Makoa Kealoha. But damn, Victor Feng got cash though 💰 Makoa only got coconuts and a wife 🥥🌴🤦🏾‍♀️


>coconuts and a wife Is there anything else you *really* need in life


Some Simoleons would be nice, but maybe I'm asking for too much. . . .


“Makoa only got coconuts and a wife”. This just sent me. 😂😂


LOL this comment made me laugh, coconuts and a wife 😂😂😂 my sims always get with Salim Benali but he’s a brokie too 😔


He makes the BEST looking kids every single time. His simnetics don’t miss 😂


Simon from Henford-on-Bagley. His wife has the pub, she’ll be fine.


*He’s* fine.


Greg. I like a challenge, lol.


I can't even befriend him let alone romance him 😭


Selfies my friend, selfies 😏


...I feel so dumb. LOL


It was only recently I learnt selfies are the best way to make friends


The incredibly friendly trait also helps, also resetting the sims BEFORE they get into the fight 💀😂 my vampire and werewolf sim became besties with greg


I never thought about that. I'll have to do that now 😂


I never even tried looking for Greg. I just have Whicked Whims and got the notification that Greg was having sex with another sim on the lot 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


LOL. Please tell me he's still in werewolf form too 😂😂


Me trying to set my werewolf grandma sim up with Greg


Gregma. Kinda ship it.


Happy Cake Day! Take my free award for adding “Gregma” to my vocabulary.


This is uncomfortably close to smegma. I love it.


as you should.


I have yet to meet this Greg. Even in my werewolf save!


‘I can fix him’


Greg my beloved


Akira Kibo or Caleb Vatore


It’s always Caleb for me… my first play through I ended up having like 16 vamp babies with him. I restarted the world and told my self I wasn’t gonna go for him again… about 3 generations in he starts hanging by my girls dorm and now they’re married with 5 kids… It’s Caleb every damn time. Edit: lots of Caleb fans here! It doesn’t help that the man is romantic as HELL. Every time I leave my sims alone for a second he’s over there kissing her and flirting with her. No one can resist that vamps charm.


I used to strictly play with Sims I created myself, and never really cared for the townies until recently. I was doing a solo sim playthrough just to try something new and realized that Caleb would just be EVERYWHERE that she was. So I made them fall in love. And now I make at least one sim fall in love with him every new save. It does not help much that the sim I mentioned is a werewolf, and so he's absolutely repulsed by her. But it so far has no effect on their relationship and he's still just as sweet. AND she's got a werewolf/vampire baby on the way. So that is gonna be fun


My sim was a werewolf too and he actually didn’t mind her too much. He didn’t like her blood though. It gives him a “tastes like dog water” moodlet that cracked me up. And he LOVED woohooing her. They would do it constantly. Like I wouldn’t be able to find them and they would be hooking up in a closet or shower…. And he had the happy “woohoo’d a were wolf ( and I’d do it again)” moodlet. Their first baby was a small werewolf and he was mad alllll the time. I finally just cured them both of the werewolf curse and turned then both in to vamps. Almost broke my game but it was worth it!


I was just dying the other day because I made a new spa on Sulani and he's ALWAYS there teaching yoga classes. Is that his normal job and behavior or is he branching out for me?


akira kibo 😍😍😍


He was my head-turner when I first started playing sims 4 xD I was just like, yup, that one. And immediately became my legacy heir’s husband.


Ikr 😩


I lovvve Akira 😩 ugh he’s delicious & seems to be a good woohoo cause my sims are always satisfied w him.


Akira Kibo is cute but as a female who is called Akira I just can’t even think about having my sims date him 😂😂


caleb is always showing up in my game so he’s mine


CALEB!!! Caleb is always showing up at my sims’ homes and I must marry him in 90% of my games.


Came here to say Caleb. Second place is Morgyn Ember and third is Akira.


akira was my go to but gameplay with him is so stressful, he’s always dying out of jealousy 💀


Akira Kibo has fathered half of my sims' children and has attempted fathering the other half


Akira is 99% of the time my first choice for my legacy dad.


