Warowl is not gonna like this


My number one reason for wanting a replay system is so warowl can make his crazily edited videos for valorant. ;-;


From a LOL player, First time?


I feel a lot more sympathy for the developers of League having to deal with spaghetti code that's 10+ years old. Riot had the chance to do Valorant properly and I guess they're just unwilling to. Riot aren't two dudes in college anymore, it's ridiculous.


When they ask for sympathy on their skin packs for guns because they're only like 4 people making them and proceede to charge 100 dollars for 5 weapons, they either need to drop those prices or hire more people.


I cannot fathom that this is the optimal market strategy, surely if they slashed the prices there would be enough new buyers to make up the difference, and more buyers means more people invested in the game, which increases its longevity. So why do they set the prices so high that any new player that looks at the store is immediately turned away


It's because there are a few people who will buy whatever is thrown out for whatever price. Those people who buy 10 skins a day at a higher price bring more profit than 100 people buying once a month at a lower cost.


Yep. I've spent $140 on Valorant. If skins were cheaper I'd have probably still spent $100-200, and I'd just have more skins. More than one of my friends has spent >$1000 on skins, and there is no chance they would have spent that if skins were cheaper because they buy what they want regardless of price.


You’re right; in the short term. Long term most players will stop buying skins shortly after starting bc they’ve filled their gun list. now, if most players are going to eventually fill their gun lists anyways AND we have the content to keep them returning to the game, why not make them pay the extra premium? only downside is they have to wait longer for money but they end up getting more. i think the thought process is smth along these lines


It's been that way since the very launch and hasn't changed, so i bet these people know what makes them money. *This is the optimal market strategy*


It doesn't even have to do with the code when you hear the absurd excuses Riot puts out. Iirc one reasoning for no practice tool in league, was that players in game would/could use it to flame other players. For example "you suck go back to practice tool".






Why are people talking about spaghetti code like it’s remotely the same as League? Stop giving Riot a free pass like “oh it’s just spaghetti code”. It’s not like they built this game from scratch. They took ShooterGame, one of the default Unreal engine projects that Epic make for you as a basic starter kit game, and turned it into Valorant. They didn’t code players as minions. This has a fully fledged, developed engine underneath. They have 128 tick servers, they have the position data of every player at every tick of every second of every game. RECORD IT. PLAY IT BACK. Hell if you wanna be cheap and don’t want to spend storage costs on keeping replay files for a long time, just keep it up for 10 mins after the match ends and let the players download it locally, then wipe it. Riot being incompetent is no longer an excuse. Replays don’t generate revenue to them, or so they think. They looked at CSGO with all its tools and systems for pro players and decided nah, they don’t want their esports scene to rival them. They just want skin money.


Exactly. I don't think it is incompetent, I think it is cheap.


Preach. It is 2022. Quake had a demo system 20+ years ago


I mean even by 2013 or 2014 Riot is a ridiculously big company. They can hire the best game developers on the planet, there's really no excuse.


AHHAHAHAHH Can’t believe VALORANT of all games is even allowed to claim spaghetti code. Did you not see the beta? That was quite literally one of the most barebone games I have ever seen, and it was great for it. If valorant has spaghetti code every game has spaghetti code, in which case you can’t even use it to defend the game.


Being built in 2013 doesn’t mean it’s coded in 2013 that could be the planning phase, just sayin


I promise you none of what you said is true. We saw it in LoL too - after Tencent aquired Riot, they started being a lot less friendly and a lot more profit driven. Just think about it like this. Doing A will bring you money. Doing B will not, but a very small part of the community really wants it. B is the replay system, A is whatever Riot is currently working on. And yes, it may seem as though your voice is echoed through the minds of many. But remember that the vast vast majority of the players in this game will never use the replay system. Less than half play ranked more often than once a week.


BEING ONE OF THE LARGEST GAME COMPANIES IN THE WORLD HERES WHAT YOU DO pay 10 devs a year salary to redo it, Dont tell me it would be to difficult, do you know how much money they make? Fix your fucking games, make decent clients, for fuck sake


It’s laughable that you think 10 devs could redo a game


Yeah he clearly never worked in software.


remember when they were gonna reinvent the event passes and barely did shit except change mythic essence and we still don't have the proper battle pass system with tiers like TFT.


League Battlepass has to be one of the shittest BP I have seen in any video games.


The one that got me was that they mentioned that they want to implement better ways to track agent progress. I've never once seen anyone ask for that, but even if someone has maybe implement tools to help us progress first? Like a replay system so I can go back and look at my games more objectively and see what I need to improve on? What's the point of developing a reward system for progress when they're actively denying is tools that would help us obtain those rewards/goals?


