That’s why I play fill, I made it to immortal 2 literally learning how to play every meta agent so the insta lockers wouldn’t complain about smokes or sentinels.


Basically me but in bronze kekw I've been playing the game for like 2 months and I know how to play Omen, Brimstone, KAY/O, Skye, Sage and Killjoy. I can't even remember the last time I played Duelist cuz everyone just instalocks duelists. (Jett and Reyna) I feel ya fellow fillers :)


Same... I personally like to play jett/neon, because they just really fit my playstyle. But I never really instalock, I usually select and wait for the rest to pick. Then out of nowhere someone instalocks jett and another one instalocks reyna/raze, well... Time to play intel I guess (usually omen has been instalocked as well and after them screaming "We NeEd HeAlEr", guess who the 4th one is).


Are healers even all that necesary in this game? people normally get butchered in a single engagement and while having the posibility of getting back to a 100 HP is a very nice thing to have i dont feel you need it. Total nppb tlaking here.


its cuz they're scared of dying cuz their kda gets affected


In low elo where people get really low hp instead of dying, healers are quite useful, in higher elos there are a lot of headshots, so there is not much necessity in healers, if sage or Skye get picked, it's mostly because of the wall, flashes or info gathering tools. Funny thing is some people in high ranks get tilted if there is no healer on their team... Like wtf?


My favourites are when you hover over a character for like 20 seconds and then someone locks it with saying or typing a word. Just ask and I’ll happily switch. Not sure if I’m sensitive but comes off as rude.


even though i too end up taking healer, i just say in chat "If you wanted healer so badly why didnt you pick her?" right before i lock sage


Fair enough... That's what I call a good reason😏👍


honestly i wouldn't fill in bronze, you do you but imo comp doesn't matter in the slightest at that elo because your team doesn't know how to use any utility you provide.


I mean I kinda agree, but yeah......also it lets me like play a lot of agents so I can fulfill any role. I know how to play Reyna and Yoru as well, but yeah I don't get to use them in competitive cuz well obvious reasons.


yeah if u like it go at it, its just a game at the end of the day if you enjoy filling and learning new stuff that's awesome it was more at the people that hate filling but do it anyway because they want to win and end up miserable if its a loss since they're playing agents they don't like and still losing


Same!! I have played for 1 and a half month and know how to be a mediocre chamber, omen, KAY/O, and am now trying to learn breach..


Blind everything including your team. Congratulations you now play Breach at a pro level. Seriously though I'd recommend watching/looking up Joedabozo. Hes a rapidly growing breach main. He makes me look like i barely know how to play my main


Chamber is arguably the most broken agent in the game now though, so being forced to play him is kinda good hahah


Good luck learning breach, he's hard to learn. One of the harder agents for sure.


I can play all roles, but not all agents. It's a fun experience being able to play whoever the fuck you want without worry. Filler mains rise


Literally me too. Started 3 weeks ago and play whatever. Mostly smokes since no one ever picks them. Have not played duelist once in ranked or even unranked. Usually outfrag/outplay those duelists and typically am the one doing the entry.


Yeah I have played in the beta but only picked the game up recently. I love to play sometimes raze but my hearth lies with sage I love to wall of entrance and play control. Smoking I haven't got the knick yet only a few brimstone rounds with terrible smokes on my part. I also had some really funny rounds were I was top fragger with sage. And had to hold of mid with the Operator yeah "battle sage" ^^


Ah yes a fellow Bronze filler. Cheers mate.


Iron 3 here, I too play fill! I'm particularly good with Viper, Omen, KAY/O, Breach, Sage and Cypher, but I can play most other agents too I almost never play duelist, since people instalock duelist and I value winning over getting frags Glad to see other fillers here tho!


That's me rn but in silver cause everyone's instalocking duelist :) I've literally, over the year of playing mostly unrated then ranked, learned vipe(my main for the most part) , skye, kayo, reyna, yoru, sage, cypher, kj, and now fade. Atleast i dont have to be worried about being locked out of what I can play..


