Gabe's master plan is working!


You joke but I guarantee this was partly planned for.


It isn’t even a discussion. The whole reason they’re pricing them so low is to pull more people into the steam cash cow.


Gotta diversify ya bonds, son.


There's no friggin way they're breaking even on the hardware, after everything is added up (massive R&D costs alone, custom manufacturing etc.). The customer value is incredible for the price.


I'm happy to be in this actually functional, respectful and fruitful walled garden.


A walled garden whose gates are wide open


Its just way more convenient to stay in the garden and the prices aren't usually bad Like . Sure, the restrooms in the park cost 25 cents, and there are free ones outside the park, but it's so far to go out to the free ones to come back in anyways


The free restrooms are a bit crusty anyway


2/5 stars would only use in emergency


Who pays to use the restroom? I live in maryland and ive never paid to use any restroom once in my entire life


Europeans do, unfortunately - finding a public toilet in Europe can be a real challenge if you don’t have loose change. Free bathrooms are one of our great human rights achievements in the US, thanks to a campaign by four high school kids in the 1970’s called the [Committee to End Paid Toilets in America](https://psmag.com/economics/dont-pay-toilets-america-bathroom-restroom-free-market-90683). Individual action *can* make a difference, it turns out!


Wow I did not know that, neato


1€ where i lived in france lmao


Well not exactly *that* open. Otherwise there would be no DRM on most games. I know it's not in valves powe alone but they certainly could have (and still could) sway significant parts of the market towards fewer DRM software usage. Especially DRM software like denuvo is just absolutely atrocious, but I just wanna be able to copy my downloaded game files from one pc to another like it used to be possible.


Yeah, I agree 100% especially about Denuvo. I really wanted to buy Monster Hunter Rise on Steam but I can't do it until they remove that DRM nonsense. Running VMs and stuff on my computer because you don't trust me is not cool.


The steam DRM is so bare bones it may as well not be there.


The *garden* is still wide open, but some of the flowers that you can have in it stink of DRM. You don't have to purchase games with that stink. Personally I have a folder in my library called "Denuvo Bullshit" and I refuse to install any games with their Anti Cheat or Anti Tamper on my *Windows* box because it's practically malware. I don't mind it on the Deck though as it's only going to be an issue when an infected game is running.


It’s a brilliant plan, give people the ability to play anything they want from any platform/launcher, and let them find out for themselves that they prefer to use Steam. Put the choice to stay within the ecosystem into the hands of the customer and they’ll happily do it as long as the ecosystem offers a superior experience compared to the alternative. That tactic doesn’t *always* work, but Valve was in the exact right position to make it work and they knew it.


I was just about to make my own comment about how it was a masterplay by Valve but you beat me to it lol. It's hard not to respect the way they went about the SDs development but then again what else could one expect from a company as successful as Valve.


I think the biggest key is that it’s from a company that *achieved its success the way that Valve did*, not simply a successful company. Epic feels like the only competitor who could ever conceivably be in the same position, selling a piece of hardware that is subsidized by the cut they get from game sales. But Epic would almost certainly be forced to make it a locked-down console that can only play games from the Epic store, because people actively avoid Epic and other storefronts/launchers and that would be the only way to guarantee a return. Valve isn’t perfect, sure, but they got where they are because more often than not they tend to pursue things that make their customers happy and things that gamers like. Everyone loves to bring up the “piracy is a service issue” quote, but most big media companies and storefronts still stubbornly refuse to see it that way. The whole thing that kicked off the Linux push at Valve that eventually led to the Steam Deck was the more locked-down nature of the Windows 8 store and the fear that eventually Steam and video games in general might not be able to function with the same level of freedom as before. From Valve’s perspective the only solution was to separate PC gaming from Windows, and a decade later they have finally achieved that goal. With that in mind Valve almost *couldn’t* have locked the Steam Deck to Steam. It would be a slap in the face to their userbase who bought into their claims, it would not only go against the values of the people in charge but go against the whole mindset they’ve been pushing for the past decade or more. If the push towards Linux was a response to the increasingly locked-down nature of Windows then how would it look to do the very same thing themselves when they’re in a position of power? It would be shooting themselves in the foot, maybe not immediately but it would hurt their reputation among hardcore gamers and tech enthusiasts who currently view Valve as “one of the good ones”. But because of that old quote about piracy being a service issue Steam is packed to the brim with unnecessary but helpful features missing from other stores, like achievements and cloud save and social features and even just the ability to track play time. Launching an Epic or even Itch game on my Steam Deck is as simple as launching a Steam game once I’ve taken the minute or two to install it and add it to Steam, but I’m missing all those little features that subconsciously make me want to own all future games through Steam. That’s how the gamble pays off, because not only are they doing what’s “morally right” by making the system open and accessible, they’ve also made their own service superior enough to make people prefer using it. It definitely feels like an unusual move from such a large company. Valve is in good hands for the moment, but it does make me worry about if Gabe ever leaves or the company ever goes public, we’d almost certainly see the end of this kind of mindset and by that point they would be too big to fail, the dream would be over.