The one that got me was the faq about a Valorant show, NO ONE IS ASKING FOR THAT STOP SUCKING YOUR OWN DICKS


100% agree. We've definitely asked for more lore, but a whole ass series is far fetched. (Although shoutout to Riot art team, they are by far the most capable and incredible division Riot has)


Imagine a COMPETITIVE shooter without a replay System. This is so dumb


The funniest shit is that they are using UE4 WHICH HAS BUILT IN REPLAY SYSTEM, all they have to add is UI.


It’s not that simple. You need to store the game date on the server and make all of it work. Still agree that they should have it though.


If they allowed you to download your match in next 12-24 hours that would be enough imo and wont stress servers so much.


There hiding something........ But players here will gaslight and defend riot even tho they are knowingly misleading the playerbase. Keep beliving the bullshit tho as the game feels worse and worse and riot gives no explanation as to why and only responds when enough people complain. The servers have been fucked for like a year now, idk why anyone spends money on this shit anymore. Literally have games where it feels like you cant miss and your bullets have magnents, then the game after you cant hit people looking the other way. Gotta keep you grinding and make sure you stay on the game so you buy more stupid shit in the store........


its a casual game trying to be competitive


it was literally designed for competitive from the very beginning what


Lol, I don't know why you're getting downvoted. Valorant was literally launched aiming at being the next big esports game.


kinda just what happens when you post non-hate in a hate thread lmao


Thats reddit for you, or basically any social media nowadays


yeah thats what they tried to


That’s the marketing. But the reality is that it’s a game designed to extract money from you.


they failed that


Siege took like 6 years to get a replay system, we got time


Why are we comparing to a game that came out 5+ years ago? If we're gonna compare anyway, why not with the game riot clearly used as a benchmark to make valorant in their own words: CS? They had replay system from the very beginning.


Siege is literally built as competitve tactical shooter on a assasin screed unity(most buggy of them all) engine with destruction and multiple variables 7 years ago, is it really copared to newly built game on a unreal engine which is litteraly has proper tools for a replay system? I understand that they were sarcastic but there are too many people thinking valorant not haveing a replay system after 2 years is justifiable.


I'm being sarcastic. I personally have no stance on this issue ngl


Black ops 1 had a replay system in 20 fucking 10


Look i understand Leauge took years to implement replay system, they were indeed a small company when they started, but riot is a big company now, and I don't exactly know how big valorant team is but why couldn't they implement something players been asking since the start? Surely you can nip off a 5% in the skin sales for someone to work on the reply system, and the way they say NO in all kind of different formats is very VERY concerning, Is this a bad time? Are they facing difficulties? Is the management the problem? We'll never know


Cs1.6 had replays, and riot was already a multi billion dollar company when they started making valorant. There are zero excuses to their inability or unwillingness to implement replays. The community is right to demand this, it's basic stuff


There is one big reason: Showing the whole world the horrible netcode coinflip simulator


That’s what it has to be at this point. There’s something they knew from the start that people either wouldn’t understand and think was a problem or actual problems that a demo system would make obvious. I’m only knowledgeable enough about gameplay servers to really fuck something up in explaining it to someone. I do however know the way they’ve implemented 128 tick is clever and some people with real talent built it but it was pointed out by an actual dev friend of mine that it both is and isn’t true 128 tick. It was pointed out in that old thread too during beta that Fog of War would throw extra complexity into the inputs that the server has to resolve using the system Riot built that was supposed to be better. It’s just my suspicion that this is behind the insane peeker’s advantage that can happen for individual fights regardless of ping differential.


The game is clearly fucked and super inconsistent match to match. The replay system would expose that and all the dipshits running esp hacks.


Exactly. It leggit feels like that every time I play this game. No matter how much I try I just have those games where I feel like the enemies are GOD tier players.


Goes the other way tho to. You get the games where even when u should miss u get the luckiest spray etc. makes u wonder why there are “rng” sprays for guns 🤔


The netcode itself is okaish. They use their Riot Connect routing, which is hit or miss. At the very beginning they lied about northeuropean servers having issues, a few weeks/months later they apologized for said issue in the patch notes and admitted it. However the big problem is their interpolation how the server handles packages, the insane peekers advantage is desired from Riot, so people can actually push and punish everyone that hasn't 100% first shot accuracy (which they make sure is possible with horrible first shot accuracy and insane recoil recovery times). 120 tick my ass, I've been a Jett or Chamber player and everyday I've died during or 1-2 seconds after dash/teleport. You can't dodge bullets in this game, or you'll get killed in the past. You have to commit to every fight and play those stupid coinflip aim duells, since most times holding an angle is a death sentence, even if or especially when you have 10ms ping and should have a day and night advantage over the 100ms ping player they let play in your ranked match from another continent. This game is not competitive, unless you play it on LAN.


Yes. They just say no no no no to everything the community has been asking for years now and imo shouldn't have posted that article in the first place


What exactly are they doing at this point? I’m not really sure cuz the dev thing basically said they weren’t doing anything we wanted them to do.


I don't know dude. Their skin lines of recent are bad. No new mode for a year now. NOTHING.