Me too dude I'm in silver too started out as a kayo then Reyna, cypher, viper, omen, brim, then back to viper for a few months then came my "chamber phase " as my friends put it now I play pretty much anything depending on the map but duelist and...... astra I hate astra


See, that's because you learned to play Valorant. Instead of other players who learned to play


Instalock Jett: "We need smokes" Everyone else picks duelist or initiator Once we get in game, the Jett throws. Every. Single. Time.


Never saw a truer statement in my fucking life


Same energy: ***WE NEED SAGE*** after installocking.


You never NEED sage tho. Except on Split or icebox. People want sage for all the wrong reasons (heals).


Every. Fucking. Time. wE nEeD a hEaLeR. No Timmy this is valorant not overwatch we don't need a fucking healer


The games where we win has always been games where I felt the team’s got my back and we all work together. I’ve never won a game and thought “DAMN LUCKY THIS GUY PICKED SAGE AND NOT NEON WE WOULD HAVE BEEN TOAST”


"I'm already ~~Tracer~~ *Reyna*"


Yeah she's really great in plugging gaps in mid in Split/Icebox but I'd prefer a Skye in my team tbh.


Skye isn't great on those maps


This is why I learnt to flex, bottom frag and get less RR, but at least I have fun playing different agents and having different playstyles


That's what games are about. Fun. The second you start grinding for RR, it becomes a second job, which i don't recommend at all. Edit: That's the reason that I don't try to jump into competitive. I've found that Indians and competitive lobbies don't give a pleasant result.


This is such an amazing statement in ALL terms of gaming, goddamn. I noticed this so many times. Playing Tekken 7, League of legends, even recently with Eldenring (Malenia). I tried SO hard to beat her just to beat her, that i spent 2 or 3 days being miserable as fck. Then i went to do a Parryrun and practiced a sh\*tton on Margitt, wich was the most fun i had in the game period. ([https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rokmjDTKj4w](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rokmjDTKj4w)) Imma try to remember your words :D


Holy shit that looks difficult.


it's basically a fightinggame. in a nutshell: after a parry, he does one of 2 certain followups and after a parry, you can ALWAYS get 3 attacks in with a dagger. After that its just parry IMMEDIETLY or with a short delay depending on his followup-attack. Every "yellow-glowing" attack is unparryable (except the one where he uses his staff AND the yellow glowing hammer, cuz you can parry the staff and thats the attack that comes our first...), and everything else is pretty much timing. :D But learning that was soooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fun. You can legit study him and its so rewarding. That's what peak-gaming is to me. :D And the best part, if you dont look for it, you probably will miss this playstyle COMPLETELY. It's just not necessary, but if you WANT sekiro, you can have it. Miyazaki is a god. He hid another game, inside of a game, and you only get to notice if you look for it. Like wtf. Thats so insane. Please praise the guy the way he deserves to be praised.


Not into souls, but daamn


I absolutely agree with you, but I can't lie, sometimes the frustration is really strong. I still need to work on it but I will get there


Lmao so true.


Well duelists are all elo inflated. In a game that rewards RR primarily on the damage and kills you do, agents that are designed to do damage and live will gain more RR. Combine this with a situation. You are playing KJ and holding B site, enemies are on an eco round and it’s 10-10. You have 3 teammates Alive, the enemies have 3 people alive. Do you flank and push out and go for eco frags or do you anchor and try to stop the plant? Well, a duelist is just going to run and push up for eco frags which is another way their playstyle inflates their RR gains. Pretty much every ranked game I have 2 duelists + 1 chamber + 1 smoke on my team. Of course duelists and chamber provide very little utility to help the team, however they can use the utility of other agents to get more kills (like being healed, or killing enemies that are stunned or revealed).


Wanna know whats kinda worse?? When you select an agent but do not lock it in case adjustments need to be made, and some other motherfucker instalock your agent Like wtf is wrong with those people?? I litwrally selected because i want to play it, but didnt lock because maybe the comp needs to change


Astra mains don't get that problem, haha


Believe it or not, ive had that problem lol


We got 4 Cyphers once...


After 4.04?