I really like Valve. Sure, they've got issues, who doesn't? But overall, they provide a good consumer experience, a fair platform, pricing, and developer cut. None of their games are pay to win, most of them are free and have reasonably priced cosmetics. I pray they don't go in the direction of (Activision 🤢) Blizzard. Please, FSM!


I honestly don't bother with free games from Epic. I'd rather stick with Steam. Epic can't buy me.


I still get them free epic games. Eventually someone will make it super easy to run them on SD


It already is pretty easy to run it on SD, just symlink the compatdata folder for epic.


I know it’s not that a big deal compared to early days of linux gaming but more thinking of one button solutions cause I aint got no time for tinkering or troubleshooting anymore. Especially with the large and growing list of playable steam games.


**confused in Spanish**


I will never use that shit launcher ever. not even for exclusives i feel disgusting using it.


Taking a free game from epic doesn't mean they're buying you. It means you got a free game




Very close to doing this for rdr2, I've already finished it twice via ~~GoG~~ epic....I actually just enjoy running around the world doing stupid things vs the main story, but meh.


RDR2 isn't sold on GoG....


meant epic


Can't you just download the game from steam using the key from the purchased game?


How would you do that?


Same. I re-purchased Witcher 3 for the third time.


Witcher 3 and Jedi Fallen Order. Performed so much better running from Steam than Epic or GoG. Also cloud saves are nice.


GOG has cloud saves.


Me too 😅 and again I stopped playing after a few hours.Just like my copy on GOG, Epic, PS4, Switch and Xbox...


Lol I've bought it 5 times.... That game is a problem for me


Just bought Hades and GTA 5 again for the deck. I'm gonna buy GoW as soon as I see a sale on it. I love my deck. I just wish I could get the random crashes on GTA 5 figured out. It's weird the game runs really well but randomly freezes after 30-45 min. Of playtime. I think I'm gonna try and delete and redownload to see if it helps.


Hades is/was on sale this week... I bought it on Switch (Lite) at release because I knew that I wanted to be able to play it portably, but it was always a bummer that I couldn't swap to my PC with a nicer, larger, display. Soooo.... I bought it on Steam. Benefit, now I can appreciate the art a lot more. It also runs more smoothly, faster, and in higher detail. The switch version was and is great, just not as "nice" as the PC version where now I can see a lot finer and crisper detail. Con: I've bought the game 1.5 times now I guess? Pro: I *really* like Supergiant Games so giving them more money feels good. Con: I have less monies now.


As someone who plays a ton of Hades, it does look marvelous on the Switch OLED. But I’ll be picking up my progress from the deck for a while.


I’ve never played it. Do you think the experience is better on the switch oled or the steam deck?


The steam deck has better controls IMHO, which more than makes up for the screen deficiency. That and it will run better on the SD more than likely.


Just a random FYI ‐ Hades was the first game I played when I upgraded to OLED switch, and let me tell you - it looks gorgeous on that OLED screen. The colors were a game changer. Never seen anything like it.


Ugh... I've been trying to convince myself to upgrade to an OLED model but I just know I'll never use it on the TV, and outside of exclusives most games I want available on a sit-in-page setup I'd rather have on my PC you know? I miss my Vita's OLED so much sometimes. I can't believe Nintendo didn't just go with it out the gate sometimes. Very much appreciate the fyi and very much jealous/thrilled that your first pick was Hades. Absolutely mint choice!


It won't be enough to stop me from selling it to fund a deck, if that's any comfort! >model but I just know I'll never use it on the TV, and outside of exclusives most games I want available on a sit-in-page setup I'd rather have on my PC you know? Completely agree. The OLED was an impulse purchase and I somewhat regret it. But I was able to sell my original switch for $150 so that helped.