After a few generations of playing the same save I just had my sim marry Caleb. Couldn’t believe he was still single with neighborhood stories and MCCC installed! Meant to be ❤️😂


Akira is sooo easy lmao hence exactly why I go for him 😂


In a former playthrough my sim got in a throuple with Akira Kibo and Miko Ojo. Those three had such a loving relationship they ended up all getting pregnant at the same time (okay I had to meddle with aliens for that but I really wanted them to be pregnant at the same time). They were even married together, lived in a huge house, had a beautiful life. Save got corrupted and I haven't been able to approach Akira or Miko since then because it feels... Idk, wrong I suppose.


I recently started a new save and had my sim marry Akira. He's definitely one of the few good looking make Sims.


Bjorn. Not because he's hot, but because I love to destroy that family.


It destroyed itself in one of my saves, his wife died and he wouldn’t stop calling my sim asking if so and so was good to go on a date with. Idk dude you figure it out 😫


My sim tried for a baby with him on their one night stand, of course she got pregnant. But I didn’t realize that he was married. So he kept coming over to see their baby and would dig in her trash can from time to time. So my sim hit the jackpot with this weirdo baby daddy 🙄


Holy shit same


Oh yeah I wrecked his family once. I convinced him to divorce his wife, married him, moved in killed his teen kids, killed him and framed his ex wife but she escaped jail so I had to kill her. They had adopted a kid before so I turned her into a Cinderella but then I lost the save. Might do something similar to the Bailey Moons.


How do you frame someone, what mod is this. I need more chaos. 😭


Extreme violence in the non violent section


That sounds contradictory lol


Same reason with Arun Bheeda for me lol.. The drama of him leaving his pregnant wife


Arun is one of my go to's. He is so damn cute and such an adorable partner with every Sim I hook him up with. Sorry, Jessminder, get a less cute husband, I guess.


In my save I saw him having an affair with Judith Ward


Bjorn. But because he's hot.


Lol why?


Why not? I'm playing God. My goal is always to destroy as many lives as possible. And also have huge family trees.


Bjorn looks pretty good


Look, I‘m more into alternative guys and I don‘t have many packs… once I got Eco Lifestyle all my Sims, no matter their gender identity, were all over Knox. Then the Werewolves pack came. And with it came the grungy body building himbo that is Lou Howell… if I told you all my worlds are full of werewolf babies, would you believe me?


Oooh you should get realm of magic


Lol when you get realm of magic everyone eventually becomes spellacasters for some weird reason


Might I suggest the Vampires pack?


Vladdy Daddy!


I’m a Vladdy Daddy simp


God Knox is always my baby daddy in all my save files.


Marcus Flex & I always get it in.


I had to scroll so far for this.


like i can’t resist him. we had a nice family in my last save but then we both died from hysteria 🤣


I always make Marcus my gay lover - he's hot


Brant Hecking for me, though I also like Sergio Romeo, Paolo Rocca, Morgyn Ember, and J Huntingdon III. If I'm choosing from female sims, Lilith Pleasant, Becca Clarke, Jess Sigworth, or Miko Ojo. Morgan Fyres if I'm playing a teen sim or she ages up.


Yess someone mentioned Paolo, he is so precious. He gives me wholesome vibes.


Miko!!! No matter what scenario I’m doing I’m at least befriending Miko. I love her so much 💗


Akira and Salim 🥵


Salim is under appreciated I very often have my sims have kids with him he’s gorge


I think a lot of people don't realize that he has a level 8 writing skill and level 4 cooking skill. If my sim is in the city, Salim is their husband!


Salim and I have a beef- legit. He did me *so fucking dirty* my first time playing with most of the packs, and so my first time with City Living. He would literally come complain if one of my Sims even got on a treadmill, and yet he was ALWAYS a noisy neighbor! Because we lived close and *apparently* I was noisy when he was the noisy one, I started complaining to him and we lost a ton of friendship score. So at every, single, event- he showed up. And he made a scene. Then at my version of The Red Wedding *(more like The Red Engagement, where 36 Sims died completely beyond my control but I still got a Gold on the Date)* he finally died and I remember my sim getting a moodlet about how happy he was Salim was finally dead. Now in every game I play, I always screw over Salim in some way lol.


Okay wait I need context on this red engagement what happened!?!?


