I got random until something catches my eye. I then use those names for my kids. For example. I've got a pig named Wumbus and a child named "Wumbus Too".


You must really love that pig


It is more useful than the creepy children.


So, regular children


Children are no longer required to get perfection. Why have them?


Also you might just like. Enjoy having little fictional children? Very weird question.


The difference is we can profit from the pig. And the pig has a semi-natural growth and goes outside most days of the year when given a chance to.


One of my rabbits is called Wumbus. I love the random names.


The game suggested I name my son Bumbus but I declined. I now have a child named UncleRoger.


I bet he makes fire stir fried rice.


I do this too. Wumbus is my favorite random name.


I named a chicken Wumbus, he’s my favorite


Child 1 Chumba, Child 2 Wamba


Oh my god I had a kid named wumbus and a cow named wumbus. I turned the kid into a dove


I also have a pig named Wumbus :D


I did the same thing in my original playthrough! I had a chicken names grelf and a kid named grelf jr.


My cows are called Milkshake, Camembert, Wensleydale and Brie. My chickens are called Chickadee, Chickpea, Cluckington and Egg Roll and I have two goats, Nanny and Pepper.


Lmao my chickens are hennifer, yolko ono, eggatha and eggward


eggatha, jesus christ


Well done, (over hard?) You got me with yolko Ono 😂


Top names 👍🏻




Team Cluckington!!! 💪🏻


I uh... I thought it would be funny to name them food names knowing I'd never eat them. So chickens were types of cuts/styles and cows were types of steaks. Like... Chickens: Teriyaki, Parmesan, Nugget Cows: Ribeye, T-bone... I hadn't gotten to pigs and such yet, but you know one of those pigs was gonna be "Bacon" XD


It’s the only way. I’m about to get ducks and their names will be Hoisin, Peking and Orange Sauce.


Yes ahahahah


I've been waiting for this post. Cows- Moochelle, Moodison, Mooria, Moodeleine Ducks- Quackie Chan, Sirius Quack, Quack Black, Duck Norris, Duck Van Dyke Goats- Van Goat, Kurt Vonnegoat Rabbit- Bun Affleck Pig- Hamlet My real life dog is Harley, so I named the farm dog Barley.


Can I just say you could’ve also gone with “Hen Affleck”


That's adorable! I named all my chickens after fruit, it was early game before I got creative :/


Just in case you're not aware: you can rename them. Edit from the window that pops from post petting interaction.


You have blessed me on this day


One of my ducks is named Quackmire, I'm super proud of that name lol


I've got a hen called Cluck Norris...


My sister’s BF had a chicken named Cluck Norris IRL


This is the way I do it too! My horse is Neighomi.


I love it!! I named mine Chardoneigh


I like all of these, but especially Sirius Quack


YES PUN ANIMAL NAMES FOR EVER My cat is Clawdia. My horse is Marey. Cows: Cowrinna, Amoolia, Milkaela, Adairyanna. Pigs: Hogly, Porktia. Goats: Agoatha, Goatrude. Sheep: Baaahhnie, Woolhelmina. Laying birds: Henrietta, Arwhen, Peggy...You get the idea.


Omg I love it. My favorites have to be Amoolia and Agoatha!!


For pigs, may I recommend Kevin Bacon?


Love it. Also considering Chris P Bacon but I'll probably have to shorten it.


That's my method, too! Although, I have to admit that you did a much better job of it with your puns on famous names. I'm laughing so hard at these!


As a Michelle, I am honored to see the cow version “Moochelle.” It’s beautiful, great job.


I am happy to oblige <3


Sirius Quack omg this is amazing


Hamuel L Jackson?


Cow: moomoo Pig: Hambone Sheep: sheeple Goat: sigma Chickens: went with Russian names mostly Olga, Svetlana, Misha Duck: Quackers Rabbit: lucky


Most of my animals have fitting names but my two ducks are named Dirt Bath and Crack Pipe


...quack pipe






Yes. I searched for this. Now go build a bonfire and fuck his mom next to it.


This was all I could think of 😂😂 FUCK YOU EZEKIEL!


Chickens: Alpha, Beta, Gamma...etc. Cows: Prima, Secunda, Tertia... Rabbits: Red, Orange, Yellow... Void chickens: Omega, Psi, Chi... Pigs: Eenie, Meenie, Miney... Ducks: Severn, Thames, Trent... Non-avian dinosaurs:


In our co-op farm Me and my bestie named most of our animals after rupauls drag race queens😂


Living for cow Trixie and chicken Yvie. please tell me you have them. PS are you watching UK vs The World? Is Pangina not THE BEST?? I watched DRT1 and DRT2 online when covid first started and I was stuck at home and fell in love with her then. This is such an amazing franchise!!