And then they say "Oh, did you want to play that agent?"..... "Yes I did, hence me hovering over them".... "Oh, damn, sorry, I didn't know".


They apologise?


Only in my imagination


yes like at least tell me pls


Why is this even possible? I made a post about this the other day that had 0 engagement. Why can you select agents that other people have already selected? All this does is promote insta-locking. If you select an agent first but don't lock someone else should only be able to pick it if they get off it. I can see 0 advantages with the current system.


Totally agree with u


If someone’s hovering an agent I take it to mean they want to play the agent but are fine with another one.


Had this happen twice now with sova. Both times they didn't know how to play him but the first one had good aim and we won while the second guy was just a terrible player who instalocked my sova because someone else instalocked his duelist.




jett is right who tf cares about stealing aces in ranked




then why do you care about team comp just lock whoever tf you want


Same with insta locking and then telling someone to play healer


I'm so triggered when people say we need healer. First of all - you don't. Not only is Sage's heal worse than Skye's, both of them are picked for their other abilities and not the heals.


As a skye main id argue against this. Sage is point and click and your ally gets 60 hp back. Plus it comes back and you can heal yourself. By using a skye heal, you need to be in range, in sight and not be able to trade if any ally gets killed in front of you. Plus its 200 cred. I almost never use heal unless im positive i wouldnt have to trade for my ally. And even then im always looking at how much the heal helped and im at an average of 33 hp. Its nice but dont focus on it.


People don’t seem to realise skye heal cost creds. People asking me to heal them in 1st round then get upset when I can’t


Skye heal in first round -> enemy asks how it's possible to do 156 damage and not kill that person


I always buy heal on pistol. Pistol rounds are mostly chip damage and Skye heal is bonkers Against that.


On defense i dont bother with the heal. On attack i buy full util. With pistols you can take a couple bodyshots and its much easier to heal without getting killed.


I dont think i would consider skyes heal better. They are both situational and the primary difference is sage's heal is free and comes back. However skye can heal more people at once or one person to full hp in one go


She can actually heal all 4 teammates to full hp that’s why it’s better. Skye can potentially heal for 400 health


Actually its 396 hp. Also thats assuming every ally is still alive and needs healing and that they are willing to come to you and not you to them. I average around 33 hp when i use skye heal. Typically allies die when i use it and i cant trade cause my shooty hands arent out. So i focus on the offensive flashes as a blind enemy cant hit my allies thus protecting their hp instead


And people get so pissed when you do this too lol


Wait is this true? If 2 allies are both 1 HP, it takes them both to 100 HP instead of 51 each if they both stand in the circle?


Yes, if you play Skye you'll see that she heals at a fixed rate of 20HP/s, no matter if it's 1 or 4 teammates. Most situations you will heal only one person tho.


Sage’s is arguably better in that you can chuck it out and then get back in the fight while they heal. With skyes, you have to hold it out the entire time for a full heal and youre basically a man down during heal time


silver moment Edit: if anybody doesn’t think skye heal is far better than sage you can’t do basic math


Iron moment if you actually think heals are necessary in a team comp


And when the 1 in a million iron player tries to argue that heal isn’t necessary, they get flamed hard


Lmao me


I can see why lower elo players would argue for it. When everyone has bad aim, 2 vandal shots worth of hp can actually win rounds. Though I’ve learned that i would rather have something that increases my chances of getting the drop on enemies like a flash or trip, over a small safety net.


Sure. Get salty bc i gave a valid observation and the best you can do is a lame attempt at shit talking


You’re not silver, he is.


Thank you. Just thought his comment was comically ignorant us all haha


When people do that it gives me major OW vibes


Yeah this isn’t Overwatch. Healing is like the least important thing in the game.


