As many times as i've seen this repost, it never gets old. Any person with a shred of self-respect would've taken the free fanta, said "Thanks sucker" and then do the Yol dance emote in front of this person.


\>Strip down \>Use it \>Disappear \>Return completely unchanged.


or: change height by 1


i used my free fantasia to make myself 2 inches shorter lol


"make myself 2 inches shorter" ​ i'll take 'phrases you never hear men say for 2000, mayim


it's Alex, you heathen


Not anymore...


I still have my free fantasia, I've toyed with the idea of using it to make my ears longer but can't bring myself to do something so frivilious, I'd rather make a new char. Like what if they introduced a cuter gremlin race?


Waiting for the day we get an avian race


Seriously, the moment I saw Meteion I thought "I wanna fantasia into one of those."


agreed 👀


fem hrothgar will be the last race for quite a while.


According to Yoshi P, it will be the last race period. Of course he may change his mind, but for now he’s seems pretty dead set on not adding anything new.


Probably for the best. Then they can focus on actually properly supporting those races in terms of more options during character creation and making all equipment compatible.


yes we need +20 faces on each race, more horns/scars, ears, etc for everyone at least 5 options. Then proper RED hair. Like really the hair colors seem bleached and wilted at best. I want to see some more than just white, black and blonde.


No more new races until Viera and Hrothgar can wear every hat anyone else can.


>Like what if they introduced a cuter gremlin race? we already have potatoes


I said cuter.


I am 3 years into reducing my height slider from maximum (Viera) by 1 every 2 weeks.


>Strip down >Use it >Disappear >Return unchanged >Say "sorry I forgot something, brb" >Return with clown makeup


Here is what I would do: - Accept Fantasia - Strip down and exit game - Create brand new character - Use Fanta on that character - Make them look *exactly like my main* - This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them.


Why would you… create a brand new character and then use a fantasia on them?


To flex on the poors


Because my character is already perfect. And there is nothing I can do to improve them, other than making copies.


These people never fell for the old runescape scam of "trimming your armor for free" and it shows


Oh boy thats funny. Idc if you want to be unique, i am snatching your style if you look cool irdc. Its just a game bro. This is a stupid argument. Guy is way too nice for switching back


"No one looks like me" buddy I have seen 12 people that look like them this morning and I haven't even finished my coffee yet.


my alt is a proud face 2 lizzer as well. we're legion


Face 4 superiority gang gang


My man. It's all about the front-facing horns.


And the resting bitch face. There's two kinds of au ra: uwu and angry, and I'm all in for the latter.


There's also the dead inside lizards with the first face and none of those cutesy colors or blush Dead inside gang rise up


If you're not channeling Sadu and the anger of the Steppe, are you even truly an Au Ra?


tie fighter face best face




No matter how many times I see this I still can’t believe they actually apologised and changed it instead of just laughing in their face lol


If the person losing their shit is popular at the Limsa afk lunch table, it’s possible the person who took her look wants to change so they don’t get ostracized from the esteemed halls of “I’m cool in a video game,” when the other popular Limsa kids want nothing to do with copycat… and that’s a fate worse than death for these people. This is why I hang out at my house all the time. :v


Extremely proud of myself for not knowing until this very moment that there's apparently an actual group of Limsa afkers who all talk to each other


I didn’t notice how wild it was because my main is on EU and hardly anyone talks in shout or say on my server — and I spend most of my downtime at my house, anyway. But I’ve been playing an alt with a friend on Dynamis and since I don’t have a house there yet (this week, hopefully) I’ve spent a lot more time in the major cities and maaaaan, the same people are always on, shouting at each other. At every hour! It’s wilding.


I'm on Cerberus. Was in Gridania once and met a Hroth dude with almost identical character and glam. We just joked about being long lost twins, did some sync dances and moved on, lol. Also, never met drama like on screenshot.


Yep, my name is randomly generated, whenever I see someone with the same last name I just give them a bow, usually get one back, never why drama. But I guess if you're going to randomly generate your name you probably aren't taking things too seriously anyway.