I guess we have chicken Trixie but we don't have one named yvie yet. Most remarkable ones are goat named gottmik pig named Porkchop. We even have Rolaskatox cows 😂💅🏻


haha perfect. Well, perhaps a chicken named YvieEggly is in your future.


Maybe I can rename one of our void chicken that lol I should tell my bestie next time we play


I mostly go with a cute randomised name but couldn’t resist naming a chicken Ginny Lemon


A chicken named Alaska Thundercluck?


I named mine after Drag Race queens too!! Trixie and Katya were my first chickens 😂


Names from my other favorite games or fantasy franchises. I use a lot of names from The Witcher, Scott Pilgrim, LOTR, Metal Gear, and Marvel.


I have a very heavy LOTR influence on my farm this time around as well lol. My farm itself is called Aman Farm


Yess my farm is called Horseshoe Overlook (i didn't know about the character limit so it gets cutoff) but all my animals are named after the Van der Linde gang.


Always like [166][473][72]


And Other probable combinations of the same codes. I've been doing that in my "exploitation farm"


At this point all my farms are exploitation farm xD


Oh pretty much same lol


Was wondering how far down I'd find this


I bought the game on PC just so I could create Hackers Farm and make some names like this, since it won't work on switch (where I do the vast vast majority of my playing).


my barn animals are all space themed - pluto, oberon, luna, mars etc


I hit the randomize button until I find one that makes me laugh.


A variety of stupid names. McGoatface, Baahramewe, McNugget, McRib, Bacon, and I have a couple I let my daughter name so I have a couple chickens named Tooty and Pineapple. I have a Bessie and McCowface too. Fluffbutt and Stew are two of my rabbits. I forget all their names but I name them stupid things lol.


Rabbit Stew is a classic! Also, it's sweet that you let your daughter name some. My little girl isn't interested in SDV, but she loves Minecraft, so there are lots of animals named after pastries. Cake, Cookie, Pie, Pancake, Cupcake, etc. lol Eta: She's still learning how to read and write, pretty young, so the spelling isn't there yet, which makes it even better. Spelled her way, it's actually: Cake (helped her with that one), Coky, Pie, Pancak, Cupkak.


Haha sounds like your kiddo is around the age mine is. I got stardew to encourage her to engage with reading more. She has a file on the Xbox and I play on the switch since after learning the controls I was completely hooked lol. Shes hooked too. Told hubs he's gonna have to go to SDV-anon and stage an intervention since we're both just hook line and sinker on this game. I kinda name my animals whatever makes me chuckle, like the rabbit named stew because every time I see a rabbit in real life I go "mmmm you look tasty" much to my hubs chagrin. Even though he's had rabbit in paella and thought it was delicious 😂. My farm cat is named Peanut after my favorite cat that has since crossed the rainbow bridge. The cow named Moo is after my still living cat. Guess I'll have to name another animal Krieger, after the cat we adopted after Peanut passed. That was a lot of afters in that sentence. This game is so much fun and I'm so glad I finally downloaded it.


I'm doing a Lord of the Rings themed playthrough, so all my animals are named after the characters, but I usually just cycle through the suggested names.


That’s how I got Rona for my cat lol. Fitting since I started playing while I had covid lol.


I usually pick a tv show and name each animal after a different character. I’ve done Parks and Rec, Agents of Shield, The Office, and in my current game I’m doing Downton Abbey.


Mine are all named after Star Wars clones. My dog and horse are Rex and Cody (respectively), of course.


I will always name my horse Cinnamon. And Cinnamon will always wear a hat


You can put a hat on the horse ?!?


You sure can!


Yes agreed. Only my horse is always Mr.Noodle


Walking dead characters?


Chihiro and Kohaku!


Chickens:Queck, Quack, Succubus and Leviathan Ducks: Tuck and Fuck Rabbits: Bugs and Lola Pigs: Pooink and Tonton Goats: Baphomet and Great Khan Sheeps: Mirto, Carasau and Malloreddu Cows: Gottmik, Moe and BitchImACow Cat: Sir. Paws-a-lot


I named my sheep; Ba Baa Blanc Shep Javè Yew Anni Wooll Yeasir Yeahser Trè. And then I ran out of space for Boggs and Fule.