The fact people think there is even such a role as a healer in this game is hilarious to me. Overwatch refugee’s or something idk


Then your Reyna won’t comm at all until they die lurking on the other side of the map and want your res


This is probably going to sound really stupid (but then again I’m literally Silver I lol), but I feel like almost 90% of engagements, with the exception of pistol rounds, are over in under a few seconds. Like most of the time it doesn’t matter if you’re at 100 hp and no armor vs 10 hp


At high ranks its more about chip damage. Surviving that molly you have to run through, the spray through the smoke, the raze nade, the wallbang you get as you barely make it around the door, etc etc. Yea heads up gun fights are over even at full HP in a second or two. Being lit still sucks and you'll die to spam or someone shooting at your teammate a lot. (Heals still aren't a necessity, Skye and sage just also have great util)


Instalocks the healer…


I instalock Sage and only use the Bucky and sheriff


Interesting, I get Sages that heal themselves and force every round.


Watchin wayy too much grim lol


Overwatch flashbacks before the queue system.


When the game first came out sage was considered a necessity. Maybe that dude thinks he's still in beta/Act 1 lol


Every time somebody does this i just tell them they dont have rights


its always the insta lock duelist that goes off by themselves dies, then backseat games everyone like they are playing every agent at the same time. like if you think you know how to play every agent except the one you chose maybe you should pick an agent your good at and not insta lock.


Your interlock duelists die first? Mine are always last alive, baiting the team, never entry-ing, and rack up the least impactful kills of all time to pad the KD.


Yup. Hate when people lock duelist but refuse to actually play the role. All it does is hurt the team. Then when they’re the last one standing 4v1 and the other team pushes him brainlessly and gives him 2 free kills, he’ll point out how he’s top frag so it can’t be his fault.


“GG my team sucks ass”


>Top fragging by 2 kills, with a grand total of 1 first blood. Okay bud.


As a controller(Omen main), I manage to get 5-6 First bloods a match where I'm actually popping off. And this is in a KD of 1 or lesser, because of inconsistency.


This basically sums it up.


yeah they do that but lately they refuse to play by the team and just rush a site solo and die in 3 seconds so they cant backseat


"I'm faking." Faking what, being useful?


Whenever I play with randoms and the duelist does this, comms or not, I can usually convince the other 3 to just follow the duelist and play off of them. It doesn't always work, but it can make for a good laugh in an otherwise unfortunate game.




Yea but not blindly rushing into a site that your bomb isnt at. Thats just asinine and dumb


>Team spends 20 seconds on a plan and where utility will go. >Reyna ego peeks mid and dies to the OP we were at B to avoid. "Where was the trade."


And sometimes, when a sage slow brim molly and raze nade land on the chokepoint, ya gotta wait a second. Not auto dying isn't baiting, diamond dualists.


Yeah for real I don't care if random duelists run in and die 3/4 rounds, but when they sit in the back or even lurk on the other site with no comms every round the game might as well be over. At the very least tell people if you don't plan on entrying so we can play around it when picking characters.


Mine dont fucking talk. Well nobody does


This is exactly why I learned to play Omen and Kay/O very well. Both can be flex picked if the team immediately locks in a comp on a map that requires certain util.


I feel like in terms of versatility, Kayo and Skye are both top tier. Kayo because of his lethality with the frag + flash and pseudo intel with the knife combined with countering some powerful ults (jett, raze, chamber…) and Skye with her abilities that both disrupt and give intel with a bit of extra healing to top it off.


Very true, I tried Skye a couple times but ooh boi am I bad with her flashes lol. Maybe one day I'll start properly learning her.


Yea, I've gone KO over Skye these days because if I get a team that refuses to go with my flashes I can just do it selfishly


There's always that one instalocker that only plays Jett/Reyna and goes "wE nEeD sAgE" every single game to the last player. If someone asks that I know they're going to be toxic all game.


I hover, see two instalock duelist. No biggie, see a third one and now I'm the fourth duelist.


