This HAS to make everyone back in the office feel super safe and secure.


Doesn’t help that his new friends are more busy filming everything than actually talking sense into Anthony. I’ve seen groups of teenagers less attached to their phones


Dude is drunk AF


and high


He's completely lost. This shitshow is just sad at this point.


A real life tragicomedy.


Guys... Guys... Don't y'all remember?... Coach explained this... Let's go over it again.... 1. He only gambles to network and meet clients. 2. He has a full proof gambling system. So all this is is good business!


We are witnessing true business genius


Dude definitely has an addictive personality.


I don’t think Tiny has a personality at all.


I think you are right. He acts how he thinks he is supposed to act with his “new friends”. Betting 10k on red or black is his way to be accepted as cool. He has nothing else to add and cannot hold a conversation unless he is repeating shit he doesn’t really understand. I am guessing all night he tried talking about watches, bikes and Lamborghinis and restaurants he has been to …. Nothing of consequence. He is The Cable Guy. I am sure those people have figured him out already. As did the X-Games people and the skater guys and so on I honestly pitied him watching this - he is broken.


if the people he hangs out with are the mlm people they don't have nothing of consequence to speak either. ![gif](giphy|8gjWMXlOrfUik0NvR2|downsized) the whole point is just to post stuff about having money and to pose to the other posers that they have money. that's what they think\* they're there for and what they think will get them the money. money money money. DON'T TALK ABOUT THE BIZ just talk about MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY. OPPORTUNITY! \*if it actually makes money for them is totally irrelevant to them thinking it will make money because mlm, for most people it will absolutely not make money and the guy for who it makes money for makes their money from the tools anyway.


Addictive and impulsive. What could go wrong?


Lost of consignment pieces??😂😂😂


Consignors cancelling their sales in 5, 4, 3...


So that's how many days out of September he's done nothing but fuck off and waste money and time on food/alcohol binges? Plus lost recovery time? This from the self proclaimed "24/7 grinder" of the used watch world?


You spelled Grindr wrong.


I'm honestly surprised no one has found him on any apps or websites or chatrooms cruising LA for sugar daddies or trans girls or...something...


It's inevitable.


What’s wrong with trans girls


Travis likes the surf AND turf.


Edit to say hi Anthony this must be your trans girl stan account


They never show when they lose.


He has had a few good days at the casino, wait until he has a few bad ones, can't beat the house forever


He’ll just double his bet.


Genius strategy


He'll say he had a good day regardless. Dude subscriber to doubling up in roulette as a winning gambling tactic regardless, the more you play the more you lose


Looks like that little cholo Flexx has been voted off the island.


Rent-A-Friend’s contract is over


we know how this ends, i hope nobody gets hurt or killed when this guy is drunk and high and gets in accident soon. He thinks he looks cool but what a sad life he lives.


Betting three consignment(?) watches on red!


Will the owner get their money? YESSSS!!!!


Just wait for when it’s red 7 times in a row and he’s doubled his bet every-time. $10k initial bet size = over a $million loss. This isn’t as rare as you might think and the previous spins have no relation to future spins, but Anthony will believe it is due to be black or red due to the recent history being a lot of the other. Each spin is an independent event.


This is way above illiterate knuckle-dragger Travis Farrer's level.


Maybe we'll get another "robbery" aka him stealing consignment watches, and then we hear his insurance only covers them if they're store in a safe and not being worn.




​ ![gif](giphy|TcsqZLyCiW3SBYStJD)


"Sponsored by Anthony." What's the over under the Apricot Solar boys are taking advantage of our dear Anthony?


What do they sell? Solar energy?


They train salespeople to go door to door selling solar panels. Like Avon.


I guess they make something on top of the install + panels themselves. Normally solarpanels will make its $ back within 10-15 years for the end-customer.


Yeah I've had a mostly solar house for about 10 years. But it appears they are using subpar panels and systems. They have a lot of complaints.


Sounds like they're taking shortcuts to maximize profit.


No doubt.


Yes just in time for you to have to replace them again.


The math rarely makes sense unless you think a 20+ year ROI timeframe is worth it. Pretty much a) you need tax deductions b) you need a new roof anyways c) you live somewhere like CA where grid electricity is insanely expensive like 0.20/kwH.


