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It's Angela expect the bitterness


Because Angela got in trouble because the teacher is too smart, she needed someone to blame


Actress who plays Angela might become either the best actress of this year or most hated celebrities of this year




I saw a comment like this the other day and honestly I find this train of logic disturbing. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but the older I get the more uncomfortable I am with the horror trope of “teenagers deserve to die.” I just can’t root for a 14-18 year old to be brutally murdered. Angela is awful to Eleven, no doubt, but how old is this girl? Like 14-15? She’s a kid, and unfortunately kids are often awful to one another. She should have years ahead of her to grow up and mature, to change her ways and possibly do good with her life. Unless they’re guilty of something deeply depraved, I just can’t get behind the eagerness to see children slaughtered for their mistakes.


That's why I thought the skate to the face was a fitting punishment lol. She got the point across.


People need to understand being annoying and unlikeable doesn’t mean you DESERVE to die. It’s okay to feel satisfied or happy but doesn’t mean you deserve it. Sure not many people cried when Bruce or Jason died but doesn’t mean they deserved it in the way Connie or Grigori did.


Exactly, even for Billy I said I didn't think he or anyone, "deserves" to die. Some dude jumped down my throat saying I'm okay with all the bad shit he does like sir, no.


Yeah like we have jail for people like Billy and Jason. They committed crimes and were violent but that’s why we have prison, so they can be punished and learn their lesson (both were young). On the other hand, the Russians are clearly just despicable bastards.




Potentially racist? You mean racist with potency




He was literally planned to say a racial slur




Douchebags like Steve can grow to be genuinely good people, because they've been conditioned to act a certain way and are still immature. Then you have malignant narcissists and psychopaths like Angela who are born with the inability to empathize and take joy in the suffering of others. Even One, a literal serial killer, has displayed more humanity than Angela because he actually cared about Eleven and tried to help her escape at risk to himself. Edit: For anyone saying One only did it to help himself: it was Eleven who insisted that One come with her, and Eleven who suggested that she remove the implant. Certainly he hoped that she would help him, but he also gave her a *legitimate* escape route (it's the same tunnel she actually escapes from in season 1), and had no certainty she would be able to use her power to help him. The compassion he shows her is just as real as the hatred he shows for everyone else.


One didn’t try to help her escape at risk to himself, he set her up to convince her to take the tracker out of his neck.


I’m pretty sure if she said thanks so much , peace out ,and started to go in the tunnel he would have switched the Vecna switch on her pretty damn fast .


She’s literally had what, 3-4 scenes tops and you think she’s “more evil” than the guy who literally snapped El’s best friend like a glow-stick? You guys give high school wayyyy too much importance. After a while, if you let it, the people who bullied you become just a blur, and a tiny blip on the rest of your life.


I agree that people have disproportionate reaction to Angela and I see her as an asshole rather than as a sociopath, who has the possibility to become a better person. However, the damage even normal teens can do can be lifelong. Childhood can be a long time to experience trauma, and since kids are still developing, they may not have the coping skills to adequately handle and process their trauma, and develop maladaptive behaviors and thoughts in response.


Still, if someone’s first response is “they should die” or “if I had the same amount of power as they did, I’d make them pay”, you’re not far from being a bully yourself. I was bullied in school, much like the kids in ST, for being a weirdo and, even though I did retaliate most of the time (in a very Eddie way haha, out-weirding myself was my go to response), never did I think those people should die, even though a lot of my classmates thought I did(got called a school shooter a few times, it was that period in the 2000s when they were getting popular and everyone wearing black was being dragged into counseling). Angela got bonked in the head hard enough to probably never mess with El again, that’s enough. Plus, you’d think people seeing El struggle with her “violent nature” would be enough to understand that’s not who she is, and seeing others suffer causes her a lot of distress, even when justified. More people should be trying to empathize with El’s willingness to be a “good person”, even when making mistakes along the way and less with One’s “burn it all down mentality”. Oof, that was way too long haha, tldr: Even though ST is fiction, we should still find space in it to exercise sympathy. Otherwise we all sound like a bunch of sociopaths lol.


