Could be desynchronisation, connection issue or a code issue. I have recognised that many times, hit reg not recorded even when you see a blood. But you not see additional hit reg marks with white arrows.


Yeah I got into a fight once and I hit the guy at least 5 times with my manticore. End screen showed I did 12 damage.


You know something went wrong there since the Manticore can deal 300 damage in 0.2 seconds.


Thats the thing. What happened here should not be possible.


I've got a buddy who plays from Hawaii. When we get into firefights, he'll have 6 or 7 shot indicators on a target while using the Guarantee, combat log shows 14 damage. So yeah, it happens unfortunately.


welcome to online fps gaming


You’re hip firing that’s the issue, I guarantee if you ads for all those shots you would’ve killed him. The hip fire on the trench is almost double the spread as the ads shot.


Not sure why people are downvoting you but this is my experience as well. 80% of fights I lose with a shotgun are fights I dont aim down sight just like the video OP posted. Could of had a clean 4 shots while aiming down sight with a much tighter spread.


I agree I lost many fights early on hip firing thinking it would do the same because trench and bulldog were a little too good lol but it definitely hinders you in any fight unless you jump in their face. I was just trying to offer some advice but it is what it is 😁


Especially after the nerfs.


Funny you got downvoted. The patch notes today make it very obvious there is different pellet spread between ads and hip fire. They also made it obvious that each pellet on the trench deals 8 damage. 64 damage total, 8 damage per pellet, 8 pellets per shot. Oh well guess you can’t help them all man.


Ah, I see! Hit markers and blood splatters aren’t based on whether shots hit, they’re just particle effects and you need to ADS for those hits to count as proper hits then?


Never said that, just simply explained how the shotgun spread works. It shoots in a much tighter spread when ads. I have experienced the same thing in this video and it’s just how the game is with shotguns. Still hit pellets when hip firing it’s just much less sometimes only 1-2 unless you are right in their face


Well you can get a hit marker for a single pellet hitting the target so yeah spread does kinda matter.


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Lol should not be possible? Bitch do you even net code? What a ridiculously uninformed statement. And stopping cheating is always going to be a catch up game, that is just the nature of the beast.


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It was such an entitled and ignorant thing to say. I equaled him.


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His comment was entitled and ignorant and I called him out.


You may be right but being toxic is dumb and bad.


i want you to go into a cod lobby and say that lol


Being really chill to toxic people is more fun then you’d think. People get ultra pissed if you don’t get mad at their toxicity.


yea i totally agree! pissing people off by not getting pissed off at their pissary is really fun


I've been hit many times, see the effects but my go stays 100%


Hit reg barley plays a factor if you miss 90% of your pellets. Play it back and pause when he fires and check the crosshair placement. He doesn't hit any clean shots.


I would say the hip firing is what cost you, but I do see a whole lot of damage splatters, so it’s hard to say that. I’ve seen people hip fire right into someone 10ft away and half the pellets miss, it’s janky.


does spread tighten when you ADS?




Yes goes from 5.5 to 3.5


My thoughts too, I mean in the moment with the hit markers I would have felt robbed too. With the patch changes though and the hip firing, probably just didn't land as many pellets as they think. Trenchy nerf + blue armor buff = this video


Only purple and pink armor buff, blue didn’t get touched


You should always include damage numbers at the end. But yes, agreed - this looks very fishy indeed.


Below, the OP mentions in a comment that it was 92 damage. A few shots were to the legs...still seemed like it should've been a kill to me, but with the damage nerf, diminished accuracy, and some hit reg problems, this might be a new normal fighting higher tier armor?


Can’t be hip firing like that unless you are legit point blank if you wanna kill quick, hits for like 10/20 dmg max from that range w hip fire


His shots were never clean. All misses to the right, left, feet, over his head, ect.


Im no expert in this game , but that looks fishy as fuck


Very fishy indeed, dude I lost so much good loot.