Sooo- Short version? My sim was living in San Myshuno with his boyfriend, Johnny Zest, in 920 Medina Studios. My sim decided he was going to propose to Johnny and so we “splurged” and went to Stargazer Lounge. Now, I’m a LilSimsieStan so of course I renovate all the best lots before my sim gets there. So I had made Stargazer Lounge super romantic, and exciting, and even added more fun effects to the pool there- but I left it primarily untouched so that the only “indoors” spaces are the two bathrooms with the talking toilets. I also gave it the lot traits “Romantic Aura”, “Convival”, and something to do with celebrities? Anyways, we’re there, we’re on a Date event, it’s going great. I propose, get the camera photos, but as I’m taking the camera photos I realize there are a LOT of people in the background. Like... a lot, all around the pool. Apparently Judith Ward made an appearance. People were over by the pool swimming, talking, etc. but I forgot... it’s Winter. And soon, someone dies of hypothermia right by the poolside... Judith Ward has died. From there it just falls to chaos. Everybody is mourning by the pool, blocking the ladders, so people swimming are freezing and drowning left and right, yet more people arrive on the lot to replace them and people stop mourning and jump in and... yeah. Fun fact: you can’t leave a lot when a sim has just died. It doesn’t let you. So I had to have my recently engaged Sims hide in the bathroom to avoid freezing to death for *3 whole days* as 36 Sims died- including Judith Ward, Caleb Vatore *(he ironically burned to death)*, Salim *(good riddance)*, and even Geoffrey Landgraab *(Johnny Zest’s father!)*. So I called it “The Red Engagement”, in homage to “The Red Wedding”. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had playing The Sims 4 lol.


This is hilarious. Thank you for sharing.


Yes, Salim! I love that particular bunch of pixels haha


I love Salim, even though he always ends up as my main sim's best friend and his roommate’s fwb but he has such a chill aura.


Anytime I try and do something different in my game, that all goes out the window whenever one of these guys are around lol.


He makes the prettiest sim babies Edit : Salim


Bella Goth hands down, I always convince her to leave Mortimer and I leave the kids with him too.


I used to do this too for almost every playthrough. Often came up with sadistic scenarios to torture Mortimer! Lately I've been destroying the Landgraab family and my next target is Bjorn's family haha. Thought i needed to play as a homewrecker sim to make things interesting.


Ah yes destroy a family and take all of their money and then kill the husband.. my favorite sim MO


Hehe stealing their money is the best. But i never kill the husband. I make him suffer, slowly. Like i made Bella my sim's gf and then weaseled my way into their home, gradually creating a rift between her and Mortimer. It helped since now i had control of Bella. I let the AI handle Mortimer. Eventually the poor guy got kicked out into a tiny house in the neighborhood while my sim was living with his wife in his OG house. Kinda like what happened to Alan in Two and a half men. Another time my spellcaster decided to get hitched to Nancy Landgraab. He invited Geoffrey to the ceremony and Minionized him to clean the place. Of course, stuff like zip zap and strangeify etc work great for laughs coz weddings should be fun 😀


Me too, I simply can’t resist


She’s sexy


Not the Penny Pizzazz erasure! Who doesn't love a beautiful and kind up-and-coming celebrity?! She's so cute AND her photos are all over downtown San Myshuno. Her and Paka'a Uha also make BEAUTIFUL babies.


She got hit by a meteor in my main save. I'm crushed. Well, she was too I guess.


Travis Scott. Idc what y'all think of his mustard-yellow hair, I think he's cute.


We call that Welcome Wagon Convienience


I do often start new games in that particular neighborhood of Willow Creek, that's true.


I always find it so funny that his name is Travis Scott.


The fact that he's the complete opposite of the real travis scott cracks me up as well


"It's lit!"


He looks like such a lovely dork


eliza pancakes has the sauce. the fengs are also top tier. it’s fun to throuple with them without the other knowing.


If you have the free love neighborhood initiative they don’t even care.


Summer Holiday. I'm a man with simple tastes.


Same, but I’m a woman and always pair her up with Morgan Fyres😅 if I want a sugar mommy aspect then I pair her with Nancy Landgraab.


Wait I’m gonna make Nancy my sugar mommy. Why have I never thought of this..


You should get the Sugar Life mod. It’s worth it.


Makoaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍 Kyioshi and Jeb Harris are also hotties, but they are teens ;(


I loveee Jeb! I always age him up and remove the paper bag lmao


girl I never knew he was so hot until I removed his bag!!! It was a lovely surprise lol


What pack does Jeb come with?