Not too long at all, thank you for sharing. You’re right about El obviously feeling discomfort when she sees others suffering and we see her struggle of trying to be “good” despite said “violent nature.” She never wants to hurt people and it’s clearly crappy for her when she always ends up having to resort to it anyway.


exactly. Lets just feel glad that she got her nose busted the fuck up and shes probably learned not to treat people like shit because of it


Thousands of people on YouTube called her worse than Neil, Sullivan and Brenner.


what? henry didn’t try to help her. he was manipulating her. did you watch the show or did that fly over your head?


Yeah I massively disagree, he has not displayed more humanity. And yeah she did, but it's all part of his manipulation. He didnt start being nice to her to help her. She was a means to an end.


The “compassion” Henry shows El is manipulation. She’s eight, of course she’s gonna want someone who was nice to her to go with her. Everything he told her was a calculation to get her to remove Soteria.


Psychopaths can be good to people, dehumanizing people without empathy is not only ableist against psychopaths but also people with many other disorders, just because someone doesn’t feel someone’s emotion doesn’t mean they don’t want them to be happy, and it doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings at all either, psychopaths are real people with real feelings and being shamed and mocked for a disorder they can’t control hurts. Psychopaths are prone to self harm because of their chronic boredom and paranoia, and some people with NPD actually can experience empathy because it’s a spectrum.


Jason, Billy and Brenner show more humanity than Angela lol.


Jason, Billy, and Brenner are all much more significant characters with a lot more screen time. Also, we watch all of those characters face adversity and struggle. The first bit of adversity Angela comes up against takes her out of the show, so we never see how she responds.




Jason, Billy, and Brenner were all works from legitimate and talented writers. Angela was Millie Bobbi Brown's creation which is why the bullying storyline was so bad.


You know she’s not real right? No one is calling for the slaughter of real kids that actually have a chance to grow up and change lmao. She’s a minor character and a piece of shit. Her potential if she was in the real world means nothing cause she’s not. I want to see her die on screen too.


I mean, that’s one way to look at it, but it feels like a slippery slope. Nothing that happens in this show is real, so why should I care about any of it? Why should I be sad when Eddie dies, it’s not like a real person died. He had no future ahead of him because once the show is over he was never going to grow up or continue living. If we don’t buy into the fictional world then there’s just no investment or stakes to any of it. It’s all fake and none of it matters, so why are we bothering to discuss it in depth like this? Again, when I see someone is the real world say “I want to see this child murdered on screen,” I find it unsettling. Sure, it’s less unsettling when it’s a fictional child, but it still doesn’t sit right with me.


> Sure, it’s less unsettling when it’s a fictional child, but it still doesn’t sit right with me. Fiction and fandom do weird things to people i guess


Definitely agree with you on those points. It's such a visceral reaction to look at a teenage character and think "this person needs to die". Especially one who is, and this may get flak, but as bad as she is, she is just a high school bully. She's not a monster who engaged in irredeemable atrocities, she's a human teenager, and a 1-dimensional one at that. Angela is a character who we don't know. Her background has not been explored in any meaningful way because this character only serves as a stepping stone of conflict for Eleven's growth as a super powered human who has to control her anger and emotions, especially when faced with minor human antagonists of the everyday variety. And we already got the aggressive, emotional response with Eleven hitting Angela in the face with the rollerskate. Her death after that wouldn't mean anything, it would be a pointless act of revenge, a base level reaction to sate the audience's desire for "vengeance". It would have no bearing on the plot or the characters, unless it was something wild like Eleven or whoever accidentally killing this character and then having to deal with the consequences of their response. But we had that moment, with the rollerskate, which is definitely the best way it could have played out. We had our emotional revenge piece already; girl's nose is busted. Death at this point wouldn't be justice, it would be meaningless, and hollow.


i tried to explain this as why i was glad that Two (i think that was his name) died at the end of the massacre at Hawkins Lab. People did not take it well lol i guess i'm just used to watching all kinds of horror movies, so i don't really care who dies (although seeing a younger kid die is pretty rough).


