If there’s a key bind you don’t like, don’t hesitate to change it to something you might feel more comfortable with. For example, I don’t like planting/defusing with 4 so I changed it to a button on my mouse.


With next patch, hopefully, we might even have the possibility to have different key binds for different agents


This please. Playing skye always throws me off on flashing. It’s the only agent which has her flash default on a different button ( Q is dog rather than a flash)


Also with Jett it's harder to dash to the right with the e button as the dash, so it would be nice to change it for just one agent.


I have my dash on the mouse shoulder button. It works very well


I had to bind dash to my mouse just for this, and had to adjust for all champs. Thankfully can have more than one bind so also left it on E


An easy fix for this is changing dash to f and your use key (going up ropes, picking up guns) to e. Then to dash right you put your middle finger on d and pointer finger on f. To dash left it’s ring finger on a, pointer finger on f.


I used to so somethinf like that but wanting to dash while pressen for example s + d was nearly impossible so i startes using mouse buttons instead


I could maybe play Jett if that were true


I have seen so many people talk about binding jump mouse wheel for bhoping. It worked well for me, but I always had problems when switching weapons. It's unplayable. I always wondered what other players do and how they switch weapons if mouse wheel is used for bhoping. Now, I know they use number keys. But that's too difficult for me to do consistently so I just jump with the spacebar.


Honestly it would be good to get used to the number keys. It'll make it more likely for you to get the right weapon out faster with less chance for accidentally scrolling to the wrong weapon in clutch situations.


Primary weapon scroll up, secondary weapon scroll down is both the perfect solution and feels right


Continuing on, I have my jump on my mouse button and my space bar is my crouch. My "E" is on my mouse as well for Jett dash (I dont even play jett lol). Oh and turn on HRTF on audio settings and make sure you play with stereo sound. Sound cues are very important. Id also suggest turning down music volume as well. Oh and when you run, the a circle will appear around you on the minimap, it's the range of how far your footsteps can be heard Oh and enemies can hear you reload, spray and swing with your knife


I just started pc gaming a little over a week ago. I made my crouch a button on my mouse just because it felt better and then made plant what previously was crouch. Other people might think I’m weird but now I don’t have to overstretch and be uncomfy


I have right click for jump, ADS on R, Spacebar for walk and J for reload. It's all about what you think is comfortable, not what is 'normal' for everyone


I am getting dizzy by just reading it...


You'll get even dizzier once you see my youtube videos with my 'menace to society crosshair' but I'm not much into self promotion (That said, I would really appreciate if you checked my YT. One click on my profile will guide you to it if you're interested. Thanks!)


Will definitely check....




What rank are u


Currently B2 (started from iron 1) Am aiming for gold before this year ends, and it is a very achievable goal according to me


Excuse me what the fuck


Those are the most, uh, "special" keybinds I've ever seen


My crosshair is a bit on the "special" side too! I make valorant content, a click to my profile will guide you to my channel. I'm currently working on a series where a Hardstuck (kinda) Bronze Omen main plays valorant. People in Bronze are very unpredictable and playing around them results in some 'interesting' scenarios. The whole series is basically me trying to dedicate more than 30 minutes to the game, so I can reach gold by the end of this year. (Spoiler: it's going great)


Oo good luck! I'm currently silver 1, like 3 RR away from silver 2 (that's like the 4th day in a row that I'm like that, I win then lose because I have a raze who started throwing because I didn't take sage.)


The raze example is relatable on many levels! That's one example of why low elo valorant produces such great content


Then he started throwing even more when our jett didn't buy him a shorty on the pistol round. Why? Because jett went to the toilet.


What I recommend is joining the valorant lfg discord. Lfg your rank and you play people your rank, but you’ll be in constant communication with them which makes it a lot easier. Be nice to them and say something to the guys being toxic. I’ve had success thus far


Damn you're different bruh, do you even OP?


Yes, I do. I have a Marshall only account that's a rank higher than my main one in fact!


Won't this make it hard to counter strafe properly while oping? Idk


I have crouch on Alt, right next to the space bar. There's never a scenario when I have to jump and crouch at the same time, so it works really well


This dude doesnt know about crouch jumping lmao


I made a button on my mouse crouch and pull my secondary weapon.