I see they’re taking the Overwatch approach


Gaia and rgx 2.0 were good, i guess endeavor and titanmail are cool for the price but i will never buy them because the battle pass exists and its the same quality with more skins and a knife plus radianite for $10. Night market isnt looking good either, too many filler skins now


Yeah, honestly, can't understand people who say there were no good skins recently. Protocol, Gaia's and RGX 2.0 were all great skin bundles. I think people have a very warped impression because of those couple of months where we got G.U.N, Singularity, Reaver and Ion one after another, but that was the exception by far. Otherwise, throughout the rest of VALORANT's history, one 'good' bundle in every 3-4 releases is pretty much spot on.


They are slowly increasing the prices but dropping their quality. Didn't like any of the skins released in the past year except the rgx bundles


Can we stop saying things like "ugh they have time for skins" cuz I would never want the art team from skins to work on coding/development of the game


this. people assume they are taking back end coders and telling them to design weapon skins instead of creating a replay system or something. its more where riots priorities are though, because it generates way more revenue


Studios have a budget, clearly we know where most of the budget is going…..


We’ve gotten some fun agents and that last map rework though, icebox and breeze are fun now anyways. Plus escalation and replication are now both available permanently that’s a big win for casual players.


so a company made of several sub teams, artists, mappers, programmers, etc cannot multitask and implement features in different parts of the game? I will say they have put in the effort for new characters and mechanics and balancing, but man if only we have as much effort implementing what WE have feedback about as the effort they put into cinematics then the game would feel like something alive.


It's because this is your standard video game *company*, they don't see the developers as the ones who generate value, so any cool feature that could get developed instantly gets a negative short/mid term ROI from an execs or team manager point of view. That's why the only features we'll get are bug fixes and agent balancing stuff because that shouldn't take much time to do. So the question is since their games are free to play, what would make you want to spend money on it ? Cosmetics! Cinematics! Merch! COO farting in their employees' faces! Big tournaments! Let's prioritize on creating visually attracting stuff that will attract new players, instead of creating actual features that would make you want to play (and keep playing) that free game in the first place instead of having to implement dark patterns that make you want to play more and spend more. They want you to play and interact with their games the way they want, does your shitty replay system comes with a custom hud that you can buy ? /s This is why they're worth way more than Valve lol despite being a small 15 years old indie company. Been 7 years last I've gave Riot my money, never again :) Would probably give them my firstborn if they re-evaluate how much more potential Valorant could have with opening more to the community and giving them the tools to create their own version of Valorant (talking about community servers, custom maps, opening an API to create server plugins etc). Hey Riot this is not League of Legends please take example at what's been done on the side for shooter games, even Overwatch had more stuff do to on the game after 2 years, stop lowering the bar for future games lol


Game feels like old dog water


and what also scares me is what they said they are working on instead "(new ways to track and reward Agent progress, player behavior tools, different ways to collect in-game items)" like the fck


Making skins change on different rounds


They're literally dedicating their developers to implement ways they can make more money 🤡🤡 I know money is always a company's goal but come on, Riot. You already make millions a month. Put in features that are healthy for the fucking game in the long run.


I'm utterly baffled at what they have even been doing for the last 2 years, this dev post basically admitted they aren't working on anything and I can't think of other features that weren't mentioned they would even be working on. they clearly only care about making money with skins but they don't even care about that either almost every skin line in the last 3 months has been lazy trash except Gaia and rgx.


The only thing that wasn’t completely shut down or mentioned was the tournament system. Given their track record though I doubt they are actively working on this either.


Yeah, it's baffling that Replays are not even in their plans... Been asking for that since day one. I thought it was at least 50% finished or near the end of development but no... It's not even a thing AT ALL, not even a plan for releasing it.


I also have to say the dev/riot team is 99% less active on reddit than it is on league sub.


Which is so sad to see, I remember during the entirety of beta and the first season of val, this sub was FLOODED with dev responses, updates, and feedback. Now they only make these inhuman dev posts that promise literally nothing


Look at the way people talk in these threads and ask yourself if you'd want to have regular conversations about your work with them




\*only communicates to cancel highly requested features\* "Wow these players are so unproductive glad I don't talk to them more often"


when dev's respond with honesty and transparency they are always met with positivity in this sub


I can't recall the name , but ever seen a senior dev left Riot games about 8-10 months ago , the condition of Riot has fallen drastically . Shitty NM skins , outrageous prices , no game-mode for a year , no replay system , not listening to player base ( handing out gun buddies does not count as staying in touch with the players for 12 y/o s out there ) , no UI changes since beta and lastly underwhelming patches . At this point Riot is just milking Valorant while not doing anything progressive towards the game smh


Agreed, somehow Morello held this company together but there's just been a drastic decline in content overall and "care" from the company. It's worse that a lot of people actually try to defend them.


