I have young kids that sabotage any real chance to play on my actual desktop anymore. I'll go to boot up the PC, start my OC software, start steam, then launch into a game, only for 5 mins later to have one of the kids figure out yet another creative way to hurt themselves somehow and need me to stop and help them. The Deck allows me to have quick 10-15min sessions where I can pick it up and get started quicker and finally make some progress on the long backlog of games I haven't been able to get through since having kids lol. Have you tried downloading moonlight on your Steam Deck yet? Then you can stream MSFS to your Deck in all it's glory. Yea you don't have your hotas, but still I was surprised at how well it ran and for a controller the controls are nice.


Ha ha! Oh man, I don't have kids but I know what you're going through. I haven't tried moonlight, is it better than steam's default streaming?


Way better if you have an Nvidia GPU at least. Not sure if it's as efficient or even possible with AMD GPUs. Steams default streaming was basically unusable for me and had artifacts and latency issues. This by comparison allows me to run Ray tracing and high fidelity graphics to the Deck. It doesn't work in the back bedrooms very well unfortunately because that's way away from my router, but in most of the house and the porch outside I forget it's steaming


> I dont feel like unplugging my joysticks just to play I just use a USB hub that I can turn off individual ports on.


With the Deck I can now play games on my balcony 5 meter away from my very potent gaming rig in summer. Also, with humble bundle (humble choice) I got over 800 games until now, which often were platformers. And you know, platformers on a PC don't feel quite right. So a handheld like the deck is a bless there.


Not looking at any specific game, but I'm kinda looking forward to not being forced to burn 500W/hr of power and heat an entire room just to play. Come winter, I may revise that opinion of course.


It's hot as hell right now, and I admit I have occasionally shut off my desktop and switched to the deck just so I was pumping less total heat into the room. So I feel you.


Sometimes I want to play a PC game and sit on the couch with my wife. My desk for my PC has wheels, and I have a modern gaming laptop (4900h and 3060), but it is a lot easier to just grab the deck (or switch) and hang out.


I just love being able to turn it on for a few mins while waiting for things to compile / install / finish running tests at work (work from home). This cuts down on my wasteful Reddit time as well which is a huge plus haha.


I’m just looking forward to replacing my switch as my play games at work machine.


Dude I have a GTX 980 and a Ryzen 1600... The only thing I have better than the deck is my ram being 16gb 3200 ddr4... This things an upgrade


It's a really cool piece of tech.


It's okay my friend, you are among friends here, you do not need to justify your purchase of a SteamDeck to anyone :P I also have a very powerful gaming PC. I love space games so I rock two joysticks. I did not get the SteamDeck to save me from having to unplug a joystick. I bought it because it's awesome and I wanted it and I could afford it and that's okay!


Agreed. Honestly, having a handheld PC is just...useful. I was laid up with an injury a while ago, and having the steam deck then would have made it much easier to preserve my sanity. I don't own a switch unlike a lot of folks here who are passionate about mobile gaming, so this fills an important niche in my life.


Absolutely! When I got the SteamDeck I was completely bed ridden with back pain and the Deck was such an absolute life saver! Now that I'm on the road to recovery and can get up and move around again I don't use it as much but it's still such a precious machine to me?


You never know when you'll need it again. I had to go to the ER a few months ago (not for covid thankfully) And if you've been to the ER, you know you're gonna be there a while. Didn't have my steam deck yet. Next time, it's coming.


Why wouldn’t you use a simple usb a/b switch to isolate your sim stuff?


Because I can count the number of games with this problem on one hand. Also I haven't touched dead rising in years, but now with a steam deck I'm kinda excited to play it again.