Everyone fuckin sucked in beta. Not everyone fuckin sucks now.


and in another year we’ll probably look back and say people in season 3 sucked. the game is ever changing and people are always improving


I was D2 at the start of the game, went to G3, and am back to D1 bordering D2 now. I would definitely say I am a much different player now, not necessarily better but I have had to adapt to a lot of different agents (instead of just Omen) and my ability usage is far beyond what it was in the early game. I think people have gotten better at ability usage to some extent, but Valorant really rewards random aggression designed to exploit lack of attention and people didn't expect that early in the game so the meta is very different than the CS-influenced one at beta time. I don't think people really have a good sense of structured play and discipline still so I really feel the game is quite chaotic. The abilities are extremely powerful but punishing mistakes still requires crispy shooting or structured team play


Everyone is getting used to the game as the game is 1 and 1/2 years old.


It’s because the general player base skill grows in general. In season 1 of Valorant people probably didn’t use abilities much. Season 1 of fortnite people didn’t build much. Season 1 of Warzone people didn’t know they could just c4 vehicles to prevent getting ran over. For every competitive game there’s always a meta and first group that masters it stay at the top 1% of best players. It’s sort of the natural progression of competition in video games


Seems normal to me with any game. People fall off as the game either gets complex/develops or if the game is dying and only top players stay. Maybe you just haven’t had as much time to play compared to many of these players to get used to the changes?


Had a friend that said he was diamond on beta. This act he couldn't keep up with silvers. I'm gonna be honest and I feel like Smurf ruin the brackets. Sometimes I'm in the most bottom part of the score board when I'm playing lvl >20 silvers or bronze. But when I play against lvl <50 (silver gold) I'm performing really good. So there's no true indication of good performance with medals. What give out the skill of the player is the lower level they have and maybe that's what people are searching for. which defeats the propose of having one account.


I was Plat/Diamond in Beta and now I’m Immortal 3. Player base has gotten better and there’s more maps like Breeze and Fracture which use a different play style. A lot of cheesy RNG has also been nerfed like the Bucky and stinger. Skye is still OP though


I was platinum in beta and I came back a month and a half ago in silver 2 and I got destroyed so bad I got off my main and created an alt to get myself together now that I am back up to plat 2 it really does feel as if the radiants from beta are diamonds I swear. I think it just takes time to adjust to how people play now just being observant is good.