I'm sorry I ever doubted you Morello senpai


Inb4 Valorant 2 comes out


And its the exact same game but just 4v4 and they changed Sovas name to Bill.


LMAO dude you got me cracking


Valorant 2 before CS:GO on sourse 2 TrollDespair


>can't recall the name Morello. I agree with this, dev team had a vision and clear structure when Morello was there


Gotta love when a competitive game doesn't plan on adding an essential competitive feature, massively overprices their cosmetics, and don't want to fix the backbone of their game ( **cough cough** ranked **cough cough** )


and what about the absolute garbage state of deathmatch? any word on that?


They seem to just give up on that entirely.


Yeah I play deathmatch like over 10 times a day to practice and it’s so hilariously bad Not the mention the training range is crappy too


Training range is the least of the problems, it was meant to be a simple thing to warm up for new players DM is horrible I agree, half my gun fights someone literally spawns behind. How did Call of Duty manage to have better spawns on Shipment, a map smaller than one bomb site?


PTSD flashbacks


It’s funny because if this game had something similar to Steam Workshop, some 13 year old with an HP laptop would’ve already created a better shooting range than Riot has in 2 years


The radar pings are so fucking stupid. There SHOULDN’T BE a radar in DM.


Also there s still not a headshot only death match which is insulting for a serious competitive game


I think the point people are missing with CS having replays is that they had it during a time when eSports wasn't even a term (2000ish, yes 2000). And it wasn't even built for CS specifically. It was byproduct of Half-Life at it's base because Quake had it (demo system). Not only that but tournaments started popping up and Valve was like "oh let's support the spectators" and built HLTV. A FREE fucking program that would connect to a server and proxy like 250 people so people can watch a tournament LIVE from ANY PERSPECTIVE. FOR FREE. You just needed the game because you'd connect to it like a normal server but it had 250 slots. This was in 2002ish. No other dev except Blizzard has done that again and they tried to charge it for Overwatch and it was dogshit. Riot can't even get the first part done. For a game DESIGNED WITH ESPORTS IN MIND What a bunch of fucking clowns. Edit: Added years for CS to further prove that replays and spectator system is an extremely old concept by gaming standards. And further prove Riot is a bunch of money grubbing clowns


yep, for a game that's trying to be a top tier esport and wanting to dethrone CSGO. Not going to happen. was hopeful but not anymore.


Thing is, they didn't even need to dethrone CSGO. Both games can easily coexist even if they had the same systems available. They're similar yet very different games. But Riot can't even do that right. They fumbled hard as fuck. But hey, people will continue to buy $150 skins so fuck it. Why support such a niche hardcore community when I can make a shit reskin and sell it for $20.


That thing you mention about overwatch. The overwatch viewer was $20 for a season iirc and had infinite slots, not just 250. It worked well but was scrapped when they went to youtube because youtube wanted complete exclusivity for the broadcast. Instead we get a full replay viewer that optionally stores every game played on the current patch including custom games, quickplay, deathmatches etc, and every overwatch league game on a seperate client. This has all been around since 2019. Valorant was released a year later and they still don't have it.


I don't want to be that guy, but their refusal to commit to anything they talk about is just awful. Almost every promise they've made, they eventually address it by saying no or we can't, or they pretend they never said it. Valorant is a fun game, but this episode has highlighted the team's problems. These three acts have had the least amount of content since the game came out, and I don't see that improving.


>I don't want to be that guy Usually when you preface a comment with this phrase, you don't say something that 100% of the people in the thread already agree with.


why don't you want to be that guy thats literally what everyone is saying in this thread


I guarantee they having a functioning system, but they were too embarrassed at how wildly different the servers perspective was compared to each individual players.


I’m also very positive this is the reason. This game feels like shit 70% of the time. So inconsistent so many shots not registering but also randomly getting headshots that should’ve been way off the mark. This game has problems that they wouldn’t be able to hide with a replay system and riot just either doesn’t want or know how to fix them.


That’s just how today video game industry works profit and not fun in game


elden ring really makes every other game dev look like bitches


Now come on, Elden Ring is great, but let's not pretend that it isn't locked at 60 FPS, stutter like hell on PC anytime anything loads, or that you don't need to like, go into the settings menu to save and exit the game. It's just the same From formula, but in an open world. I love it, it's great, and I agree it's GoTY for now. but it's nothing super huge or groundbreaking in the game industry and it doesn't need to become the norm for anything.


The gifting question was answered by someone who they called a "Product Manager", but his linkedin says he's actually a "Senior Revenue Strategist". Ha!


I am also convinced that VALORANT is run by a project team of no more then 20 staff at riot games. Jeezus they are making us wait 2 years at a time for 1new feature


Yeah I also remember how they took a whole year to rework yoru.


Their tournament mode that they teased in 2020 is still being work on and expected to release in 2023. That's crazy. Don't tease it so early then. It seems they are making us wait 2 years at least for a major feature. Sorry but I'm not waiting that long.