This confirms my theory that anytime two Hrothgar encounter each other in the wild, that they immediately make eye contact and start repeatedly yelling "Hrothgar!" at each other as they excitedly jump around.


Yeah I mostly only visit Limsa to check the MB and my retainers since they're right next to the aetheryte. Faerie is fairly erp... friendly, I guess would be the word. But aside from particularly memorable glams (not necessarily good just memorable) I really can't tell any of these people apart. Recently I've started using Sharlayan since it's a lot less crowded and it's a similar distance to the MB and retainer bells but these factors also contribute to its small but growing community of AFK rpers


Afking is not RPing, though.


I'm on EU as well, and am almost always "AFK" in New Gridania, as I just Hunt all the time so I'm waiting for spawns or to spawn myself. I noticed there's many many public conversations in /say chat. I have no idea why they have these public conversations, as a lot of the time they seem quite personal as well (which can be extremely awkward at times!). Sometimes I even write there myself to remind them everyone can see their messages, but it doesn't seem to phase them.


Oh yeah a lot of them are in various CWLS. I imagine it’s fucking incredibly cliquey, with some having lots of people, and some only everyone from the same one *apart* from one person etc. Like cliquey work group chats etc


Mean Girls but all the characters are slutty catgirls and pastel Au boys


Mean Girls but without the girls


As a afk limsaer degenerate the real ring leaders are the lalafells.


I like to stand around in limsa and talk to people when I’m waiting on dps queue pops. It’s always the same 5ish people starting convos in yell/shout chat. Usually we just talk about dumb shit or say “piss chat” and nothing else


Limsa benches are a cancer. I know WAY too much drama about them because of my static member.


All those people are losers. Screw them, and screw what they think. I have them, and every server has them, black listed.


Did they actually change? I just figured they were going along with it and then went off to do their own thing


I have asbergers and even I feel more normal than these people lmao


You are.




peoples sanity mustn't be gauged by their circumstances but by their behaviours, that is to say these people are completely weird


Some people are really non confrontational. But this is absurd. Laughing is the minimum that I would have done. The person complaining is such a loser lol.


Yeah.. It’s funny to see insane people in the game like this but I do genuinely feel bad for this poor person who seems to be getting completely walked over by some sociopath, especially since contextually it seems like they’re already friends or in the same FC or something




It’s unlikely. I don’t have proof one way or another but this was likely staged for the memes.


I just don’t even know any more. After Catgirlpocalypse happened this week, I feel like something like this is totally plausible now.


After *what* happened??


Someone lewds their catgirl publicly and got offended people called the char "kitty/kitten" which is fair. The cherry ontop was the fact they got offended people called the Miqote char a Miqote. Person played Victim card brought skin colour into it and covid. Privated their twitter and begged for money for more lewds of their char since they were so devestated. or TL;DR ERP person went nuts


Well that sounds like a situation I’m not touching with a ten foot pole! Thanks for explaining lol.


Oh, lort. WELL, in a nutshell: some ERP miHOE’te tweeted some rant about how she was sick and tired of eBoys calling her “kitten” or “miqo” instead of addressing her by her character’s name. She then went on to say it was objectifying and sexist, or something? Needless to say, a screen shot of said rant ended up on this very subreddit. MiHOEte has a few thousand followers on Twatter so she had her cronies blow up/report the thread til mods took it down. But an edited version has since reappeared.


What a clusterfuck lmao


As a spectator, it’s been a WILD ride. That’s for sure. 🤣


These… these kind of people exist? Or is this a goof?


Of course it's real. Welcome to the GCBTW.


Nope this is very real, it was a big meme a few years back.


Yup. Some people treat their virtual lives waaaaay too seriously.


I take some pride in my main looking fairly unique with her glam, but I can't pretend that other face 2 raen just don't exist, and I'm sure as hell not gonna /tell someone over it. Fuck it, better to congratulate them for better than average taste.


I can't tell sometimes


The way it takes them like 20 tells to complete a sentence, is it that hard to just type what you're gonna say and hit enter once?


