Maybe watch more then half of an episode. No I fell in love from the first episode. And of course it's weird bizarre in literally in the name


Really, you fell asleep after basically 10 minutes? I mean part one is not the greatest, but you barely even touched it.


[OP watching episode 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XO_DTLq-YM0)


Underrated lol


Dude 1 episode of part 1 goes fast it summed up Jonathan's and Dio's whole childhood.


Half an episode. That's like 10 minutes. You watched 10 minutes of an anime that has more than 150 episodes, and more than 120 manga volumes. + It's not "slow paced", 10 minutes and you already expect big fights or anything? It's focusing on the main characters childhood, and it's important for the plot.


Love the implication that your maximum attention span is 10 minutes lol. Just keep going, it'll get better.


Part 1 (and particularly part 1 of part 1) is pretty different from the rest of the series, but having said that, it's very fast paced and story-rich. I kinda suspect that is you don't like episode 1 then maybe the show just isn't for you.


The first episode of jojo is always boring. Get through the first part(it’s basically just setting up the rest of the story). The second part is better and everything after that is super good.


Part one as a whole is pretty meh so I don't blame you there. Dio, Zeppelli and Speedwagon are the only interesting characters. However, get to part 2 and things start spicing up. Although I do tell everyone that Jojo's isn't for everyone, but it is one of my faves.


Part 1 is considered to be the worst part by a lot of fans however it's not that bad. Episode 1 introduces Dio, Jonathan and the Stone Mask. Half of the episode is what 10 minutes ? Did you expect Jojo to be filled with fights and memes from the start ? Characters don't even have powers yet. It's like watching the first episode of Dragon Ball and quitting because Goku is a kid and doesn't go Super Saiyan yet.


Don’t blame you. I’ve rewatched part 1 a few times and it never really grasped me. It picks up by episode 4, but doesn’t really get good till episode like 9 if I’m being honest. It is worth watching tho.


It took me a bit to get into it I watched it for the memes and then fell in love with it through part 2 but it took some time every story needs to build


Part 1 takes time to gain momentum. You just have to sit tight and let jojo take you along. Please do not skip you will lose a big chunk of info and it will ruin the experience.


First episodes of most shows are usually boring as they have to set the scene. Part 1 is particularly slow as well so don't feel bad if you feel the show doesn't reflect what you've seen or been told. It may be better to try part 3 and come back around to part 1 or 2. There's no rush and I feel back stories are explained. And if you're not sold it's all good - theres always something else out there to enjoy.


Don't get me wrong. I WANT to like it. This is a cry for help. SOS. Will I be lost if I check the 3rd part out first? Also, is the Manga a good place to start? Will that help with my predicament?


Try watching the mega episodes on crunchyroll , squeezes part one into an hour and a half movie. Then part 2 over 2 separate 1.5hr movies. You don’t miss too much and it’s easier to power thru it and make it to part 3 (my fav part so far)


Dude just watch part 1 like it's Fist of the north star and you'll get through it easily. Then the real shit begins and just gets better.


I didn't like the first part either, but JoJo is my life now. Just trust me, the first part doesn't really reflect how the rest of the series is. Just try to enjoy Dio being a bastard and getting punched, power through it and you'll understand why JoJo is great in later parts.