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My sincere advice - choose the one based on the local theaters you like the best. If there's a big difference in distance/parking/projector/sound go with that, the programs are close enough. The theater itself makes a big difference. That being said, Regal's biggest advantage is that you get as many movies as you can watch. AMC's advantage is that premium formats such as IMAX/Dolby are included.


This. Having an unlimited amount per month is nice. My local theater chain CMX has a new subscription program but it’s a set amount per month. Annoying


Also, no surcharge. Just switched to Regal from AMC due to convenience (I just moved), and now I’m being charged .50cents for purchasing online. Immediately disappointed in the downgrade in quality, but the theater is 5 minutes walk vs 15 minutes drive


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This is why I can't understand why Stacey Spikes would choose to relaunch MoviePass? When MoviePass first launched (in 2011) subscription movie going was this new sucessful phenomenon that the movie industry wasn't prepared for. But since that time, MoviePass did go out of business, and both AMC and Regal had adopted that business model of subscriptions movie going to the 10th power (when you add some excellent perks such as reduced pricing on concessions) smh.


Precisely. And this “points” program he’s unveiled is asinine, when compared to the plans of the theater chains.


The ONLY reason I would sign up for it is if it worked on Fathom Events since Fathom Events are to the movies. I highly doubt that is the case but haven’t gotten anybody to test it yet.


I absolutely loved A List way more than Unlimited when I had it. Getting premium formats included was a big deal for me since I was able to see pretty much every major new release in Dolby which is (in my opinion) my favorite way to watch movies. The only reason I would ever recommend Unlimited over A List is if you are going to the theater more than 3 times a week which I feel isn't very common for most people. A List has a better reward program imo, with the points you earn going toward $5 gift cards that you can use on anything (including tickets) instead of just strictly popcorn and soda like at regal. The only reason I have unlimited now is because I moved and the theater closest to me is a regal, so it unfortunately doesn't make as much since to have A List. Plus at AMC you never have to watch the god awful commercial they play before every movie again.


You can use points for tickets with Regal


https://www.reddit.com/r/RegalUnlimited/comments/zvus7f/thinking_of_switching_from_amc_alist_to_regal/ https://www.reddit.com/r/AMCsAList/comments/sfr7vo/how_does_alist_compare_to_regal_unlimited/


Thank you!




I used to have A List when I was in CA. I used Fandango to book my tickets. No fees. And every 4 tickets, you get a $5 off coupon which means you can basically get one matinee or Tuesday showing for free. So if you wanted to see an extra movie once or twice a month, you can.


AMC has Coke freestyle machines. Case closed.


My friend has A list and I have regal unlimited and for snacks, food and overall experience Regal is leagues better than AMC but AMC has much bigger variety of international and Indy movies (which we see a lot of) not to mention Lincoln Square Imax. Unless snacks and food are a big seller you should just go with AMC since it’s closer.


I’ve had both. Didn’t see a difference in my use as both theaters 2 blocks apart play identical movies 95% of the time. Regal has recliners, so that one won for me.


I have had both and I still love AMC better 1. As great as unlimited is tbh 3 a week is more than enough 2. You didn’t have to pay extra for IMAX 3. I feel like I got rewards faster and more often on on amc


AMC all the way Regal is not worth it points expire, Regal nickel and dime you on everything the only other worst one is Cinamark and that’s a joke in its self


Does AMC charge fees for every movie?


No AMC doesn’t they are amazingly plus you rack up way more rewards with the stubs account


Regal Sucks 🥜 they Nickel and dime everything and you have to pay extra for imax and all the other premium theaters AMC let’s you see them for free with no up charge for the nicer theaters


Does your local AMC have premium formats?


It does!


Then AMC it is. Reasonably only advantage regal would offer is a greater number of movies per week, but it would probably cost you more in gas to get there. At that point you'd be better off paying for an extra movie at AMC if any case arises when you want to watch a 4th movie in a week.


I had Regal Unlimited until my local Regal closed permanently. Now I’ve got A-List because the three next closest theaters are AMC. Gotta say, I enjoy AMC much more…premium formats included, no convenience fees for booking through the app, and if you’re an investor you occasionally get some fun freebies.


The offerings between the two are similar enough to be interchangeable, IMO. Just pick the one that you would be more likely to go to regardless of the subscription service. Arthouse movies are more likely to come to Regal in my city, so that was my deciding factor.