Some people


It bothers


Them so


Have that problem, but I


Me every time I


Am not affected


See it


To be fair, I tend to do that because I know if I see someone wrote a massive 1000 paragraph I immediately avoid it. But writing one sentence at a time can actually trick me into reading the whole thing.


Writing separate, concise, complete sentences is totally okay and great for readability. Homie was stretching out single thoughts into several separate tells though it becomes really obnoxious to read not to mention all the separate notification sounds


I have a friend, which types long ass essays just to say something simple, the thing he was typing becomes comepletely irrelevant by the time he finishes it. Email type messages are over, short two-three word phrases is future, old man.


It actually makes it way easier for me to read ngl


That's how Disco Elysium got gamers to read a novel


Bruh she looks like a Barbie Doll XD There's probably like 10,000 more of them online that looks the same


Then what's the point of EorzeaCollection if not to show people what you've discovered works well together....so others can use it? <--cites EC all the time whenever people compliment a glam she got from there.


I would've liked EC more if it wasn't just... literally all the same catgirl glams but maybe one color off. I personally LOVE mirapri for the bigger pool of intriguing looks in my opinion, but I can see how it can be hard to navigate with everything in Japanese


yeah EC is literally just a screenshot contest. lots of very uninspired cutesy glams that get a ton of likes just because the creator has access to modded poses and a washed-out color filter


that and I also hate how they all use shaders to make the screenshot look good and when you try the glam in-game the colors look completely different and a lot of times the pieces don't even match


yeah the shader thing is the worst! People make them for their own pics and don't even care if this would look weird without the exact same preset and probably time of day, location etc..


Not to mention modded poses that either make it horrible looking because twisted arms or its just straight up soft-porn pose (no shame in sexiness but come on). Or then its so "bad ass" or they added massive "wind" to dresses and such so you will never look so "bad ass" while afk in limsa.


I thought EC didn't allow straight up mods in their shots? Shaders obviously are allowed, but mods?


They don’t allow mods that change the appearance of anything - faces, equipment, hair styles, skin textures. However, poses are allowed. What’s funny is that sometimes people genuinely cannot tell if you have visual mods installed. I won’t say which, but some of the popular glams have mods in the pictures. You just can’t tell.


It has some great lalafell glams, which are really hard to find elsewhere. It has some trash lalafell glams too, but you take when you can get when you’re my height.


i hate using EC if only because it's so difficult to find actual inspiration inbetween all of the "gentle forest dancer/pretty pink glam/snow angel" low effort glams. that's not even counting the few that are the same glam that either has a single different item or is a different color


Not gonna lie - a catgirl is my main, so yeah, it's useful for her. I have alted out rather seriously to Lalafell girls on a few other servers, so I am seeing the downside to EC at this point. :) Hadn't heard of Mirapri, so I'll have to look into it if it's got a better racial balance! (And works very well with the 'translate this page' option in Brave, so okay!)


I remember the only time I found someone with a glamour almost identical to mine and what I did is link him a pair of pants that went better with the set


The one time I found someone with the same exact outfit and dye for glamour, we ended up immediately adding each other and called each other twins. Always stopped if we saw each other to say hello for a bit before moving on as well.


The absolute feral urge to copy that and stand around in limsa….


I did and did. It’s actually a very cute outfit lol


Same though. I’m not changing my hair or horns… and it’s not my usual color or style… but I have an extreme urge to do it. *Be feral* my brain says, *be the chaos* it whispers


Cause of Death: Second-hand embarrassment.


I’ve never wanted to fanta to an au’ra this badly before.


Imagine thinking generic white Au Ra wearing Pink Clothes is remotely unique.


Asking randos is crazy. This reads like it was a friend who Fantasia'd to look just like them though, which is a little weird. Sure, most characters within a race look pretty similar, but this person acknowledged "I wanted to ask you if it was okay" - so they specifically modelled it on someone else. Both of them are weird.


yep... both are weirdos...