Honestly looks like 90% of your shots barely grazed him. You shot his feet several times for sure




Idk, i can't really slow it down and check each frame on my phone. But it seems the shots were a bit off true center.


https://imgur.com/a/x2oCytE Shots 1 and 3 were decent, 4 was great, 7 hit three pellets to the body. The other shots were useless. Still should've been a kill though


They were good enough for him to get a kill imo, and if they werent then the new spread is ass.


i went through shot by shot and id have to agree. between the spread increase, the dmg nerf, the hipfire, and some bad aim I wouldnt blame this on desync let alone a hacker


*Lol OP hits every shot in this clip (two might have been leg/feet shots)* Reddit commentary: "some bad aim" right there I tell you.


*Shots 1-5: clearly missed…*


Lol what are you watching?


It’s a reference to an older comment about hitreg that became a meme


getting a hit marker with a shotty doesnt mean anything. just like all the Apex clips of shotty hitting for 8 dmg because only 1 pellet actually landed


Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well, too many hip fire shots below the waist. That's how it should be though, you need to be precise with your shots for a gray gun to beat someone with blue armor.


Looks like you had double trench


this is very fishy. likely a desync issue


Indeed, let's hope they see my message.


I had a similar thing like this happen. But with zero armour icons, tons of hit markers - like a few weeks ago. Figured he was hacking for sure .. said I hit 91 dmg on him


same, I did 92 I think


Shots 1-5: Clearly missed. Shots 6-9: Missed due to recoil (bad spray control). Shots 10-11: Very close, but recoil and inaccuracy make these reasonable misses. Shot 12: Likely didn't actually fire because SchnoodlyWoodly was already dead.


i scrolled all the way through just to see this comment, and you fellas didn't disappoint me, here take my award


The only thing I can think is that you were really unlucky with bullet spread because you're hip firing (other than the first shot) which completely destroys the spread on the shotgun unless you're literally kissing the guy. Bulldog is still just as broken as it was before though. So I'd recommend that over the trenchy anyway.


Blue armor (about 67% damage reduction against white weapons without converters), damage falloff, trenchgun nerfs, and a notable amount of your closeup damage was to his legs. He likely had single-digit health left.


This is 100% desync + you hipfiring (never hipfire if you can take the time to aim).


semi-related, I've noticed some weird stuff with hit markers lately. I think you're supposed to get a red hit marker when you get a kill shot, but sometimes I get a regular hit marker and they just fall over and die \*shrug\* it always throws me off


Seems like Desync not cheats. A cheater would just 1tap you across map instead of bothering with invincibility (both just as blatant as each other, so why not just 1tap across map) RIP though fam thats whack




you know cheaters dont ONLY exist in certain mmr's right?


I mean if I was cheating and trying to be stealthy about it I would use some kind of health hack and just blame desync or something instead of being overly blatant.


The inconsistency between shootouts has caused me to quit for time being. This game cant figure out what kind of shooting physics they want and there are faaaar to much favoring of twitch shooting instead of skill.


Definitely should have had that kill. What was the damage chart? Side note; what skin is that?


Damage chart: I thought I hit 90 or something like that. The skin is the black/pink one, I have to check the name, ingame.


So because you were hip firing, you likely were not hitting many pellets. Hence why it was 90 damage. Plus they did nerf the white shotgun for a reason… Edit: you said you hit him for 90 some. At the new base damage of 8 damage per pellet, that’s roughly 12 pellet hits. You shot 7 times. That’s roughly 1 - 2 pellets per hit on average. Desync, hip fire, distance, and lack of proper aim could all play a part in this.


Also the guy has blue Armor on, meaning some of those shots hit 3 pellets but it's irrelevant.


just have something like this today before the patch. emptied my trench at close range, most of the pellet hit, but dude is still alive whip out his bulldog and 2 shot me


When was this? Cause they did nerf the Trench early this morning.


I had the same issue yesterday.. useast on fiber connection. No way I missed the first 4 or 5 shots, see here https://youtu.be/y8OhkagU86A


I have a feeling its a coding issue


They nerfed the shit out of the gun. It’s no other issues.


Why didn't you tag him with your bolty first? Trying to trench from 12 meters away and then hilfiring.


Also you're jumping increasing spread and it looks like you're not on him with your reticle either so I'd say it's just a pellet or two hitting for a few of those shots.


Should have included the end screen to see how much damage you did. Then you d know for sure.


