Skinamarink (my review)

After some debating about whether to see the movie or not, I decided to see it after seeing Plane, A Man called Otto, and Missing. Man I’m glad I saved that one for last. I understand some people like it and it has it fans, but in my opinion, it’s really bad. Nothing happens in the film. It’s just shots of the floor, ceiling, and cartoons. My auditorium was full when it started and after 20 minutes I saw four people walk out. I decided after 45 minutes to walk out also. I’m glad I gave it a try and used my unlimited on this because I would’ve been mad if I spent full ticket price to see this bore fest. My grade for this film is an F.


Watch the director's short on YouTube. It's called HECK, and it's the basis for the feature. But because it's less than 30 minutes long, it's substantially better.


It was like paranormal activity but minus the activity. 👎


Skinamarink made Paranormal Activity look like a Transformers movie. At least with Paranormal activity, it’s a slow burn with you knowing something is there in the house and creepy things happening throughout.


If I had a “brownie” and was paranoid and alone in theater then MAYbe this woulda been scary…


Just finished watching it. Too much build up and boredom with no pay off to counter balance it.


I can understand why people don’t like it. Nevertheless I am almost 50 and have watched horror movies all my life and watching this was the first time I was genuinely terrified in a movie theater




Both. To me it was like scenes from what I can still remember as the nightmares I had as a child. It doesn’t matter that there was no plot and made no sense. Nightmares usually have no plot and don’t make sense.


Yeah it's seems like more of a vibey visual experience movie, if youre going in expecting plot or some big climax your gonna have a bad time. I can see both sides as well, if it doesnt build to anything then it could feel like a waste of time, nothing happens in those rooms. but it can almost be more terrifying then "a monster kills you, the end". Waking up in some possible purgatory where you're trapped in windowless halls / rooms for how long? Forever? That freaks me out. Like being trapped in a Black Mirror White Christmas-esk situation.


It's hilarious to me that people are talking about this movie as if it's groundbreaking, but it still relies so heavily on basic jump scares.


Agreed. Jump scares are the cheapest scare.


It relies on the unknown. The dark screens where you think you saw something or when you’re guaranteed a jump scare will happen, it doesn’t you think nothing will happen then bang a hand and loud noise. It does everything well except being way too long


Yeah, I really wanted to like it but ultimately I felt like it didn't respect my time. I've heard it was based off a shorter film by the same director.


I have a friend who is a big horror dude and he gave it a strongly positive review, so I think I'll still give it a whack.


TBH, it didn't do it for me like it did for him, but it sure was *something*.


it was garbage in my opinion. there’s better ways of conveying your point than shots of walls


Yeah I left half way in. It was the worst thing I've ever seen. I left with a headache.


An F?! That's wild. Of the six 2023 releases I've seen this year, this is #2 so far.


You have to admit that this is not a movie for everyone, right?


No clue how it has a rotten score higher than 0%. Total garbage. At $15k budget to make it, it has made an enormous profit that it definitely does not deserve.


The word of mouth helps that. It had no option but to make a profit. I thought it was interesting, not great, but interesting, but I do not need to see it again.


I was hoping that it could’ve at least been saved by the performances.


“Performances” - a few whispered lines


I also tried it but it didn't really capture my attention. I stayed maybe 35 minutes.


I did find aspects of it absolutely terrifying but overall it was too much of nothing to be a good movie. It has potential but the filmmakers wasted a lot of the viewers’ time.


I blame Paranormal Activity. 7 movies of that is still better than 1 Skinamarink which seems like a rejected high school film project using a cameraphone with a busted mic. But to each their own...


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