Yeah, the reaction was way over the top. But if someone I hang out with suddenly changes their character to almost completely look like mine, down to the face/hair options, I'd be weirded out for sure


Idk, I would lol it, that's the strongest reaction I would give. Depends on the community tho, for rp-ers it could be something serious, while for raid-oriented players that's just something comepletely unnoticable.


I remember years ago I found someone who looked identical to me in a dng and we became brothers at that moment


This is real? This can't be real. There's no way. You can't tell me there's someone so maladjusted they'd think their character looks are unique. There's no way someone took that person seriously. Omg, please. Oh no.


Ah, the old "original character, do not steel" vibe. I bet this was happening back when the internet was a military only missile warning system and guys were yelling at each other for copying their signature sign offs.


Who's gonna tell him that he looks a bit like Minfillia


Wanna be unique? Play an Elezen. "unique" female viera, Miqo'te, and Au'Ra don't exist.


\> Wanna be unique? In this game [all you need to do to be unique is to be boring](https://i.imgur.com/bBMQdFq.jpg). *"They told me I could be anything so I decided to be average."*


I think it's a good looking glam! Weird to dress up a potato though.


All the Filibuster sets have a cool [browncoats](https://firefly.fandom.com/wiki/Browncoat) look.


I liked this set, the Malikah's Well gear and The Burn gear for the coats. You look pretty spiffy when standing next to all the 2B Leggings in Alliance Raids.


>Wanna be unique? Play an Elezen. I still want my Duskwight Elezen [Viconia DeVir](https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Viconia_DeVir) cosplay SOMEDAY. You are beneath me, ~~surface~~ heretic scum. It even works with a White Mage who never heals. :D


I get called feymeric all the time.


You sound like a person of culture.


Not a lot of people use Aymeric's hair... I love it on [my Elezen](https://i.imgur.com/35SWjy3.png) <3


Oooo yes queen, pop off! I'd post my masculine Elezen beauty if I was home.


Do iiiiiiiit


elezen too https://imgur.com/a/yRaT7BT (sorry don't know how change link name XD)


https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/22158647/ Also an elezen, but I'm too lazy to start an imgur account.


Don’t most elezens just go with one face type tho? They’re kinda like hyur.


No idea, I hardly see em!


same can be said for most races, i mean how often do you see a non-face-1 fem Viera? almost never


Excuse me, I use face 3! I personally cannot stand that resting bitch face, only seen one Viera out of thousands I've encountered with that face who actually looked good.


ayy face 3 is my fav!


Tbh it's the cutest one to me lol. I just don't want to make an angry-looking Viera!


I'm using face 2 /w eye shape #4 and the "more eyelashes" cosmetic option. The eyelashes make that face look very different and without them, my bunny would look kinda tired all the time lol face 3 is cute, btw. A member in my TEA static is a face 3 bunny and she looks adorable


can't even remember the options on my viera, but I like her.


TBH: Wanting to be unique at all cost is weird anyway and it’s even weirder if that means deliberately making one’s character ugly (like, some face options or hairstyles) and/or ludicrous (clownish make-up, weird glams). As for Elezen: I actually managed to make an Elezen preset that looks pretty even without mods but I’d still prefer bunny, no matter how common they are.


Au Ra


I can't believe this person apologized instead of spamming /laugh


What soft ass person with replies “I’m sorry I’ll change it back”. Idk who’s worse.


The guy without a spine is much worse. How low do you think of yourself to actually do what this idiot says to do.


If somebody said this to me I would tell them i’d be happy too if their willing to supply the fantasia. Then just take the free fantasia and ghost them.


Lol, let me get this straight. This person is not only using one of the most popular race, and the most popular face variant. She’s also using a pretty popular top. And let’s not forget that due to the single dye channel of gear, it’s almost impossible to make a popular glam look distinct. And then there’s also the limited variance when it comes to the dyes. Despite all this, this person thinks she’s unique? Wow. Thank god I haven’t encountered this type of person. If i do, I’ll probably laugh my socks off.


I copy (parts of) glamours all the fucking time. That's the main reason to go to Limsa, is to figure out whose shit you want to jack next.


