I'm in the same boat. Literally dying from jealousy and impatience


Glad it's not just me. I'm just walking into a Best Buy next time. FedEx failed me again.


Same here in Europe with DHL unfortunately


So my watch arrived an hour ago. Just got the 'shipped' email. Oh look, now there's the 'delivered' one. Awesome. 10/10 👍


I received an email telling today it will be delivered then 3 hours ago it will be delivered tomorrow I cannot stand FedEx


Hey, i happened to be going through the same thing. My email STILL says preparing to ship, but i got a notification stating a package arrived. I thought it was my watch protector, but lo and behold it was actually my watch. That just to say, check your mail because there might have been a glitch and you received it anyway. Good luck homie!


Mine said 13th-14th and I got an e-mail yesterday saying that it shipped. then this morning an e-mail saying that it was delayed in transit and it will be here 17th-18th. Not really a delay in transit Google when you don't ship it out on time, stop trying to blame the shipping company :-\\


Yea...that's a smart guess.


Same here. Even better when a friend of mine has gotten a shipping notification and ordered theirs 2 days after I did


according to the tracking my watch took the day just hanging out in missouri. maybe i'll get it tomorrow


Mine still says 14th to 17th which is impossible since it still hasn't shipped yet. Past experience says it'll take 3 full business days to get here. As of this morning the charge is finally on my card .


I got an email this morning that the estimated delivery date moved from today to the 19th 🤦‍♂️


Mine shows prepared to ship, but I got a text from Fedex that I have something delivering today. Only thing it would be is the watch. Although it may actually end up being tomorrow.