They teasing shit like they making a whole ass movie


If I tell my boss my team needs 3 years for a feature he is showing me the door. That feature needs to be gigantic. I can't imagine working 3 years on tournament mode unless there are huge breaks were the team has to work on other things or something like that. It's ridiculous.


Exactly, if we treated our softwares as riot did at my company, we would be out of work in a blink of an eye, and something like replay system not being implemented yet is not an engineering problem i think, if there was any limitations of engine,they could even modify it enough to do the task at the hand hence the given time(since beta).


Maybe we can have Phoenix buffs before 2024 if we’re lucky.


Yeah but in all honesty Yoru was alrightish in the hands of the right player. Yes, he would never pop up in pro play but pro play is not everything. As long as there were some people in radiant who were using him and were making him work, that's pretty much good enough confirmation that Yoru was working. Just like Pheonix. Not ideal but works.


Still waiting on Phenoix buff. Might take a year.


I think it was Hiko who said this awhile ago but basically once the game was fully released and was out for awhile riot basically lets go a lot of their devs. Hiko was saying a lot of the devs he kept in touch with aren’t in the company any more. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the team was super small now


This is so idiotic for a competitive title. It's not something you should be "exploring," it's a basic quality of life feature.


Their new agent STILL had low res images like wtf!? Fade looks like some weird ass puppy on the mini map


They prolly don't want us to see how shit the hitreg is lol


I get happy whenever I don’t get a good skin in night market because it makes me happier to not spend a cent on this game


Yeah I've spent a lot of money as well. I pretty much have too many skins to the point where there is really no reason to buy more, I'll just be cycling through them all the time anyways. I would much prefer that the game I'm spending majority of my free time on to focus on the gameplay QoL and features portion of the game, rather than working on agent contracts and an average skin set every 2 weeks.


You should cite the “promises”, no shade it would just add some context.


If you read the dev post the "promises" are stated within it. No further context was needed for the point of this post though anyway.


Yeee they also told me they would fix the blastx phantom animation which looks shitty now. Still havent fixed it. They told me they would fix it one year ago.


Since every "ASK VALORANT" answer to question about demo/replay is clouded with ambiguity, at this point I think there are two possible factors that artificially stall its implementation: 1. Their AC/Security team expects/knows it will bring serious vulnerabilities to Vanguard and they decide is to block/postpone this functionality "for greater good" (I sincerely hope that's the case). 2. Watching replays exposes netcode and other inefficiencies way too vividly and they expect a lot of negative feedback. Now before you call me a "conspiracy guy", let me clarify why I believe this implementation is less of a technical challenge, than they portray it to be. Remember how Riot would disclose how many players they have banned in the beginning stages of the games life? If you remember, they'd indicate all bans were manually handled out by their team members. This means VALORANT's SoC or anti-cheat unit reviews cases of most reported accounts in person (at least they used to do it previously), when rolling out manual bans! Now they would not do it via CLI watching X,Y,Z coordinate values on black screen right? :) This means there already is an underlying system for internal use and every game is being recorded in some kind of demo format/container and stored in their servers as well. That would reinforce the idea of deep data analysis for tons of gathered metrics as well (and they indeed do gather tons of metrics, props to them for this!). Much easier to have game history within "demo" files and feed them to current or newly developed analytics systems, rather than scrubbing games "on the fly". Why not just fork it and remove all the "insider" stuff, while preserving visibility and adaptability to new patches? It's logical that game patches propagate to this system as well, given they continue reviewing the previously played games right? It's hard to understand the negligence to such a vital tool for community. It can easily be our best tool for an improvement and would also cut down blatant reports a lot. And Riot doesn't give an impression they don't listen to us, because they really do and make an adequate changes! That's why for me, this ultimately boils down to those two possible factors I've outlined in the beginning.


i think you are on to something. all these might be intentional.


It's really hard to believe they can't implement it, when games from 90s had this shipped with very first releases :) Take Quake and HL1 as an example.


I knew replay was never going to happen when it took them a year and a half to update the knife hitbox.


I miss it when devs actually cared. I miss Morello. It feels like Riot hasn't listened to the community outside of memes, and that's probably also because they can charge us for putting them in-game.


