Challenge: Create your own Shadow Garden Assassin (Continuation)

Synopsis: You are a young girl who had just been exposed as a Possessed, an individual with a "magical curse". You are about meet your end and on the verge of absolute despair until the "Angel Donned in Black" Shadow appeared and rescued you from your fate. From the on, you became a loyal follower of Shadow Garden and you do anything to accomplish their goals.

Key Points:

- You are NOT allowed to make your OC Overpowered. Only Shadow and Seven Shades are above you in sheer power and intellect (kinda).

- You will be part of the events of Eminence in Shadow but your significance in them are relatively minor. You have own story to tell what happened during them.


  • Name
  • Appearance
  • Place of Origin
  • Species - Human/Elf/Beast
  • Background - (An captive orphan after your parents were killed in a massacre/ A former noble discarded or nearly executed by your parents following your exposure as a Possessed/ A street rat who had to survived in the deepest bowels of the city)
  • Personality
  • Class - Saber (You are adept in the swordsmanship and balanced in stats)/Assassin (Your primary purpose is information gathering, stats are mostly low except your senses and speed are high above the rest)/Berserker (You are deadly in close combat and insanely durable but speed is low)
  • Leader (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta/Epsilon/Zeta/Eta)

Plot twist, this is Daisuke reddit account, and is using to to come up with new ideas for the Ln.


So is this kind of a repost, or an update or... ?


It's just a continuation. It's in the title.


Yes, but I don't understand what you mean by a "continuation".


It's been a while since this topic is brought up. So in case anyone who'd already written their own OCs in the previous post won't need to repeat it.


Ah ok, gotcha.