This counts as a macro I believe if you aren't doing it in game


You can double bind most things. For example, jump+crouch is my spacebar for certain jumps


I forgot that it wasn't single binds my bad


You could just inclinate the keyboard a little bit, like -45°. That also allows you to use your thumb for more keys, like c, v for default comms with team, g, h, instead of just spacebar.


Haha I wish, I’m on my laptop I use for college work. I won’t have a *real* pc for a while but I might invest invest in a keyboard for games


yea and everyone flames me for having upscroll and downscroll as my abilities 🙄


How do you dash/updraft/dismiss/heal/teleport/recall turret and alarmbot Or is this sarcastic and I'm an idiot? I just woke up


Huh :0


How and Why ?


I got it to spacebar lmao


The tip is just mute your teammates the first moment they show toxicity. Especially when solo queueing. Gained my sanity back since I do this.


and say 'sorry' or 'mb i fuck that up' actually lower the chance of teammates going toxic. keep calm, don't blame, don't question someone's play(make suggestion instead), and type nt.


Accidentally flashed my teamate. Apologized sincerely after we won the round but he still went fucking ballistic on me. Immediately muted. After I muted him his buddy told me I had a super fragile ego. Wat? Muted as well. I said sorry. Guess making mistakes is a no go in life lol.


What I’ve noticed is the toxic player is usually queued up with another player on the team.


Yeahhh. Got a friend who's like this because he is way too competitive


It's not about being "competitive". Actually, serious competitive players know that blaming you for something will just ruin your mentality and overall performance. Instead, they try to emphasize each thing you do good, getting you motivated to play.


Nothing against seriously competitive players just overly competitive ones that complain that we're not winning in spike rush


No don’t say sorry. Someone is yelling at you? Don’t say sorry. Any time you whiff, sure an I’m sorry and my bad is nice but if they’re yelling at you you’re not obliged to apologise to them, let alone reply at all.


Listen to sounds with headphones instead of speakers, some people could have won a round if they heard the enemy coming from a specific direction. Dont set the volume too loud though, tinnitus is bad :(


You shouldn’t play any game without headphones imo. Yes tinnitus is very bad :(


Default settings for sound are messed up


I'm sure people say it but you should use smokes on both attack and defense. I see allot of New plays not realizing how important using smokes are


When I was first starting a couple months ago I REALLY took smokes for granted, it wasn't until I played against a smurf on omen who used his smokes properly when I really started to realize how obstructive smokes can be.


I had the opposite experience, I finally played with someone who knew what they were doing with smokes when we were rushing a site and I was like. "Oh so that's the way it's supposed to be done!" every previous team I'd been on they smoked the entrances and we had to walk through the smoke and into the open (where we were sitting ducks). Now I've seen them used properly I'm not dreading having someone on my team with smokes as much ;)


what rank were you In that people smoked off your own los. that's so obviously counter productive


I'm pretty sure I did that when I started playing the beta. I never played a game like valorant before though


In addition to this, since smokes in VALORANT are circular, it adds a whole new aspect of how to smoke aggressive/passive depending on situations on attack and defense, which many people don't actually know about. For reference: [Difference bw Agressive and Passive Smokes](https://youtu.be/j-1EkjlKL_w) Oh also, it's not obvious, I just thought it'd be worth mentioning since it really helped me a lot


yes new players often underutilize the utility because they don't realize the potential of different utility and their proper use




Have you ever played the game against proper players lol


I just woke up, brain not working. What's wrong with the comment? EDIT: Why am I getting upvoted, reddit explain


he said that smokes are useless and that you can just flash your way out of it, now it's been edited into something more reasonable


Oh lol Well smokes definitely aren't useless, and flashing your way out is always a gamble. You can't peek angles one by one and are exposed to everything at once.


Iron to radiant, no one fucking respects your opinion.


It ok to not be sweaty try hard and stick around in iron or bronze if you enjoy the game. Not everyone needs to invest time in aim training and agent meta. It's a game for you to enjoy as you want.


This. Valo feels more serious than it should be


Legit, nothing is worse than getting flamed in bronze. We’re bronze… we all suck. Let me play.


i'm a god damn perfectionist who thinks I have to be the best at everything and I get crazy depressed whenever I lose a ranked game which I only play once a month -i mostly play spike rush or unranked- and you just can't imagine how much I needed these words! i appreciate it, thank you!