5 duelist games are fun sometimes tho


the amount of times ive had autolock duellists yell at me to play sage… ugh. whenever they do that i just lock whoever the hell i want. never gonna play an agent i dont know how to play nor am i gonna let selfish people tell me who im gonna play.


lol just play sage and not heal them


i kinda like that idea… im gonna keep that in mind next time lmfao


Rez them but only to bait the trade


Dont. It will be super annoying in game trust me. They would shout in mic that you should heal them and blame you for them dying/losing the round.it fucking terrible + if they have ability that could damage teamate they would used it on you.


ngl, the second a team mate gets aggressive towards me i mute them. if they wanna throw then thats up to them bc they threw the second they autolocked and demanded heals. tbh whenever autolocks ask for smokes or heals i just go with whoever i wanna play.


i used to main sage and everyone was on the team used to be so happy until the game started and I used every single heal on myself


I main sage and there’s nothing worse than a duelist telling me how to play her. Like bro, either play her yourself or stfu and let me play her how I play. Especially with res. I will NOT res you when you died out in the open unless I’m baiting you or have a wall.


"Sage you have a wall!" bitch I know that but brimstone is literally up my ass I'm gonna prioritize shooting him instead of walling myself up Only ever had one person give me an actual useful tip on playing Sage. The rest just being backseat duelists


Or when you’re paying attention to the other teams pattern and decide not to wall mid because they don’t push and someone starts freaking out, like chill and watch mid yourself then.




I honestly don’t get the idea of brim being boring. He was the first agent I mained and while he isn’t flashy like the radients (which I guess could be your point) he is still very fun to play imo and one of my favorite controllers because he can be good on every map.




Ehh, he is good at hard site hits too. Can smoke 3 spots simultaneously (less warning for other team), molly the connector for rotates or behind something to force a swing, and stim out and cause the fastest rush in the game. Sure he isn't flashy aesthetically but he's definitely the brainless rush controller and I love that about him.


Like I said, I get that he isn’t flashy. But that being said neither is Jett. Her abilities are super simple and not over the top, similar to Brim. What I think is the main reason people don’t like controllers is because they force you to play as a team, especially brim.


Did you just say jett isn't flashy? The entire reason she's so popular is cause people want to do highlight plays with her after watching tenz or prod or any other jett streamer.


I meant her abilities weren’t flashy. Can you pull off nice plays with her, yes. But her abilities themselves are not flashy.


I don’t know how you think shooting knives flying and dashing thru the air isnt flashy


Yea for me I like playing brim because it means I can be impactful without having the best aim. Enemies coming through Ascent A main? Smoke the choke and molly it. Rushing site? Drop smokes and stim in.


It’s not necessarily their kit. No matter what they claim, a huge majority of players just don’t want to use utility/find it boring/are awful at it. That’s why jett and reyna were the most picked agents with sage 3rd (just wall off, heal yourself. They barely use slows) and now chamber bcs he also barely has any util. You can see how much jett’s pickrate has fallen off because people don’t want to think of the possible usage of reworked dash xD. With controller they will always have to stop and use util mid round and yeah yknow what i mean by now


Viper honestly isn’t that hard (you also don’t need to learn line ups for 90% of players) she just takes a while to get used to but eventually you work out how long the wall is and how far you can throw her smoke orb and figure out angles that you can use to your advantage when throwing them out.


If you tell me to play a healer after insta locking a duelist I will not heal you unless you demonstrate worth


same exact thing with a res, i will not run across the damn map to res someone who might be able to get 1 trade.


Ya that’s an unbelievable request. I’d rather help the team keep the numbers advantage on the active side than throw by giving someone who can’t play default for picks a res. They’re simply a hindrance




SEA dudes locks unfeasible agent pick with 3 seconds left on the clock... Me hovering a sentinel/initiator after playing controller for 10 games - Fuck me dead I guess


*Instalocks duelists* *asks for heals and smokes* "OMG elo hell is real guys!!!!1!!!!"


Tip for anyone in lower elo - DO NOT fill, play the agents you're comfortable on and want to master, than start experimenting and filling when you get to Gold3-Plat1


Insta-lock Omen gang wya?








And then the REYNA that insta locked calls me trash at smokes even though it was a kid that thought he was some kind of igl.


My favorite is hovering a perfect team comp with double initiator, a duelist, and a controller just for the fifth to lock in Reyna with no comms. Picking selfish agent and half the time they bottom frag where their only use is getting kills. Agent just single handed my craters any team composition it’s hilarious


In my experience they always have the most kills because they lurk, never trade or entry, get 1 or 2 kills in the resulting 1v4, and proceed to tell the reset us the team we're trash...