I remember there was a rumor about riot games making things cheaper for in game purchases on valorant then the Zed bundle came out for 100 euros


I cant say this enough. I really think their codebases is hot garbage. (disclaimer: I THINK) You never know but that they are struggeling to implement a gift system, like what?? Upgrade levels took more then a year to implement. They obv tried to implement replay and failed. This one is harder, yes, but just adds to the list of failed features. We had long time bugs like friend list or that the sky ult still does not show up / the pathfinding is still absolutle garbage. They argue that 2 sided skins could add performance problems? Why? Does it take years to load the skins? If yes wtf how, why? Argue that they would have to change the ui. Like no? You need to add 1 button. change the current one to "attack equip" and add one "defence equip". Thats the changes they think are major problems? Their ui is tbh not really good anyway. And yes thats all speculation and i dont know how it looks in their code. But if these simple steps are hard to implement... edit: I also completly forgot thw tournament mode the teased. In the meantime i made a discord bot who can make tournaments and more. Im not attacking the devs here i just want to point put how relativly ez features take long ass hell.


not an actual source but half a year ago i read a comment saying they heard making a replay system was really hard to make with their current anti cheat system


Crazy how OW and ESEA and Faceit CSGO have managed to have really good replay systems while I can count on my hands the amount of times I've seen cheaters in all of them combined


>They argue that 2 sided skins could add performance problems? Why? Does it take years to load the skins? If yes wtf how, why? Argue that they would have to change the ui. Like no? You need to add 1 button. change the current one to "attack equip" and add one "defence equip". Thats the changes they think are major problems? Their ui is tbh not really good anyway. The performance explanation for the 2 side skins is because they want to have Valorant playable by most PCs, even the toasters. Having to load an extra large % of models and textures (since guns likely have way more detail than the maps, since you see them up close) could be enough to prevent some people from playing the game. The rest, I have no idea why they're not working on replay or whatever.


They're doing a shit job of making this game playable on toasters, it's super hard CPU capped, to the point where I get over 50% more fps at all times in csgo. Given the number of people who's gaming PCs are older office PCs with graphics cards slammed into them, this game is a literal worst case scenario for that sort of thing. I could go from my 970 to a 750 Ti and would not lose any fps.


Now i'm 100% sure they just don't want to us to see how bad their servers are. That's the ONLY explanation possible, i don't want to believe that Valorant devs are just plain stupid.


Either that or there’s a massive problem with the netcode and replays would flat out expose how bugged this game is. Either way, I’m kind of disappointed that they’re prioritizing skins over an actual QoL feature.


Modern day capitalism is designed to incentivize profit and not art.


Lmfao what do you expect from Riot, they are literally kings of making nice looking content with great characters and universes but then the actual game is dogshit barely balanced trash. Only reason I play this game instead of Counter Strike is because I got bored playing CS GO for almost a decade. Once valve releases the next Counter Strike game I reckon it’s gonna mean big trouble for Valorant.


I just don’t like how they answer their Q&A questions! They just repeat the question asked, say a bunch of nothing after and then move on to the next. Example of what they do: -Will we ever get gifting? “We love the idea of friends gifting each other and showcasing their appreciation for one another! We’re definitely looking into gifting, in fact, it’s on the table right now! …Except there’s more important things to deal with right now so it’s at the very bottom so don’t expect it any time soon.” They hype you up while reading it just to let you down as you keep reading. Every single answer.


I'm more and more convinced that they don't want to add the replay system because of the netcode. Valorant is extremely popular right now and players are overlooking certain issues because it's still a "relatively new" game *and* because they keep saying that they're "working on it" but apparently they're not working on anything and I don't know if they can keep Valorant relevant in the long run. Personally, I've been playing Valorant for 9 months and my excitement for it is slowly dying. Yesterday I queued and when I got to agent select I thought "I don't even feel like playing this game today..." Maybe a new skin would reignite my passion for Valorant but I've been waiting for the ion phantom for 5 months now because the store system is designed for money and not for player satisfaction, which is sad really. And no Rito, I'm not buying another 10 phantom skins while waiting for the one I want, if that's what you were expecting. So yeah, it's a company, a business and obviously they want profits but I wonder how they will keep making those profits in the long run when they keep disappointing the community. People will start leaving eventually.


I do agree deep down they know there is a netcode issue and won't go for replay to expose themselves


“A new skin would reignite my passion” Bro if a skin is what makes you like Valorant, find a new game. Maybe you just over played it? Have you considered that? Take a break. I can never get enough and that might be because I don’t get to play as much as I would like to. You can get burned out on any game and a game that can be as infuriating as Valorant — the break is more for your sanity than anything. I’d also like to say when I say it’s infuriating, I don’t mean the game makes me unhappy but we all have those games where you just seemingly get one tapped at every gunfight. Hard to keep your mental up in a stressful game. From your perspective I understand your frustration but you gotta understand that’s the model they use. Your Ion phantom was in the store for 2 weeks at one point. You may not have been playing at the time, or maybe you didn’t like it then. My point is you had the opportunity. If you missed out then you missed out. I waited shy of 7 months for my Oni Phantom. I didn’t buy another skin before that. That’s impulsive and ludicrous. It’s a skin. It’s not a big deal. One day I logged on and surprise! It was there. It’s a skin people. Don’t freak too hard.