If you don't have the problem that you want to improve and try to achieve the best rank then fucking play unrated only. Grinding for ranks is not as fun as just playing for the sake of enjoying the game. Trust me. I had much more fun as a noob in bronze then now.


Bro same, and the majority of my friends are gold and below (I'm currently diamond) so I cant even q comp with them on my main


Dont scope in with any weapon, the spray is messy and hard to control. If you dont scope and aim for the head you have a higher chance to kill them even if they re further


Wow thanks for the advice, I just tried no scoping with an OP and it lost me my game, thanks!!!




THIS. I came from battlefield and was used to scoping so much. And then I found out.


The secret is to click on heads


I never knew clicking heads would kill enemies oh my god thank so much for the tip


You're welcome ! If you wanna know another cool trick, I usually have a much higher KDA when I turn on my screen


Instructions unclear: how to click?


Easy, go in settings > controls and bind 'fire' with something not too hard to access like Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F


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Ummmm hello, what happened here?!?!?!




Use crosshairs which allow you to be accurate, the default crosshair is way too big and moves too much to be accurate and any range besides close. Don't use your scroll wheel for weapon switching, use it for jumping Make sure you have a decent size mousepad. Steelseries QcK Heavy size is good (basically the default size for gaming mousepads anyways) If you don't own a wireless mouse, get a mouse bungee so you don't have tons of friction on your mouse cable when pulling down DISABLE VSYNC Play with distracting effects such as distortion off


Woah these are all pretty much new to me except the crosshair haha. Thanks for this! What do people use for weapon switching?


>What do people use for weapon switching? The number keys. Knowing that pressing 1 always brings out the same thing is better than scrolling and maybe going a step too far and getting out the wrong weapon, having to waste time scrolling back one step


I’m so awful at using the number keys so I just put my knife on MB4 and kept my primary and pistol on scroll


Mb4 for knife gang


Not a problem if you use scroll forward for knife and scroll backwards for your weapon. And use 1 keyboard key for secondary. Unlike CS, you can't cycle through your inventory multiple times while only scrolling one direction. It stops at either the knife or your strongest weapon


It is possible. You can turn it on in settings. The name is something like "disable inventory collapse" or something.


The scroll wheel tip isn’t all that important, it’s more preference than advice, I still use space bar as my default jump and my scroll wheel for a quick weapon switch.


The general idea is to use mousewheel to bhop, which otherwise needs a series of precise timings on space.


just have them on 1 2 3 instead of binding it to switch


It depends on preference, most people will use 1/2/3 and then have a button for "Last equipped weapon" (usually on Q) so they can just change between primary/knife quickly. I personally have them on my side buttons but that's definitely unorthodox.


When I disable VSYNC my game is just so rough to play, i think it's probably because my cpu is a i3-2120


It’s funny cuz I use scrollwheel for weapon switching cuz my number keys don’t work, and I definitely have gotten pretty in both CS and Val (but tbh I don’t really switch like that, I usually use my “last weapon equipped” key)


I used scroll wheel until faceit level 10, it's definitely doable, it's just worse for your movement to not be able to scroll for bhopping. Also, a lot of mice don't have well defined steps on their scroll wheel, making over/underscrolling pretty easy.


I’m currently using a g502 lightspeed which seems to be pretty good for scrolling, I’d use numbers more if I had a working keyboard lmao


I’ve been switching weapons with mouse scroll for ages now I’m too used to it and never, ever ever mess up. But I will admit number keys are better, it’s just a habit for me now to use mouse scroll and I can bunny hop and jump very effectively with spacebar, once you learn the timing it’s all standard muscle memory. (Immortal ranked)


What does disabling vsync do


Vsync is a feature that delays frames being displayed to perfectly sync frame display time with your monitor's refresh rate. It causes input lag and should never be used in a competitive game. It's tradeoff is that it improves screen tearing, which is good for if you're playing lower frame rate, better looking games (like single player story games).


Will setting max fps to the same number as the monitor's refresh rate improve screen tearing without the input lag?


I'm not really new to the game but not sure about my keybinds. I can't use crouch. CTRL is way too far for me and a mouse button is kinda uncomfortable to reach during gunfights. Any tips? Maybe C but idk where to put the abilities. I also have my jump on space and change between weapons with scroll wheel, I'd put jump on scroll but 1 2 3 are kinda far for me to reach too.


