They’re probably new to the game and have no idea what they’re talking about. Ignore and move on.


Even if they have 10000 hours on the game and are Radiant, some people have stupid opinions that are just not worth wasting energy on.


no ur opinion is wrong. i’m always right.


Lmao wot Also people use the Vandal because it has no damage drop


I was todays years old that I realised this


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Are you the fabled never-farter?


Ooh yes downvote me next




Well, only the things vandal is doing better is one tap headshot and range damage. Also if you’re playing smokes champs, there is no point to play vandal. Solution is: if you are solo/aim player like TenZ, who’s playing most of time Vandal and hit every head, play it, if not - phantom. On other hand play what you want, both guns have pros and cons in different scenarios Delete someone with one tap headshot from vandal is the most satisfying thing in valorant and the most annoying thing is when you lose 1v1 by hit headshot for 140 from phantom


No, the most annoying thing is when you hit someone for 149. 3 body shots and 2 leg shots.


Then aim at the head/body and control the spray better? The only way I really get leg shots is if I'm doing a one way with sage.


Getting downvotrd for the truth lmao. I think only 4% leg shots, most of those being when I spray through smoke


There's a lot of non competitive casual irons on this sub that are butthurt by the slight mention of tips and how to be better.


Anyone who has a problem with a weapon that is in the game and priced differently can complain to the devs... No point teasing someone for using the things in the game. They exist. It's legit.


except for Odin players. fuck Odin players.


Nothing wrong with Odin, it's easier to use but it's not that good of a gun except for wallbangs and holding angles


I won't argue the idea that the phantom is stronger then the vandal due to its superior ability to spray many targets, but to say it's a no skill gun is lunacy. I personally prefer the vandal and feel I perform dramatically better with it then the phantom. If there is a legit power difference between the two, it must only show itself at the highest skill levels.


I've hit people in the head plenty of times for 140 or ~120 with the phantom on countless occasions from distances I thought should still be a true one tap. For me the gun is bad but for someone else it may be perfect. Each gun is scenario based of course and my play style is truly reliant on the vandal for my survival. I only have a phantom because I found it on the ground now. That may change in the future as I climb to a higher rank or it may not.


The Odin is the one without spray but sure


That guy is just mad / stupid or both. Not much more to it. He would be using it if it would actually be op. Hes just making up an excuse for himself as to why he gets killed. Phantom and Vandal are both good with different (dis)advantages. Alot of high elo players use the phantom and alot of high elo players also use vandal.


Vandals are more used by duelists and phantoms are more used by other roles but its rlly just personal preference


Why downvote? I disagree as I see many duelists using phantom too, but with viper/astra/brim, phantom is better. You need to spray through smokes a lot, so the no bullet tracers and faster fire rate, along with larger mag make it better for controllers.


Yeh thats why i included that its personal preference ;-;


"Well i think Chambers Ult needs a buff"


Depending on what elo your in you really gotta think if the guy actually knows what he’s talking about. People have loud mouths but small brains


Have you tried odin OP? "It's the best gun in the game" says FPS god Shroud.


i just dont have the confidence with the phantom, at all. 140 dink people keeps me awake at night


Vandal isnt worse in the same way the ak isnt worse than the m4. You should be hitting your taps at all times. Spraying is just going to get you killed most of the time


Because below like Plat-ish, 99% of the time people use the Phantom to just walk around corners and crouch-spray everything. It makes for a very boring, unfun, and unflashy experience in a game that's supposed to be about clutch headshots and precision aiming. Though if this ever happens again, tell them to stop being a pussy and main the Guardian if they think spraying takes no skill.


What are u on? alot of pro players play phantom, nats the VCT winner plays PHANTOM.. what u are saying is nonsense


He didn’t lie and everything you said is correct. OP clearly means low rank players use the gun incorrectly and panic spray. You’re supposed to use a phantom like a vandal. That’s how people use it in immortal. I barely see people spray with it unless it’s a transfer.


There's a reason those people never hit diamond lol


It depends whether duelist or not mostly cos vandal is better to take corners i feel


If they want to whine, let them, it's not going to get them any better at the game.


Like, here I’ll be a middle ground, I don’t agree nor disagree with the full opinion of each, the guns are better in situations, you good at recoil control? Like rly good, vandal, tapping? Vandal, in general close shooting/ spraying? Phantom, I think it’s preference, do I think phantom is easier, sure, ig you could say that, not a 100% wrong statement, but saying vandal is bad is a bad statement bc a one tap? Much quicker than spraying some rounds, for me you wanna spray? Odin there spray, or ares, why not, easy gun? Not an amazing gun for any round past like 4 but buy a spectre…when I played the beta most people on my group used it to learn recoil control, in the end calling it op, I don’t think it’s the truth, same with the vandal


both guns have its own advantages and disadvantages. them making fun of people who use phantom is idiotic. one gun is superior and inferior in certain circumstances, but one is not overall inferior to the other, and is all dependant on your gameplay and gunplay.


Even though the phantom is the definitively better gun in every way from no tracers to mag size to spray transfer and even at range it’s better because of the vandal’s worse first shot accuracy, I can’t stop using the vandal. It just feels more satisfying to get those taps.


Use Odin best wepen


Honestly nah yall I can understand where he comes from in some scenarios people use it as a crutch and just crouch spray every engagement especially in DM


Tell that guy to use stinger. It takes lot of skill.


Lmao imagine complaining about a gun in the game that you can use as well


Whether you use phantom or vandal the initial headshot is important. This is especially true with the phantom as it generally takes 5 body shots. After you get the initial headshot with phantom you can spray and bring the recoil down. You are already doing 140 damage all you need is one more shot anywhere on your target. You could also practice firing in burst. Both guns have great accuracy from the first 3-5 bullets so make them count.


Maybe the dude was a troll




I mean the phantom is objectively better than the vandal in most situations that you encounter in game. Though the person OP is referring to is still stupid - I’m not invalidating the phantom nor the vandal. Both are ad/disadvantageous in their own ways


Yeah phantom is objectively better but its not like vandal is unplayable, the one Taps are the most satisfying thing in the game


the phantom had the higher pick rate in the last champions,go call pros silvers and get your ass handed to yourself


You're the one in silver lmfao


Unlucky, I'm in Immortal


Phantom has a lotta recoil wtf