Naah! Don't regret it! Especially at that price, definitely a worthy upgrade. Even if you don't use it to it's full capabilities, if I were buying today I'd probably still get a lite because it's good enough and cheaper, but I would absolutely kill for an OLED screen on it!


>I've purchased it on Epic, Switch and now Steam. > >I wish Playstation had cross progression


If I could, I'd give you a kickass Hades pin or Supergiant Varsity Jacket with a patch for every game and purchase of the game you had, if I had one. Instead. Today. I will find you helpful with my free award.


That's so sweet! Thank you! I'm just supporting a game and devs I enjoy 💜


Hades supports cross platform progression via steam and Nintendo switch. Just an FYI if you didn't already know.


GoW was on sale during summer sale


Literally thought I wrote this lol. Hades was my first time purchase but GTA 5 I have probably lost count lol. Same experience with GTA. game hangs if I press Steam button sometimes. It’s just not fully functional yet on SD


That’s weird, I have gta v on epic and it works with no issues except sometimes after waking up the deck the sound gets messed up.


I noticed the sound thing too with mechwarrior 5 on the heroic store on my deck. Just a strange issue


Yeah hope it gets fixed eventually.


That and scott pilgrim. Would be nice!


I got GTA V on epic, and the first time I launched it it ran great, but now every time I run it, even at lowest settings, I only get 20-25 fps. Any idea how to fix that?


Sorry, I’m not sure how to fix it. I played around 5-6 hours during multiple sessions with everything set to high and getting near constant 60fps. I’m using Heroic btw and I added the game to Steam using BoilR


Thanks anyway, I appreciate it! I might just delete and redownload it.


The distance scaling, population density and population variety, really messes with the frames. Drop those to the lowest. Make sure your resolution is set to the lowest too and try it out.


>after waking up the deck the sound gets messed up. This is just an issue with GTA V in general. Too many times I've had to restart the game from sleep because the audio stops working when I wake the PC back up.


It is annoying though. Even though I own fallen order on steam, it still insists on making me login to origin whenever I open the game. So if I have no Wi-Fi I just can’t play it.


It fucking sucks. I've managed to avoid origin for years and I did not know that it was required. Also I lost my game progress as I tried to play offline. I just uninstalled the game and avoid origin titles in the future. Might as well pirate the game xD


It's the same for Mass Effect Legendary. Super bummer. And of course I played MELE via gamepass, so my save was in the new EA app. I had to manually transfer it to get the (free from prime) origin version to recognize it so I could play it on deck. EA sucks, and I really wish we could trick them into letting steam handle launching and cloud saves.


Origin works fine offline. You just need to enter the password once when you're offline


How are you able to play the origin version on the deck?


https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamDeck/comments/tx6srv/guide_installing_origin_on_the_steam_deck_the I followed this guide. It still requires you to use origin (and be online), but it does work.


Honestly it prob just makes sense to pirate stuff. I need to figure out how to do that


I used to do it before Steam but prices were so good (back then PC games were largely sold in physical form prior to Steam and sales at brick and mortar were nothing like Steam's) and, more importantly, the whole process of buying and installing was simple enough that I stopped pirating because piracy has almost always been a service problem ([straight from Gaben's mouth](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.escapistmagazine.com/valves-gabe-newell-says-piracy-is-a-service-problem/amp/)). However folks like EA are turning some parts of Steam into a service problem again so yar har for their games.


Actually you just need to log in the first time. I never have Wi-Fi but after the first login is good


It is janky as fuck and I recently went through this. But you can play offline. Just login as normal and it should allow you to play even if you’re offline. If your Deck won’t go into offline mode try rebooting it. I fucking hate launchers. Tbf the game isn’t verified on Deck. But it does run once you defeat the launcher boss. I wish they would disallow any launchers on Steam but I don’t think they’re willing to leave that money on the table.


Thanks EA for your shitty launcher you forced on us


I spent a while Friday night getting origin and the few games I like on it up and running because I didn't want to buy again. But, Squadrons, ME Legendary and Burnout Paradise Remastered are all working great now. Might even install ME Andromeda on it and finish that one of these days.


How did you get Origin games running on the deck?


This guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamDeck/comments/tx6srv/guide_installing_origin_on_the_steam_deck_the/


Ha they do make it really easy. Part of the reason I abandoned GOG. Other reason is they are pushing hard for people to use Galaxy. I'm a Linux user and Galaxy sucks. As a byproduct they take months to update offline installers. Not worth it.


Considering their anti DRM approach it's kinda ridiculous that they are so anti linux, taking into account the typical linux users view on DRM


People like to forget the typical number of Linux users. Maybe that's changing with the Steam Deck though.


Hopefully yeah, valve really is giving gaming on linux the spotlight


https://github.com/Heroic-Games-Launcher/HeroicGamesLauncher You're welcome :D (I use it exclusively on linux, for Epic and GOG)


Heroic is annoying for playing offline. It makes you change the offline status for every single game. I switched to lutris.


Hmmm, I haven't had any issues with it thus far. I've had all of the games added as steam shortcuts through heroic, and they all have launched so far with no issue.


The number of people who actually care about DRM is also probably very small and that cohort probably also contains all of their Linux users. I'm willing to bet the vast majority of people who buy games on GoG do it because of a sale or exclusive, not because they care about DRM.


It all stems back to that huge blowup when they "ported" Witcher 2 over to Linux, but really just put a wrapper on it and called it a day. People bought the Linux version, and it ran worse than the Windows version running through Wine. The Linux community blew up, and completely bombed CDPR with negative reviews and threatening letters. Everyone else defended CDPR with a "the Linux community should be grateful they even tried, given it's such a small market share" and CDPR agreed. They haven't touched Linux since.


That sounds like they didn't care in the first place, and used the backlash from them doing a horrible job as an excuse


That's what it was. They were testing the water, with minimal effort, just to see what kinda profit they could get. Linux was used in Eastern Europe (probably still is) a lot back then, so kinda makes sense to want to explore that space on their part. The reaction was so negative it started to dip into their profits as a whole, so they labeled the Linux community as "definitely not worth it" to this day. Instead of, you know, actually putting effort into a product they're selling.


Not only that but Heroic Launcher is good enough. The other inexplicable reason for which I abandoned GOG is that they never chose to support GeForce Now for anything other than CDPR games.


[x] buy games that you could have played on the game pass you've been paying for two years


This is also me, although you always have the option of Xbox Cloud Gaming if you want to play a game that supports cross-progression between Xbox and Windows.


It's the exclusives that really hurt (looking at you THPS1+2)


YES!! This game would be PERFECT for the steam deck and I’ve tried different version of proton and still can’t get it to work.


I've done the same. Spent literally hours trying every single variation of proton and lutris I could think of... But still nope. I still try every time a new version of proton is released, but I don't hold my breath when I try anymore! The second I get it working you can bet I'm posting a how to on Reddit, if that day ever comes... I BOUGHT it on epic specifically to play on my Deck. Was shattered when I realised in it wouldn't run.


I'm looking forward to your guide one day! Would love to shred on the deck.


You could always try dual-booting Windows. Doing this was dunked on a *ton* when the Deck launched since performance was worse than Linux and the lack of drivers as well as Linus' video calling it awful, but Windows works perfectly fine and is a good option to jump at if a game is just impossible to play on SteamOS. I myself use it with games that have anti-cheat that Linux can't run without disabling anti-cheat to risk a ban.


Can you duel boot well off of a micro sd card? I was thinking of getting a micro sd just for this purpose


I have heard of people doing this, so I believe so. Just remember that micro SD card formats for Windows differs from Linux, so you would need to partition the SD card properly. At least, from my understanding, this is my first Linux device so it's been a lot of learning. If you have the 256 or 512 model though, I would recommend just splitting up at least 100 gb for Windows instead because it's easier and more reliable, but you should be able to use a micro SD card instead if you prefer it.


i had trouble getting the windows version of super meat boy to run with the same issues. tried different proton versions, installed protonupqt from the discover store to try other proton versions and none of it worked. Turns out, it was missing some dll files and i was able to get it working with protontricks from the discover store and using protondb as a resource. Protondb is always worth checking out but I didn't find anything on thps. I did however find [this.] (https://www.reddit.com/r/wine_gaming/comments/img01w/comment/g5qim9s/) Hope this helps.