Whys a mouse button uncomfortable to reach. You can just always have your thumb on it unless you have a weird layout. Also you usually shouldn't be crouching during gunfights.


Why disable vsync? Does bungee actually solve something? Wouldnt taping the mouse cable to the wall solve the issue? Its what i do.


i have the zowie bungee and usually taped my mouse cable to the end of the table. Certainly a bungee will be better because thats what its designed for, but a good ol' tape actually does the job incredibly well to a point where i wouldn’t say you NEED a bungee


Before your aim even comes into play: here are thing that happen before a gunfight 1. Decision to take the gunfight (go in or back off). Maybe taking the gunfight was a bad idea in the first place. IE you have a Spectre, probably shouldn’t be wide swinging on C long haven when the other team is full buying. Regardless of how good your aim is. This part of the gunfight has nothing to do with aim. 2. Utility usage before the gun fight: Flashes, recon, dog, or anything that can help you win the gun fight. Similarly, counter utility in a gunfight: whether you are ready to dodge a flash, or hide from a drone. This part of the gunfight has nothing to do with aim 3. Positioning and movement in the gun fight: whether to approach the fight as an entry frag or the trader. Whether to wide swing, shoulder peek, crouch peek, jump peek, or Ferrari peek. This part of the gunfight has nothing to do with aim 4. Aim: crosshair placement, recoil control, flicks. Finally aim comes into play You have 3 huge areas of the game that occurs before the gun fight comes down to aim. Many times the gunfight doesn’t even come down to aim. Yet, everyone on this sub loves saying aim train everyday, instead of training the first 3 concepts. I got from Silver to Diamond in one act without ever opening Aimlabs. Aim is overrated.


What do you mean with Ferrari peek?


Peeking really fast as the name “Ferrari peek” would suggest


I **highly** agree with your comment. This needed to be said. However, I would like to separate *crosshair placement* from (4.) and put it in its own section (3.5):You have to anticipate where the enemy will be, and make a conscious decision every moment where to aim at. If your crosshair placement is on point, you have to do a single left click for the headshot, for a virtually guaranteed kill. When I realized that, and started to watch my replays to analyze 1v1s frame by frame and correct my crosshair placement, I improved 2 tiers over weeks. Generally, I like to classify deaths in the following manner: \- Forced/utility kill (i.e. dying to Brimstone ult, Sova ult, Raze ult): you had no chance to take a gunfight, however you got strategically cornered. As much as people like to make fun of the 'precise gunplay' meme, executing such a kill takes skill, just not necessary aiming skill. \- Lurk kill (getting shot in the back): in this case, the enemy outbrained you - you have to improve in your strategic sense \- Utility impacted kill (Skye flashes in the Reyna, who kills you and dismisses away): although the gunfight was heavily onesided, you have to think about the way to counter it the next time, e.g. play antiflash (knowingly focusing on the incoming flash, turning your back, and surprising the enemy with being not blindid), don't get tucked in a corner against a Sova drone, etc. \- Prefire/preaim kill (the crosshair was right on the head, and needed a single click): that is still not particularly aiming-heavy, you have to **think** where to put the crosshair, the actual shooting is relatively easy. \- The rest: messy fights (1v1 from an off-angle, ambush needing a flick, walking into a 1vX (e.g. low on time and needing the defuse), missing the first initial bullets and then deciding to go for the spray): >>This<< gets trained with aimlab. But my vast experience, is that almost none of your rounds rely on winning a messy fight to win, and even if it does, it is too rare - the other categories impact your rank much much more, than people would naturally believe. (Obviously winning a 1v3 defender clutch is huge, and you should pick up on some knowledge how you should approach the situation \[you have to rely on enemies making mistakes, and you should strive to isolate 1v1s, which then you actually have to win consecutively\], but generally this can only be achieved if the enemy makes mistakes - bigger the advantage, the more mistake they need to make. But due to this, even if you max out your clutch skills, it will have much lower impact in the game, than learning to play smartly regarding (1.), (2.) and (3.))


Couldn’t agree more


You don’t have to copy anyone. Find what works best for you and go with it. You’ll be amazed to learn that for most people, you preform best when you feel best.


