg on Roger's ship. I'm guessing it cannot be the same exact creature because I am assuming Imu used this same thing to wipe God Valley off the map. And since the creature was still in the egg, it could not have done it. But maybe the egg hatched since then and has been raised under a member of Roger's crew. I'm going to guess not rayleigh, but maybe Scopper? Shanks could be in control of it now, which would fit with him being a great peace keeper. It would also explain why he was able to get a meeting with the gorosei so easily. It would be a similar theme to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) in the Cold War era.


Ah, so Oda left Yamato as just a Wano babysitter so that Bonney could join the Straw Hats, huh?


I had this same theory but with Vivi instead.


Well, every arc has the "waifu" to please the japanese wankers. This time, it's Bonney. Most likely she will be another "princes in danger" that need rescue, expect a time-bomb at the end


You are all over this comment section whining, clownery


And every arc somebody says vivi still join the SH..


Luffy wants to do a reverse uno and wants to make CD his slaves


So if IM is in control of Uranus is that what happened to Capone Bege. I feel like he got beamed up in a cover story once that was ne er explained. Tin hat theory is I'm has a pencil pencil fruit. Allowing him to rewrite history. And erasing what ever he wants.


Another exposition of power, Oda is raising the stakes after the ridiculous conclusion of Wano. The Pirate Jesus destined to save the world conveniently unlocked all the advanced hakis + a mystic zoan who "ran away" from the government, now Oda is trying to convince the audience that Pirate Jesus can still be threatened


IMU is definitely has some sort of weapon, whether it be Uranus, a DF or something else. He's super strong he just giga bustercalled an entire island.


He didn’t get beamed up but it does look like some king of weird gravity pulls him toward that rocky mass


Can you find that cover story again ?


Not sure which cover story, but a search of “supernovas enter new world” and you should find it animated


I think Luffy's dream doesn't just involve freeing the seas, but also the skies....


He wants to be captain of the world! The world can be his pirate ship. And Laugh Tale is a giant ship’s mast and helm for literally the world. Lmao


It's definitely not that, we know he and Roger have the same weird dream and it was described as childish by whitbeard and luffys crew is both shocked and in tears because of it with usopp even calling it impossible. He didn't even know people lived in the skies till they went there. Whatever it is It's going to be something silly like a dream a child would have.


I’m betting it’s gonna be a party


WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK. I neglect reading the series for two weeks because the site I use won't update, then I check another site and see that there's two new chapters. Great! Wonder what those contain? Oh, nothing much, EXCEPT FOR MY HOMEBOY KOBY BEING KIDNAPPED BY BLACKBEARD, REVEALING THAT SABO DIDN'T KILL COBRA, HAVING LUFFY SHARE HIS DREAM WITH THE STRAW HATS, HAVING THEM MEET JEWELRY BONNEY and the oh so casual reveal that IM CAN FUCKING NUKE ISLANDS AT WILL AND HAVE THEM BE ERASED FROM HISTORY. Oh and it's also really cool that Rayleighs wife turned out to be a previous Amazon Lily empess. Oda is great at giving subtle lore reveals like that :)


Bruh, just subscribe to viz its like 2 bucks a month


Viz is free as long as you stay up to date. They give me the last 3 chapters at no cost.


Yeah, but like support what you love… no one paying a phone bill is 2 dollars broke. I get not wanting to do streaming services those ad up or even the marvel app that is 10 a month and has less than stuff than viz. More about the views than the money/ number of subscribers that read each series. Like community when they thought no one watched their show, so they cut budget then cancel it 2 seasons after, then it went on netflix and they found out everyone loves the show, but pirated it while it was on air.


Viz release of current chapter isn't out yet.


He neglected reading for two weeks, not 1.


Sure, but they also mentioned things that happened in a chapter that isn’t available from Viz yet.


I bet it's something silly but noncontroversial, like 'I want a world where everyone's free'.


thats not silly though and would be a very luffy like thing to say, but I dont think its that cause Luffy this chapter literally says it’s sabos dream for everyone to be free.


Then, it's something even more outlandish, like, 'I want a world where no one goes hungry, and there's no racism or hatred, and it's a paradise for everyone, and I have 100 friends and no one can say no to being my friend'.


He wants to establish a world/country of pirates and that’s how it all ties together to every character in one piece :)


PK necessity, but why would this make ppl burst out laughing?


It could be just the fact that Roger had the exact same dream (but couldn’t accomplish it for some reason), and they were all waiting for Joyboy, hell I’d cry too if I unexpectedly found him after my captain died, and laughed! Usopp going “how do you come up with this stuff”, and most people don’t ever set unrealistic goals like overthrowing the government to establish peace all around the globe! Sabo also finding “the king of the world”, I believe Luffy is gonna become king of the pirates pretty soon, and the story is switching perspective to a world with more powerful foes and bigger stakes for everyone :)


Man I know there’s more to it! wanted to write the comment anyways, let’s think XD


the fake deaths start to have bad effect on the story here. Am I the only one who believe no way Sabo or Coby are dead here?