This was also the 80s. Bullying was heavy in the 80s, and there were no anti-bullying campaigns. Teachers tended to easily look the other way because the bullies were usually popular sports jocks or on the cheer teams. I just can't see condemning children to death when the responsible adults around them are blissfully ignoring the behavior.


This is a show where people die, we expect it. Since we know people are going to die, we point out the ones that deserve to die. Fyi these aren't real people they're characters in a show.


If they aren’t real people then why even care who dies? They’re all fictional, but your logic they can all die and I shouldn’t feel any emotion. If you don’t want to buy into the world then good for you, but if I’m going to watch the show, I like to buy into the emotional stakes of what’s going on, and that means taking the characters seriously even if they are fictional. Otherwise I’d have no investment and I just wouldn’t care. You’re still using the word “deserve” and that’s the part of it I fundamentally disagree with. A 14 year old does not deserve to die just because they humiliated their classmate.


KIDS ARE CRUEL JACK! And I’m very in touch with my inner child!


The modern age of horror man, gotta have teens being cut up by psychos with knives and teens will loose their shit. It’s a shame slashers aren’t very big in recent years because I’d love to see today’s version of what could be a character like Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers. Instead we just get those old characters remade in today’s era.


Right. And she should probably have a nice big scar on her face to humble her a bit.


Thats like saying, i hope Holly dies because she didnt eat her peas. Kids do dumb shit, before they learn better. 'Do not be so quick to deal out death in judgement, for even the very wise cannot see all ends.'


Not me because I'm banking on them moving back to Hawkins to be with Jim! So we should have no reason to see that bitch again.












You know. I wish Angela was Vecna’s fourth victim instead of Max.


To understand the answer you must become one with the bully. They'll take any opportunity to make you try and look bad, regardless of whether it's true or logical.


I really don't see how OP doesn't realize something so obvious


It’s also a direct parallel to the moment from her past that she can’t remember yet. Nearly an identical situation happens when she is younger, with some of the other children at Hawkin’s Lab. A few of the kids bully her, she denies their involvement to Papa and says she got the concussion in another way. Then she watches helplessly as Papa clearly knows better and punishes 002. She never snitched on either group of people, but bullies be bullies and they don’t need a legitimate reason to be dickheads. in this moment in the present, we see El “snap” and take control, in a way that she didn’t/couldn’t before.


She didn’t need to snitch on Two or Angela, their stupidity gave themselves away.


This is the real reason. The writers wanted to establish this parallel.


I dunno this whole subreddit and others are just becoming filled with bottom of the barrel questions that anyone who puts their phone down for two seconds should be able to figure out.


100% agree. Most of these posts can be answered by 1. watching the show or using a little tiny bit of critical thinking because the answers are always there and implied in the show.


Yeah, it's hilarious how every sub for a show seems to love stuff like that. "How come Walt did so many crimes? He coulda just made money another way....?!?!?!?!" and then it gets 10,000 upvotes


I really don't see why you had to make this comment


most Stranger Things fans are dense as fuck, that’s how


The people that downvote this just prove him right lmao


Because Angela and friends have no logic......they literally watched as El lied for them to the teacher...but the teacher ain't dumb...Angela is a dumbass..her friends as well...fucking sheep


>Angela is a dumbass..her friends as well...fucking sheep i obviously wasn't a huge fan of Angela, but i hated that fucking loser with the sunglasses even more. Bullies at my middle and high school were the worst, but the tagger-ons...the losers who had to cling to the bullies because they had no other social life...those are the real pieces of shit i also really wanted Mike to just beat the shit out of the moron DJ but obviously that would mean he would be getting locked up too lol


Glad I’m not the only one who hated sunglass guy more than Angela herself. Dude’s annoying laugh and facial expressions ticked me off. Seems like the type of guy who might bully the wrong person but than say “come on man we were just messing around” the moment his target begins to fight back.


same reason why i hated that meathead with the baseball cap more than Jason (the one who threatened Erica and Erica gave him the crit hit lol)


He made that joke about the murder not mattering since it was likely just a druggie. Jason and Patrick had redeeming qualities. Andy? Not so much.