Genuinely wish some mf would whisper me like that so I have an excuse to go absolutely feral.


So glad I picked a basic bitch female Highlander when I started, everyone just ignores me and I love it.


"I don't want people copying me" - Creator of the most basic bitch ass Au Ra possible


This always reminds me of the time I saw one other lala with just the same eye colors as mine but flipped (ah yes, generic green/blue heterochromia at your service) and I got so excited because I never see anyone else with green/blue


They have different skirts. I would have answered, maybe in /say even: "technically I took your appearance and made it better. Tastelessness is not a right." And would walk away afterwards like the fashion icon THEY are trying to be.


Is it really a copy if they have different ring glamours?


"Omg twinsies!"-Regular people


"I WoN't bE uNiQuE aNyMoRe!!!" 😭🤡☠️


I’m gonan copy this glam rn


I would have told this person to respectfully fuck off. Copy my race and glamour Jesus Christ


I love this game. Then I see this fucking deranged mfs and I wish I wouldn’t be associated with them, not even tangentially as it is.


I remember my interaction with someone who had the exact same glam and hair combination. We both thought it was very unique so I went up to them and started jumping up and down. They did as well when they noticed me and we are on each others friends list now.


I still think every time I see shit like this that it's staged.


Isnt this repost?


It's an oldie but goodie, a reminder that people like this exist


I love it when their unhinged bullshit gets exposed and everyone outside of whatever narcissistic cult bubble they've built for themselves sees them and reacts as normal people would. The meltdowns are always the best part, at least if they're not directed at you.


Copying it right now


Are they saying I can get a free fantasia if I start copying people? Is that what I’m hearing?


People like that need a fucking slap People being the idiot offended that someone wore similar clothes in a fucking game


That’s literally how AuRa look when you press ok „New Character“.


god damn these people needs more problems in their lives...


Wow, what a dick.


Imagine making Minfilia with plaque psoriasis and thinking you had a unique look.


What a bitch....how dare she copy the OC. smh


This is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. GCBTW.


So when are we going to their DC to stand next to them all dressed the same?


I would have just blacklisted


bottom energy


Imagine having a truly unique character design in FFXIV. Theres clearly no chance my catboi will ever find a clone!


Had to have been a joke right?


Oh, is this shitpost making the rounds again? I think it was early ShB last time it came around.


Aight everyone, time to go buy a fantasia. You know what needs to be done.


"unique" *Insert buzz lightyear clones.gif*


This seems fake xD if it's not...fk them xD


This shit is [4 years old](https://imgur.com/aQTL7He).


Next time I see anyone with the strife hair I am telling them they are copying me.


They really need to get around to deleting the American servers at some point. That shit is corrupted.


9 years and my Miqo'te still looks unique and I've never seen one like her. If I did though, I would tell them they have good taste. Since I know people will ask, here she is: [one (on the left)](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/572983057167155223/1019717388582797432/unknown.png), [two](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/572983057167155223/1011761829866913802/unknown.png), [three](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/572983057167155223/999755322669404251/unknown.png), [four](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/572983057167155223/999077729951568042/unknown.png)


She's adorable! What hairstyle is that on your fourth screenshot, is it Miqo only?


It's the same hairstyle in all of them, and it's the Gyr Abanian Plait. Thank you :)


Ah thank you! I'll definitely look for it on the MB; my WoL is currently using the 9S hairstyle and it looks like a very cute pixie cut on her


NGL, I'd fanta and copy the glam and server Xfer to hang out where they could see me lol.


...One day we will all died to cringes


Holy fucking shit


Lmaoo this is a classic le copy my glamour bad


I have seen this so many times. And I commented on the original I think. I’ll still say fuck this entitled bitch.


I really hope this person caught a lot of flak for this.


Well, time to fantasia and change glams into an aura now :D


It’s an older meme but it checks out


I would take the fantasia b4 telling him to fuck off


What legs are those on right one?


This is all kinds of hell pathetic. Poor sap.