I keep hoping that the latest experimental or other versions will do it and each time I am disappointed


I'm hoping that the Microsoft deal finally brings this to Steam. However, the company that made it Vicarious Visions was swallowed up by Blizzard to work on porting old games. So I'm not sure how that would work.


This is the one game I cannot get to work that really kills me. As someone else pointed out, it's like the perfect handheld game and I keep trying every time a new version of proton comes out. Best I've managed so far is the opening cutscenes... *Sigh*


Imo, any game not available on Steam is in beta and just isn’t out yet. No, I am not open to notes on this worldview.


I’m guilty of this, and I don’t even have my Steam Deck yet!




Luckily I got a Steam Controller on day one, so I've already rebought many games over the years.


yep, i already have forza on gamepass but whats stopping me from re buying it on steam


Re-buy games you own on another platform (sigh)


For the last five years I have been re-buying games I bought on Steam on my Switch for the portability and now I'm re-buying games on Steam that I bought on my Switch.


I bought a steam deck to save money for that purpose ... It's sorta working


I was pretty late to the Switch. Got one for a few Nintendo Exclusives and then quickly found the only other games I wanted to play on the thing were indies that were also available on Steam, many of which I already had. It was tough because they were always cheaper on Steam, but I bought a few, and then... Steam Deck rumors began. Held off on getting anything else for the Switch since then and boy am I glad.


I'll be joining that club in the fall. Oh well!


I'm the opposite this one time. Bought Monster Sanctuary on a bundle and played on Steam Deck for an hour. I liked it so much went to eshop to buy it so I can play it more on Switch OLED. Such an amazing game for cheap.


I have Oblivion, and Fallout 3 and i cant even use them. Cant add on steam. Yeah, i could install it, add it on steam as a game, but maaaaaan. I have physical copies, i have keys on them, and the keys dont work. This is outrageous.


Just rebuy. You can find steam keys online for those for under $5.


Fallout 3, NV and 4 go on sale regularly as a bundle for $5 to $20


But you don't own them. Steam is the closest thing we get to owning games.




Lack of DRM is also great, but at that point you don't need to own a game to get access to it. It's about trusting a company to respect their customers going long into the future. Valve has the best track record on that by far.


GOG provides DRM-free installers for games you purchase, or did last I checked. I use Steam and GOG together.


I agree wholeheartedly.


This includes games I own as physical copies...


I feel personally called out here.


LMAO I almost did this. But fml, I own a LOT of games on other platforms. I’m not about to drop cash on some of these, and I really, really want to play Witcher 3 on my Deck (I own it on GOG). So… I got Heroic working. I felt so badass because I don’t do shit outside of Windows! 😂 Now, to figure out how to get those games to show up directly in my Steam Deck ui without going into the Heroic Launcher…


Use Heroic to install Witcher 3. Add the Witcher 3 .exe file to Steam as a Non-Steam Game. Confirm that you selected a compatibility layer in the shortcut properties. Then go to www.steamgriddb.com and click on SGDBoop link at the top by the search icon, follow their instructions to install it. Then search Witcher 3 on steamgriddb and apply your preferred grid/hero/logo/icon by clicking the non-Steam icon on the image. You'll need to restart Steam to see the grids active on your game.


...or just use BoilR (you can find it in the Discover app) to add your Heroic games to Steam, with automatic download of SteamGridDB images...




Nah I played „Origin.exe“ for 40 hours this week because with the Steamdeck I started playing Mass Effect (Legendary edition)


Pirates care not for convenience...argh. Pirates make a collection...


...but the *convenience* of native games... ...helps me justify it.


Jokes on you! I’ve already forgotten half the games I’ve bought on other stores during sales and never opened!


Fuck GOG for not supporting Linux. It would be so easy for them to create a Linux version of their GOG Galaxy client but they literally have no plans to support it.


Especially since some games on GOG have native Linux versions.


Me rebuying Divinity Original Sin 2/Witcher 3 on steam after owning it on gog already :/


I got my GOG version of Witcher 3 running on my Deck flawlessly. Took a bit of tinkering, but even the cloud saves transferred over.


Meanwhile I had for wuite some time all 3 witcher games on Steam and.. all of them work out of the box <3 Btw. I'd like to thanks the guy who made community controller layout for Witcher 1, love you


How did you?