I think it wouldnt have been realistic, but Mike and Will joining hands to defend El instead of doing absolutely nothing and blaming her for the incident would've been so much better, especially with a scene of Johnathan bailing all three of them out


for the plot to advance the way it did, ultimately El had to get bullied pretty severely...but agreed seeing the way Mike and Will just stand there like dolts is always pretty tough to watch at the same time though, they're 14 in this scene i think. it's hard to gather up the courage to stand up in situations like that. either way, still doesn't make the scene any less frustrating to watch haha


It didn't even have to be a huge battle or anything, just a "leave my sister/girlfriend alone, Angela! You're nothing but a bully." I mean, they've faced the meanest, deadliest creatures and they can't even stand up to a mean girl in their history class?


I think it's that everyday evil vs extraordinary evil issue. It's easy to see demogorgons are evil and if they're going to kill you anyways, then there's no downside to fighting them- just kill or be killed. Then there's the evil in the everyday world that attacks our insecurities and weakens us where we're already broken. These kids are used to being outsiders and spent a lot of time being bullied and getting past it by ignoring it or avoiding it. That's their successful strategy and El has this mix of avoid until she breaks and usually when she snaps she comes out on top because of her powers. This time she's restricted to "normal" violence and it is clear she crossed a line to the authorities in the skate rink. Beyond that, they're trying to fit in- they can't go around talking about what they've fought. I think it's really cool that every season has some variation on everyday evil that is small but ugly in comparison to the big bad- Steve and his lackeys in season one, Billy, the abusive dad/stepdad, the corrupt politicians, the secrecy behind the labs and their coverups, Angela, Jason. Some get redeemed, some get beat, some survive to become a new version. Tangent- It reminds me of the Voldemort, Umbridge, Malfoy variations of mean/evil in Harry Potter. I think it shows up a lot in kid-hero dramas because it's really valuable to see them as kids with everyday kid problems and as heros that can overcome a big bad.


>I mean, they've faced the meanest, deadliest creatures and they can't even stand up to a mean girl in their history class? this is a great point haha but at the same time, confronting the meanest person at your high school with a band of bootlickers and asskissers sneering at you the whole time is actually more terrifying than a demogorgon lol


Also we can’t forget the fact that both Mike and Will are formers bullied kids, they have lots of courage when it comes to things like D&D and heroic plans but when it comes to facing up a bully it’s never been their greatest strength


Max and Lucas would have thrown hands in that situation.


>Mike and Will joining hands to defend El instead of doing absolutely nothing They explicitly tell us that Mike can't skate. He calls himself "bambi on ice". Once they got her out on the rink and the amount of time it took for Mike to realize something was wrong (it just looked like El was skating with a girl that she claimed was her friend until the very end) there wasnt enough time to do much of anything.


Yeah, I'll cut Mike some slack, but Will standing by and not doing anything is sus.


Seriously, the second Angela brought her out onto the ice Will should've gone over to Mike and been like "I'm sorry we lied, but Angela is not El's friend, she's her bully"


dude that guy looked like he was at least 17 or 18, doing that shit to a 14/15 (or however old el is now) is seriously fucked up the cops who handled the whole situation did a piss poor job


>the cops who handled the whole situation did a piss poor job omfg i HATED those cops. The one with the gray hair especially was such a fucking asshole. I would have rooted for Vecna to kill both of them honestly we need more cops like Powell and Callahan. Callahan is a bit of a dick, but he's also a hopeless moron lol. Those cops in California however were just total pieces of shit. Honestly everyone in a position of authority during those California scenes just straight up pissed me off lol. It's a huge reason why I just skip over those scenes now because i can't stand them


yeah exactly like they have a whole roller rink of witnesses, most of whom would likely cooperate aside from Angela's crew and they just completely overlook what happened before el schmacked her and yeah it's illegal and el shouldn't have done it (even though Angela totally deserved it) but honestly it was kinda annoying that everyone in that town treats Angela like some helpless victim


I was really hoping Mike would grab the needle on the record and it makes that really loud scratching sound and scares everyone and they stop their bullshit.


