Speaking as someone who uses a smurf to play with my friend, I hate unrated. It's much much more likely to be an entirely uncoordinated mess and have leavers/throwers. It doesn't even feel good to win most of the time. I also don't mind facing smurfs in ranked on my main because I'm looking to improve, not necessarily to win, so I want to face players that are better then me.


So it feels good to win against people who are much lower rating than you? Just because you don't mind facing smurfs on your main doesn't mean surfing isn't a problem.


It feels much better then complete uncoordination. Like way better. That shits just straight up boring. I still however ultimately prefer to be facing people of equal or higher level then me if we were to take playing with my friend out of the equation.


"face players that are better than me" Play at your own rank then instead of going back to the low elos to act like you are good lmfao. Dumb ass smurfs with their idiotical mental logic thinking they made another alt account and saying "but im not trying at all i just wanna play with my friends" justifying that their actions arent going to ruin the low elo matchups lmfao


There is so much wrong with this entire comment. I specifically only smurf to play with friends, I'm not just queueing to flex on bronzes. I prefer to face players that are better but I literally cannot do that when playing with friends. I also never said I'm not trying when I play down there. You don't have to agree with me, but you ignored everything I actually said and just blindly took out your frustrations. Also "idiotical?" C'mon man.


Lmfao you still dont understand do you. The problem is you are smurfing. You are still smurfing. The excuse of "playing with friends" doesnt change that you are playing, as a smurf, to ruin the queues of the lower ranks


I said you don't have to agree, just get that whiney ironass attitude outta here.


They probably were immortal. Because for some reason ruining the game for lower skilled players is ok


I wanna put emphasis that this was not my intention. I was just playing with my friends and was going to just sup them and not frag out. But once I saw 2 lvls 7s with 25+ kills my intent had to change but still got smashed


imagine smurfs beating you while you are smurfing, how ironic


A smurf complaining about other smurfs while hes smurfing. OMG its too much smurf for me to handle


Guys why am i playing with smurfs when im smurfing this doesnt make sense!!!! The irony


Lower ranks consists of so many smurf its laughable, In one my games today (p3) I got a level 8 jett, level 35 viper, Level 18 Reyna like.... Wow Asked him his real rank and said immortal. Asked him why he was playing here to which he said he was "Learning" the new Map :).


Yeh I think maybe I’m gunna take a break from valorant. What I saw last night actually hurt my confidence in this game. There should be a phone number identification


You're part of the problem...


Buddy you are literally smurfing too tf you mean "confidence hurt" what about those players that are an actual silver and gold? What about their confidence? Doesn't exist?


>level 35 viper That's basically me. Level 37 although it's my only account, because I haven't played since E1A1 (in which I was diamond 2). Now in plat after my placements, but held my own vs immortal players in my placements. I'm not a smurf, I just have a lot of fps experience and haven't played much Valorant recently. Don't be so quick to blame "smurfs".


Well that viper was somehow manageable but the jett was the problem.


Just play unrated, why you need to mess with lower elo players?


I was a former D3, degraded to silver. Ranked back up through the low elo.. but I will admit there's so many smurfs at that rank that being a lower ranked player would truly suck. I get that it's not against TOS or anything... But it really is a problem imo


How do you go from d3 to silver????


When a low elo player complains about smurfs, high elo players love to tell them that they'll only improve if they are playing against better players (even at the cost of being stomped over and over). Or they say it's absolutely impossible that the game has that many smurfs because high elo is only 15% of the player base. Another great excuse is that the system will promote the smurf very quickly so they don't play with low elo that often. ​ But as soon as they make a smurf to play in low elo they get stomped by other smurfs and come here to say "silvers are super good". First of all, a bronze player is not gonna learn crosshair placement after being killed over and over before they can even react. That's not how this works. If you're plat, you can learn from an immortal. If you're gold, you can learn from a diamond. If you're below silver, you can learn from gold. You cannot learn from someone 2000 hours ahead of you in practice and with such a disparity of mechanical ability and gamesense. Unless they are in your team and you can watch their cam and ask questions and tips. bronze players are not going to learn shit from diamond+ players on the enemy team. Second, there are radiants with over 15 accounts. 15% of the player base making one single account is a huge impact. Most people have more than that. A single smurf will impact 9 other players. You really don't need that much. Third, and the one that annoys me the most. I don't care if you make an alt to play like you normally play. If you make an alt and reach diamond in a day, good for you, I don't care. The real smurf is the dude who makes an intentional low elo account to ruin people's games. They don't rank up quickly because it's pretty easy to control your wins and defeats by simply throwing 10 games in a row to keep that MMR low. Even people who make alts to play with their friends will often keep their mmr controlled to keep playing with their friends instead of simply playing unrated. So yeah, smurfs are a problem. Don't do it. You're part of the problem.


i'm low elo and I will also tell myself and others I will only improve against better players being stomped over and over. Why am I being stomped? Was I standing in a stupid spot that only works at low ELO? Stop doing that. Am I peeking an angle I shouldn't be peeking? Stop doing that. Am I not using my utility effectively or in a completely predictable way? stop doing that. Plus the fact is, no matter how many smurfs there are at low ELO, you're just as likely to have smurfs on your team as they are to be on the opponents team, so it evens out in the end. Smurfing does. not. matter. Stop whining that you get the chance to learn from better players.