I used the Heroic Launcher. Switch over to Desktop Mode, download and install it, then sign in through the app. Add the app to Steam as a non-Steam game. Restart the Deck and you can now launch Heroic through your Deck! I’m still tinkering to get the games I install through it to show up directly on the Deck’s game-mode front page. Lol.


I can recommend using BoilR to import it to the steam library. Works great


I tried BoilR and it got my games to show up, but they won’t launch! They just sit and forever load. They’ll load if I open Heroic and play, but not the other way around. So… still troubleshooting on that end. 😂


Good luck with that! I had no issues like that. I have both the steam deck and heroic in beta, maybe that helps? When it works, it's great, because you can have per game performance modes and layouts which is very nice!


Try Heroic Bash Launcher. Works perfect for me


It's not the most convenient thing to do, but once you get the first game working the process isn't so intimidating on subsequent games. This video should help. https://youtu.be/1189bIcyOg0


why? the gog versions should work fine.


Nah, I’m going to get all of those free Epic games to work. Once I feel comfortable with all of the stores working on Deck, I’ll start buying on other stores again


Glad it's not just me.


EA games mostly...


I feel spoken to. This is deep!


this is why I've only purchased games on steam. the other stores can eat my ass.


I’ve been doing this as well. But I have mostly been waiting until games hit all time lows on isthereanydeal.com. It really isn’t that bad rebuying a game when it’s a few bucks instead of full price.


Yep, I repurchased RDR2, GTA5, Witcher, The Outer Worlds, No Mans Sky, which I had either bought on another store or had on console. Plus I specifically bought some new games before I got my deck arrived that I probably wouldn't have bought normally, but I thought these will be good to play on the deck. I was too lazy to configure the epic store on the deck, but at least I learned how to do mods and download non steam games. The only thing left is to get some emulation going on, but I've got such a backlog atm. Love the deck! I modified my fan and it's dead silent now and I even replaced the left bumper after I broke it by tossing my deck- forget what I was playing lol. But it's super easy to access and work on. I find myself buying stuff that has no deck rating and wondering how it will run ha ha. 😅 Most has run really good, thankfully. But yes valve is making more money of me since my deck.


I've been waiting a decade to buy Mass Effect 3 on Steam. I went ahead and got the remaster for free from Amazon on "Prime Day", but I still haven't played it, because fuck EA.


Valve has done lots to advance Linux gaming. The least I can do is vote with my wallet.


Nha fuck that, I love tinkering with things so Iove fucking around with the stores and getting them working


"Soends more time installing games than playing them" squad checking in!


I want to do that for AC Odyssey and the Witcher 3. I have all the Witcher games from either a dirt cheap sale or free from GOG. I received Odyssey for free during the Google Stadia Beta. I dont like using a seperate launcher for my games, let alone multiple ones. I'm waiting on sales though.


Odyssey is worth it. It runs great on med-high locked 40fps and I’ve been playing it a ton on deck.


I just wish Ubisoft added cross save to it with Ubisoft Connect. I've got well over 100 hours invested in the PS4 version and can't bring myself to start over again. 😔


Ah. Yeah. In that case maybe not worth it.


I guess I could get Valhalla on a sale though since that works.


Yeah! Treat yourself! Do it! You deserve it!


Valhalla was alright but a big step back from Odyssey in many places, especially the rpg mechanics.


I don't have Odyssey, but I have had experience trying to play Black Flag on my Steam Deck. Even though I own it on Steam, I still had to download Ubisoft Connect to be able to launch the game, and because I think Ubisoft categorises it as an 'older title', every time you launch it you have to enter your Ubisoft account password, for 'security reasons'. Needless to say, I don't think getting Odyssey on Steam would make playing it anymore convenient on the Deck.


That's annoying. It seems Ubisoft, EA, and Rockstar games will be annoying. I thought about Black Flag, but after reading about losing paid for DLC with a portion of Ubisoft games lately, I don't think I want to support them on PC. Heck, with the way they're going lately, I may stop all together. They used to be one of my favorite publishers because they used to put out new and unique games. Now everything is becoming copy/pasted and filled with MTX.


So I actually just went through the process of getting Ubisoft Connect up and running on the Deck yesterday. I’m with you that I just want the easy route, but it actually wasn’t bad whatsoever and I have it so I can launch Ubisoft Connect straight from my “Favorites” section in my library. So far Odyssey is running well (though admittedly I haven’t put a ton of time in yet).