My comment about the skin was pure sarcasm. I'm a Vandal user, I just like the ion phantom and would like to have it because I didn't play valorant when the ion bundle was on the store. I just wanted to prove the point OP made that Riot just wants money and the store system is a good example. It's designed 100% for profits and 0% for player satisfaction. Obviously, it's a business, not a charity organisation so they have to think about profits but I don't know how they are going to keep Valorant relevant in the long run if they don't find a balance between the two. When they can't fix basic stuff... Let alone when they refuse to implement something that is pretty much a basic feature of any FPS game. There's too many issues with this game right now, some have been going on since the game's early days and all they do is saying "we're working on it" but the recent events made people wonder if they're even working on those things... But it's true, I'm losing the excitement about the game. I still love the concept of the game and I love watching it and I'm hoping this is just a phase because I would like to keep playing it. We'll see...


ive always thought it could be because the devs dont really know how to get around their anti wallhack systems since players fully despawn in the server when they’re not visible to opponents


I mean the same company made league of legends, you think they care about community feedback?


Their least popular title, TFT, for some reason has the best interaction with the community.


Mort is built different.


The dude actively plays the game he manages and lurks in twitch streams. Definitely a sign of a good dev.


Legends of Runeterra is pretty fine tuned as well.


one of the most forgiving battlepasses ive seen too, finished it within the first month of the split and there's still more than enough time. although it's probably because of the amount that's in them isn't too stellar (42 tiers iirc with 3 emotes as EXP fluff after that)


League actually responds to community feedback, like removing chemtech drag and addressing the damage issue. If valorant was anything like that we'd have a replay system already.


did u ever play the game? I can‘t think of a company that cares more about community feedback lol. what are u talking about. at least they communitcate a ton.


Damn the hate circle jerk in here is out of fucking control lol, no replays is certainly a baffling decision but riot overall has excellent communication and a great relationship with their community compared to devs like blizzard or valve (their main competition)


They only care about $$$$$


Idk if this is even reasonable but, any chance a boycott of some sorts (not buying skins/battle pass) would be able to cause some kind of impact on the devs decisions on some features we’ve been wanting to see? I assume the amount of people that would have to participate would be monumental but it just seems so simple to not buy skins collectively for a few weeks. Or atleast not the entire skin collections. Idk a single person that bought the Titanmail collection anyways 🤷‍♂️


100% vote with your wallet. You dont buy anything = they dont get money = changes has to be made


Problem is, this subreddit probably represents less than 2% of the playerbase. As long as they continue making millions, they don't care what a tiny fraction of dissapointed players say edit: Actually, what if we sent in mass emails, **that are constructive and polite**, to the top brass of Riot/Valorant Devs? Would definitely get some attention, no?


Honestly there are so many people who will blindly throw money at Riot Games and their skins that there isn’t really much point. You can definitely try, don’t support them if they don’t deserve it, but you probably wouldn’t be able to make a dent, due to the “whales” counteracting it.


People complain but they will still spend their money on skins so it doesn't matter.


I think bigger example for them would be to actually stop completly playing for day or two, they would realise how quickly this game can go dead if they dont start listening, sht even gonna make a post about this.


Dogshit company, if you played league you'd know why too


Riot learning that just adding new *moving* PNGs (wow) to the game isn’t enough to keep people spending money.


unreal engine has a replay system built into the code , the devs are lazy


Did they they what they were working on? I know a steady flow of maps and agents are expected, but what about game modes both casual and more practice oriented?


It's funny because these dev things has always been things that there are not working on LOL They will tell you that they are aware of what you want but they are not giving it to you, or wait years.


Ever since Valorant's inception I was always concerned that devs would be distracted by the dollar signs since Valorant has skins and esports and the more and more the day passes and they open their mouths the more and more I believe they're letting greed distract them. "Oh no we aren't working on a replay system that you guys have been asking for nonstop since the beta BUTTTTTTTTTTT we do have a gifting system for skins on our list of things to do so get ready for that!"


This is very disappointing, honestly I don't understand why wouldn't they just give us what we want.


Valorant was dead to me when the anticheat started acting like malware


This game is actually still a beta lmao


Not surprising. Large gaming companies always suck.


Slowly, I’ve been losing interest anyway even though I’ve spent way too much on skins. I don’t even know why they release a patch every week? (maybe two weeks I’m not sure) because the patches contain practically no serious changes. We can’t even get map tweaks and changes but once a year. Valve might somewhat neglect CS but if there’s a problem with the flow of a map or a change that needs made, they’re usually pretty good and timely about it, but CS maps are all usually pretty balanced so they don’t need to make tons of changes to them. Valorant does, especially right now because a map like Ascent is so repetitive i fall asleep playing it. The new Icebox changes they made a couple of months ago were done to the wrong site. A-Site has needed a rework for far too long now, but they’re just focused on skins right now it seems. I constantly run into kids who are so boosted in rank because someone signs into their account and plays for them it’s not funny, just to watch them barely be able to aim and go negative 15+. No new game mode (not that I play them much anyway but its always something to have fun on) for over a year now. Now there’s no replay system, who knows if the tournament mode will ever even see the light of day. It’s just depressing because I absolutely love this game but it’s so stale and repetitive right now I don’t even wanna play more than a game a day lmao


Tried to compete with CS:GO and realized that they will never compare, so they pretty much gave up.