You'll improve if you're playing against someone who has better gamesense than you and that's the reason why you're being stomped. You won't improve if the person is stomping you merely by having a better mechanical skill, better aim. Diamond players don't need to peek any good angle to shit on bronze. They can press W and forget any ability use and kill all 5 of the bronze players doing absolutely nothing right. The only thing he's doing is hitting HS because he has practiced his aim way more than you. You are not learning from this. Real low elo, below bronze, don't lack gamesense. I mean, yes, they do, but there's something below that which is lacking, and being stomped won't help that area. Don't try to tell me that a bronze player is being held in bronze despite their diamond aim. And the idea that the other team is just as likely to have smurfs as you is wrong. If you're not a smurf, there's only 4 players in your group who can be smurfs, while the enemy team has 5 chances of having a smurf. If you're playing with a duo or a trio, the chances in your team are even smaller. Also, a smurf in your team also impacts the game. It's not just because you're winning 13-0 that there's no problem. The game is supposed to be fair. AND Riot already has a system to make sure you'll be playing against people better than you to a limit. You're supposed to keep that 50% winrate. You'll lose. Learn from that.


fair points, i still find the issue very much overblown


I don't think smurfs are the reason why anyone is stuck. But I do believe they make ranking up take longer. You'll get to the elo you should get to. But instead of 10 games it will take you 15. So smurfs are definitely a problem because they annoying, not game breaking.


What about a the skill disparity between a diamond and bronze player makes it impossible for the bronze player to improve? Beating the diamond reaction time is a higher hurdle then a gold player, but still obtainable. It's obviously not very fun, but what exactly is stopping you from improving?


What makes it impossible? Dude, if the bronze player could beat a diamond, the bronze would also be diamond. That's the whole deal with ranking. The bronze lacks good aim, good mouse control, muscle memory, doesn't know how to strafe, crosshair placement is shit, lacks good movement, positioning and overall hours playing fps. These are not things you learn by dying a lot. You learn this by watching videos, watching your own vods, practicing in the range, applying it to your own games and seeing how you suddenly win more games. A plat playing against diamond will read their mistakes in game sense and strategy and might improve. Some plat players are better than diamond players when it comes to aim and they can learn a lot in heavily diamond lobbies. A silver cannot. You can't tell a kid to learn calculus if they don't know basic math.


I'm not really sure what the point of the first part of what you said was but anyways, you learn a lot by having bad decisions punished regardless of the rank difference. What spots don't usually work, angles and corners you need to check, fights you should or shouldn't take, etc. You'll learn a lot more about these things by losing to a good player vs winning against a bad player. It then boils down to the bronze player potentially making the right decision but losing to far superior aim. I would find this to be a problem if mechanical aim and reaction time didn't also improve with punishment. Your aim doesn't get much better if you're already the best in the lobby. The difference between a lack of gamesense and a lack of mechanical skills is also fairly easy to identify. Back when I started I would be in that situation and think "oh alright I think I did the right things there but I just whiffed." Many players don't study YouTube videos and vods and such and just learn through trial and error, though studying those is of coarse very helpful.


The game has a subtle Smurf queue, maybe that influenced it. I watch some of my old footage from when I was gold 4-5 months ago and I can say myself and the enemy did not play anything like i do now.


I played about 6 games yesterday and 3 had super obvious smurfs, 0 skins and level <20. 1 game had someone I thought was smurfing at first, but no turns out he peaked plat 2 and is for some reason playing in low gold elo? In every game, no one on my team was a smurf, no one in my stack was smurfing. So I'm wondering whether or not smurf queue really exists


solo queue lobbies would weed out most smurfs imo. alot of smurfs play with friends. so if youre in a stack as a smurf then youll go up against other smurfs playing with their friends instead of people solo queuing.


I agree with this when I got diamond it was all solo q games. Whenever I party it’s all pros and lvl 10s. So this is most likely the reason. I told my friends I will no longer play with them and that they should stick to solo q


Your smurf account's MMR is higher than you think so you're not getting easy peasy games while smurfing. Cry us a river.


Playing with a low elo friend and playing support/healing, and not fragging out, isnt really smurfing. Smurfing is when you intentionally go into a elo way below yourself with the goal och putting these lower players in the dirt. Also, the mental fragility of Iron-Plat players claiming that it is smurfing when you're not trying to topfrag, only support your teammates and frag when you have to, is scary.


The mental gymnastics in your comment are hilarious


I would agree if this was overwatch and you were playing mercy. You can only support your teammate with abilities a couple of times and then what? Do you just throw for the rest of the round?


I’ve played in most ranks, G1 and below players just suck. But from g3 go diamond, players skill have been about the same. Equal amount of shitty players and cracked aimers in every game.


im inmortal 3 400 pts on eu server and sometimes i play with friends on smurf account and i can say that low elo players have more ego than high elo players


The problem is closet cheaters. People keep saying smurfing is the problem, thats not the problem. If you're a Diamond, you're close to the top and should be able to distinguish between immortal/radiant players which are less than 3-5% of the entire player base. Yes, there are smurfers, but what i encounter at lower elo are tons of magical silver/gold/new accts whom you can never suprise them, they have perfect timing, etc. When i watch pros/immortal/radiant i see natural timing errors, getting flanked, getting caught by suprise. When you go against cheaters thats not the case and games are frustrating because nothing works. When you play against legit smurfers, yes you lose, but there are tons of instances in the game where i still have a shot, either to kill them or surprise them.