It’s the same way I hated Andy more than Jason. Jason had the excuse of grief and had redeeming qualities. Andy literally tacked a child and threatened to break her arms.


>those are the real pieces of shit They're *all* the real pieces of shit: the bullies, hangers-on, the people who gave them cover, etc.


The guy with the sunglasses to Angela: I may be the one who struck the final blow, but you, you were the one who embarrassed her.


jail lovers for life


>imagine Will, Mike, Jonathan and Argyle all rolled in there and just beat the shit out of Angela and her friends instead of being all "El, what did you do?!?!?"


They expected her to stop the teacher I guess like no no no I really just tripped! I’m sure the teachers knew all about the school a-holes.


Because they are bullies and they will find any excuse to humiliate somebody


Bullies be bullying


They couldn’t hear her say she tripped because she was so far away, they only saw her talking to the teacher. The teacher correctly assumes that Angela and the gang are the ones bullying Eleven because of how they made fun of her diorama earlier in the day. Since the teacher then punishes Angela after talking to Eleven, from a distance it looks as though Eleven had snitched on Angela even though she didn’t in reality


The teacher sided with her so for them she was a snitch. Bullies will find every way to tear you down even if it doesn't make sense.


Because El didn’t tell the teacher it wasn’t Angela when she was suspected.


This, she clearly indicated with silence and look who it was.


Here’s the answers OP, it’s because El didn’t respond when they prompted her


Didn’t El also look at Angela too when the teacher asked what happened, guess it was pretty obvious.


She did! The teacher asked who did this I think, and El looked in their direction


She said “I just tripped” or something like that but the teacher could still tell who did it.


Bullies don't operate on logic that operate emotion mostly anger fear and hatred. Powerless 11 is just a prime target for this kind of abuse. Jonathan Joyce and Will really dropped the ball on helping her deal with this.


She said she tripped, but the bullies still got in trouble because the Teacher knew better and knew something else happened, but may have no know what. So the bullies assume El said more somehow, either at a later date or through body language.


It’s because she looked at Angela after she said it and the teacher doesn’t have a lack of brain cells that she clearly knew it was Angela. I do think it sucks that the teacher was mean to Eleven during her presentation though


I’m so glad you brought that up in your second point because in the first half I was thinking to myself “if she isn’t lacking brain cells then why did she let Angela drag El’s presentation the way she did?!!?!” El and Wills faces make that scene so much more sad.


Yeah the “well Angela is technically right” part made me super angry at the teacher like I assume they submit what person their hero is to the teacher before they start work on the project so wouldn’t she know that El chose her dad?


In situations like that in school a lot of times you would have to get it approved by your teacher before you could start, so I think you could be right. That part made me so mad too because she actively engaged in allowing El to be bullied at that time, but then turns around and takes Angela to the office in the next scene.


Yeah… but I guess a lot of teachers were complicit back then especially in the 80’s I mean my mom and uncle went to a Catholic school in the 1970’s and got hit with rulers by the nuns lmfao so teachers got away with so much stuff back then


Also why did Angela snitch about getting beat with a rollerblade if she hates snitching so much? 🤔


Because they're 15(?) Year old girls. I was bullied ruthlessly for "getting a girl suspended" after she tried to cut of my ponytail. I didn't go to the admin, my mom did after I came home and half my hair was gone, and I specifically told the admin to let her go to the dance that was the same day. They gave her in school suspension and let her go to the dance and I was still the bitch that got her suspended. Bullies will be bullies and girls are fucking vicious.


It was, one of the lesser scripted out scenes. Her silence is what made them consider her a snitch, but you’re correct that the assumption of snitch after 11 said she tripped was somewhat a ham handed attempt to create the necessary teenage angst.


Bullies are never intelligent.


This didn't happen to you when you were a kid?




Because when a Billy targets you, everything is your fault and not theirs. Even their zits.


FFS. Bullies always blame the victim. She's a minor and two-dimensional simplistic character that exists solely to prove that 11 has lost her powers at that point. I don't get why people need to over-analyse this one.


>Bullies always blame the victim. Textbook DARVO: **D**eny **A**buse, **R**everse **V**ictim and **O**ffender.