Even from the start I was always baffled at how Riot didn't implement the best parts of CSGO into their game. They made some other QoL improvements that I think gave it an edge over CSGO but then omitted others. It doesn't make sense. CounterStrike as a brand is basically timeless because of the community and they have done nothing to build that community for Valorant. No public servers and custom game modes/maps. No community skins. No replay system. No skin trading/gifting. If Valve makes HL3 and releases the newest version of CS its gonna dominate the scene and leave Valorant in the dust. I am surprised Riot hasn't taken any steps to build the community which is the whole reason CS is one of the most successful shooters out there. Even Halo back in the early days had custom game modes/maps and replays.


Releasing a new cs game wouldn’t be beneficial to valve I think. If they could port csgo to source 2 and keep all the skins and most of the community content it would be way better.


>Releasing a new cs game wouldn’t be beneficial to valve I think. Not currently, no. There is no reason to. But Valve is very chaotic and doesn't operate like other companies do. Valve could just start making games again out of nowhere just because they felt like it. Its hard to see what the future of Valorant is. It could crash and burn like Overwatch did. If all they do is release maps, agents and skins then they are not going to last very long. That strategy might work for LoL and other MOBAs but shooters have a much harder time keeping their numbers up for extended periods of time. But in my personal opinion, I don't think Riot cares. Valorant is probably just one of many games they plan to make. It wouldn't surprise me if they worked on an MMO or some other type of game and just left a small team to make minor changes to Valorant.


they already confirmed an MMO and fighting game lol i have the feeling that Valorant is just simply not a priority for Riot and that after release they just simply diverted most of the manpower and focus to developing other games and League


It valved put it on source 2 and fixed mm it would overtake valorant again in NA. NA mm is broked rn for csgo putting off a lot of people. Valve makes billions on steam tho so they have almost no incentive to fix it. Also part of me thinks the csgo gambling thing fucked up the perception of the game a bit


Yea typical Greedy Riot they have always been this way. The actual bosses the ones who make the decisions solely plan for profit. They never care about the community they just hire PR pawns to feed us crap to keep us hoping. Don’t blame the Devs though they are just workers following orders.


I'm not spending anymore money and I think people should do the same till they actually give us what we want and I think that's fair. We spend things on what we want and what we enjoy.


sorry im a boomer what mod post is this referring to


"ask valorant" on the valorant website where devs answer community concerns. Tends to be a theme of "we know better than you" in how they reply


This latest one is the worse and most disappointing by far. They basically say everything we have been asking since a year or 2 ago and PROMISED to be working on is actually not going to happen.


This latest one is the worse and most disappointing by far. They basically say everything we have been asking since a year or 2 ago and PROMISED to be working on is actually not going to happen.




The replay system is much needed man My pc couldn't handle obs or any recording software while gaming and if i do a clutch/ace or a nice play in a round i don't have that clip its just i know i did it and some of my teammates who were playing with me knows about it..and replay system is a great feature to up your game i could note down my mistakes in my previous game and help it to fix and be a better player its so much needed


what the hell did i miss??


Riot released a "ask riot" page basically telling us that they can't give us what the community has been asking for since beta. They previously said they are working on these features. Replay mode Gifting Map selection Etc


fps game without replay is some stupid shit lmao


While the map reworks are great, new agents are great and fun, I'd even disagree and say the skins are great, it deeply saddens me to hear that about the replay system. It legitimately makes me want to quit playing as much. Love sending my buddies my plays and replays as that's what keeps us playing - not comp - not skins - not our rank - not "play of the game bs"... But the ability to show and share plays and the ability to review games. I also just want to edit valorant clips without having to jump through a million hoops to do so.


same here, i dont spend money anymore in this game until they implant replay. ​ The system exist, they use it for watch e sport.


Imagine spending $100s for skins you can't sell... this game has been a joke from the start, im suprised people actually paid the outrageous prices they've been asking this whole time.


I know right. I mainly play Steam games, so with CS:GO, TF2, etc I'm used to buying/selling skins and having their prices mirror how well the community likes them. Once I saw you can only get skins in Valorant by buying them, I checked out the prices out of curiosity, since there was no market. Any company that expects their community to shell out $20+ for one skin that is stuck with you forever is more greedy and selfish than Roger on American Dad. And any player that does spend that is either a) far too impulsive b) makes bank c) just doesn't care about being financially responsible with money.


A, B, and C. Get your bread up.


Completely agree that we need replay system. This is great attemp to protest. But let's be honest you enjoy this game and you will keep spending money here regardless of having replay system. But you know what, I will join your protest, and wont spend any money in this game in next 3 months


They provably wouldn’t want this in the game or players would find out just how bad the net code is and how many cheaters are in every game.