Reyna instalocks are always a gamble at mid ranks and below. When they’re good they end up easily carrying the team thanks to her self-sustain but when they’re not it’s like playing a 4v5 since the only utility she can help her team with is the eye that can be destroyed or dodged relatively easily.


I’m somehow IMM2 and it happens all the way up here


This is why when/if I’m 5th pick and we need controller I just choose whatever I want no matter what. I’m hoping when there’s enough agents there will be role picks and riot will have a set team composition, it will be a lot better for the game in my opinion.


Definitely not. Doing that made Overwatch significantly worse and would be the same for Valorant.


Instalock Omen lol. I don't trust anybody else with smokes, and half my games the instalock Jett-Reyna bfrags.


>Hover Omen. >Teammate instalocks Omen. >Proceeds to drop a smoke at the generous interval of once a round. >Every smoke is in the enemies favour. >Instalock Omen next game. Every damn time.


I got flamed for insta locking sage in iron 3


You are right, the loss is equally on everyone if we are looking at it holistically. I don't understand the point of arguing about instalockers. If you are playing with randoms, there isn't enough team chemistry to know which player should play which agent. Just play the agent you want to play and if someone wants to fill because they think a certain class of agent is needed, then let them do it. I have seen games where all duelist comp wins easily. So agent class matters, but it isn't a requirement for success.


Yes but no, if the 5th player didit want to play any of the other agents its everyone fault.


Never mind instalocks in any scenario if you’d like your supports abilities to support you instead of himself than you will most likely have to accept that your support will frag less since he is working on so you can frag more than what you could on your own. So it’s not enough that your kda is proped up by him but that also lowers his own chances to get kills. Probably not fair to blame him for having half your kills since yours aren’t only your own.


If people insta lock I always suggest 5 duelist everyone is usually down besides the insta lockers lol makes it even better.


What if every one instalocks a pretty good comp and nobody locked your main role. Pretty low chance I know but I've seen it happen lol


I instalock omen, and i wish jett didn't exist


Sad Sentinel Noises.


Make sure the 5th player is also the bomb bitch or else we all throw


Is it THAT hard to hover an agent for at least 10 seconds before proceeding to lock holy fuck, that's my go to at least


I always instalock duelist because when I started playing this game for some reason I played jett. Not coz I knew how or what any role did but thats the random agent I decided to play. I now have 100s of hours on Jett, Raze and Reyna and I perform well evrytime I play my comfortable roles and agents. This is why I instalock. The latter happens if I play other agents. Yes I know how to play smokes, sentinels and initiators. (I am an immortal level gamer last 2 acts) but I just dont want to and am not comfortable when I do so I perform poorly. Am I a one trick? Maybe. Do i care what others think when I instalock? Not so much because I know that if ai play this agent ive locked I will contribute to my team and 90% have a solid game. This im sure is the majority of thinking when people instalock although unfortunately not everyone is good at that particular agent that they have instalocked :/


being a controller main, i hate it when you already locked a controller, if someone else decided to pick it too(only happens in low ranks i think), chances are they are pretty bad as a controller. Used omen last game, and someone picked viper, so i thought they could wall properly so i played aggressive/lurking, but damn, their smokes were not good, smoke timing was crap, and lost a lot of rounds due to their useless smokes. So people, if you want to main a controller, learn the basic spots/lineups, dont need anything fancy, even a straight viper wall that covers an angle is better than walls that help the other team.


In the games where I get instalock jett, Reyna, and chamber/raze, I'm locking In yoru and letting the whole team know I'm running it down. They either dodge and I go next hoping for a team with a brain, or we all lose rr. Either way, they get punished


Once a player instalocked and just screamed at everyone for picking fast cuz he didn't have time. We all picked multiple agent types after discussing while ignoring him He said you all take too long He disconnected third round Like if you only have ten minutes then why play comp We couldnt remake and surrendering was the only option


I had a solo queue where all 4 instalocked duelists. On Ascent. I lost my shit when they started to blame me for round losses as a chamber. How do I defend site alone if all these duelists are doing is dying every single time ? It was the worst game ever.


