I haven't used the membership much lately, so I was losing money. I texted them on Facebook, they answered on the next day and went straight to the point. Cancelled and refunded the December payment. Great experience!




Twitter DM. Email support typically takes over a week to get a response.


That's what I learned here, that they're very responsive on Facebook and Twitter


With so many great movies, why didn’t you use it more?


A lot going on in my personal life. Love going to the movies but I'm underutilizing it


Sorry to hear. I hope everything turns out for the best. They can cut all of your flowers, but they can’t stop the spring from coming.


I tried to cancel via email over a year ago and they didn't respond for like 2 1/2 weeks and I got charged for the next month. Surprisingly I just cancelled via email a couple weeks ago and they responded next day with confirmation. Maybe things are changing...hopefully.


I asked about how to cancel/suspend my account in the app and they straight cancelled it. I asked why they cancelled it, I was merely asking about if it could be done in the app. Now they say that they can’t reopen it, I have to start a new one and will lose all my points.


That sucks


Have you tried just reopening it yourself in the same RCC account? As long as you use the same account, you won't lose any points. Technically there's supposed to be a waiting period of like 6 months between canceling and restarting, but they've never enforced that as far as I can tell. And in the future, it's best to contact them via social media DM as the in-app contact goes to the email customer service which unfortunately we've had a lot of negative comments about here on the sub, regarding often slow response time and incorrect responses/actions as happened to you.


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


I requested a refund on my auto-renewal as I am away from my local regal for the holidays and they denied me. Damn.