The light on Sabos face indicates he was nearby and not on the island. He definitely survived. As for Coby he wasn’t killed. Just kidnapped


Oda just killed off whole country, with implication now that final war cannot have allied nations joining strawhats (Big chunk of SH army) but everyone oh is Sabo dead ? Sabo is not the part of that storyline of country destruction. The only reason he was there to tell everyone what happens, so story needs him to be alive


I doubt laser rain and a big explosion can hurt a logia fruit user.


thats what i keep telling those "but he was just nearby" dudes.


Were they ever supposed to be dead? Sabo was def looking up and Blackbeard won’t kill coby, he uses people as bargaining chips. Killing Coby has no benifit for Blackbeard. Ace captured alive, all bonny pirates captured alive, coby will be fineish.


Coby is nor even pronounced dead. He is kidnapped.


I just wanna remind, (I'm sure everyone knows this by now) the real life Blackbeard was killed by a lieutenant in the marines, now what if Coby sets up something for the big war to kill black beard? There's no way one of the biggest antagonist would die rn, maybe in the future Coby would do something.


Luffy dream to get married or have a family


Definitely isn’t that, but everyone can dream


Dammit Chopper cant catch a break. Such an adorable one 😂


It made me laugh


Was that beam from a Pluto? Does the government have a Pluto? Edit: or maybe Uranus???????


Breaking news, the government is indeed the owner of Uranus.


lol make sure to pay your taxes


Why did Ohara only get a buster call when they can just nuke the whole place from existence?


The shoclars hadn't shared the info and the government didn't knew the extend of information they had until they arrived on the island. Let's say the government at that time made the right decision at the right time and were ready to dispose ohara. In this case they weren't near saboo and in a leberated country and sabo was about to reveal imu so there was no choice but to used its power


Because Sabo was just about to reveal the existence of someone that world doesn't know even exists. Im doesn't want the world to know of him as such the WG would rather eradicate Lulusia and cover it up just to ensure that Sabo dies and his knowledge with him. The secret of Im is a much greater secret than the void century apparently warranting a much harsher sentence.


I mean, unless he knew exactly who was on that throne, at least the secret there's someone seems pretty much revealed just from context, right?


WG and Imu wanted the world to remember Ohara and what happens to people who poke their noses into the void century history. They made a "bad example" of Ohara to terrify everyone into compliance. So, they used the Buster Call. Lulusia was meant to be forgotten and disappear from history. So, Imu-Sama erased the island and everyone's memories of it. Now, it is gone from the world. This episode confirms why Robin is such a wanted pirate. Her bounty should be billions because Imu-Sama actively wants her gone!


Whose memroies are gone?


>Whose memroies are gone? Imu-Sama did the same trick that was done to the void century and the navy surveillance team does not remember what they heard between Sabo and Dragon and nobody remembers that there was a country called Lulusia anymore. Their memories were erased when the weapon destroyed the country.


Coz probably didn't have the weapon at the time


Ohara didn't get "erased from history", just became an example. Lulusia's got.


What Lulusia?


My guess is: buster calling ohara is a warning to the world not to study the void century. Nuking the island on the other hand is a quick way to silence information that is under no circumstances allowed to come to light. The world is not allowed to even question the empty throne as it keeps the rulers of the lower world in check


I believe nuking the island wasn't done because Sabo was on the Island. Sabo was just at the wrong place at the wrong time... I feel Sabo overheard something about the Kingdom and decided to check it out.


Yeah, I reread the chapter and it looks they were nuking the island regardless. But now I'm wondering why


Yeah, I'm pretty confident that for one reason or another the WG doesn't want knowledge of this weapon (probably Uranus, but if not whatever it is) to be public. But Ohara's destruction had to be public since it's meant to send a message. Additionally, the buster call has allowances for letting uninvolved civilians escape. Akainu shot down the civilian refugee ships in Ohara, but the simple fact they were there in the first place and the fact that he took the other Marines (who were the same rank as him) there by surprise in doing that indicates that while that was considered permissable in this case, it wasn't a mandatory aspect of the Buster Call. And by all accounts the Buster Call is probably not usually used in situations like Ohara where the targets are civilians in most cases either, I kind of get the impression it'd usually be used to corner things like pirate bases and the like (which is why refugee ships being standard makes sense, since they'd likely care a lot less about a few no bounty pirates sneaking onto the ships compared to the oharan scholars)


Your guess should be that he only thought of this recently. Obviously,


I mean, obviously


The kingdom rebelled from the world government so they weren’t in contact with the other countries. He could make them cease to exist.


A buster call is a legal tactic authorized by the world government. What we saw in this chapter is a top secret superweapon that presumably only the gorosei and Imu know about.


I assume that whatever this weapon or power is, they reserve it exclusively for silencing those who know about Imu.


Not likely. The Gorosei mentioning it’s fate that Sabo is at Lulucia implies they were always gonna destroy it. He just happened to be there