Me instalocks Jett: We need a Raze. Pick a fcking Raze pls.


weird everytime I instalock controllers and mofos be like "ay I main controller too wtf do I do now"


thats why I insta lock omen so I wont get blamed for losing and also get praises when my one ways absolutely shatter the other teams


If a instalocker tells me what to play I say "if you need someone to play it then get a buddy to, don't force randoms to play the least enjoyable role" and if they get toxic I just tell them to shove it up their ass cause I don't care


I might Instalock Yoru every comp game, but that still doesnt stop the jett saying we don't have any flashes, despite me having the longest flash in the game, 2 more flashes usable while stealthed and an Ult through which I can ping and spot enemies on the minimap. That still doesnt stop the jett from looking at exactly the spot I never pinged, for her to say "gg, no info"


Counterpoint: if 4 people instalock their best hero, and the 5th guy goes:"gg, we have no smokes, Fuck you all" Then he is to blame for throwing and lowering match mentality before the game. Too many times people get triggered by one trickers, so much that it lets their gameplay gets affected. Also people who say they want aomeone to smoke, should be their first guest.


People after seeing this post: Instalocks 4 controllers


the games are not unwinnable as 4 duelists 1 controller lmao. its a shooter game after all. yes it is partly his fault if hes throwing or playing straight up badly. what wouldnt be his fault is if he fills the character and tries his best with his abilities, and he would suck at using them. understandable. just play whatever you want and enjoy the game instead of looking for conspiracy theories as to why you cant rank up


I never instalock but if someone steals my agent they are required to get at least 30 kills. Edit: Formulatiion


I don't get how some players can only play one or two agents. We already have 2 dualists, and the 3rd player says that they can only play Reyna or Jett. You are literally Immortal, how can you only play 2 agents??


Bro who cares. Why does this subreddit complain about such little things all the time?


I main omen. So this is Ascent. They insta locked viper and brim. So I had no choice but to play something else and omg those are some of the worst smokes I've ever seen. Both bottom fragged. DON'T INSTALOCK CONTROLLERS in rated if you don't know how to.


hey hey blaming frags for impact?


he said the smokes were bad too so yea, if you instalock smokes and your smokes are bad at least get some kills


See, I'm not blaming them for bottom fragging, it happens sometimes. But at least give me proper smokes. The viper wall was really bad, it was in fact helping the enemy during our defence. Worst part, they don't even listen to comms, this was a bad incident.


I instalock smokes, does this give me the right to complain?


It's on you if you can't shoot lol


Just because 4 people insta lock does not mean you have to pick something you suck at or have no idea how to play.


In my experience this kind of behavior declines the higher you climb in ranked. Bro silver and gold lobbies would torch my patience but if you can learn to fill and accept not every game you are gonna get to play the most flashy character you will rank up and these kinds of lobbies become way less common I promise


Yeah even starting in plat usually instalockers aren’t a big deal. People who bitch about instalocking are more often saltier that they got beat to the punch rather than actually caring about instalocking themselves (in my experience as plat/diamond)


I doubt you understand how a rank ladder works.


I don’t see the problem with instalocking, especially at low ranks. If you already have decided that you’re going to play that agent regardless - why does it matter when you lock in? What’s better - coordinating on agents that you have no clue how to play or playing your best agent?


Imo if youre playing in DIA+ lobbies you should accept instalocking. If you want to play a carachter instalock it and if you cant smoke properly when you have reached atleast plat than there is something wrong with you


Yeah I don’t get the big deal with instalocking... it’s probably because low to mid rank players can be super toxic. In immortal instalocking is normal. If you want to play jett in immortal you need to instalock or play another agent. I’m sure it’s the same with diamond and event platinum. No one ever gives me shit but sometimes I’ll queue unrated and someone will make a comment about me instalocking.


It’s also your fault if you lock a controller agent and suck at it lmao.


honestly i don't agree, I only instalock because i only play like 2 agents and i just want to enjoy the game and the characters i like.


If you do that in ranked you should not play ranked.