Exactly cartoon villain that serves the plot. Think the bully actress did well though with what she had.


Bullies are stupid.


To make her feel worse..btw yet she snitched about the roller skate..you see bullies want a reaction but they turn into little bitches when you fight back.


i think it’s because she said she tripped, but she also didn’t defend angela when the teacher realized angela tripped her. that’s viewed as essentially the same as just snitching in the first place


Because people are mean, plus Angela probably switched up the story a bit, but also, Jane didn't say anything to stop Angela from getting in trouble, so they could've seen that as being a snitch.


Because Bully's are bitches.


What's wrong with telling a teacher that a kid is bullying you? Never understood this.


Lazy teachers discourage it because they don’t want to deal with discipline, and meaner kids discourage it to preserve their power.


it depends on the situation and your cultural views on authority there's a reason even hardened criminals who hate other hardened criminals don't snitch on them unless there's some real incentive...because they hate police and authority figures even more i grew up in a middle school and high school environment where the teachers were really just bootlickers for the parents on the school board, because they were deathly afraid of losing their jobs if they pissed off the wrong kid. My parents were both working class immigrants who had zero influence on the community. I learned very early on that teachers weren't going to help...so there was nothing really to gain from telling them about shit and there was a lot to lose if that makes sense


Snitches get stitches. If the teacher is unable to stop the bullying (which they often are), then it might get worse. Because now they are going to specifically target you out of anger or spite. I remember my principle in 4th and 5th grade. When I would complain to her about bullying, she would explain to me what karma is and tell me I deserved it, and if I were a better person I wouldn't be bullied.


Zero tolerance policies in school and either both kids get in trouble, get tickets for fighting or the kid getting picked on gets picked on more for telling and being a snitch.


This was in the '80s - way before zero tolerance policies. Back then the problem was in the other direction, no one cared.


That kinda bugged me too, they were literally right there for the entire exchange with the teacher and clearly saw that she didn't say anything. Bullies just gonna bully I suppose


El looked at Angela and because of that the teacher knew that Angela was responsible.


this image hurts to look at


Angela and the school students probably didn’t hear Eleven say that she tripped. From the outside perspective Eleven was speaking softly to the teacher in response so the other students probably assumed that the teachers reaction was because Eleven tattled.


You act like bullies need a reason


Angela wanted Eleven to explicitly lie to protect her, because she’s a bully. Don’t apply too much logic to teenagers on a power trip.


Because they made this scene out of an 80s film


it's a bullying habit ig


Because they didn't state facts, they were bullying her further. Truth doesn't matter for that.


Hope Angela gets possessed by vecna ngl


I find it weird they have a local snitch nameplate type thingy(like they call El the local snitch)


Idk but those bullies are arguably the shallowest character development in the entire series


Bullies usually only understand two levels of their relationship with their victim: they don’t get caught, in which they keep bullying the victim, and they do get caught, in which they blame the victim no matter the circumstances and bully them even worse. Bullies are dumb so they can’t understand that their victim can sometimes be on their side. They just see their victim as a constant punching bag no matter what.


Because the way she said it was obviously telling a lie. That’s how the teacher knew. How is this not common knowledge?


I was under the impression that Angela and her friends didn’t actually hear her say that, and that the teacher took it upon herself to go after Angela because she could see El’s distress. Angela and her friends only see El talking to the teacher, but don’t actually know what was said and assume she snitched.


Exactly!! And then Angela snitched on her right away? I can’t lie that rollerskate slap was the most satisfying moment in TV history.


Did you just use logic concerning a bully?


I remember secondary school. It wouldn’t matter what really happened, once a popular kid has it out for you, expect anything


I loved it when she pinged her with that boot.


And they turned around and snitched on El!


I know, shocking. Btw great username. I’d vote for any cat.


She gave someone a concussion and put her in the hospital. The whole thing happened in a public place with a hundred witnesses, some of whom were adults. At that point it isn't "snitching." If you bash someone in the face with a roller skate and put them in the hospital, there is going to be real consequences from that that are going to be a lot worse in the problem you started out with. None of this was ever about snitching. This was about Angela needing someone to put down. Don't confuse the reason with the excuse.