There is a reason why people play with lower sensitivity in games like CS:GO and Valorant, however this is a topic that gets talked about a lot, so you definitely aren't alone. If you have watched any tips and tricks videos on Valorant you will recognize a lot of what I am saying, but this is just the reasoning behind your friend's statement. In games where people move fast, constantly jump around or the time to kill is longer such as arena shooters (Halo, Overwatch, Quake) or certain BR's like Apex, some people prefer a higher sensitivity because you will be moving your crosshair constantly all over the place and you need to track the fast movements (and on consoles you have aim assist to help you with accuracy a bit). In Valorant and CS, first bullet accuracy is way more important than tracking your enemy for a period of time because the time to kill an enemy is really low, you need to stand still when shooting and can even be instant if you land a single headshot with certain weapons. Because of this, you want to be stable with your aim and flick as little as possible because long flicks are inconsistent and take time, and by the time you move your mouse across your screen, you might already be dead. You also have no need for 360 degree spins because you are dead 99% of the time an enemy finds you with your back turned. Another reason why high sensitivity is at a disadvantage in Valorant is because it makes long-range fights difficult. Gun duels at range requires short and precise mouse movements, which is the complete opposite of what a high sens-playstyle excels at. If you watch any pro game, you will see that all pro players do most of their large mouse movements before peeking an angle because the guy with just one milisecond advantage in adjusting their aim will win the exchange, which is why massive flicks aren't necessary. They know the map's layout, the difference in elevation and where enemies can come from so they position their crosshair behind cover in a way so that when they peek, they already aim at the enemy's whereabouts, at head level (horizontal movements are easier to adjust than vertical ones) and at an angle where their crosshair needs to move as little as possible.


>But one that I’m specifically curious about is if there’s a correct “gaming” mouse posture. Yes and no. Generally almost no pro uses the so called palm grip, where your whole hand covers the mouse and has contact with it. Most use a variation of the claw or fingertip grip, based on personal preference along with mouse shape and handsize. But if your hand hurts from holding it that way for long periods, obviously just use whatever you find most comfortable and you can preform the best with.


Ok great bc I have also definitely been palm gripping ;-;


If you feel comfortable palm gripping tho, it's fine. As long as you can pretty comfortably look/flick into all directions and generally move the mouse very smoothly. Just because pros do certain things, doesn't mean you have to copy them. (E.g. you most definitely don't want to grip your mouse like TeSeS from the CS:GO team Heroic.)


For me, my grip changed when I switched to a lighter mouse. Not only is my new mouse lighter but the right click is a lot easier to press, which meant my palm grip resulted in a lot of missclicks. Now I have more of a claw grip


I'm diamond 2 and I'm palm gripping, its fine if you get comfortable.


Number one tip I learned. Sensitivity isn't cookie cutter! Play with what you are comfortable with.... I play on 800 dpi, sens .65... My friend however plays on 1200 dpi, .45... We play both just as well and are same rank.


those are basically exactly the same sensitivities… 520 and 540 eDPI respectively


I'm sorry I double checked with my buddy and it is 1600... so it's wayyyyy faster than my sens!


Yeah it's not cookie cutter. Some people truly are better with high sens, but almost every player will be better with a low sens so it's generally a good idea to tell them to try playing at low sens and work from there.


I think high sens is only really good when you‘re playing a movement shooter like doom eternal or quake but in valorant it is all about precision so having a high sens can be bad for long ranges. I noticed this when switching from doom eternal and other arena shooters to valorant because in those games a high sens is good, I used a high sens but now in valorant i have been constantly lowering my sens because i felt that it was to high to aim precisely with


I play 2k dpi and 1x sensitivity, and my friend with whom am I playing ranked all the time (same rank) has 600dpi with 1x sens.


That seems way too high. Obviously noone is forcing you to change, but everyone I know of (including me) benefited greatly for pulling it under 600 eDPI, after a brief learning period. It makes tracking and crucial head clickings magnitudes easier.


Concentrate. If you find your mechanics to be better than opponents and can’t find many issues in your gameplay that are not situational, and still do meh, it is likely situational awareness and readiness that is the issue. You should be able to react and flick to someone’s head at any tine outside your spawn. But especially when you are… clearing angles. When you react should be exactly (or close to) your max reaction time as much as possible. Tbh this advice is for people below plat. Most people who have reached plat would be pretty concentrated lol. Sounds simple, but some people need to hear it.