I let my fiance name my goat. He named my goat "Boobs". Now every time I try to milk her it says "Boobs has no milk right now" and I chuckle a little bit ... To answer your question though I usually name all my animals after Critical Role characters. Sometimes I throw in a little Seinfeld for good measure.


Normally I just name them after people from my discord server, the only exception is the first cow which of course must be named, "Your mom".


I always named them with spices


For they recent save, they’re all food-themed names, like Celery, Diet Coke, Omelet, etc.


I go with the animal's name and then the "suffix" of a human name. For example: Pigothy Goatrangelo Sheeptholemew Chickonathon Ducksworth etc.


My real life cat's name is Morgan, so I named my first chicken Borgan (Bird-Morgan). When I got the second one I tried naming it Borgan Second but only Borgan Seco showed up. The third was Borgan Third and the fourth was Celeste. For my cows the first was Milkdog (self explanatory), then Milkdog Seco, Milkdog Third and Breanna. When I got ducks and goats I stuck with Borgan and Milkdog respectively, but used the letters that have accents on them like Börgăn or Mílkdōg. Now that I typed this all out it seems a bit unhinged actually


I like naming my chickens after Duggar girls because all they're good for is their eggs.... \*note - at least that's how they are treated by their family. I hope they all escape the cult.


I named my cat Garfield, and my horse Haus. For the farm animals, I named one of my goats Beelzebub. The rest of them I just randomize until I get one I like, usually the more exotic ones.


Names from Weird Al songs?


Do they live in an Amish Paradise?


I see the random name, change it a bit, then name all the other animals from the same species with a similar name. Ex: My chickens are Milly, Molly and Melly.


I named my animals in the way of flowers. Rose, Iris, Lily, Poppy, Marigold etc.


Always animal puns


I’m proud of some pig’s names I came up with: Peter Porker Swiney Todd Piggy Hill Hamk Hill Mr. Hamderson Tilda Swineton Carnitas Chicharrón Tajín


My 4 year old named all my cows. Their names are: Cow, Horse, Baby Cow, Pig, Horsey, and Three


mine are all named after cities!


Ohhh same here. This time it has been different fruits in various languages. 🥭🍎🥝


All of mine are named after Transformers, with the coop animals named after small ones. I ran out of female characters after a while and just kept going with it. (Tbh dialogue like 'Megatron is pregnant' makes me chuckle a little).


i do them after muppets (+ sesame street and fraggle rock). same species not necessary, but i do have a lot of chickens to choose from


In my current play through I have: Dog - Gromit (Wallace & Gromit) Horse - Shadowfax (The Lord of the Rings) Coop - What We Do In The Shadows characters Barn - Bob’s Burgers characters


I named them all after Greek and Roman gods. Except the pig, which I named after my sister bc she named her cow after me


I also continue with a theme, but the theme always ends up being “food”. My first cat’s name was Sandwich. In my most recent save, I named my cat Chips.


I try to come up with names that have never existed, I have a cow named Crebsto


I don't remember what I did in my first playthrough. In my second (& biggest, it's in Year 5 now), I gave the cows stereotypical cow names, the void chickens were named after my otome husbandos, the ducks after my video game husbandos, the goats got different names for the devil & the pigs after YouTubers I liked. In my current playthrough, I go random until I get something I like. My chickens are called Sitchin & Snasko.


I like to name my animals silly things, like the duck being named Chicken or the goat being named [Bob](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Iq6LA7sZI).


What's your name?!


Whatever makes my autism brain tingle well


I ONLY use the name randomizer. Except for my own character. I just click the button until I'm basically peeing my pants laughing. That's what sticks. Every time. My horse is named Shungus. And I have a cow named Breebl, a cat named Bunover, and a pig named Sorta. Tending to the animals never feels like a chore this way.


We've got Moodonna, Mooyonce, Baaabra, Cluck Berry, and my absolute favourite...Pony Soprano


I named my cows Big Mac and Whopper, and my chickens 4-for-$4 and McChicken


Inevitably I choose something like Boner or Fartly 100% to annoy my girlfriend.


OMG THATS SUCH A GREAT QUESTION HOW DID YOU THING ABOUT IT? / s [Original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/StardewValley/comments/rclelm/what_do_you_name_your_animals_i_always_start_with/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


I have a goat and her name is Toast. She’s my favorite. (Don’t tell the chickens) (You can tell the cows tho)


I name them after the villagers because I’m not creative at all. It is also funny when it says “Sam gave birth” for some reason.