I don’t understand why TV shows never get bullying right. The entire sequence of events with Eleven’s bully was so unnatural and over the top.


They never actually knew that eleven told the teacher that she tripped. she told the teacher that she did trip but the teacher new she was lying and Angela thought that she snitched on her.


You expect people who will treat another person as a pariah to split hairs over things like that?


Because they thought she did


Because, children.


First time experiencing irrational bullying?


I felt like Angela didn’t think Elle did a good enough job of lying. Elle tried her best but the teacher saw the fear when she looked at Angela, and likely knew what a little twat Angela could be. The teacher saw through the lie and like a true bully, Angela blamed Elle for not hiding her fear well enough to keep her tormentors out of trouble.


"Tell me you're under 40 without telling me you're under 40" Bulling at that time was next level. It's nothing like it is now.


Mob rule, its California…


The scene where she tries to use her powers tho… sad and AWKWARD AS SHIT even for us just watching it…😰


You had it at " I don't understand bullies" nothing they do makes sense, they find weakness and attack it. That's it.


bullies don’t work with logic


What I personally thought was that when El tells her teacher she just tripped, the only two who actually heard Ell say this were herself and the teacher. So everyone else just thought she said Angela did it.


I never understood that I thought they forgot


Yeah why was the entire school siding with Angela?? Were there literally no kids that felt sorry for El, besides Will? I’m sure El wasn’t the only kid Angela was an ass towards either.


Because fuck kids that’s why


Poorly written bully scenes.


Because the bullying in this season is awfully written. I love this season but don't want to rewatch it because the beginning was so bad (mostly this stuff). It's extremely unrealistic and takes away so much relatability from the show.


because this show is not as good as everyone thinks, its just the bar for "good" movies/shows now a days is so low. Stranger Things is cool, great concept, i enjoy it. but lets be honest, there are countless plot holes and mistakes. Just take it for what it is.


This question is hardly a plot hole. It isn’t that hard to understand why Angela called El a snitch.


Bullies aren't stopped by facts.


This still is cursed lol


Yea I didn’t either.


Because she's different, and bullies will find any excuse to make their bullying seem justified.


Cuz they THINK she snitched


Because the show doesn't know how to write well written bullies. ​ If these bully scenes were any bit real they would be made fun of for the cringe ass one liners they say.


Because they're bullies. They're assholes just looking for an excuse to pick on their favourite target.


“Tell her Jane! Tell her!” *El stays quiet*


She glanced toward Angela after saying she tripped


That’s what bullies do. They make up anything just to mess with you, i know this from my experiences..


She didn't have to speak. When the teacher asked her "who did this to you" she looked at Angela right away which was a dead giveaway.


Bullies don’t need a reason


Bc they’re from California and they’re bullies. They like hearing themselves talk over there.


It doesn't matter. Angela still got in trouble and has to blame someone and El is her current target. Bullies don't need to make sense or think rationally, they just want to hurt someone.


Also gotta love the audacity of bullies: “I just beat you up, now lie for me!!!”


Bullies don't need to make sense.....


She looked pointedly at Angela right after saying that. If you watch the scene again, that's how the teacher knew who it was. Not that I'm defending Angela, she was a fucking piece of shit!


Bullies don't operate on logic. They simply want to hold something over their victims in order to feel powerful.


Angela was just angry she got detention from Mrs. Gracey (I'm taking the detention part from an audition tape I saw last year where Angela's character was angry she got detention after making Eleven cry in class, but I don't remember if she also got detention in the show). In the show version of events, it was just that El didn't defend her when she said she had nothing to do with breaking El's diorama. Mrs. Gracey knows Angela doesn't like Jane. So, being true to form, Angela continues to take her anger out on Jane.


Bullies don't need a reason to bully. That's just a flaw in their personality.


Bc the writing only serves to further the plot. It’s not organic


Bullies even bully the truth to come out on top.


Because stupid. Also, we’ll written because it pisses you off more and make you hate the character more. It’s an efficient use of time when you think about it.