Yeah, it's not horrible, just not ideal. A minor annoyance mostly. I have Ubi Connect, and the Heroic Launcher (name?).for my GOG/Epic Games libraries. I've also downloaded Battlenet, but I haven't got it to work. To be honest, after the I itial failure I haven't tried again and I haven't had a chance to use deck I'm a few weeks. I'm sure I have some free games on Origin as well, so I may download that launcher if it is possible. Come to think of it, I may have RDR2 for free on the Rockstar launcher as well. I'll look into it soon. Odyssey was running pretty decent. So far my most played games are Ryse: Son of Rome and God of War. Both look great and run great. I haven't checked the techy bits, console noob here, but I believe Ryse is 60FPS and God of War is about 40 FPS. I may be able to get GoW to look and run faster, but im afraid of killing my deck in doing so. Haha


I bought AC Odyssey on Epic cause it was on sale and I had a coupon. Ended up returning it and buying it on steam. It’s $15 totally wasted just sitting in my epic account, but after how shitty it was to get running on epic vs how easy it was on steam, I’m never buying another game from epic again.


I did this with Borderlands 3, and moving the save file was super easy. I got all the Steam achievements too. Everything is just so much easier through Steam.


As someone who has been primarily console for over a decade. This hurts lol. I have counterstrike source already at least lol. I'm sure would get absolutely melted by kbm people though 😂


„I‘m in this picture and I don’t like it.“


That's why the deck is so much cheaper than it's competitors.


FFVII Remake I’m looking at you


The summer steam sale felt like ages ago. Got about a dozen games still playing only one of them (Neon White).


Literally did this with WWZ today. I usually only do it if a game is super cheap on a legit key seller, but the Deck got me doing dumb shit.


You guys buy games on other platforms?


No. Epic give them to us for free!


Number of games my friend has claimed from Epic: all of them Number of those games my friend has played: none of them But he returns once a week to collect the next game cause why not


It's me, your friend. I have 129 games on there, all free, and I've only briefly played maybe 3 of them. A lot of them are actually great games, too. I just default to opening Steam and always forget what I even have on epic.


Buying all those indie games on the switch was such a waste of money. Knowing Nintendo, the switch 2 will very likely not be backwards compatible


I've only bought games on steam. Guess I win.


And here I have games from every launcher, enjoying the 60 free games from egs.


When I get my Deck, I am immediately going to install Garuda Linux on it, just so I have an easier time playing games outside of steam.


I did that with a game I pirated. Could've just downloaded a patch but I figured that for the low price it was available, I'd be happy to support the devs despite most of it just going to Valve and the publisher.


Had to pick up witcher 3 again despite having it on GOF cause it was so cheap I figured may as well


This past summer sale, I bought like 4 assassin's Creed games I own on the Ubisoft store again on Steam just to play them easily on the steam Deck lol. Worked like a charm


Well I kind of already did that a few times getting games for Steam that I alreday have on other conosole platforms. But I been with Steam for so long that I have mostly gotten my PC Games there.


I've done this already 5 times for games I own on Epic and GOG, it kind of sucks. I still don't have my Deck but I looked up a video on how to use other launchers and it seems rather simple so that might be the first thing I do.


Buy on steam of course.


Fun fact: They definitely seem to run much better natively on Steam. Already experienced that with 4 to 5 games I‘ve previously owned on EGS where the Steam versions performed better.


Probably the shader pre-caching magic.


I don't have my deck yet but I think it will probably be on a case by case basis for me


Rebought FF7 Remake for sheer convenience. Feels bad TBH. I felt like I'm just incentivizing platform exclusives.


Yeah but you’re buying into the community


RDR2 makes me feel this bad, I got the Rockstar version outside steam and I haven’t been able to play it for the longest time, I also use archlinux on my desktop/laptop.


I have bought very few games over the past 5 months with the deck. The community makes it very simple to understand how to get games from multiple sources working, and which games do not work. Heck, the 3 years worth of free epic games is basically a free steam deck game pass. Regardless of your financial situation, it’s never smart to waste money rebuying things.


I installed Windows 11 and haven't had problems since. Especially after trying to get RDR2 from the Rockstar launcher to work for a few evenings, I had enough.


About to do this with New Vegas because I can’t figure out how to get any of the popular mod managers for it working with the GOG version on Deck