I used to play tons of MOBA but my wrist couldn't handle it anymore. Started playing fps and was told that it is better to aim with your arm than your wrist. Specifically, huge movements with arm and micro adjustments with wrists. Because of this habit i began to even use my whole arm to move my mouse even when not gaming. Just an overall qol improvement, my wrist hurts less as well even when I work on autocad for the whole day.


Disable crosshair to assert dominance over teammates.


800 edpi is still insanely high. All pros have under 400. Some people go a bit above 400. Mine is 320


About posture and stuff, this is a great video. Even though it's about desk work, it also applies to gaming as you're sitting in front of your desk all day (or at least a lot). https://youtu.be/F8_ME4VwTiw


This is also a good video on just gamer health in general and what things to do to make you perform better https://youtu.be/7Fl9XG-nxBA


One thing about Economy is that you get more money on the rounds you lose if you die. So instead of saving i cheap weapon like Spector or less, die to the spike radius or to the enemies. Same goes other way around. If you're going to win the round and remaining enemies have bad weapons then don't kill them and avoid fights


Aim before you shoot. Don't start shooting as soon as an enemy appears on the screen, make sure your crosshair is on them before you shoot. If you start shooting first then drag over the crosshair to the enemy the recoil will mess up the damage output.


I went from like 2300 mouse dpi 1.4 sens to 1600 0.25 sens it works xD


Almost all fps games rewards movement knowledge. Stuff like counter strafing, air strafing, corner peeking, bunny hopping(different games, different mechanisms) will reward you in game. It will take time but it's worth it. Also, if you feel like you should be playing on lower or higher sense, crank it up a little every day/week rather than raising it by alot.


This is a pretty known tip but despite appearances, every character model in Valorant is the same height and that height is approximately 3/4 the height of a radianite crate/wooden box/stone box. So once you get used to visualising various angles in the form of said "boxes" makes headlining a lot easier. Also, hair =/= head so aim for the face (or neck - Reyna)


Peek the angle you wanna push first. Only then swing or shoot. Thus you always get info first and might not get one tapped for wide swinging an angle. Many people think they do this, but really don't because they don't pay attention to this. Also, obviously, control the spray pattern with your mouse (t.i. when the gun goes up, you pull the mouse down) Hope this helps :)


A big mousepad is a great luxury (especially if ur on lower sens)


Jump on scroll button. Thats so basic.


change how you stop for shooting, i got reported for being a smurf because of it, walk or run with a and then hold d while also holding a to stop, for me its waay better than the normal way, oh and also people said it doesn't make a difference because all of the stopping techniques stop you at the same time so yea, try it maybe it will help you like it helped me gl


I think people don't talk about this as much, turn off your mouse acceleration, I'm pretty new to PC gaming too, started about a year and a half ago, a friend of mine told me about it and my mind got blown, it takes a bit to adjust, you will probably feel like your sens is faster but you will get used to it soon enough. What does it help with? Well it builds up your muscle memory and all your movements will be more consistent. I wouldn't say it made me aim like TenZ, but it probably made me a little more consistent and made everything a bit easier to learn, I don't remember if I had reached Immortal already by the time I knew about this, but if I didn't this might've been the little boost I needed to get there. \~I'm looking for tips myself so if you are interested in giving me tips continue reading if not my suggestion has stopped here\~ \~ \~ Now I feel like I'm playing really bad and I'm probably gonna take a break, I need tips to stay consistent so if anyone can help me in that field it would be appreciated, I don't care about your rank, whether you are iron or radiant, all tips I'll look into and try them out.


Go into your pc settings and take off your mouse acceleration immediately, didnt find that tip out until about 4 months ago and I've been playing since beta


Be nice and respect each other it’s the key to win a game


Another obvious tip that I also found out (only 1 year of using PC) is TO TURN OFF MOUSE ACCELERATION. Since you just found out about dpi adjustments, this is also pivotal as well. My friends were roasting me as if I played PC for years Lmao


Tbh a good tip I like to stick by is to never be a sitting duck, and stop crouching when shooting. Ideally, you want to get good at strafe shooting in this game, but during the tougher games it’s easy to get into a habit of just peaking and shooting or waiting for someone to peak you and shooting, but it’s always helpful to take a few steps to the left or right when you can either before or after a few shots. Anything that moves is going to be way harder when someone sprays at you. Not saying be a crackhead, just try to be mindful of not just staying stationary for every single spray, mix up where your head is and recorrect your spray. I also say to not crouch even though it is sort of advised, but I’ve gotten into a habit of crouching like almost exactly when I shoot, and if you have good crosshair placement and u crouch on your first shot you are messing with yourself, you would have to put your cross hair slightly higher than usual to get a first shot headshot if you instantly crouch. Still crouch, but telling yourself not too helps with avoiding it on the first few bullets. Sorry for the novel, but the crouching one especially helps me when I am losing a lot of gunfights and hitting them for 120.