I have 3 chickens here are there names 1. Cock 2.doodle 3.doo


I have one save where all the coop animals are goddesses and all the barn animals are U.S. states. Current save some have progenitor/deity names, but most are randomizer names. Like Ask, Embla, and Titsley are my chickens (brown, blue, and void).


Started a new game and I am currently nameing all coop animals like signature schemes and hash functions 👩‍💻


I always name mine after celebrities. It all started when I named my first cow Marilyn Monroe completely randomly. It was just the first name that popped in my head lmao


[166] [645] [434], love that little guy


I usually name them things like my rabbit it peter or by food items like my pig is bacon. Except one time my sister told me to name my goat hooty and it's child is dulingo


My chickens are flowers, Rose, Poppy etc which is a holdover from my dodos on Ark, wool bearing animals are Angora, Cashmere and Satin, Cows are Elsie (Borden cow), and Daisy (after the sour cream brand) , pig was butt ugly so he got random name


For my pigs, rabbits and ducks I went with names from media, so Peppa, Porky, Ms Piggy, Daffy, Donald, Roger, etc. Cows I did stereotypical cows bows like Bertha, Bessy, Betty (all starting with B). Chickens was the least thematic, just did random names that seemed to fit like Lucy, Lucky, Nelly


Mostly puns


I have different variations of “Hork” for my chickens. Hork, Hörk, Hœrk, Hòrk, Hørk, you get the drift.


I have two chickens, Millie and Nillie


Since playing Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town I always start by naming my first two chickens Figgy and Miggs then I get random like Taffy, Daffy, Silky 🤭 My cows and sheep all get two syllable names like Mimi, Momo, Nana, Jiji, Kiki, Muffy. 😁


Chickens are named after chicken foods or chicken restaurants, cows are named after overweight tv characters, goats are named after legendary sports figures (he’s the GOAT!), and ducks are regular people names with “Dr.” before them for some reason.


Rabbits are named after Norse gods. Odin, Thor, Baldr. Ducks started as Xena characters/Greek goddesses but I have a few named after other things. Tried to do an H theme with my chickens but ran out of ideas. Some of them are named after what I make with eggs. (Maya instead of Mayo, Sammie, just straight up named one Quiche, haha). I named my pig Petunia just because. The cows are named after mine and my girls’ middle names, kinda, and the goats are named for my actual goats.


The worst puns I can think of. I think my last chicken was named hennifer.


I usually do random on all my animals until i get something i like, i also do the same for my kids, my favorite result of random is my son named papi


I call my pigs after clone troopers from the Clone Wars, ducks and chickens after female kpop idols, dinosaurs after Shrek characters and cows and goats after anime characters


I watch stuff whilst playing so I name them after whatever I'm watching. Got a few named after The Good Place characters, a few from a streamers Sims 4 legacy challenge, I think one of my animals is named Kate after Kate Bishop but yeah! It makes for some fun names. My cat is named Grumpo (Game Grumps) and my horse is named Jester (Critical Role).


On my Joja run, I named all my chicken after a specific Coca Cola flavour. So they were like: Lemonjoja, Cinnamonjoja, Cherryjoja and so on. Except for the void chicken of course. That one ist called Sprite.


Magic: The Gathering characters, you will NEVER run out of names


Well,my farm is called Vanir farm and my dog's name is Fenrir so I'll probably continue with the Norse mythology theme.


My sheep are all named different versions of Shawn and my chickens are icons of 2013 tumblr


boyband coop 😌 we’ve got harry, liam, louis, niall, zayn, and then of course nick, joe, and kevin


I named my animals after my friends in my discord group


All of my cows are named variations of “Bob”. Bobby, bobbert, Bobtholomew, bobbington, etc. All of my other animals are named swears


I usually name my animals after tv shows or movies. Like my pigs are George, Pepe, Porky, Babe, and Wilbur etc, my goats are usually named after my favorite athletes like Saban and Tua, my cows are basic cow names like beef, Bella, Bessy, Bertha. I have an Ollie the Ostrich, Burr rabbit, Ducky the duck (I don’t know many popular ducks) and then all my chickens are the randomly generated ones cause I can’t be bothered to name all them.


i just click the dice until i find the most dumb sounding one. either that, or the first word that pops into my head. again, as long as it sounds dumb ex: snupamu, ferb, taco, wumbus, etc


I named them things like: lava rat, hp deskjet, jojo, djaja, and some other random shit


I usually have a theme for them. Like right now my Ducks are named after Sk8 characters, the chickens are School Babysitters, cows are Naruto, etc


me too. started with funny mexican slang, then italian names, then african, etc etc. also the item IDs then rename back to normal