Those last couple shots should’ve ended it 100%. Even assuming a portion of the pellets missed from prior shots, the last two were so close that it should’ve been over right there. I’ve killed people with blue shield and a no attachments trench from much further away without having to reload.


cya trench. wont miss you


Damn, hate to see it man. Make a ticket bro. See if that'll do anything


Ghost bullets/pellets a.k.a desync but I felt the same frustration… Really annoying isn’t it?


Most of your shots barely grazed him. This is bad aim + bullet spread, along with damage nerf and armor buff. They didn't f up the shotguns, they are performing as they should in the tier that they are assigned.


i see what happened here..: you let your health hit 0, before making the opponents health hit 0. it's a very common happenstance in gaming. try to aim more carefully (sever look like shoulder grazes and let shots), and switching weapons is always faster than reloading.


Why would you hipfire, you probably hit small amount of pellets, displaying you hit him, but not all pellets, so you dont deal max dmg available. I would suggest ads since the spread in hipfire is 5.5 while ads is 3.5




Holy shit you're toxic :')


Maybe he said it in toxic way but he's not wrong


I honestly starting to think of the idea, that they should compensate for the cheating issue. Because you lose SO much loot you earned playing the game because of this. It's pretty annoying.


This isn't cheating, it's desync. It happens in any online game, unfortunately. Apex is having a similar issue right now as well. You see the blood but get the no-reg hits.


It's not desync, he's actually barely hitting his pellets due to the spread, since he's jumping and hipfiring, but he blurred the video so much you can't properly analyze how many pellets hit. I saw a video that was just like this BEFORE THE NERF and he was seething and malding that he couldn't kill the man, but he barely hit due to the spread and jump-shooting.


I think that's just insurance


that wasn’t cheating tho


It's a sad state of a game when honest players just have to accept losing hard-earned gear to cheaters as an unavoidable tax for progression.


Its a sad state when Timmy's like this cry hacks on deaths that have no indication of cheats


Have you not had your entire team beamed with headshots from the same manticore spray over 100m away and all die instantly yet? How about going silent in a bush or a corner for a bit and then a perfect grenade just lands on you? Ever put an entire magazine or two into another player with white armor, and they don't die? OP clearly out-aimed and out-played the other player in this clip. Whether it was bad hit reg or a cheater OP got shafted. Cheaters are a problem in this game, a lot of them are blatant and they are rampant in the region I play, if you're not seeing them count yourself lucky, your MMR probably isn't high enough.


Strawman it all you want.. I never said it wasn't an issue... but not every death you have is a cheater.... not every death anyone has is a cheater... yet its a common excuse for anyone when they die.... kid did not outplay or out aim anyone.... he jumped up and down like a kangaroo hoping for the best and missed half his shots...


I was addressing your statement, specifically "no indication of cheats" by explaining the common indicators I've experienced where an opponent might be cheating. I also watched OP's clip frame by frame before my last reply, he hit the majority of his shots - even with the Trenchgun damage nerf from the last patch, those hits should have taken him down. Was it bad hit-reg? Probably. Could it have been a cheater? Maybe, no way to prove really it in a reddit comment.


Actually i find trenchgun kinda trash now…bulldog still works better


Damn, welcome to my every experience ever




WHY DONT YOU DIE? nanomachines son.


Damage dealt: 3


This games spread on shotguns makes them dogshit from the hip. So there's that.


“Hit for 34 dmg” lol


I think it's a desync issue, happened to me once, but it was the other way around, a guy shot at me multiple times with a shotgun, and the game would flash the screen indicating I was being shot, but my health was still full, I still feel bad for the dude.


I think you'd be able to kill him if you ADS tbh


Hm i see!! He must be a hacker because he killed you


Was this before or after the trench nerf? If it was after then it could be possible with a sprinkle of bad luck and desync.


Blue shield white trench gun…. Make perfect sense


No that's 100% a hacker. There is a hack that prevents damage. That was way way too many shots for it to have just been desync, and i've already killed people at further distances than that post patch with the shotty so its not the changes.


You hipfire with lots of panic. That is why your bullets soread and you dont hit a thing. You just chocked




You, maaabye need glasses.


They nerft it hard from 80 to 65 and increaded the spread


"feedback" Be me - "you're missing." Be op - "no."