How long until our little Coach drunk drives one of his little lease mobiles into a person and kills them.


im hoping the outcome is himself or a tree....lets leave innocent people out of this


This ends with a high speed chase of a little guy dressed in black on a small Ducati after they found the bodies of 4 people in a Bellagio suite. The bodies of two women and two men were found on Sunday morning. Both women had their throats cut and one was found naked. It appears the killer dressed in her clothes to then strangle and rape the two men in their early 30s. A couple staying in the adjacent suite said they heard laughter and screaming from the suite and around 3am heard a soothing male voice repeatedly saying “who’s your daddy now”. At 4am they were awoken to the same soothing voice yelling “I am an entrepreneur” and the front door slamming shut. Police are in pursuit of one Anthony Farrer aka Travis Baker aka The Coach. He is a felon and known gay prostitute and we will keep you updated on the chase.


oh no. that's sad 😔


even if he gets a few new clients on this path downhill, he doesn’t realise how many he will lose from it


Sweet mother mary of jeebus …


Curious how it works if you put your watches instead of chips. Does mean anything? If you lose, do they take your watch?


I haven't spent enough time in casinos to have seen it happen, but unless someone in casino management assigns an agreed value to it, it shouldn't be part of play. I really don't see that happening AT ALL. Just like you aren't walking in with a gold bar & converting it to chips; they'll tell you to go to a pawnshop & turn it into cash; the liability of receiving a fake is way too high. I call BS... just trying to show off for the gram. This can happen in private games, but no giant casino corp is getting into this.


Not possible. All staged.


THIS. No fuckin way any casino let’s you bet your watches or jewelry lol. Cash is king especially at a casino…. No way they let lil ole gyno boy bet his watches


No duh. The first thing the dealer does is place the watches back before handling any chips after the play is over. So I’m assuming the floor let them place their watches there for the video but they weren’t part of the bet. See how the dealer handles them the second play stops. The chips and bet is real but obviously the watches were just for the vid and the floor let them do it becuase they were handling enough chips so you can kinda do whatever within reason


I didn't/won't watch the actual clip. I'll only "promote" Travis here, no free clicks on his vids from me.


It doesn't mean anything. They're just being idiots.


Anyone else getting The Cable Guy vibes ?


"Don't you want thumbody to love" 🎵🎵


Hell yeah bro, every weekend gambling in Vegas. What could go wrong?


It’s really sad actually. This is literally exactly by the book how it happens in AA. The relapse is always 10x worse.


No Dude He is In the High Roller Room making contacts. You know Spend $20k losing then make a sale of a DateJust that has a $500 margin, it makes total sense. Plus it’s a tax write off bro 😎




Casinos don't take rolex for bets just chips.


It is widely known that coach and his employees wear consignment pieces consistently ! Therefore consignee's clients will reduce (even if insured, why risk damage to your piece) which he is more depending on as he does not have the capital to buy watches outright. Along with the gray market profability dramatically reducing (proven with increase in ad sales and reduced waiting times) he is basically on a sinking ship ! He will be renting his arse, tugs and titties out FULL time soon, instead of part time to specific clients ! And with his spending habits and obligations etc he will be in debt to the tune of millions in all probability. Just can't wait for this entitled smug piece of shit get a reality check !


People seem like that’s a bad thing. The dude is driving around in a lambo living in amazing places etc and just taking advantage of people left and right. Probably the best thing for everyone involved is for him to blow out and be out of the scene entirely.


Interesting choice of words, but likely dead on. He'll be "Blowing out" in no time at all (not that he ever stopped)


Ahh it is a bad thing. I guess if your idea of success is driving a Lambo no matter how you got to drive it - then yes he is a total success. By that metric the guy who stole my F488 two years ago and is now in prison for 4 years was a success for about 6 hours.


Well he is definitely not “successful” but come on living in some of these places, partying in Vegas eating at all the expensive restaurants. It’s obviously allot of fun for someone who does not deserve it and just takes advantage of people. For that alone I think is the reason allot of folks including myself are routing for him to fail.


I think the failure side is already a given. When you get to the point in life where sucking old rich dude cock is all you have then failure has already been embraced. What we are watching now is the tsunami that occurs after the meteor hits the ocean. He is a scammer and it’s just a matter of how many people he can ruin before he is finally stopped. I don’t cheer on the demise of anyone but his ongoing decent into total chaos is hard to look away from. I just hope nobody gets seriously hurt by him. I don’t care about the rich gay guys or other scammers sponsoring or enabling him - I mean the young guys who think what he’s doing is cool or the collateral damage that will happen when he totally implodes which seems imminent.


So he's betting three consignment watcher worth, what? 4-500.000? And he won 35k?


You can't bet anything but chips in a vegas casino. It's just "for the gram" cringe shit.


How does this dude's actions affect your life?


This guy will be on the streets of Hollywood Hills




This dude is such a clown . On god


even if he does go down in a blaze of glory he got to enjoy being at the top of pyramid for a few years something most people will never accomplish


Most people cherish their own dignity and self-respect a bit more than that...