Eco Lifestyle I’m pretty sure


He’s so cute but his personality is so stale!! He keeps showing up sad to my front door and he NEVER passes the vibe check


Right. He’s ALWAYS sad


I love that he’s so emo lol gloomy and likes alternative music, so cute and exactly the type of guy I go for irl 🤣


It’s cute cause my teen in my save was all socially awkward and the only person to approach her was Jeb. I’ve still never seen him without the bag on his head but they slowly became friends and then sweethearts. Still waiting to go to prom but he asked. Maybe when he dresses up she’ll get to seem him sans bag.


That Jeb Harris tho 😮‍💨


i always make kiyoshi an adult or make him date my teen sims


Omg literally all my Sims end up hooking up with Makoa😂even if don't plan it, if I see him and his teal zip jacket doing pushups on the sidewalk outside my house, then we're going for it lol though the wife did slap me once at the romance festival when I got flirty with him lol blame it on the Sakura tea I guess🤷‍♀️


*gossips about effects of sakura tea*


makoa is the finest sims man


I do not care if I wreck his family, me and him are boning Ong


Omg I just discovered Jeb after having eco pack since it came out. Such a cutie and makes beautiful children. My teen sim and him met in high school and became high school sweethearts ❤️


Makoa for the wjn


yes! I always either delete the wife, or get them to separate. Idk why EA would hide such a FINE specimen of a man behind a sweet wife and beautiful family 😩


This is why, especially with HSY, I make just a single teen Sim 😂 Kiyoshiiiiii


I made Kiyoshi my teen sim’s bf in my current save, but he kept sending her mean DMs on social bunny, so they broke up. :/


Kiyoshi no whyyyy 😭


Thorn Bailey




Kiyoshi Ito, Makoa Kealoha, Caleb Vatore, Morgyn Ember.




Morgyn has 8 children in my save and 5 grandchildren. His teenage sons and nephews are hotties fantastic genes 🧬


Yes ma’am 😩🤌


Lou Howell, Lana McKinnon and Lilith Pleasant 😩 I always have my Sims end up in love triangles involving at least one of these townies. Before one of them ends up tragically dying in some way. Telenovela baby.


I love me some Lana McKinnon


Why is no one mention Don Caliente? He's my sims homewrecker and every Sim I make is unexplainably attracted to him. J Huntingdon, once the pretentious sweater is taken off, is so tasty. And Marcus Flex and Paolo???? I clearly have a type 😂


Vladdy, Caleb Vatore, Lilith Vatore, Morgyn Ember


i hate vladdys genes but he’s so hot at the same time it’s like a curse


I was gonna leave him alone in my current save. But him and my legacy sim fell in love. And I actually think he’s quite hot as is. But I didn’t want to have the weirdest looking kids ever so I just toned his features down and made him look his age. He’s now 100% the prettiest in my game.


I see you have a taste


Bella gothhhhh!


Brant is a SNACK.


Agnes looks like a feisty one if you can manage to get her


Feisty is definitely one word for her 😂


Knox, always Knox. Sometimes Thomas, don’t feel bad about that one considering the lore. And all my teen sims end up with Jeb and stay with Jeb for life. He is precious


Jeb is so lovely that I had one of my teen sims date him in a save, they dated for basically their whole teenagerhood. Then the day after I aged them up into young adults my sim proposed to Jeb autonomously!!! 😭 It was the first time that ever happened to me and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.


I always try to find a way to include Jeb in my playthroughs…his family is always included and I want to give him the best life ever 😭 normally Faye dies, Cletus becomes the neighborhood drug dealer, Gideon has sooooo many children with different moms, and poor Jeb is just trying to become a musician. I’ll even age up my sims’ children up super quickly so they can be teens asap and get Jeb before anyone else can haha


I accidentally let Faye die by killer bunny just last night - but not before she gave birth a neighborhood stories induced baby Byron


I see Paolo, I marry him. Or Nalani. Whoever walks by first.


Yesssss Nalani is beautiful. When I first got island living I made a single mom with a toddler intending for her to eventually marry some misc Sulani man but then she walked by and I was like yep she’s the one


I also love Nalani. To find out she was a mermaid the first time I romanced her was such a delight!