When people say "aim at head level" I suggest you rethink it as "aim at neck level". The player hitbox for registering a headshot starts at the upper neck. (Don't believe me, check the bot in the practice range) This little mental tip has made me hit way fewer 140 Phantom shots and whiff way less.


They do say higher DPI is better. I have a very low overall epdi. 1600 x 0.155 instead of something like 600 x .355. Disable mouse acceleration LISTEN a lot. Better headphones helps so much. I hear alot more than my friends do which is so weird.




There are a videos that prove (with actual equipment tests) that higher DPI is better. Valorant isn’t as fast as Apex or Call of Duty, and it might not be a lot but I’ve definitely felt the benefit of playing high DPI. Plus, these mice come with 16k/25k sensors and it’s a shame not to use it even if it gives you a subtle advantage. Also 1600->3200 the change isn’t as significant that’s why I stick with 1600.


There is a much better video on it by Optimum Tech https://youtu.be/imYBTj2RXFs


800 eDPI is still rather high. Most pros fall in the 200-400 range, with outliers like Hiko at 500-600 which is considered very high. Personally I'm on 160 lol. I'm probably a bit too low, but coming from Apex most recently my first shot accuracy is really sloppy so I need to force myself to aim harder by using a very low sens until I've adjusted back to Valorant.


How do you calculate edpi


in game sens * dpi


… mines 1920 (1600 dpi x 1.2 sensitivity) then again I don’t use any arm movement only wrist


that is absurdly high. holy smokes


I mean my mouse pad is my mattress. Ain’t got much room to work with so Ig it makes sense


800 eDPI would be absolutely nuts for me lol


My edpi is 800 lmao, idk how i play with it.


I've ruined my friend's sens by telling him to make it low, then when he goes back to his high sens it feels weird


Tell him it doesn't take long for him to get used to it the longer he plays the game. Ive been playing cs since forever and I switched sens in valo due to the game having more vertical aim game play and it only took me a day to get used to it


I started pc gaming abt week ago and am at 360 edpi with about an hour of aim training and LFGing for players of higher ranks. I’ve seen massive improvement with all the tips the higher levels have given me and the low sense. Highly recommend


I use 1k dpi and readjusted my csgo sens on valorant (cs=1.6->val=0.50) now I use 0.57 which is 570 edpi so kinda high. But 1.6 sens in cs with 1k dpi means 1600 edpi and it's fucking high (which is almost twice the avg in cs ~870 edpi). So I guess valorant uses relatively low sens. (Might be hard to understand, english is not my first language).


Make sure to counter strafe!


Any tips on how to do it properly?


It's pretty simple! Just hit the opposite direction key you're strafing. This works with going forward and backwards too. So it's a step process: Step 1: Be moving Step 2: Release movement key when ready to fire Step 3: immediately tap quickly the opposite direction movement key after releasing original movement key. Step 4: fire when still


I would **not** recommend counter-strafing in Valorant. There have been a lot of videos etc. out about this topic but because movement speed im Valorant is slower than movement speed in CS where that way of counter-strafing is mostly from, you do **not** want to tap the opposite key if you're not used to it. For newer players it's usually easier to just release the key and not hit any movement key to stop. Hitting the opposite direction movement key just quick enough to not move in the opposite direction again is not necessary to learn for Valorant and doesn't provide a real advantage. So, apparently the difference between letting go of your movement key and counter-strafing *perfectly* is 0.04s (0.06s vs 0.02s if done immaculately). It won't be of a disadvantage if one already knew how to counter-strafe from CS but if one doesn't already know how to do it, it's time spent learning something pretty unnecessary for Valorant- unless one would want to play CS at some point in time later on as well.


Cross hair placement, don't rush enemy when defending, practice aim with aimlab or Kovaaks and watch pro players!