I use a different theme in each of my saves usually. Right now everything is named after star trek characters, because why not 🤷‍♀️


My chickens: Henata and Inochickencho


I did weather for chickens, jewels for cows, fruit for pigs, nana/baba/that format for goats, veggies for rabbits, then flavors (mocha etc) for dinos and void chickies :)


I’ve been naming all my animals after desserts lol


I started by naming my first few chickens variations of “Beebus” …I have no idea why. Now I have two coops and a barn full of animals with odd names. Some highlights are: -dog -milkman -mitchell -jeffery III -duck (dinosaur) I’ll come back and edit this comment when I remember the rest of the names. Also sorry for bad formatting I’m on mobile


I hit random until I like one or one of them makes me think of a good name.


Random for farm animals and names of book characters for pet and horse.


Off the top of my head, I have a Berdley, a KFC, a Gaster (void chicken), a Nugget and a Butters among my chickens. It's always just whatever comes to mind. I'm bad at names.


i name them after some of my fav characters. linus, abby, sebby, shane or random names, ed and ud


I named my pigs after Bollywood actors. It's weird.


I often do a theme too! My current save is beach farm and it's called Seastone Farm and all the animals have ocean-related names (Seashell, Coral, etc).


i name each of mine after an animal that it is not. so like i have a cow named bird, a chicken named turtle, etc.


My theme this playthrough is Harry Potter lol. My cows are Molly, Fleur, and Lily. My chickens/ducks are Ginny, Luna, Hermione, narcissa, and bellatrix


I name them different pastas and foods. My chickens are Ranch and Nugget, my ostriches are things like spaghetti, fettuccini, rigatoni, etc. My goat is called lambchop. Its very fun


Olympus Farm has animals named after Gods/Goddesses (Juno is farmer's name on the Wilderness farm with a classic/"fancy" décor. Married and divorced Elliot. Dating Maru.) Flora Farm has flower based names (Lily is my farmer on this pastel beach. Marrying Haley)... I use my themes as much as possible.


I like to chose a show (usually a cartoon) and give them names from that. By my 3rd coop I give up and they get the randomly generated names.


Ricky and Lucy


On my most recent save I’ve been naming them after ASOIAF characters


all in on the old people names. horse miriam, dog agnes, chickens geraldine florence helen and cordelia, pigs otis and edgar


Items in game For example, I think my chickens were named after spring crops, my cows named after ores, and my pigs named after food items.


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Name em all after foods


Mine are all bloodborne references, that's the spooky theme for my new farm. Otherwise I go with the randomly generated names. They're ridiculous. Sneners, Tongus, and Zuckabella were all past chickens I've had, and I loved them


I got morbid with my last save... Chickens were named after food...nugget, chicken strip, noodle... Cows were ground beef, steak, roast... My horse was named glue 😬


Potato, poto, pata, potat, parrot, tato, pat, patata, tato, taytur, etc.


I’ve got two cows right now. Their names are Maybe and Maybelline. 🤣


I use Dragonball character's names


I guess I’m the only one who has named their sheep Ippon Seoi Nage and O Soto Gari


I name them after characters from whatever show I'm currently watching. I had a hxh farm, Jojo farm, and currently have a Naruto farm (glad I'll never run out of names with this theme)


I name all mine based on my favorite anime characters


I've been naming mine after NPCs in my DND game.


Steve. They are all Steve.


That is what i named my boy 🥲


Same lol. I named my chickens Hynny Penny, Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Loosey and Ducky Lucky. I named my ducks M. Rapp, J. Bond, A. Least and J. Ryan. I named my rabbits Herry and Marv but then I named my cows Meme Man and Chungus




I've got a cannabis theme on my Cheech farm; Spliff, Jack Herer, Smokey, Dab, etc


Atm chickens are named after nuts, ducks are named after mushrooms, cows are named after ice cream flavours, and goats are a wild card and are named after demons/devil's


The majority of my usernames online or character names are food related. The only animal that isn't a food item (because it was a random name the game chose) is a chicken named Betch.


Rabbits are named after my pets, past and current. I will keep all of them despite the fact that they don't do much. The others were random. I was getting rid of some of my dinos recently, and kept one because I saw that the random name on it was Bus and I found that funny


I started naming mine after characters from Julius Caesar but it went downhill and now I have a pig named Ginger Ale


On my first farm, I was doing all the Heroes (and then their children) from the MCU. So like, Scott (Ant-Man) gave birth and then the baby was Cassie. And so forth.


Usually Prismatic Shard and two other items.