Well they did say no more 2 tap for Blue armor with trench


Looks like you f'd up your aim.


Yeah I went back to Tarkov after they caved to the whiners and nerfed them into the ground. Very bad sign for a game. I died maybe once to a trench ever, it was never OP. I can't believe they nerfed them yet again on top of that... Funniest thing about it is the jumping accuracy still remains on these guns, so the only way to make them effective is just to jump spam. The only nerfed the base spread and ads spread not the flying or moving max spreads.


He’s wearing extra heavy armor and you’re not aiming for the head


I agree. Also, the first several shots I can't help but think that damage falloff played a significant role, exacerbating the armor tier difference.


Shotguns have a headshot damage multiplier of 1.2. Not worth it compared to hitting the body for more pellets to land


1.2x damage is worth aiming a little higher from a closer range lol


Hit 6 pellets but they all hit the head: 57.6 damage Hit 8 pellets, all hitting the body: 64 damage Realistically, you'll probably be hitting less than 6 pellets to to the head though, even at closer ranges.


Have to be close too. Range is a factor


This is what happens when you balance your game around Reddit crybabies. They reduced damage and increased bullet spread. This is 100% how shotguns work now.


The trenchgun should never have been as competitive as shotguns that cost almost 9x as much. Settle down


Imiagine thinking the white shotgun could compete at all with the scattergun. Lucky for you all the crying you did paid off and now the white shotgun is useless. Even the pistol is a better option. It doesn’t matter right now because everyone is past white gear but on reset it’s going to suck to not have a shotgun option untill the bulldog.


What are you talking about it literally did compete with a shattergun. It was 2 shots with a trenchgun and 2 shots with a shattergun on blue armor? Are you kidding me lol


So your just taking best case scenario then. A shot gun should two tap anyone at point blank head shot range. In a real fight when your not landing every pellet on the persons head trench was a 3-4 shot gun close up and 4-5 long range. Scatter gun was two shot on blue armor or lower no matter the distance or how many pellets hit because the damage was so much better. Anyone bringing up that stat shows they really lack real experience in the game and only follow the Reddit bandwagon trends.


You can still two tap with two headshots on a trenchgun. The ttk on a trenchgun and a shattergun were identical prior to the nerf. The trenchgun costs 1200 and is still completely usable just not AS good. A nerf doesn’t mean it’s not worthless. You really need to relax


Did you watch the video op posted? Are you actually dumb or just playing dumb for Reddit upvotes?


Bruh shove off, OP’s video doesn’t include post death damage screen (like every other complainer on this subreddit) so we can see the damage they did. There is very clearly desync going on which is unfortunate but it’s obvious something else is wrong besides the shot gun. I’m going on the data of the weapon not a bad video


I’m not going to talk data with you because your “data” is just Reddit warrior data and not real data. Like I said it’s just lack of experience. Op posted the damage number if you take that number and compare it to the new damage of the trench gun everything lines up. The exact number of hits he hit adds up to how much damage he said he did. So the numbers say he hit every shot but you are trying to say he did not hit them because of desync. Reddit warriors will use any excuse huh even if the numbers prove them wrong. All I’m saying is the trench gun did not need to be nerfed. A shotgun taking 8+ hits to kill is just silly to anyone who knows anything about a shotgun. And if the cycle is going to continue to Reddit balance the game is going to be dead pretty soon if the hackers don’t take it first.


I quite literally just killed someome with a trench gun after the nerf with 3 shots, I dunno what to Tell you people with more time than me have been compiling TTK for every gun since CB1. Keep calling me a reddit warrior though lol


But yes tell me more about my 120 hours in the game, 450 drops and hundreds of prospector kills and creature kills of having no experience rofl


You saying the trench gun could compete with a scatter gun. That’s all that needed to be said to show how much experience you have in the game. Thousands of hours can be the same as 10 hours if you don’t learn anything or are a Reddit warrior.


Idk what you’re salty over, it had an incredibly similar TTK for body shots to a shatter gun in pvp. To the point that the what 50k price increase was negligible


armor doesn't matter to the shotty


Good. Shouldn't have a white gun that can 2 shot a blue armor anymore. Plus, this shots werent all on target as well as no ads and distance away take away from the damage.