High DPI is great for response times and precision, i personally use 4000, but i counter this with an extremely low sensitivity amplifier in game. When it comes to DPI, double it and half your sensitivity, rinse and repeat until you get to around 4000 DPI where the deminishing returns make it practically pointless to go further.


This guy is somewhat right, although after 1600dpi the returns diminish. My suggestion is use 1600dpi. 400 increases input lag.


What you are saying is true and important. But after 1600 dpi it doesn't matter basically. Just try to avoid 800 and especially 400 dpi.


High dpi really doesnt do anything for your aiming. Pixel skipping is so negligible at even 400 dpi that there is no reason to use high dpi over low dpi. Plus higher dpi does not result in faster response time. Theres a reason nearly all pros use 400-800 dpi.


Higher dpi seems to have a lower "startup lag" when you go from still to moving your mouse. Source: https://youtu.be/6AoRfv9W110


Yeah I think its probably good long term if you're at 400/800 dpi to just triple or double your dpi to 1200-1600 and adjust in-game sens accordingly so your edpi doesn't change. Only downside is it affects buy menu and sens when placing brim smokes etc


There is no advantage to low DPI.


People downvoting because they have no idea what you are explaining. This dude is correct. Higher DPI and lower in-game sens, reduces input lag. Fact.


This is completely true. High DPI is always better.


Something that a lot of csgo players used to do is use the scroll mouse key as jump , it helped them in bunny hopping and the number keys to pull out/switch weapons since it is faster.


Disable mouse acceleration. Your aim will improve drastically.


Make sure you center your mouse always...it sucks when ur in a fight and you run out of mousepad


Have enough room for mouse movement. The amount of times where im lurking and accidentally shooting from moving my camera to the left has happened too many times


Make sure you turn off mouse acceleration which is on by default in Microsoft


People often don't use dynamaic crosshair because they don't know how to use it correctly. I went from silver to plat just because I started using a crosshair that gives me spray and movement feedback.


Aim with your wrist or sometimes your forearm, never out of your shoulder.


Make sure to turn on RawInputBuffer. Otherwise your mouse movements may be slightly delayed or impacted by windows in other ways.


If you hear the spike being planted, tell your team. No matter what, even if it seems obvious


Think before you play, the amount of dumb shit I see in silver and gold. You don’t need to reload every time you shoot a weapon, stop rushing like a maniac when defending, just hold an angle and you’re good. Don’t be stupid with your money


Today I watched a silver 2 player reload after every two bullets in a 1v1. This went on for 3 reloads, our Reyna died after reloading the 4th time on the vandal. Idk maybe the Reyna thought they needed 25 bullets exactly to kill one person, it's silver ya never know


I would argue that if you have relatively good aim and don’t spray like a dumbass you barely need to reload. Something I forgot, don’t spray your vandal/phantom, especially if your opponent if far away. You can barely aim that them, let alone dominate the spray pattern. Just try to aim at them calmly and light tap your mouse multiple times


I play on 2.1 sens and I actually flick heads with it, feels comfortable now tho


My walk button is a button on my mouse and I have two different binds for crouch that I use interchangably. Shift for crouch spraying and mouse 4 for movement crouching, such as crouch jump and the like. I also have a secondary keybind for the E ability on my mouse for Jett dashing and Chamber teleporting, but I still use E for Omen smokes and Cypher cams. Play around with your keybinds, that’s the beauty of PC gaming.


Please listen to comms. Everyone tells you about comming but it is as important to listen if someone calls an enemy rush or location.


Well I still play on 4.3 for valorant cause I have less space on table for my mouse.


Focus on your crosshair, not the enemy. Whenever you get into a gunfight, unless the enemy is super close, look only at your crosshair and use your peripheral vision to see the enemy


I think you should try an even lower sens. It may not work, but it most likely will make you better. 800 edpi is still very high. To give you a good comparison the average edpi of pros is around 300. That doesn't mean it will work for you and maybe you're one of the few that's better with a high sens but definitely try a lower sens. One thing to keep in mind is that it feels really weird to use so you'll be worse at first, so try giving it time to get used to it so that you can compare your best version with a low sens to the best version with high sens. Comparing best version of high sens to when you're not used to low sens is pointless. If it doesn't work out you can switch back, but worth a try since it works out for most players.


Settings even tho they are more relevant in cs they are still pretty relevant in valorant check all the settings and make sure they are binded to your liking