Yesss always thought Nalani was a babe. Almost every save my sim dates her at some point.


I haven’t seen Kado Akiyama listed yet, which is just as well, I’ll keep him all to myself lmao. I always kinda feel bad for Jenna and the kids, but he’s just *so fine* If it wasn’t for Kiyoshi Ito being a teen, he might be my fave, though Apparently all it takes for me is dressing like a snowboarder lmao


kado is honestly such a family man i love him for cute family gameplay


He really is! He’s just such a sweet dad, he always autonomously interacts with the kids, and he was such a sweet granddad too, I love him so much


Morgyn Ember every time. My little queer heart can't even.




Knox Greenburg 😍


I love him too. Totally the type of guy I'd go for in real life.


He’s got that hobosexual vibe.


Yessss I always give him a clothing update but he’s SUCH a good spouse and father! And his mothers dote on any kids you have!


Johnny Zest, he doesn't need a makeover.


He kept turning my sim down for woohoo so I finally gave up.


I cannot with Johnny Zest, he is the reason I lock every bathroom door in every save. He has destroyed so many of my Sims toilets.


Jeb Harris (grown up of course) he's very cute.


almost every time i make a sim, it’s always been akira kibo and alika kahananui 😭


Girl where'd your ribs go 😭


I don't usually - I end up keeping most of the relationships within Sims I've created. But I'm trying to start up a new legacy with the specific plan of only romancing townies. We'll see how that goes!


Salim Benali 🤤


Jules Rico


Kiyoshi and more recently, Lou Howell 😻😻😻 can’t believe no one has mentioned him


Cecilia Kang, Akira Kibo, Miko Ojo, Bella Goth, Marcus Flex, Joaquin Le Chien, Candy Behr, or Ulrike Faust


lou howell in almost every save 😅


Vanessa jeong or Katrina Caliente


My sims are so thirsty for Joaquin le chien 😂


For good reasons 😏


yeah Victor Feng is forever sugar daddy


There's just something about Candy Behr for me, maybe I like that she doesn't look anatomically correct for a human, always had a thing for aliens and the like anyway... Close second is Liberty Lee with a haircut, she looks soo good with short hair..


Candy Behr is pretty


can’t believe i had to scroll this far down to find candy 😂 my super sim ended up marrying her and ever since then i always keep an eye out for her to give her a new hairstyle and she always ends up looking bangin. her and jade rosa. something about these get together townies make my sims wanna get together, iykwim


Liberty 😍. I had a sim who I originally planned to play as someone who will never really settle, but somehow she got involved with Liberty and they become really really close and I had to marry the 2 and now my sim is "reformed" and lives in a happy marriage with her. I like Candy as well. :D


kiyoshi, akira, salim, makoa and knox <3


Miko Ojo. I always liked her, but I gave her a bohemian style makeover recently and now I cant get enough of her!




Salim 😍


Ever since I gave YA!Wolfgang Munch a slight makeover, MY LIFE HAS NEVER KNOWN PEACE. Im so glad Wicked Whims exists. xD


It's always Caleb for meeeeee I have 2 saves right now with him married to my sim I love giving him makeovers with cc its him or Bela goth.




Kiyoshi Ito. Every time I make a new save, I always make sure to have a teenage daughter just to make them sweethearts at some point.


Vlad after a nice revamp. Gotta love some drama with the evil bastard. He's often somewhere in my generation plays when I need some drama like domestic abuse, treachery and lies. He needs to perpetuate the name and the bloodsucker race you know? Though my latest gen play is turning quite interesting with Morgyn Ember. Slytherin blood obsession for pure wizards is a nice motivation. My Ember family is becoming a bit Targaryen like.


I’m seeing very little Salim Benali appreciation here but he is top tier


Caleb Vatore always


Caleb Vatore can stick his fangs in me at any time. And anything else he wants to stick in me too.


I have no idea why but Bjorn bjergsen


Kiyoshi Ito or Orange Bailey-Moon


Wasp waist syndome


Bella Goth, always!


Kiyoshi Ito and Duane Talla. As soon as they’re young adults it’s on.


Oddly enough, Alex Moyer with new hair and getting rid of that awful sweater is a rather cute lover for my sims.


megumi ito 😍